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Moderator : Good afternoon everyone, I’m …. From the group 7 as the moderator of the
group 6. Today the group 6 will presents you a debate session titled “The
National Exam Should Be Deleted”.
The National Exam or we usually called it UN is an annual ritual that must be
passed by all sixth, ninth and twelfth grade students. The implementation of the
National Exam from year to year always make controversy. Some people think
that UN is no longer need to be done for many reasons, but some are saying that
UN should be done because it has its own benefits.
So, this is the first speaker from the cons, Audi Revian.
: Thank you. First, I want you to know the main benefits of the National Exam, it
is to determine the condition of education in Indonesia. If there is no UN, the
government would be difficult to know the condition in each region. With UN,
the government could find the shortage or excess in each region in Indonesia, so
any help would be right on target, both financial and infrastructure. If there is no
UN, how the government help the schools at the end of east or west? Whether
they are lack of teachers, need improvement of educational facilities or what
subjects they can’t or difficult to learn. With UN the government could combine
the data and use it for policy intervention.
Secondly, if the UN deleted, the government will difficult to determine the
standard of education competency, the UN also can be use to assess the ability
of students in Indonesia and improving the quality of education in Indonesia.
Thank you.
Moderator : So that are the arguments of the first speaker from the cons. And now please
welcome the first speaker from the pros, Prayoga Arya,
: Thank you. So, if you say UN is a way to improve the education quality, that
assumption is actually wrong. The government has to see the quality of our
education before they decide to conduct UN. There are many schools in remote
areas in Indonesia which are in bad conditions, they don’t have enough facilities
to support their learning process, so the government should delete UN if the
education quality in all part in Indonesia still different. Therefore, before the
government decides to conduct UN, it is better for them to improve the
education quality in all part in Indonesia because education in Indonesia is still
You also state Un is the way to evaluate the ability of students. That statement is
absolutely false. They have to see the real condition in the school. There are
many schools which are dishonest when the conduct UN. They give the answer
to the students in order to help them to pass UN. The score they got is not the
true score, there are many manipulations in the implementation of UN. So, if we
see the reality, UN is not an effective way to evaluate the ability of students. The
government should find another way. Beside that, tha national exam also

It is to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Thank you yuriza. So. (Conclusion) (Conclusion) Thank you for the conclusion. Thank you. . If we see the reality. Thank you for your attention. Thank you.The cost would be no different if you send its employee to each schools in Indonesia .Moderator : Yuri : Moderator : Aulia : Moderator : Pros : Cons : Moderator : requires enormous costs that the government could use it for more useful things. so that are the arguments from the first speaker of the pros.Efficiency to assess the ability of education in Indonesia . so now it’s time for each group. And for job opportunity. Not only the students who worry about UN. please welcome Aulia Luthfi from the pros. now this is the second speaker from the cons. Thank you. all of the debbaters have presented their arguments. even some teachers also help the students by giving the answer. Well. The worry they cannot pass it. And now it’s up to you what do you want to choose.UN motivates students to be more diligent and it provides them with goals . our goals is not to make profit for other people. Thank you Aulia. such as buying the key answer of the UN. pros and cons to make the conclusion. Thank you. Because of those feelings. So this is our last debaters. Okay. if you say UN motivates students to be more diligent it is totally wrong because in reality all of the students are afraid of UN. Yuriza Rizky Putra. So. the pros or the cons. UN will just make students to be dishonest. it is acceptable if we say that UN is not effective to motivate students.UN opens more job opportunity. this debate session is finally over. the teachers also feel the same thing so. they also tolerate the students who are dishonest in UN. Thank you. they tolerate all ways eventhough those ways are wrong. Good afternoon! .