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VTES™ - On Demand Inspector Training

Velocity Training offers a virtual student campus providing
higher-level education and exam preparation to pipeline
inspectors and industry professionals world-wide.

We stand by our training and if you do not pass the first time,
we provide another course for you absolutely free!*

Our courses are:  Comprehensive

 Fully Supported Our method of learning is flexible and the navigable
style of our courses allow our students to custom
 Interactive & Narrated select lessons that fit to their specific training
requirements or learning needs.

API 1169 Exam Preparation Courses - Worldwide
Course Summary
Our online training focuses on better preparing individuals for the API 1169 international certification exam
and covers the information outlined with the Body of Knowledge; including codes, standards, best practices,
and required areas of inspector proficiency. The course covers the information from the basics to the less
understood quality and environmental principles that are heavily tested on during the exam. This course
p r e s e n t s 72 lessons throughout 11 interactive modules. Included within the course, there are unlimited practice
exams formatted like the API multiple choice exam. The question bank contains over 800 practice questions to
test inspectors on code reference and general knowledge categories with INSTANT feedback!

Topics and Lessons Training Time
The material & course lessons include: Between 30-40 hours. This course is good for
40 hours towards your AWS CWI PDH recertification
 Introduction & Regulatory Overview requirements.
 Inspector Roles & Responsibilities
Course Quick Enrollment Links
$495 (7 days) - Click Here to Enroll
 Environmental Control Requirements
$595 (30 days) - Click Here to Enroll
 General & Pipeline Welding Safety
$695 (60 days) - Click Here to Enroll
 Pipeline Construction Requirements $795 (90 days) - Click Here to Enroll
$895 (120 days) - Click Here to Enroll
 Common Ground Alliance Best Practices
$995 (180 days) - Click Here to Enroll
 Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities

 Pressure Testing of Steel Pipelines
In Person Class Registration Link
$895 for any public classroom locations!
 Quality Management System Requirements
Want to Learn More?
Visit: API 1169 FAQ's
 Module Retention Quizzes
Visit: Reviews & Ratings from Students
 How to Reference Federal Regulations
.......And Unlimited Timed Practice Exam Attempts

No exceptions to this program are implied or granted. For new enrollees only. *Active participation required.