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July 18, 2016 at 12:37:03 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time


AWS Cer(ca(on Exam Appointment Conrma(on

Monday, 11 July 2016 at 6:34:31 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Huang, Tao

Dear Tao,
Thank you for scheduling an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cer(ca(on exam. Your exam appointment is
conrmed. Please take a moment to review this email for important informa(on to make sure youre prepared.
You must bring a printed copy of this email to your exam appointment.
Appointment ConrmaMon
Account Login: slacksec
Test Taker AuthorizaMon Code: bPeby
Exam: AWS Cer(ed SysOps Administrator Associate (ENGLISH)
Exam Date: 18 July 2016
Exam Time: 1030H Australia/Sydney
Exam Dura(on: 80 Minutes
Exam Loca(on:
ITIC Pty, Ltd.
Level 3, 321 Pi] Street
Sydney , New South Wales 2000
On street parking is available with applicable fee.
Please review the following important informaMon:
By registering for this exam, you agree to AWS Cer(ca(on Program Agreement governing our program:
Day of Exam IdenMcaMon
On the day of your exam, arrive up to 15 minutes early. You must bring a copy of this email with your Test
Taker Authoriza(on Code in order for the Exam Proctor to load your exam. You will also be required to
provide the Exam Proctor two (2) forms of iden(ca(on. One must be a photo Government issued ID.
Secondary iden(ca(on may be a credit card, bank debit card, or employee iden(ca(on card. In the
United States, a Social Security card will not be deemed an acceptable form of iden(ca(on. Please note
that during the exam check-in process, you will be asked to turn out exterior pockets (on jackets, jeans,
slacks, etc.) to verify that the pockets are either empty or that they do not contain any prohibited items.
Addi(onally, external eyewear will be inspected to ensure that it is not technology-enabled.
Exam CancellaMon and Rescheduling Policy
If you wish to reschedule or cancel your exam, you must log into your account at
h]ps:// Once youre logged in, click the Reschedule/Cancel bu]on next to
the exam you wish to change. Cancelling or rescheduling within 72 hours will result in a USD 75 fee.
Special AccommodaMons (Example: Zoom Text or a reader)
If you require any special accommoda(ons, it is your responsibility to contact us and request approval and
test center arrangement prior to scheduling your exam appointment. Special accommoda(ons require at
least 30 days advance no(ce to AWS. If you require a special accommoda(on and have not made
arrangements, please cancel this exam appointment and contact us.

Purchase Summary




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AWS Cer(ed SysOps Administr ____ $150.00 ____ $150.00

____ $-75.00 ____ $-75.00

Grand Total: 75.00

Transac(on Conrma(on #: 346330

Order Date: 11 July 2016
Billing Address:
633 Blaxland Road
Sydney, New South Wales 2122
Do not reply to this email. If you have ques(ons, please contact us.
AWS Training & Cer(ca(on

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