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Please review the policies regarding Proctor selection and responsibilities below before completing the back of this
form. Keep 1st page for your reference and email completed 2nd page ONLY to
 Students are responsible for finding a qualified person to supervise the exam process, proctor exams and
return completed paper exams to GIA
 Submit a completed Proctor Information Form to the GIA testing department by mail, fax or online at least
two weeks prior to scheduling the first exam to allow time for processing.
 Set up exam time and place with proctor
 Notify the testing department of changes in proctor
 Receive exam or online password directly from GIA and store in a secure location
 For online examination, enter the password to begin exam, NEVER giving the password for student to enter
 Supervise the exam process in an appropriate testing setting
 Monitor the student for the duration of the exam
 Paper exam only:
Email or fax completed Proctor Certification Form and exam to GIA immediately after completion
Securely store exam until grade has been posted, after which will shred
 Complete Proctor Information Form and send to testing department
 Request exam from the testing department
 Examination date, time, and place arrangements are made between student and proctor
 GIA sends login and password information to proctor
Note: For paper-based examinations, the proctor needs to print out emailed exams before administering
them to the student
 Proctor directly supervises student throughout the entire the examination (stays in the room)
 Upon examination completion, the proctor is responsible for immediately returning the Proctor Certification
Form and examination to GIA testing department –
 Paper Exam: Once the examination has been completed, the examination should not be returned to student.
 Contact the GIA testing office for more information.
Selection of an independent, nonbiased proctor protects the student from allegations of academic dishonesty and
maintains the standards our accrediting agencies. Proctor selection is subject to approval by GIA and is monitored
throughout the duration of the course. GIA reserves the right to ask the student to select a new proctor at any time.

Acceptable Proctors
 School faculty and administration
 Testing center staff
 Guidance Counselor
 Librarians
 Pastors
 Church officer
 Tutor

Proctor Request Form on the next page.

or member of the same peer. Scan and email to examgriggs@andrews. I certify that the proctor understands the exam protocol and has agreed to proctor my exams for all of my current courses.O. Scan and email completed 2nd page ONLY to examgriggs@andrews. Submit the completed Proctor Request Form to the GIA office by mail.Proctor Request Complete the form. Student signature Date Note: Keep 1st page for your reference. Box) Daytime phone City State Zip Country Email PROCTOR INFORMATION (Please print) Proctor name Work title Place of Employment Daytime phone Website/URL Relationship to student Street Number of years known City Email State Zip Country I certify that the proctor is not a family member. GIA will deliver your exams or online passwords directly to the proctor. Once your proctor information has been processed. .edu. STUDENT INFORMATION (Please print) Student name GIA Student ID # Street (or P. fax or email at least two weeks prior to scheduling the first exam to allow for processing.