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Synthesis (chapter 4

This chapter deals with test development; the main focus is
the test accuracy and consistency. It introduced the education
students as well as teachers into the arena of test development,
the processes involved in item analysis, and the process of
establishing test validity and reliability.
The teacher must use the effective and efficient teaching
strategies and approaches as he develops tests to assess
student’s classroom performances. To make this possible, the
teachers and the education students should possess the skills
that are applicable for test development.
Like pen-paper-test, it determines the objectives, choosing
the type of test to be developed, deciding on what item format to
use writing the items from the first draft up to its final form,
analyzing every item in terms of difficulty level.
There are different types of test. There are the psychological
and educational test, survey and mastery test, verbal and nonverbal tests, speed and power tests, standardized and informal
tests, selective and supply tests, group and individual tests, etc.
It also tackles about the planning of the test; identifying test
objectives, preparing a table for specification and selecting test
formats. Constructing a multiple choice; The Stem and The
alternatives. Evaluating the test; item tryout and item analysis.
Establishing reliability uses the Split-half method and KuderRichardson formulae to measure the consistency of tests. And the
last is establishing validity, this in line in the principle of
appropriateness. This ensures that the test assesses the contents
and behaviour stated in the instructional objectives.


he was given an exam. as a future teacher should give emphasis on what kind of test that we should give to our children. It is very crucial in the life of a teacher in identifying the kind of test item format because in this test item format depends the on how the child absorbed all his learnings from you. We all know that in order to test that the child absorbed all his learning’s from his teacher.This chapter really helps each one of us on how to be an efficient and effective teacher someday. However. We. There are other teacher who are not considerate. It makes us realize that we as a future educator should make a plan for tests development so that we will be guided on what kind of test or test items should we use in assessing the child’s performance.that is far from the lessons which discuss earlier. They provide an exam. why is it that sometimes. We must always bear in our mind the principle that: evaluation procedures and techniques shall be selected in terms of clearly stated objectives. they got the low scores in the test? What are the possible reasons why does the child fail? .

Sheila May June Amparan BSEd 3-B .