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MCSE 2012 Server Course Contents

Job Role :( Windows Server Admin)
Introduction to Windows 7 & windows 8

Introduction to windows 7

Introduction to windows 8

Installation of windows 7

Installation of windows 8

System Configuration

Storage Devices

Network Configuration

Configuration Remote Desktop Connection

Configuring Bit locker

Local Security Management

Security For Domain Members

Desktop Management

Introduction to Windows server 2012

Introduction to Windows Server 2012

Installation of Win 2012 Server Core

Installation of Win 2012 Server Full

Creating and Managing User Accounts

Managing Disks and Data Storage

Advanced File System Management

Managing Server Roles

Windows Server 2012 Security Features

Fiber Optics ) Types Topologies Configuration of TCP/IP protocols Connecting computers in a LAN Configuring and managing Share folders Installing & configuration of DNS         Introduction to types of DNS Servers Installing and configuration of Primary DNS Installing and configuration of Secondary DNS Configuration of Forward lookup zone Configuration of Reverse Lookup zone Installing and configuration of Stub Zone Configuration of DNS client Troubleshooting of DNS Server Installing & configuration of IIS & FTP      Introduction of Web Servers Installing and configuration of IIS Creating and configuring Web sites Creating and configuring of FTP Configuring Web site Restriction Installing & configuration of DHCP Server        Introduction to DHCP Server Installing & configuration of DHCP Configuring DHCP Scope Configuration of Super Scope Configuration IP Reservation Configuration of DHCP clients Troubleshooting of DHCP Server Introduction to ICS & NAT      Configuration of ICS Configuration of ICS clients Introduction of NAT Installing & configuration of NAP & NAT Configuration of NAT clients Introduction to VPN . MAN. STP. WLAN) IP Addressing (IP V4 and IP V6) Types of Cables (UTP.Introduction to Network        Types of Networks (LAN. WAN.

PPTP Protocols Configuring VPN permissions Configuration of VPN clients Accessing VPN clients in different locations Introduction to Disk Management          Configuration of Basic Disk Creating Primary & Extended Partitions Configuring mount drive Hiding the Drive Configuration of Dynamic Disk Configuration of RAID Levels Configuration of RAID 0 Configuration of RAID 1 Configuration of RAID 5 Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)            Overview of ADDS Installation of Domain Controller (ADDS) Creating Forest & Tree Creating Domain User Account Configuring user permissions Configuring password policy Creating of Groups Configuring domain clients Controlling clients in a domain Configuration logon hours permission for user Managing Active Directory Administrative Centre Introduction to Organization Unit (OU)     Creating of OU Creating user in OU Configuration of Delegation control for user Configuring Delegation control for Domain controller Introduction to Group Policy        Types of Group Policies Configuration Administrative Templates Policy Configuration of Folder Redirection Policy Configuration of Software Installation Policy Configuration of Log on and Log off scripts Configuration of Fine grained password Policy Configuration of Preference Policy .     Installing & configuration of VPN Configuration of L2TP .

Win vista (OS) remotely in a network Introduction of Active Directory Domains and Trust     Creating Trust between two forests Configuring Two way trust relationship Configuring user permissions to access different forests Managing Trust Relationship Introduction to Distributed File System (DFS)     Installation of DFS in a domain Configuration of DFS Root Configuration of DFS link Configuring user permissions for DFS .Installing and configuration of Additional Domain Controller     Installation of Additional Domain Controller Creating user account in ADC Creating groups in ADC Managing the ADC Installing & configuration of Child Domain Controller      Installation of Child Domain Controller for Branch Office Creating user account in CDC Creating global & domain local Groups Configuration of Delegation controller for Groups Configuration of Site Replication Introduction to FSMO Roles          Configuration of Forest level roles Configuration of Domain level roles Introduction of Schema Master Introduction of Domain naming master Introduction of Infrastructure master Introduction of RID master Introduction of PDC emulator Transferring the roles from DC to ADC Promoting ADC to DC Introduction to Windows Deployment Service    Installation of WDS Configuration of WDS Installing Win 7.

  Monitoring DFS Managing and maintaining DFS Introduction to Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)        Creating Site link Configuration of Sites Services Configuration of Site Replication Installation of RODC Configuration of RODC Managing of RODC Creating RODC password policy Introduction to Backup & Recovery   Configuration of Backup Restoring the Backup .