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Subject: Caribbean Economic Environment

Programme: __________________

Year: 2016____________________

Semester: II____________

1. Rubric and Instructions for EACH question
(Readability, explicitness, easy to follow.)

The rubric and instructions for each question was explicit and easy to follow.
2. Detailed observations EACH question
(Specific details of language, vocabulary, numbers, suggested alternatives for re-wording and rephrasing questions, if possible; readability of questions, time and space required to answer
questions, difficulty of question relative to other questions, errors and ambiguities, gender bias,
culture bias)

In general, the vocabulary and the difficulty of the questions are appropriate.
Suggested Improvements
Question 9 on page 3:
Answer option d) has the incorrect font. Kindly use the same font as the rest of
the paper.
Question 10 on page 3:
Delete “The” at the beginning of the question.
The question should read:
“Jamaica has a …”
Question 14 answer option c) on page 4:
Delete “the” from before “Jamaica”.
The answer option should read:
“Loss of foreign-exchange reserves for Jamaica”


Question 16 answer option c) on page 5:
Replace “is” between “integration” and “the world” with “in”
It should read:
“These countries are …integration in the world economy is yet to commence
Section B Question 2 c) on page 7:
The question is unclear. Kindly restate. One suggestion is replace “for” with “by”
It should read:
“Briefly explain … provided by the government to foreign investors.”
Section B Question 2 c) on page 7:
Place a full stop “.” at the end of the statement.
It should read:
“Briefly explain … provided by the government to foreign investors.”

3. Mark allocations for EACH question
(Relative difficulty of each question, relative complexity of each question. Marks reflecting
quantity and quality of expected responses from candidates)

The marks reflected the quantity and quality of the expected responses from the
candidates. Also the relative complexity of each question is appropriate.
4. Marking scheme for EACH question
(Appropriate emphasis in marking scheme, suggestions for alternative scheme, accuracy of
suggested answers)

The marking scheme is appropriate and there is a whole range of marks to allow
the examiners to distinguish between moderate, good and excellent achievements.
5. Difficulty and balance of paper
(Comments on paper as a whole, appropriate for least able candidates, for very able candidates,
opportunity for candidate to show what he/she knows)

The exam paper has a good combination of question-difficulty levels, the least
able students should excel.


6. Overall balance
(Coverage of elements of syllabus, grave omissions of certain elements, undue emphasis on
certain elements, over assessment in certain areas, time required for answering certain questions,
balance achieved by all questions combined)

The students should complete the exam within the time allotted.

7. General Review
(Shape of the paper, physical appearance and layout of paper, clarity of questions, extent of
coverage, areas not properly covered, level of difficulty of paper)

The physical appearance of the exam is good; with corrections suggested the
appearance will improve. The instructions are clear and emphasis is properly


Any other comments
The instructors emphasize the importance of writing properly by allocating marks
for grammar. This is a good practice.

Name: _Claudia Smith Kelly___

Signature: __________________

Date: __March 15, 2016_________