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Greetings in Q3 of FY16!

We in healthcare are all very busy getting ready for HIMSS as I’m sure are too. Please give us feedback regarding Upcoming Events
these newsletters at anytime – feel free to reach out to Barbara Casey or John Riehm with any comments or

Cisco Healthcare
Sales Meeting
Monday, Feb 29


New for 2016 – Cisco Connected Healthcare Jive site
Cisco Connected Healthcare
The BTx Healthcare and the Healthcare Services & Solutions teams have combined efforts and created the new
Cisco Connected Healthcare Jive site. This site replaces the legacy CEC pages for both teams. You can go there
for up-to-date information, resources, and content on all Healthcare focused Solutions and Service offerings.

HIMSS 2016
HIMSS-2016 will be here before you know it! Jive page link is below, here are a couple of important highlights:
 BTX will be leading a full day healthcare sales meeting on Monday, February 29th
 Most of HIMSS (e.g., the booth, etc.) starts on Tuesday, March 1 st
 We will hold the 9th annual Cisco Connected Health (customer) Summit on Tuesday, March 1 st from
10am to 2pm
 There will not be an all-Cisco customer reception - so plan to entertain your customers on your own
 There won’t be a “Demo Showcase” in the booth this year, but we will have two meeting rooms instead
Here’s the link:

2016 Healthcare Technology Predictions

followed by
March 1-3, 2016
May 14-17, 2016
Key Links & Resources
Healthcare Jive Site
Cisco Connected
Healthcare eXperience:
eXperience Center Jive
Sg2 Content:
Sg2 Home Page

Sg2 2016 Calendar of
IDC Health Insights for 2016
IDC Health Insights will be presenting its 2016 healthcare predictions soon via Web conference. Out of their top Events (PDF)
10 Global predictions for the coming year – here are the top 4 that Cisco can help address:
Other Resources:
Healthcare Success


By 2018, Industry Cloud Will Be Viewed as the Top Market Entry Strategy for Tech and Industrial
Companies, as Leaders of IT and Industry Unite to Tear Down Traditional Barriers to Entry


One Out of Three Individuals Will Have Their Healthcare Records Compromised by Cyber Attacks in

Healthcare Use Cases


Virtual Care Will Become Routine by 2018, and by 2020, 80% of Consumer Service Interactions Will
Make Use of IoT and Big Data to Improve Quality, Value, and Timeliness

Cisco Customer Facing
Healthcare Site


2016 Will See 3rd Platform Acute Care HIS and EHR Begin to Come to Market, and Early Adopters Will
Get Started on Digital Transformation in 2017–2019

PwC’s Top Issues for 2016
2016 will be a year of firsts for healthcare consumers, organizations and new entrants as innovative tools and
services enter the New Health Economy. PwC’s annual “2016 Top health industry issues” report highlights the
forces that are expected to have the most impact on the industry in the coming year, with a glance back at key
trends from the past decade. Here are the top 4 that Cisco solutions directly address – read about the others in
the report.

Care in the palm of your hand (Virtual Care) -- Thanks to technology and shifts in financial incentives,

attention shifts to buttressing the security of medical devices.Healthcare Market Intelligence Sg2 is something we all have access to .As security breaches become more common and email and follow the prompts to create your own secure will begin to move into the palms of consumers’ hands. MI A news story produced by the local station on their offer . click member login.if you work on healthcare accounts and would like access to this valuable resource. Customer Recordings – examples of implementing Tele-Health Advocate Health – Chicago.Employers and healthcare organizations eye behavioral healthcare as key to keeping costs down. presidential candidates and campaigns will be attractive hacking targets. anytime. 
 » Hacktivism will make a comeback.Optum Integrated Platform (formerly known as Patient Connect) Grand Rounds . 4. simply go to sg2. Experian's third annual data breach forecast across industries summarizes the following top Spectrum Health – Grand Rapids.As payment shifts to value-based models. transformations and innovations as the healthcare industry continues to overhaul outmoded business models. 
 » 2016 U. IL A video created by Advocate that gives the clinicians' account of the value of Tele-health leveraged Behavioral Health Service Line has created for their patients and the Advocate System as whole. providing care anywhere.Healthcare Intelligent Contact Center Grand Rounds . 3. Behavioral healthcare: no longer on the back-burner -.ahchealthenews. 2. health systems will pursue lower-cost settings more aggressively than before while employing creative approaches to distributing care. click Register using your Grand Rounds Recordings Grand Rounds . white papers. You will get access to research.called MedNow. analytical tools. See below for two great examples of Sg2 resources: . Care moves to the community -.Virtual Health: New Care Delivery Models (including Customer presentation by Spectrum Healthcare) Grand Rounds . Note that the second largest risk is in Healthcare. http://woodtv.S. productivity up and consumers healthy (Virtual Care opportunity). Experian anticipates the top data breach issues and trends of 2016 to include the following: » The EMV Chip and PIN liability shift will not stop payment breaches. 
 » Cyber conflicts between countries will leave consumers and businesses as collateral damage. http://www. and industry experts. 
 » Big healthcare hacks will make the headlines but small breaches will cause the most damage. 
 Keeping an eye on the prize: Eight healthcare topics to watch in 2016 Frost & Sullivan Webinar recording: Outlook and Predictions for the Healthcare Industry in 2016 Frost & Sullivan’s experts are predicting another year of big disruptions. Cybersecurity concerns come to medical technology -.Cisco Healthcare & GE Services Grand Rounds – Cisco Healthcare & Internet of Everything (IoE) Sg2 . Additionally you will be eligible to attend monthly webinars and executive

While some states have traditionally created geographic limits similar to Medicare. Review the latest Telehealth Policy Trends and Considerations report (PDF) from the National Conference of State Legislatures for more details about reimbursement. with all states except Rhode Island offering some type of Medicaid reimbursement for virtual care. The team delivered 3 engagements to address: BYOD and workforce experience.4M deal for collaboration solutions Solution Spotlight Extended Care has received funding and support across multiple organizations to extend the integration efforts with Epic. This has been one of the long-time barriers to adoption of telehealth / virtual care by our customers.  Half of all states allow a patient’s home to serve as the originating site. the faster our customers will deploy this technology. Transform the Patient Experience and Improve Patient Flow. The team tracked more than 20 positions in the ED. President of HCA who is preparing for the next step. President Mercy: Cisco Strategy & Operations Services for Connected Health team was asked to help Mercy on a project to reinvent healthcare and cut $400M in costs. Take note at how the regulatory environment is gradually evolving to support reimbursement for virtual healthcare. care coordination. Joint Services Offers – stay tuned for a Grand Rounds call in February detailing these new announcements Apple and Cisco are finalizing contract negotiations to deliver joint services offers that will make iOS devices work better in healthcare environments. After 5 days of shadowing and capturing 1500 unique events. underutilization of technologies and new opportunities for leveraging technology and tools. Medicaid reimbursement soared. build and manage service that optimizes the network infrastructure to enable  Reliable alarm and alert management  Secure patient-centric messaging  Robust wired and wireless networks  Presence and mobility  Holistic approach to managing clinical workflow and care team coordination . the team identified more than 10 use cases that could enhance clinical collaboration. a leading healthcare alarm safety and event response company. and will offer ‘plan. candidly. . bringing the total number of new bills to more than 200. to create a plan. Lab. Services Update: Customer Highlights HCA: Cisco’s Strategy & Operations Service for Connected Health team was tasked to identify process related issues. licensing and adoption trends. “Your team did a great job. 2015 saw the removal of many of these reimbursement restrictions:  Twenty-four states and Washington. as well as simplify work through device consolidation.” Chuck Hall. DC. More Than 200 Virtual Health Bills Introduced in 2015 All but 8 states introduced at least one virtual health bill to their state legislatures in 2015. which is to identify use cases and solution opportunities. Get on my calendar in the next few months so I might learn more about Cisco and their consulting services. I was pleasantly surprise as to how informative the meeting was! . The teams are working to define 2 lighthouse customers to be announced at HIMSS. build. The offer will focus on a validated reference architecture for healthcare. Bed Management and PCU over 5 days and 3 shifts. accelerating Cisco’s reach into the healthcare space while driving adoption and utilization of existing Cisco video endpoints. The more the government and private payers loosen the reigns on paying for virtual visits & virtual care. do not specify a patient location as a condition of payment. Pharmacy. . The team presented the findings to Chuck Hall.Replay The Webinar & access the slides: 2016: The Year Ahead 
 Center for Strategic Planning 
Speakers: Bill Woodson and Steve Jenkins 

The annual kickoff event where Sg2 experts highlight key trends to watch for the coming year. capturing over 1200 discrete events. manage’ services for Apple iOS devices on the network.  Sixteen states now recognize schools and school-based health centers as eligible originating sites. resulting in a $4. Joint development schedule are currently on target to have Phase I completed in Q3FY16. Cisco Network Assurance Service for Extension Engage Alarm & Alert Solution Cisco has joined forces with Extension Healthcare.

For more information on Joint Services offers – contact Tom Buban (tbuban@cisco. A number of optimizations are being made to hardware solutions that are already available that will lower costs and increase efficiency via software upgrade when available. Healthcare Experience Specialist Single Number Reach: 703-484-1114 Create Your Experience Today! . Customers can begin now to refresh and upgrade networking. Find the right demo: Experience Center Demonstration Catalog Go Behind the Scenes! Get a behind the scenes look at how the eXperience Centers are creating live.New Collateral Go to the new Cisco Connected Health Jive site for links to all the new Services content. The program offers access to Cisco executives and SMEs to discuss business solutions and future transformations through Cisco products and solutions. interactive.wireless and security by leveraging GE’s clinical workflow expertise with Cisco’s deep network experience to build a new. wireless and collaboration infrastructure to be ready for Cisco and Apple joint capabilities available via SW upgrades in mid to late CY16.GE and Cisco have refined their Clinical Network Management service to focus on the key challenges facing healthcare organizations .com) Content/Collateral Spotlight .ucsf. and virtual Healthcare Solution demonstrations and delivering them into every Cisco Field Sales Office -. Find more information here: Cisco and Apple Partnership The UCSF partnership has been announced read more in the UC San Francisco press release: https://www. . Cisco and Apple announced a partnership that will help shape the Healthcare eXperience Center: Cisco's Customer Experience Center provides state-of-the art facilities and capabilities for briefings and demonstrations to partners and customers. Demonstrations are delivered from the Customer Experience Center locations either in-person and also via virtual technologies such as TP and WebEx.closer to you and your customers! Reach out to Diane Cashin. optimized performance model. Partner updates: Apple + Cisco – In August 2015.