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1 Extended Coverage, Prime Power applications
Extended Coverage Prime Power is an optional +12 months
extension of the standard 12 months Volvo Penta International
Limited Warranty (unlimited hours of operation).

90.2 Extended Coverage, Standby Power applications
Extended Coverage Standby Power is an optional +24 months
or one thousand (1000) hours extension of the standard 24
months or one thousand (1000) hours Volvo Penta International
Limited Warranty.
Definition of Standby applications
This relates to engines which are used to supply standby electrical power at varying output in areas with well established electrical power supplies if the normal power supply should fail. This
does not include peak shaving operation.

Volvo Penta Extended Coverage
Volvo Penta offers Extended Coverage for the entire engine
range. The objective is to provide the end user of Volvo
Penta generating set diesel engines with the best possible
operational reliability and total operational economy.

-Optional +12 months for prime power
applications coverage of repair cost which
occurs as a result of defects in material or
-Optional +24 months for standby applica-
tions see (definition) coverage of repair
cost which occurs as a result of defects in
material or workmanship.
-Preventive condition tests. Repair before


-Long term protection against unexpected
repair cost.
-Unscheduled downtime minimized.
-Greatest reliability for Standby operation .

The Extended Coverage applies where Volvo Penta is
The plan is based on close cooperation between the end
user and the Volvo Penta representative.
Condition Test
Required from the end user is the carrying out of a condition
test every 1200 hours of operation, or once a year, whichever occurs first.
The condition test is a preventive check up of the engine’s
condition and is carried out either by an authorised Volvo
Penta dealer, or a work shop approved by Volvo Penta. The
condition test is chargeable to the end user.
Records of all maintenance should be kept for evaluation at
the condition test. Usage of genuine Volvo Penta Parts is a
condition in order to obtain and maintain all benefits of the
extended coverage.
Extended Coverage can be purchased for engines already
delivered, however no later than 3 months after commissioning date. Commissioning date is equal to shipping date
from factory unless the warranty registration card is completed and returned to Volvo Penta, Warranty Administration
Please see Extended Coverage Policy for further conditions.