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Example candidate response – grade A


AS Level General Paper Example Candidate Responses (Standards Booklet) 26 .

However. The short conclusion focuses on academic learning and practical skills in an individual. This view is currently being challenged in some developed countries because of the everrising costs and the growing number of unemployed graduates. e. The point on acquiring manual skills is valid but should also be extended to include those who are not gifted academically. ‘one of the very first aim’. These mistakes could have been spotted during a final check before the examination ended. with a particularly apt reference to the words of Gandhi regarding education and training. The next paragraph referring to informed decision making and social esteem is clearer but could be improved by supportive examples. The issue of practical or manual skills appears late in the essay with a valid comment about how a manual skill or trade can lead to self sufficiency and ultimate survival in society. the example of ‘food and nutrition’ does not seem to be appropriate to a skilled trade. The candidate then gives the traditional view of the desirability of good academic qualifications. The level of academic learning is not clear in the next paragraph as even a good primary education can achieve a satisfactory standard in ‘counting’ and ‘reading’. There 27 .Paper 1 Examiner comment The introduction is clear and to the point.g. The English is fluent and very accurate and contains very few grammatical errors. which is vital for economic success in present-day societies. It does not adequately deal with the essential complementary role of both professionals and tradesmen.

. • This means that no ‘poor’ club can compete with ‘rich’ clubs (usually bought as an investment by foreigners) and the nutruting of young. ‘on which the employer would base himself’ and ‘building himself esteem from others’. bribery. • The Olympic ideal that participation is more important than winning is not clearly evident these days. • Cases of match-fixing. always fully developed. however. Points are not. • The high investment demands virtually instant success and an attitude of ‘the end justifies the means’ even if they are morally questionable and do not reflect the true spirit of fair play. for example. General conclusion This essay is very much on the right track with some relevant material. the essay should also have examined how both professions and trades are of great importance in a successful economy. 28 . This is particularly the case where huge transfer fees are commonplace and huge salaries are earned by the leading players. local talent takes a back seat to the purchase of ‘ready-made’ stars from all over the world. horse-doping. from technicians and engineers to commentators and presenters.AS Level General Paper Example Candidate Responses (Standards Booklet) are also a few examples of incorrect expression. • Top tennis players and professional golfers are also very high earners although many at the start of their careers struggle financially if the can not attract sponsorship. To be more successful.?’ and ‘sport’ and ‘being damaged by money’. using performance enhancing drugs. • Sport os now a world-wide industry and provides a very good living for the successful participants but also for the army of agents/coaches/trainers/manufacturers of sports gear/equipment. illegal betting synficates and dishonesty/cheating of all kinds are common undesirable occurrences which should have no place in sport. The English demonstrates a high standard of fluency and accuracy.. • Sport is becoming more and more of a business. Question To what extent is sport being damaged by money? Mark scheme Key words are ‘To what extent. not to mention all the media jobs.