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Diana Goodwin


Senior Program Manager
Successful results-focused program manager with 15+ years’ experience driving global
initiatives that fulfill strategic objectives, add to the bottom line and increase market
opportunities. Especially adept at leading virtual, cross-functional teams to success, from
initiation to launch of new corporate initiatives and in the complete lifecycle of fully assimilating
M&A integrations across marketing and communications. Success based upon strong
communications, analytical, process and reporting skills across stakeholders and levels,
including executive. An energetic, pragmatic leader with a decisive, fearless work style who
consistently meets or exceeds goals while maintaining budgets and schedules.

Program and project management
M&A integrations
New program and product
Go-to-market strategy, programs and
Adoption readiness planning

KPI’s, dashboards and reporting
Process development and
Change management
Global team management

Corporate Experience
Family Leave


Acquisition Integration Lead (Consultant)
Cisco Systems San Jose, CA
Program managed 10+ Cisco software and services acquisitions for Global Marketing and
Corporate Communications (GMCC) as key member of the corporate development integration
process. Additional revenue from acquisitions of up to $100M per year.
• Collaborated across Cisco and newly acquired company’s marketing and communications
departments to drive the integration and go-to-market strategies and messages as well as the
business readiness plan development and implementation for each acquisition. Put together
and managed virtual, cross-functional teams, prepared and monitored schedules and budgets,
handled all change management, ran project meetings and drove integrations to a successful
completion, on time and on budget leading to organizational growth.
• Hands on role working closely with executive sponsors to lead the transition plan for people,
processes and systems into GMCC, partnering cross-functionally with GMCC strategy lead,
engineering, channels, service and corporate development integration and change
management teams. Handled up to three integrations at the same time, ensuring that each was
on track to achieve objectives and projected market impact.

• Collaborated across the team and created product KPIs and dashboards to track product success after launch. on budget delivery of all major offerings. • Co-developed partner communications and training readiness workshops and materials to prepare partners to sell and deploy Cisco service offerings. managing and reporting across a complex global corporate culture and business. • Developed extensive end-to-end project processes (synched with Cisco’s New Program Introduction (NPI) process and change management procedures). Recognized across Cisco for astutely understanding. Led project meetings. decisions to ensure launched product was complete and integrated into Cisco’s product line. content. Project came in on time and on budget. Recognized across Cisco for an ability to successfully manage and integrate multiple major projects concurrently. Developed numerous processes and controls to ensure accurate and smooth conversions into marketing and communications. Many of these analytics were used throughout the company as measurements on other projects. reporting mechanisms and success metrics. • Developed and managed global marketing and communications integration and launch plans and programs for seven Cisco support programs sold by systems integrators around the world. dashboards. Created and implemented tracking analytics (KPI’s. including the team. • As subject matter expert. . management and executives. • Developed and managed the global integration adoption plan that included all productreadiness and go-to-market activities across sales. manufacturing and human resources. support activities. partners and influencers. management and executives for both companies. Provided ‘lessons learned’ feedback after each integration and updated processes when appropriate. All processes are still in place today. Many of these still in place today. etc. facilitated implementation and adoption and supported executive management to successfully champion the change.• • • Aligned the integration of each acquisition with Cisco’s integration processes and systems as well as with corporate business standards and models. spearheaded cross-organization functionality. Over seven years more than 1K partners were prepared to sell the offerings. drove the development of all messaging across companies with sales and employees and externally with customers. Ensured that messages were consistent and resonated with stakeholders and audiences. As an integral part of the business readiness plan. an integral addition of Cisco’s Data Center 3. tracked project status and issues and reported status to team.) and reporting mechanisms providing information across all stakeholder groups. etc. business readiness. positioning. etc. marketing programs. Adoption Lead and Subject Matter Expert (Consultant) 1999−2006 Program managed global partner programs’ integrations and launches for Cisco Customer Advocacy Services Marketing. messaging. sales cycle. Adoption Lead and Subject Matter Expert (Consultant) 2006–2008 Program managed from beginning to end the launch of Cisco Unified Computing Systems (Cisco’s first hardware/software offering). marketing.0 global strategy. Managed and provided guidance during the planning phase. Developed and monitored budgets and schedules and led project meetings to ensure on time.

Corporate Communications Unison Software Sunnyvale. tracking metrics and reporting mechanisms. CA 1990–1993 Marketing Writer/Editor (Consultant) Amdahl Corporation Sunnyvale. Backcountry Weekend. Partner Program Manager (Consultant) Hewlett-Packard Cupertino. CA 1987–1989 Community Service Henry W. Pine Ridge Association at Henry W. checklists. CA 1995–1999 Marketing and Communications Manager (Consultant) SGI Mountain View. MA Courses in Marketing and Advertising Philips College Gulfport. adults and children. Management and Communications . Provide pro bono services including fundraising and managing all aspects of the park’s largest yearly fundraiser. CA 1989–1990 Marketing Communications Manager Office Automation Systems San Diego. Coe State Park 2000–Present Uniformed Volunteer and Fundraiser Volunteer in park greeting and educating visitors.• Developed product adoption and implementation methodology and associated processes. CA 1993–1995 Director. Coe State Park Board Member and President 2010-2015 Education and Certifications Northeastern University Boston. MS Certificate in Business Legal The George Washington University School of Business Project Leadership. Continually updated these from ‘lessons learned’ on each project and integrated all into Cisco’s NPI process. including stakeholder communications and end-to-end checklists and other supporting processes and materials.