Communication Networks II

Exercises & Bonus System

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Steinmetz
KOM - Multimedia Communications Lab
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2. 4.Exercises Organisation     Exercises published on Thursday Beginning on 5th of November Solutions presented one week later No recording of the exercise solution  But. Questions on accumulated knowledge Arithmetic problems Comprehension questions Small practical tasks KOM – Multimedia Communications Lab 2 . 3. sample solutions will be provided Content   Exam relevant Consisting of 1.

Last Year – Practical Exam Task Concept     Students worked on practical tasks during the term Part of the examination 12 points could be achieved (10% of total exam points) Group project (groups of 3) Advantages + Students learned to work on hands-on projects and in teams + Points worth up to +1. we switched back to the traditional bonus system KOM – Multimedia Communications Lab 3 .0 could be gained Disadvantages  Project topics not directly relevant to the examination  Participation was (sort of) mandatory  Very diverse topics with varying degree of difficulty → Based on student feedback.

Bonus System Organisation Organisation    Assignment of three exercises to each group Group Size: 2 (fixed) Team members: “Matchmaking” based on questionnaire Dates and Topics Topic Date published Date submitted TCP/UDP Nov 19. 2016 KOM – Multimedia Communications Lab 4 . 2016 Feb 01. 2015 Naming & Addressing Dec 03. 2015 Dec 02. 2015 Streaming Jan 18. 2015 Dec 17.

4. if  All three exercises submitted as per below requirements  70% of exercise points achieved  Unfortunately. does not help in passing the exam Requirements for Submission of “Bonus” Exercises    Computer written (handwritten submissions not accepted) Uploaded as a PDF via Moodle Strict naming convention  G<Group_Nr>_E<Exercise_Nr>. for exercise 1 of group 7: G7_E1.pdf  NO deadline extensions! Submissions not fulfilling the above conditions will not be corrected! KOM – Multimedia Communications Lab 5 .pdf  E.3/+0.Bonus System Organisation Grading  Bonus of +0.g.

23 October. 2015  Formed groups will be announced on 26 October. 2015 on Moodle KOM – Multimedia Communications Lab 6 .Moodle Exercise published on Moodle Group Formation for Bonus   Via Moodle Based on questionnaire  No groups based on own choice  But please don’t complain: It‘s “only” for three exercises .00h today until 23:55h.-)  Registration: From 15.

Questions? KOM – Multimedia Communications Lab 7 .

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