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Code Chart Place this code where you would like the box to appear. <Script language="JavaScript"> <!-function goto(form) { var if ([index].value != "0") {[index].value;}} //--> </SCRIPT> <FORM NAME="form1"> <SELECT NAME="select" ONCHANGE="goto(this.form)" SIZE="1"> <OPTION VALUE="">-------Choose a Selection------<OPTION VALUE="index.htm">Home <OPTION VALUE="web_development.htm">Web Development <OPTION VALUE="html_codes.htm">HTML Tips <OPTION VALUE="html_codes_chart.htm">HTML Code Chart <OPTION VALUE="javascript_codes.htm">JavaScript Codes <OPTION VALUE="216_color_chart.htm">Color Code Chart</SELECT> </FORM>


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Copy and paste this code into your HTML where you would like the button to appea r. <form> <input type="button" value="Back to Previous Page" onClick="javascript: history.go(-1)"> </form>

================================================ Make This Site Your Home Page Button (IE) You can place a button on your site that, when clicked on, will make your site y our visitor's home page. Place the following code where you would like the button to appear.


<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Make This Site Your Home Page" onClick=" ehavior='url(#default#homepage)'; this.setHomePage('Page URL beginning with http :// here');"> </FORM>

================================================ Highlight an Image on Mouseover You can use JavaScript to highlight an image when you place your mouse over it. Example: Place your mouse pointer over the following image. ----------------Place the following code between your HEAD tags: <SCRIPT language="JavaScript1.2"> <!-function makevisible(cur,which){ strength=(which==0)? 1 : 0.2 if ( else if (cur.filters) cur.filters.alpha.opacity=strength*100 } // --> </SCRIPT> Place the following code within all of the image tags you'd like the affect to b e applied: style="filter:alpha(opacity=20);-moz-opacity:0.2" onMouseover="makevisible(this, 0)" onMouseout="makevisible(this,1)" Here's how your image tag might look: <img src="yourimage.gif" width="96" height="134" style="filter:alpha(opacity=20) ;-moz-opacity:0.2" onMouseover="makevisible(this,0)" onMouseout="makevisible(thi s,1)">

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