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Section V: Narrative
Key Assessment Website:
Christopher Croom
Sandra Crum
Shannon Moore
Rebecca West
System: Columbia County Schools
Facility: Harlem Middle School
Full Time Equivalent Students (FTE): 543
2015-2016 School Year
Media Materials
The Georgia Department of Education (GA DOE) defines media materials as those instructional
materials including print, non-print, periodicals, online databases, supplies, and equipment that
are critical to the support and enhancement of the school library media center program. These
materials are housed in and circulated through the library media center for use by the entire
learning community of the school.
School System Budget
The Columbia County school district provides financial funding to fund Harlem Middle Schools
budget. Currently the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students are 543 for the 2015-2016 school
year. The total yearly budget is $7,075.29 The dollar amount per student for the media budget is
$13.03. The funds from the budget are distributed as follows:
$13.03 (per student) x

543 (FTE)


furniture 28.18%
$ 1295.26
purchased a diverse mobile storage cabinet, 24 pocket literature display, 2 bean bags
toner supplies 3.64%
$ 176.53
HP 950XL & 951XL compatible ink cartridge 10-pack value bundle
books/DVD 39.09%
$ 4,443.13
purchased from the county approved vendors: Follett Titlewave, Bound to Stay Bound, Junior
Library Guild, Baker and Taylor, Mackin, and Barnes and Noble
technology 10.91%
$ 342.57
includes all of the following but are not limited to monitors, desktop computers, laptop
computers, and printers
library services 13.64%
$ 564.35

Follett Subscription or Renewal of the Subscription

stationary materials (Media Supplies) 4.55%
$ 253.45
Papers, pens, blank cds, blank DVDs, die cut machine and accessories, other miscellaneous
The funding for the Harlem Middle School media center is satisfactory but it could be more
adequate in order to increase the amount of funds available to upgrade the furniture in the
media center. There is not enough money in the media center budget to purchase all items that
are wanted. An increase in the budget by $4000 would present the opportunity to purchase
material to make bean bags plus buy tables, lounge chairs, etc.
According to the Our Funding History and its Impact on Georgias Media Centers page, the
amount allotted has fluctuated significantly over the years.
Additional funding sources are the Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser ($685), Local Supplements
($800), and the QBE funds that are allocated by the Principal.
Looking to the Future
The Harlem Middle School media center is looking into adding more resources to its program.
Some of the improvements to the media center are adding eBooks, Mediascape and updated
The media specialist is interested in purchasing eBooks because of having the ability to access
embedded content within the text of the book. eBooks have the ability to be instant and
accessed remotely, the ability of simultaneous multi-use of the eBook, and the capability to
differentiate learning.
Purchasing the Mediascape system allows users to collaborate by plugging in user devices and
sharing the screen from the multiple devices with great ease. This addition will provide an
additional collaborative space for students and teachers.
Updated Furniture
Furniture in the classroom environment should be easily reconfigured and used to fit the
curriculum/program. The furniture that students use should be easily adjustable, comfortable
and support the students physical environment when using technology.
Since the fast rate of technological change is impacting education and making technology
forever redundant (ask any smartphone user), furniture should adapt to the way students use
technology, and do so discreetly (no cords and cables around). This is not an easy task. There
are many chairs and tables that work for the present and reflect the manufacturers designing for
todays technology.
Unfortunately, schools normally do not have the budgets to constantly update furniture and
technology as it changes. This means that the selection of furniture cannot be an afterthought or

a low priority, it needs to be selected early in the design process to coordinate with the
technology of the built-in environment.

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