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Cisco Live

Cisco Live is a powerful suite of browser-based support tools that

allows Cisco customers to collaborate over the Internet with Cisco
TAC engineers. Cisco Live features include:
Collaborative Web browsing via URL sharingCo-browse the Cisco
TAC Web Site to find technical support information applicable to
your case.
Collaborative WhiteboardWorking with your Cisco TAC engineer,
use a palette of networking icons, text, and shapes to create and
save network topology diagrams.
Collaborative TelnetThis SSL-secured Telnet applet allows you
and your Cisco TAC engineer to view and interact with a Cisco
network device for realtime, collaborative troubleshooting.
Collaborative ClipboardThis SSL-secured interactive notepad
allows you to type or paste large quantities of text, such as show
command output, for your engineer to view or save in your case.

The next time you work with a Cisco TAC engineer, ask if your case
would benefit from a Cisco Live collaboration session.

Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
Depth of Knowledge, Breadth of Experience,
Industry Leadership
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Quick Reference Guide

The Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides
around-the-clock, award-winning technical support
services for Cisco products and technologies.

Opening Cisco TAC Cases

Open Priority 3 (P3) and Priority 4 (P4) cases quickly with the online
Cisco TAC Case Open tool:
(available to registered users with a valid service contract)
For Priority 1 (P1) or Priority 2 (P2) issues, or if you dont have Internet
access for P3 and P4 issues, open your cases via telephone:

Asia-Pacific: +61 2 8446 7411 (Australia: 1 800 805 227)

EMEA: +32 2 704 55 55
USA: 1 800 553-2447
P1 and P2 cases, which occur when severe network degradation
impacts your business operations, are immediately routed to Cisco
TAC engineers.
If you are not completely satisfied with the progress toward resolving
a particular case, please contact your regional TAC and ask to speak
with the TAC duty manager. For a list of all regional phone numbers,
please visit:

Information Needed to Open a Case

Whether opening a case via telephone or online, you will need to
have the following information on hand:
1. Service and support contract number and product serial number
2. Network topology and explanation
3. Output from show tech command (if applicable) and all other
relevant output
4. Description of problem and symptoms (only one problem
description per case)
5. Software versions and types of equipment

Tracking and Updating Cisco TAC Cases

If you are a registered user with a valid service contract,
you can use the online Cisco TAC Case Query tool to track the progress
of your cases, or to update your cases with notes and attached files:
(available to registered users with a valid service contract)

Case Statuses
CE-PendThe Cisco TAC engineer assigned to your case is currently
investigating the problem. No workaround has been identified at
this time.
Close-PendThe Cisco TAC engineer has provided you with a solution that will solve your issue. Contact the assigned engineer if you
think the problem has not been solved.
Cust-PendThe Cisco TAC engineer assigned to your case has
requested information from you and is waiting for your response.
No workaround has been identified at this time.
DE-PendThe Cisco TAC engineer has submitted a request to Cisco
Development Engineering for investigation.

Case Priorities
Priority 1 (P1)An existing network is down or there is a critical
impact to your business operations. You and Cisco will commit all
necessary resources around the clock to resolve the situation.
Priority 2 (P2)Operation of an existing network is severely degraded, or significant aspects of your business operations are negatively
impacted by inadequate performance of Cisco products. You and
Cisco will commit full-time resources during normal business hours
to resolve the situation.
Priority 3 (P3)Operational performance of the network is impaired
while most business operations remain functional. You and Cisco are
willing to commit resources during normal business hours to restore
service to satisfactory levels.
Priority 4 (P4)You require information or assistance with Cisco
product capabilities, installation, or configuration. There is little or no
impact to your business operations.

Cisco TAC Web Site

The Cisco TAC Web Site provides online documents and tools to
help troubleshoot and resolve technical issues with Cisco products
and technologies:
Cisco TAC Support Pages
Technical tips, configuration examples, Q&As, and other helpful
information, organized into three main sections:
Hardware Support, for issues with Cisco hardware products:
Software Support, for issues with Cisco software products:
Technology Support, for issues with technologies enabled by
Cisco products:
Cisco TAC Web Tools and Utilities
Interactive online support tools for configuration, installation,
troubleshooting, and advanced site search:
(available to registered users with a valid service contract)
Cisco TAC Software Center
Comprehensive source for software, including downloads, special
file access, and release information:
(available to registered users with a valid service contract)
Cisco TAC Training Resources
Technical training and online seminar offerings:
Cisco TAC News Service
Updates about the technical documents and tools available on the
Cisco TAC Web Site, delivered to you via e-mail in a monthly newsletter
and periodic news flashes: