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90 days for a ‘3hr CAT Exam’

CAT Aspirants,
Batch 2015.
All the above three are what we need to sail our boat over the tumultuous sea of CAT. Remember you are
not alone. We as a team are rowing your boat over the high seas. The journey is as important as the
destination. It is important to strategize the journey, so I am writing to you about how to be calm and
focused in this journey of 9odays.
As we are reaching closer to the CAT examination, the feeling of giving our best shot and anxiety is
increasing proportionally. Every CAT aspirant has different reasons of writing this CAT exam. Some want
to prove to their family and relative that they have potential, somebody wants to show his girlfriend or her
boyfriend that you lost the goldmine and some of them really don’t want to face the excellent appraisal
meeting in which they will be proved that they are asset to the company but the company cannot give you
more than 10% hike and finally that ‘I was not able to crack IIT-JEE’..uffffffffff …the list goes on. So many
reasons to write CAT.
But dear CAT friends /aspirants, you guys don’t need to prove yourself anymore. WHY? You all are well
educated to fend for yourself and you are part of as well as contributors to the booming economy of this
world, and you are the one on whose behalf our Prime Minister is showing his grit and power.
I believe that everyone’s preparation must be in full swing, there must be some people who are still
confused from where to start, how to do the revision, which all test series I can join and finally previous
year CAT papers and above all after putting so many efforts my performance is not reflecting in the Mock
papers. What to do?
Here are certain guidelines; I am sharing with you all on the basis of my experience in the teaching
industry. Please try to follow I am sure it will surely ease out your pressure.
1. Interaction with Mentor: This is the most important pillar of your preparation which majority of
students overlook. Try to sit and discuss your strength and weak areas, process and progress of your
preparation with your concerned faculty. Do not have communication gap with your faculties till the last
day of your exam and make sure that keep updating your Mentor about your performance.
2. Work also with your weak area: It is extremely important that you should not leave any topic
blindly just because you are not able to solve any questions from that topic. Try to discuss the approach of
this topic with your Mentor and go ahead with this topic. Do not try to solve the questions from this topic
only with objective of getting the answers as it may not give comfort to you but only for some time. Try to
solve only basic and fundamental questions. Continue with this topic till the end of September.
3. Revision: It’s a myth that learning can happen when every time you solve new questions. As we all
know that none of the questions are going to be the part of the CAT exam or any exam rather what is going
to be the part of CAT exam is the conceptual application. Try to start you revision from first week of
September and simultaneously keep on solving the questions from the test series.

so use it positively. Work on your weak areas and make sure if you are still struggling psychologically in any topic discuss with your concerned Mentor. analyze your performance. IIMA is setting the paper so. b. b) Two. No research only solution: I have seen some of the students come and discuss challenging questions and say sir we have given 2-3 hours but not able to get the answers but remember if you are not able to answer those questions its ok. At the end it is nothing but just the “Aptitude Test” 1st to 15th September: Revision a.15 questions of every topic. Sectional tests: Try to wind up the entire sectional tests which are still pending from all the topics. your only focus is to get exposure the moment you stick to the problems you are wasting your crucial time. Quant is going to be challenging and they never ask flat or simple LRDI and English is their forte so overall CAT is not happening WOW!!!! You should be happy that you are the part of the world where technology has played a very important role in your life . Group studies: Sometimes it is very important to take out some time and sit with your friends who are preparing for CAT and then discuss of some questions . Next time if somebody says something like this please say Best of Luck and why don’t you come on Aaj Tak “Aapke taare”. English: Revise your class notes and sheets. 7. . LRDI no chance of any interpretation and English “vo kabhi sahi hui hai !!” is even more simpler. get an overview of the question types you can solve consistently and the ones you cannot. No prediction and no judgment. Work with the online module tests. try to be alert. It’s really disappointing to listen to all these things from young blood.4. as this was never the motto of Test – Series. Trust me the only thing which is going to be constant in any test series and CAT is 180 minutes. Objective of test series: I am sure everyone must be writing the test papers of various coaching institutes and I am hoping that they are giving you the true reflection of your efforts but writing the mock paper is a very simple job which anyone can do. As a student your job is just to prepare for the exam and get ready to deal with those 180 minutes that’s it. a) First. LRDI: Identify the good sets which you have solved earlier and try to solve them one more time c. Quant: Glimpse the theory and then try to solve only 10 . Now everyone understand this part very carefully that next when you are going to write the Mock paper do two simple things. No Predictions: Now days new psychological discussions are around the corner . This will surely give you some breathing space and it will help you not just academically but how to work as a team and in a team.. Set a target of ten days till the next mock to work with the ones you could not and keep revising the ones you could. so train your mind for those 180 minutes and not just for those questions. 6. 5. Yes my dear CAT aspirants it’s a very simple job and after writing the test passing a comment that Quant was challenging . Any doubt with the concept please connect with your mentor. If you are good then try to add some value and if you struggling then try to learn. 16th September to 30th September: a. active and focused for those 180 minutes irrespective of the level of difficulty or the number of questions you are able to answer.

Stay calm coz what matters is the RIGHT ATTITUDE” Anurag Sharma Mentor Genesis Mentors . Try to solve at least one set of DI/LR/RC and 10 questions of quant/vocab from various sources or forums. If you are not able to improve your performance in the weak area then it the time to move on and leave that topic. Analyze all the previous mock papers if you have not. Wait for the next article in which will let know what to do in the month of November till then “Stay Focused.1st October to 30th October: a. c. d. Take the new mocks seriously and immediately analyze them as soon as the solution is published. b. The objective of this article was to outline a general plan of action about how to go ahead in these coming months and how can you make the process of preparation stress free. Whenever you get time try to look at the formulas and theorems e.