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Examination Timetable

June 23rd to July 3rd
Timetable Notes:

All examinations are set out in alphabetical order, with the date and time shown beside each paper.


Candidates should check the date, time and locations of their examinations carefully.
Failure to present for an examination through misreading the timetable is not grounds for special


Students are required to make themselves available for the entire duration of any official
examination period.


Live support during the examination
Should you need to contact our support team during the examination please use the contact details
provided below. Do not contact your module instructor with questions regarding your examination
paper or technical issues. Please use the contact below.


LSBF reserves the right to amend the timetable, if necessary.

Candidates are also reminded of the following rules governing the conduct of
1. Candidates are responsible for noting correctly the times of their examinations.
2. Answers to questions should be typed legibly.
3. Candidates may not pass off the work of another as their own or quote the work of others without
acknowledgement. Such action will be liable to academic penalty and may also be liable to severe
disciplinary action.

6pm 3 hours OFD Options.6pm 3 hours CF Corporate Finance 02/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours CB Consumer Behaviour 02/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours BCCM Business Continuity and Crisis Management 03/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership and Management 26/06/2014 9am .6pm MI Managing Information 25/06/2014 9am . Please contact as soon as your exam finishes if you experience any difficulties uploading answers.Exam .6pm 3 hours EFII Equity and Fixed Income Investments 02/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours VMA Valuation of Mergers and Acquisitions 25/06/2014 9am . Futures and Derivatives 25/06/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours IHRM International Human Resource Management 25/06/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours FRA Financial Reporting and Analysis 25/06/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours Code CMLM WMAE OM QMIM IMC Duration 3 hours We strongly recommend that students write answers in a word document or similar program so that if there any technical issues the work will be saved and can be easily submitted again.6pm 3 hours MM Marketing Management 26/06/2014 9am .June/July 2014 Module Name Date SP Strategic Planning 25/06/2014 Start Time (GMT) 9am .6pm 3 hours Web‐Marketing: Metrics.6pm 3 hours AFM Advanced Financial Management 25/06/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours GM Global Marketing 02/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours BOS Buy-Out Strategies 26/06/2014 9am . .6pm 3 hours IFM International Financial Management 02/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours OB Organisational Behaviour 02/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours SSM Strategic Sales Management 03/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours FIBF Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance 26/06/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours Operations Management 03/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours IPM Islamic Portfolio Management 25/06/2014 9am .UOW .6pm 3 hours Quantitative Methods in Investment Management 03/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours PMC Performance Measurement and Control 03/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours RM Risk Management 02/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours PM Project Management 25/06/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours IDMC Internet and Digital Marketing Communications 03/07/2014 9am .6pm 3 hours Integrated Marketing Communications 03/07/2014 9am . Analysis and Evaluation 02/07/2014 9am .

It is at the Exam Board’s discretion to allow a student in those extenuating circumstances to retake their exam but we cannot guarantee such outcome. If your exam has pre-seen material as an element. However. if you wish to have the full three hours for the completion of your exam. Select the exam paper/module you wish to take. After three hours. . the system will automatically log you out. from the first time when you opened/accessed your exam paper. Failure to submit your answers within three hours may result in you failing your exam. a link to the exam appears on this page. Saving your work After answering each question please ensure that you save your work before proceeding to the next question by pressing the ‘Save’ button on the left hand side of each question. You can open and complete your exam at any time during this 12 hour time window providing your will do so within three hours from the opening of your exam. Finish and Submit Upon completion of your work and in order to submit your answers please press the ‘Submit all answers’ button at the bottom of the page. Not all exams will have reading time. Access the exam and follow the instructions. remember that the latest time for you to access your exam paper on any scheduled day is 6:00pm (GMT). Exam duration Each exam is three hours long. Technical issues during the examination on student side InterActive is not responsible for any technical issues such as computer crash or power cut on our student’s end. Should you experience any technical difficulties that resulted in your failure to complete your exam. this material will be released to you one day prior to the exam date. to submit your work. you need to write to the InterActive Programme Director explaining the situation and providing evidence for what occurred.Candidates Frequently Asked Questions: Accessing your exam On the day of your exam (see above schedule) please login to the teaching platform (Moodle) and go to the section called ‘Exams June/July 2014’. The material will be released on Moodle on the exam platform. It is important for you to complete and submit your exam within this three hour time window. Reading time (applies only to some exams) An additional 15 minutes at the start of the exam is given to candidates to read though the question paper. Exam availability Each exam paper will be available on the teaching platform on the scheduled date from 9:00am to 9:00pm (GMT). Pre-seen material (applies only to some exams) Some exams include pre-seen case studies/material. InterActive Programme Director will discuss your case with the Exam Board at the next available exam board meeting. The Exam Board’s decision is always in accordance to the University of Wales Academic Regulations (available in Programme Information on Moodle).