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Theodorus Budiyanto

1988 Martin Luther King Jr Way Apt 412 Berkeley CA 94704 (925)-381-9946


University of California: Berkeley
(GPA: 3.0)
Major: B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Diablo Valley College
(GPA: 3.9)

August 2014 - May 2016 (expected)
August 2012 - May 2014


Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS 61A), Data Structures (COMSC 210), Machine Structures (COMSC 260),
Introduction to Microelectronic (EE 40), Structure and Interpretation of System and Signal (EE 20), Discrete Math and
Probability Theory (CS70), Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems (CS 170), Introduction to Artificial
Intelligence (CS 188)





Linux, Windows, OS X, Android
Python, C++, HTML, Java, XML, Assembly, Scheme, SQL, PHP, CSS, MATLAB
LaTex,Wordpress, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Afterlight, git, Android Studio


Developed a simulator of a gps navigation system by processing a database of cities in California.
Implemented route seeking algorithms (variance of Dijkstra’s algorithm) with a multiple degree of
preference such as distance or cheapest.

Ants vs SomeBees:

Made tower defense game with the same mechanic as Plant Vs Zombie
Utilized Python’s object oriented side to classify the vast type of ants unit.

Twitter Trend:

Develop a geographic visualization of Twitter data across the USA by parsing the real twitter
The output is a map displaying trends in each state and color coded based on the sentiment that
reflected by the words contained in the tweet.

Robot with
Inductive Charger:

Experience :

Built a voice controlled home security and automation system using Android, Arduino and Raspberry
Pi with the help of tasker, Android API, an HTTP Server, and IFTTT API and Python.
Current functionality consist of turning on lights, room monitoring and burglar alarm.

Built a robot with msp-430 microcontroller that designed to avoid obstacle using a photosensitive
sensor and upgraded the robot with wireless charging functionality using the principle of
electromagnetic induction.

Vice President/Web Developer, Permias
November 2014 - current
● Serving as Vice President / Web Developer at Permias.
● Former duties as web developer applies.
● Assisting in brand marketing and evaluating the work of other executive leaders.
Engineering Intern at Inixindo Surabaya
December 2014 - January 2014
● Interned at Inixindo Surabaya, an authorized IT training centre which closely affiliated with IBM, Cisco Systems,
Oracle Corp, in Surabaya, Indonesia and overhauled their website ( and implemented
the mobile site feature; primarily using css, php, html.
● Made improvements in their mobile apps concerning security and permission.
Web Developer, Permias
August 2012 - November 2014
● Worked at the Permias, a non-profit organization which serves as the official Indonesian student body in San
Francisco and Bay Area.
● Primarily worked on developing a website ( using Wordpress as CMS, and designing the
front-end using CSS,html5, and php.
Computer Lab Assistance, Diablo Valley College
January 2012 - August 2014
● Assisted students in fundamental task such as web browsing, printing and scanning.
● Tutored other students having difficulties in programming problems.