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Applications Suite
Business Communications Made Simple
Uncovering new sales opportunities in a highly competitive
market requires a communications strategy. Knowing when,
where, and how the customer wants to communicate is key to
business success. The Mitel® Applications Suite (MAS) is a robust
communications solution that unifies business critical applications
on an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform. MAS simplifies and
streamlines administration, and reduces total cost of ownership,
while generating operational efficiencies.
Single Server, Multiple Applications
The Mitel Applications Suite consolidates a comprehensive set of
business applications onto a single server footprint with common
installation, commissioning, and administration tools. MAS delivers
capabilities such as unified messaging, speech-enabled auto-attendant,
mobility, teleworking, sophisticated audio, video, and web conferencing,
informal contact center functionality, and business reporting.

Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing (AWC)
Improve productivity and information sharing across multiple sites with
an intuitive way to set up highly interactive meetings and presentations,
whether scheduled or unscheduled. Meetings can easily be recorded and
saved for later viewing. An Internet-connected computer and a web
browser are all that is required.

Mitel Customer Service Manager (CSM)
Increase the quality of your customer service with informal contact center
functionality, including agent call performance and activity reporting, as
well as agent productivity tools, such as screen pop and PIM integration.
CSM improves agent and supervisor productivity with call management,
call monitoring, and agent status / call control. CSM can also provide
integration to call recording equipment to augment the Mitel Reporter
modules with high-quality call monitoring to ensure customer service
goals are met.

freeing up administrative staff to do more productive tasks. Employees retain all of the features and functionality that they enjoy at the office by using a Mitel IP Phone or a softphone. Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) Extend the corporate voice and data network with the Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) to virtually any location via a broadband connection. from one interface. and potentially decreasing telephony costs by reducing the number of trunks required to support incoming calls. monitors employee performance. Best of all. and identifies opportunities for improvement and cost savings. while administrators are provided extensive communication reporting. As part of MAS. The Mitel Speech Auto-Attendant delivers return on investment by decreasing hold times. email. User templates simplify the addition of new users and applications. 2 MITEL OVERVIEW Provide employees with a single phone number and single voice mail box to be reached at. Simplified Administration MAS consolidates system administration functions of each individual application into a single management console. and fax messages from one synchronized message store using the device that suits them best. internal calls for teleworkers are free. text. including MCD telephony services. Business Dashboard also enables reporting on direct marketing campaigns. Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Mobile Mitel Business Dashboard Optimize both employee and system resources with the delivery of real-time and historical reporting on everything happening within your Mitel communications system. and privacy. . strict access control.1330_7656-MAS_Overview_newlook_Layout 1 1/6/11 1:27 PM Page 2 Mitel Speech Auto-Attendant Provide customers with quick access to company resources. ™ Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging (UM) From basic voice mail to advanced unified messaging. enable employees to maintain a constant connection by relaying. Employees can easily access and manage preferences via the mobile client. and retrieving voice. Establish secure workspaces with comprehensive threat protection. Management is via a web browser that can be accessed from anywhere. storing. MBG securely enables remote employees to work and collaborate productively by having a complete in-office unified communications experience without being physically in the office.

0 or 4. MAS can be deployed as software on an industry standard server.1 to enable businesses to consolidate Mitel’s leading unified communications applications in the data center. access their voice mail. as well as productivity improvements and resource efficiencies in data center management and risk mitigation for business continuity and disaster recovery plans. employees with Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Advanced can launch the MAS End User Portal or MAS applications directly within UC Advanced. For even greater convenience. the MAS server is located within the corporate local area network (LAN). secured from the public Internet by an existing business firewall. The server hardware must be equipped with two Ethernet interfaces – one to connect to the external public Internet and one to connect to the internal LAN. and update their UC Mobile schedule from one integrated browser interface. Virtual MAS delivers capital cost savings associated with the reduction in server hardware and real estate.1330_7656-MAS_Overview_newlook_Layout 1 1/6/11 1:27 PM Page 3 OVERVIEW My Unified Communications Portal Employees can readily access all their communication profile settings. or as a virtual appliance. Technical Specifications Server Configuration Modes: LAN (server-only): In this mode. APPLICATIONS SUITE 3 . Network edge (server-gateway): In this mode. ® Range of Deployment Options Mitel offers customers the deployment option of their choice. Employees working remotely can now access the user portal securely from any web browser in the world without the need for a VPN connection. Teleworker Solution and SIP Trunk Proxy are supported in this configuration only. This deployment configuration can be complimented with MBG to enable MAS web-based services to be accessed from the public Internet. Virtual MAS MAS is supported as a virtual appliance within the VMware® vSphere™ environment for MCD. Virtual Mitel Applications Suite (Virtual MAS) leverages VMware VSphere 4. as software pre-installed on a compact PC server. the MAS server resides parallel to the business firewall and has direct public Internet connectivity. Freedom to Choose MAS integrates with the Mitel Communications Director (MCD). and the Inter-Tel® Axxess PBX communications systems. acting as the firewall or Internet gateway for voice communication traffic. set their greetings. operational savings related to the reduction in power and server provisioning costs. the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP). manage their telephone pass codes. These seamless MAS integrations deliver advanced IP and hybrid communications capabilities tailored to your growing business.

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