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CompTIA A+
220-801 and

Authorized Practice Questions
Fifth Edition

David L. Prowse

800 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 USA

CompTIA® A+ 220-801 and 220-802
Authorized Practice Questions
Exam Cram, Fifth Edition
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Table of Contents
Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Chapter 1:
Introduction to the 220-801 Exam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Exam Breakdown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Domain 1.0: PC Hardware (40%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Domain 2.0: Networking (27%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Domain 3.0: Laptops (11%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Domain 4.0: Printers (11%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Domain 5.0: Operational Procedures (11%). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Test-Taking Tips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Getting Ready for the Practice Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Chapter 2:
220-801 Practice Exam A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Practice Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Domain 1.0: PC Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Domain 2.0: Networking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Domain 3.0: Laptops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Domain 4.0: Printers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Domain 5.0: Operational Procedures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Quick-Check Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Answers and Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Domain 1.0: PC Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Domain 2.0: Networking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Domain 3.0: Laptops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Domain 4.0: Printers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Domain 5.0: Operational Procedures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Chapter 3:
220-801 Practice Exam B. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43
Practice Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Quick-Check Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Answers and Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65


Chapter 4:
220-801 Practice Exam C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79
Practice Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80
Quick-Check Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102
Answers and Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104
Chapter 5:
Review of the 220-801 Exams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 121
Review of the Domains . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 121
Review What You Know . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 122
More Test-Taking Tips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 123
Taking the Real Exam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124
Chapter 6:
Introduction to the 220-802 Exam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125
Exam Breakdown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125
Domain 1.0: Operating Systems (33%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126
Domain 2.0: Security (22%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126
Domain 3.0 Mobile Devices (9%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126
Domain 4.0: Troubleshooting (36%) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 127
Test-Taking Tips. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 127
Getting Ready for the Practice Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 128
Chapter 7:
220-802 Practice Exam A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 129
Practice Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130
Domain 1.0: Operating Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130
Domain 2.0: Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 136
Domain 3.0: Mobile Devices. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 140
Domain 4.0: Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 142
Quick-Check Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 150
Answers and Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 152
Domain 1.0: Operating Systems. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 152
Domain 2.0: Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 156
Domain 3.0: Mobile Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159
Domain 4.0: Troubleshooting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 160


Chapter 8:
220-802 Practice Exam B. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 165
Practice Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 166
Quick-Check Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 187
Answers and Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 189
Chapter 9:
220-802 Practice Exam C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 205
Practice Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 206
Quick-Check Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 228
Answers and Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 230
Chapter 10:
220-802 Practice Exam D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 249
Practice Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 250
Quick-Check Answer Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 277
Answers and Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 279
Chapter 11:
Review of the 220-802 Exam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 297
Review of the Domains . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 297
Review What You Know . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 298
More Test-Taking Tips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 299
Taking the Real Exam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 299
Chapter 12:
Wrap-Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 301
Getting Ready and the Exam Preparation Checklist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 301
Tips for Taking the Real Exam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 304
General Practices for Taking Exams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 304
Smart Methods for Difficult Questions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 306
Wrapping Up the Exam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 308
Beyond the CompTIA A+ Exam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 308

both in the classroom and via the Internet. he teaches across a range of computer systems and networking vocational education and training areas. a computer network specialist. and a technical trainer. Over the past several years he has authored several titles for Pearson Education. and Security+ certification courses. he installs and secures the latest in computer and networking Over the past decade he has also taught CompTIA A+. Prowse is an author. Western Australia. . As a consultant. and graduate diplomas in computing and education. He runs the website www. including the well-received CompTIA A+ Exam Cram and CompTIA Security+ Cert Guide. Network+. About the Technical Editor Aubrey Adams is an electronics and computer systems engineering lecturer and Cisco Networking Academy instructor at Central Institute of Technology in About the Author David L. With a background in telecommunications. Aubrey has authored Networking Academy curriculum and assessments and is a Cisco Press author and Pearson Education technical editor. where he gladly answers questions from students and readers. qualifications in communications engineering and management.

I welcome your comments. email address. We do have a User Services group. where I will forward specific technical questions related to the book. however. or errata that might be available for this book. Email: feedback@pearsonitcertification. I will carefully review your comments and share them with the author and editors who worked on the Mail: David Dusthimer Associate Publisher Pearson IT Certification 800 East 96th Street Indianapolis. We value your opinion and want to know what we’re doing right. please be sure to include this book’s title and author as well as your name.vii We Want to Hear from You! As the reader of this book. You can email or write me directly to let me know what you did or didn’t like about this book—as well as what we can do to make our books better.pearsonitcertification. and phone number. Please note that I cannot help you with technical problems related to the topic of this book. downloads. When you write. and any other words of wisdom you’re willing to pass our way. As an associate publisher for Pearson IT Certification. what we could do better. you are our most important critic and commentator. IN 46240 USA Reader Services Visit our website and register this book at www. what areas you’d like to see us publish in. .com for convenient access to any updates.

Security+ and vendor specific technologies. State Department. Certification Advances Your Career • The CompTIA A+ credential—provides foundation-level knowledge and skills necessary for a career in PC repair and support.viii It Pays to Get Certified In a digital world. • More than 850. Some of the primary benefits individuals report from becoming A+ certified are: • More efficient troubleshooting • Improved career advancement • More insightful problem solving . government contractors such as EDS. the U. Certifications are highly-valued credentials that qualify you for jobs. and Northrop Grumman. Certification proves you have the knowledge and skill to solve business problems in virtually any business environment. and U.S. • Career Pathway—CompTIA A+ is a building block for other CompTIA certifications such as Network+.000—Individuals worldwide are CompTIA A+ certified.S. increased compensation and promotion. General Dynamics. • Mandated/Recommended by organizations worldwide—Such as Cisco and HP and Ricoh. digital literacy is an essential survival skill. • Starting Salary—CompTIA A+ Certified individuals can earn as much as $65.000 per year.

Take the Test! Select a certification exam provider and schedule a time to take your exam. CompTIA certifications help you build upon your skills and knowledge.ix CompTIA Career Pathway CompTIA offers a number of credentials that form a foundation for your career in technology and allows you to pursue specific areas of concentration. http://www.comptia. which is located at: www. You can find exam providers at the following link: certifications/testprep/ practicetests. Steps to Certification Steps to Getting Certified and Staying Certified Review Exam Objectives Review the certification objectives to make sure you know what is covered in the exam.aspx Practice for the Exam After you have studied for the certifications/testprep/examobjectives.comptiastore.comptia.aspx Purchase an Exam Voucher Purchase your exam voucher on the CompTIA Marketplace. supporting learning throughout your entire career. take a free assessment and sample test to get an idea what type of questions might be on the testprep/ . http://www. Depending on the path you choose to take.comptia.

This seal signifies this content covers 100% of the exam objectives and implements important instructional design principles. (For example. • Valued by Hiring Managers—Hiring managers value CompTIA certification because it is vendor. Plus.x Join the Professional Community Join IT Pro Community The free IT Pro online community provides valuable content to students and to learn more about getting CompTIA Connect with us: . Security. Sharp. CompTIA’s certifications are vendorneutral and offer proof of foundational knowledge that translates across technologies. the U.and technology-independent validation of your technical skills. Ricoh.S. Computing and Cutting Edge Technologies Access to blogs written by Industry Experts Current information on Cutting Edge Technologies Access to various industry resource links and articles related to IT and IT careers Content Seal of Quality This courseware bears the seal of CompTIA Approved Quality Content.comptia. Department of Defense. Dell.) • Three CompTIA Certifications ranked in the top 10—In a study by DICE of 17. • Recommended or Required by Government and Businesses—Many government organizations and corporations either recommend or require technical staff to be CompTIA certified. Why CompTIA? • Global Recognition—CompTIA is recognized globally as the leading IT non-profit trade association and has enormous credibility. CompTIA recommends multiple learning tools to help increase coverage of the learning objectives. How to obtain more information Visit CompTIA online: www.comptia. Contact CompTIA: Call 866-835-8020 ext.000 technology professionals. certifications helped command higher salaries at all experience levels. 5 or email questions@comptia. Career IT Job Resources Where to start in IT • Career Assessments • Salary Trends • US Job Board Forums on Networking. and many more.

at the very least. Only correct answers are given in this section. . drill. and review for the exam. After you take the course and/or read the study guide (or guides). Even if you have answered a question incorrectly. Keep in mind that this is not the real exam. Quick-Check Answer Key: After you have finished answering the questions. If you have that experience. Who This Book Is For The CompTIA A+ exams are designed for individuals with at least 12 months of hands-on experience in the lab or field. Practice Questions: There are 700 questions that will help you learn. purchase an authorized A+ study guide such as the A+ Exam Cram or the more in-depth A+ Cert Guide. drill.Introduction Welcome to CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Practice Questions Exam Cram. then this book will be an excellent late-stage study tool. you will find the following three elements: . The sole purpose of this book is to provide you with practice questions that are complete with answers and explanations to help you learn. All of the questions in this section are multiple-choice. . The book offers 700 questions that will help you practice each exam domain and will help you assess your knowledge before you take the real exam. if you have not acquired that experience. You can always review the topic and do the questions again. No explanations are offered yet. The detailed answers to every question will aid in reinforcing your knowledge about the concepts associated with the 2012 version of the CompTIA A+ exams. However. return to this book as your late-stage test preparation to be used just before taking the real exams. and review for the CompTIA A+ certification exams. you can quickly grade your exam from this section. I recommend that you register for a hands-on A+ course or. What You Will Find in This Book In every chapter devoted to practice exams. do not be discouraged.

Also. CompTIA A+ Cert I answer questions Monday through Friday.2 CompTIA®+ 220-801 and 220-802 Practice Questions Exam Cram . It contains a simulated testing environment where you can take all seven exams on the computer in study mode or in full practice test mode. Prowse (ISBN: 978-0789749710) . The higher percentages you score on practice question products. The book also comes with a supplemental disc. Soper. Third Edition by Mark E. I am available for questions at my website: www. Need Further Study? Consider a hands-on A+ course. Use this information to learn why an answer is correct and to reinforce the content in your mind for the exam day. Hints for Using This Book Complete your exams on a separate piece of paper so that you can reuse the practice questions again if necessary. the better your chances for passing the real exam. CompTIA A+ Exam Cram. plan to score 90% or higher on each exam before moving on to the next one. usually in the mornings. Sixth Edition by David L. and be sure to see the following sister products to this book: . Answers and Explanations: This section provides you with correct answers as well as further explanations about the content posed in that question. et al (ISBN: 978-0789749802) .davidlprowse.

TABLE 1.0 Operational Procedures 11% Total 100% The 220-801 exam concentrates on the installation and configuration of hardware and devices.0 Laptops 11% 4. It doesn’t really get into troubleshooting—that is saved for the 220-802 exam. The majority of this exam covers the nuts and bolts of computer building.0 Networking 27% 3. In this chapter we’ll briefly discuss how the exam is categorized.1.1 220-801 Domains Domain Percentage of Exam 1. networking.0 Printers 11% 5. . give you some test-taking tips.0 PC Hardware 40% 2. Each domain makes up a certain percentage of the test. Exam Breakdown The CompTIA A+ 220-801 exam is divided up by domain. and then prepare you to take the three 220-801 exams that follow this chapter.1 CHAPTER ONE Introduction to the 220-801 Exam The CompTIA A+ 220-801 exam is all about PC hardware. The five domains of the A+ 220-801 exam and their respective percentages are listed in Table 1. and procedures.

and so on. you will see approximately 40 questions on PC hardware. configure. cabling. So it stands to reason that PC hardware should be the most important subject of your studies. You should also know how to access. Domain 1. and protocols. Plus there are all of the ports on a computer such as USB. and HTPCs and the hardware that those different types of systems require. and tools. Domain 2. The core of a PC includes the motherboard.4 Chapter 1 Chances are that when you take the real CompTIA exam. RAM. video. Then there’s everything that connects to the motherboard: CPU and fan. and RAM. you should know some custom PC configurations such as gaming PCs. connectors. They are installed inside a computer case. and expansion slots of a motherboard. busses. 27 questions on networking. CPU. You should be able to compare wired and wireless technologies and describe the various types of networking hardware available. and audio Let’s talk about each domain briefly. You are required to understand motherboard form factors and compatibility concerns as well as the ports. and optical drives. and update the BIOS and understand the relationship between the BIOS. you will undoubtedly see questions on IP addresses. . but I do recommend you download a copy of the objectives for yourself. and lithium battery. You can get them from: http://www. CAD/CAM workstations.comptia. TCP/IP is also a big portion of this domain. expansion cards. And finally. due to the sheer bulk of the questions you will see. There are far too many to list in this book (20 pages or so). Those are the guts of the computer so to speak. hard drives. ports.0: Networking (27%) The Networking domain covers network standards. Each domain has several or more objectives. connectors. FireWire.0: PC Hardware (40%) This domain concerns building a computer and upgrading it. CMOS.

Still other questions are somewhat vague. Envision what you do with computers step-by-step. don’t get stuck on any one question. read through all of the answers. Look at each answer and ask yourself whether it is right or wrong.Introduction to the 220-801 Exam 5 Domain 3. especially on the first exam. and the answers will come easier to you. how to act professionally. environmental controls.0: Laptops (11%) The Laptops domain is a much smaller percentage than the PC Hardware domain. I’ll have more tips as we progress through the book. thermal. Finally. You also should know how to operate laptops’ special functions such as dual displays. You need to place yourself in the scenario of the question. and share printers as well as perform printer maintenance. and impact will definitely present themselves as questions on the exam. This will help you to eliminate wrong answers in the search for the correct answer. Think of yourself actually installing a CPU and heat sink. define why it is wrong. Domain 5. wireless. inkjet. Some questions are tricky by design. and Bluetooth. You should know how to install. Don’t rush it. You can always mark it and return to it later. Carefully read through each question. and how to use proper communication skills. and I summarize all test-taking tips at the end of this book. And if it is wrong. When you have selected an answer. Test-Taking Tips My first recommendation is to take the exams slowly. Next. how to deal with prohibited content. be confident in your decision. . But remember that every domain is important. Domain 4. You should be able to demonstrate the ability to install and configure laptop hardware and software. Others may seem tricky if you lack knowledge in certain areas.0: Operational Procedures (11%) This domain covers safety. configure. and that is intentional as well. or imagine that you are upgrading a video card. Picture in your head the steps you must take to accomplish what the question is asking of you. Don’t just jump on the first one that seems correct to you.0: Printers (11%) Printer technologies such as laser.

which means the questions are mixed up to better simulate the real exam. Each exam is followed by in-depth explanations. I might branch off the main topic. That just means you need to study more and try the test again later. your skills will be tested more thoroughly as you progress. When you are finished. And by mastered I mean you should be scoring 90% or higher on the exam as well as within each of the individual domains. if there is still time left. Don’t move on to another exam until you have mastered the first one. The first exam (Practice Exam A) is categorized by domain to help you study the concepts in order. review your answers for accuracy. and let’s go! . The other exams (Practice Exam B and Practice Exam C) are freestyle. followed by the in-depth answers/explanations. I often insert little tidbits of knowledge that are on the periphery of the concept. Each exam gets progressively more difficult. Really understand the concepts before moving on to another exam. And don’t get too concerned if you don’t score 90% on the first try. but they serve to build you a stronger foundation of knowledge in general. So take a deep breath. bigger picture of the 220-801 exam. even if you think you know the concept. Consider timing yourself. but this is done so you can get a clearer. This will make you an efficient test-taker and allow you to benefit the most from this book. In other words. Keep studying and practicing! After each exam is an answer key. Don’t skip the explanations. It is also designed to be an easier exam than the other two. Don’t get overconfident if you do well on the first exam. Give yourself 90 minutes to complete each exam. Be sure to read them carefully. Write down your answers on a piece of paper.6 Chapter 1 Getting Ready for the Practice Tests The next three chapters feature practice tests based on the 220-801 exam.

and 11 questions each for Laptops. Printers. Take this first exam slowly. This is the easiest of the three 220-801 exams. Write down your answers and check them against the answer key that immediately follows the exam. 27 questions on Networking. This practice exam is categorized in order of the domains. Good luck! . for a total of 100 questions. After the answer key you will find the explanations for all of the answers.2 CHAPTER TWO 220-801 Practice Exam A Welcome to the first 220-801 practice exam. and Operational Procedures. The goal is to make sure you understand all of the concepts before moving on to the next test. The other two will get progressively harder. You will see 40 questions on PC Hardware.

❍ C. ❍ C.8 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check Practice Questions Domain 1. Which device stores data over the long term? ❍ A. ❍ D. CPU Hard drive Video card Parallel Detailed Answer: 29 1/8-inch TRS 1/4-inch TRS PCI Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 29 PCIe AGP PCI-X 5. Quick Answer: 27 DVI 4. Keyboard ❍ D. Cable modem 2. Which of the following are components you might find inside a PC? (Select all correct answers. Printer ❍ E. ❍ D.0: PC Hardware 1. ❍ C. RAM ❍ F. ❍ B. Motherboard ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 27 CMOS POST BIOS EEPROM Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 29 . ❍ B. CPU ❍ B. ❍ D. To which type of expansion slot would you install an x16 card? ❍ A. What part of the computer checks all your components during boot? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 29 RAM 3. ❍ C. You would normally plug speakers into what type of port? ❍ A. ❍ B.) Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 29 ❍ A.

❍ B. Which of the following could cause the POST to fail? (Select all correct answers. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 29 The CPU is not locked down. The CPU is not properly seated.) ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ B.) Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 29 ❍ A. CPU ❍ B. The CPU is not compatible with the motherboard. Tim installs a new CPU in a computer. Which expansion bus uses lanes to transfer data? ❍ A. CRT C. 7. Which of the following are 64-bit CPUs? (Select all correct answers. CD-ROM ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 27 Core i5 Phenom II Pentium IV x64 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 30 9 . LCD B. ❍ C. PCI Detailed Answer: 30 PCI-X PCIe IDE 10. ❍ D. If you have a flat-panel monitor. ❍ D.) ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 29 A. what type of technology is most likely being used? (Select the best answer. Which of the following might be the cause? ❍ A. RGB ❍ D.220-801 Practice Exam A ✓ Quick Check 6. Thermal compound was not applied. DVI 8. Memory ❍ E. the processor starts to overheat. Hard drive 9. After a few hours. Power supply ❍ C.

❍ D. ❍ B. Which kind of socket incorporates “lands” to ensure connectivity to a CPU? ❍ A. Which device should you use to protect against power outages? ❍ A. A Compact Disc you use is rated at a speed of 48X. ATX B.3 C. What is the maximum data transfer rate of SATA revision 3. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ D.32 MB/s 133 MB/s 4. Chipset LGA Copper By the edges Detailed Answer: 30 With tweezers With an IC puller Multimeter Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 30 UPS FedEx Surge protector 14. What does the X refer to? ❍ A.10 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 11.5 MB/s Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 30 .0 Gb/s 16. Quick Answer: 27 150 KB/s 1. ❍ C. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 30 A. ❍ D. Which of the following uses a 24-pin main motherboard power connector? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 By the front and back 13. ❍ B.0 15.0? ❍ A.5 Gb/s Detailed Answer: 30 150 MB/s 3. ATX 12V 2. Detailed Answer: 30 PGA 12. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ C. ATX 5V 2. ATX 12V 1.0 Gb/s 6. 1. ❍ B.0 ❍ D. ❍ C. How should you hold RAM when installing it? ❍ A.

Which of the following types of custom PCs requires an HDMI output? ❍ A. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 30 Video capture card 18.220-801 Practice Exam A 11 ✓ Quick Check 17. ❍ D. LPT C. ❍ D. FireWire ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ C. What is the delay in the RAM’s response to a request from the memory controller called? ❍ A. How many pins are inside a SATA data connector? ❍ A. ❍ C. FireWire card Network interface card TV tuner Detailed Answer: 31 Gaming PC Virtualization workstation CAD/CAM workstation 15 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 31 7 24 127 20. eSATA 21. ❍ B. ❍ C. USB B. ❍ B. ❍ D. What is the minimum number of hard drives necessary to implement RAID 5? ❍ A. Which of the following ports would you most likely connect a printer to? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 HTPC 19. ❍ D. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 31 Latency Standard deviation Fetch interval Lag 22. Quick Answer: 27 2 5 3 4 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 31 . ❍ D. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 31 A. Which type of adapter card accepts broadcast programming? ❍ A.

B. A computer has 1024 MB of RAM. The BIOS needs to be updated. Which of the following components could cause the POST to beep several times and fail during boot? ❍ A. How much RAM is available to the operating system? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 27 Sound card Power supply Hard drive RAM Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 32 . ❍ B. To prevent damage to a computer. A user’s time and date keeps resetting to January 1.12 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 23. The Windows Date and Time Properties window needs to be modified. 24. Video C. Windows needs to be updated. It has 128 MB of shared video memory. What is the most likely cause? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 31 A. ❍ C. ❍ D. the computer should be connected to what? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D. The lithium battery needs to be replaced. A power inverter An AC to DC converter A UPS Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 32 512 MB 896 MB 448 MB 1024 MB 27. ❍ D. C. Modem B. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 31 A power strip 26. NIC ❍ D. What type of adapter card is normally plugged into a PCIe x16 adapter card slot? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 31 A. ❍ C. Sound 25. 2000.

Whether the host adapter is terminated and that the disks have consecutive IDs of 1. ❍ C. ❍ C. RAM POST. boot loader.220-801 Practice Exam A 13 ✓ Quick Check 28. operating system Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 32 Boot loader. boot loader. CPU. 1. ❍ D. ❍ D. operating system. and whether the disks are terminated with the same ID Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 32 ❍ D. ❍ D. CPU. boot loader. CD-ROM RAM USB ATX Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 32 Pico-ITX microATX Nano-ITX 32. Which of the following has the fastest data throughput? ❍ A. ❍ B. and 2 ❍ C. and that each disk has a unique ID 30. CPU. Whether the host adapter has an ID of 0. and 3 ❍ B. Quick Answer: 27 Heat sink Heat sink and fan Liquid cooling Liquid nitrogen Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 32 . and whether all the disks are terminated and have consecutive IDs of 0. RAM. operating system CPU. operating system 29. Which of the following CPU cooling methods is the most common? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C. Which kind of form factor is commonly found in HTPCs? ❍ A. What should you check? ❍ A. 2. Which of the following is the proper boot sequence of a PC? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ B. Whether the SCSI adapter has an ID of 7. ❍ C. and whether both ends of the chain are terminated. Detailed Answer: 32 Hard drive 31. Roger informs you that none of the three SCSI drives can be seen on his SCSI chain. ❍ B. POST. Whether the SCSI adapter has an ID of 7 or 15.

❍ D. What does a CAD/CAM workstation require? (Select the two best answers. ❍ C. ❍ D. DVD-RW CD-RW BD-R DVI Detailed Answer: 33 DisplayPort CNR Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 33 Powerful CPU HDMI output Surround sound High-end video 36. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 32 CD-ROM 34. USB ❍ B. ❍ B.) ❍ A. Which port should you connect it to? ❍ Quick Answer: 27 HDMI 35. ❍ D. ❍ B. What type of power connector is used for an x16 video card? ❍ A. ❍ D. You need to install the fastest hard drive possible. Which of the following will meet your requirements? (Select the two best answers. Which of the following is not a video port? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 33 A. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ C. SATA ❍ C.) ❍ A. ❍ C. eSATA 37. You need to store 4 GB of data to an optical disc (without using compression). ❍ D. ❍ B. IDE ❍ D. Quick Answer: 27 Direct current Neutral current Alternating current Draw current Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 33 . Which kind of current does a typical desktop PC draw from a wall outlet? ❍ A. Molex 4-pin Detailed Answer: 33 Mini 4-pin PCIe 6-pin P1 24-pin 38. ❍ B.14 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 33.

what type of cable do you need? ❍ A.0: Networking 41. Detailed Answer: 34 Bits 42. Speakers ❍ B. Install an antiglare filter ❍ C.1 uses what addressing scheme? ❍ A. Keyboard ❍ C. Dim the lights near the customer’s desk ❍ D. Raise the resolution to a higher setting B. When running cable through drop ceilings. Which of the following are output devices? (Select the three best answers. ❍ D. ❍ C. Printer ❍ E. Quick Answer: 27 PVC Category 5 Strong cable Plenum Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 34 .168. ❍ D. Megabytes Bytes Bandwidth 64-bit Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 34 32-bit 128-bit 40-bit 43. ❍ B.) Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 33 ❍ A. The IP address 192. ❍ B. What does the b in 1000 Mbps stand for? ❍ A.1. A customer complains that he gets a headache when he’s viewing his display for more than an hour. ❍ C. Display ❍ F. Stylus 40. ❍ D.220-801 Practice Exam A 15 ✓ Quick Check 39. ❍ B. Upgrade the video connector from DVI to VGA Domain 2. What should you do? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 33 A. ❍ C. Mouse ❍ D.

❍ D. ❍ B.1 Detailed Answer: 34 192. Category 3 B. Detailed Answer: 34 11 Mbps 45. ❍ B.0. ❍ C. What is the minimum category cable needed for a 1000BASE-T network? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Router 46.1. ❍ D. 600 Mbps 480 Mbps 54 Mbps Modem Detailed Answer: 34 Switch Firewall Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 34 255.1. ❍ C.168. Which port number does HTTP use? ❍ A. 127.255. Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 34 A.1 should have what default subnet mask? ❍ A.0 255. ❍ D.52.50. ❍ D. The wireless protocol 802.1 129. ❍ B. ❍ C.255.13 10. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 27 21 25 80 110 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 34 . Which of these IP addresses can be routed across the Internet? ❍ A.255 47. Category 6 48.11n has a maximum data transfer rate of what? ❍ A.16 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 44.0. ❍ D. ❍ B.0.0 255. The IP address Category 5e ❍ D. ❍ B.255.255. What device connects multiple computers together in a LAN? ❍ A.0 255. ❍ C.13 49. Category 5 ❍ C.

USB RJ45 RJ11 Parallel Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 35 . Quick Answer: 27 Transmitting and receiving data Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 35 Transmitting and receiving data simultaneously Transmitting data only Receiving data only 52. Which types of cable can protect from electromagnetic interference (EMI)? (Select the two best answers. Cat 5e ❍ E. ❍ C.220-801 Practice Exam A 17 ✓ Quick Check 50. Coaxial ❍ C. Which of the following types of cable have a copper medium? (Select the three best answers. What is the most commonly used network topology? ❍ A. What port do you connect a network patch cable to on the PC? ❍ A. ❍ B. Star Detailed Answer: 35 Bus Ring Mesh 51. Fiber optic ❍ D. ❍ B.) ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 35 A. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. STP ❍ C. Multi-mode 53. Twisted pair ❍ B. UTP B. Cat 6 54. ❍ D. Fiber Optic ❍ D.) Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 35 ❍ A. What is the meaning of full duplex? ❍ A.

❍ C. You just configured the IP address 192. FTP 57.10.0. DHCP server address ❍ E.168.1.18 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 55. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 36 Infrared 58.168.1. Domain name 56. Gateway address ❍ C. Windows automatically configures the default subnet mask of 255. One of your customers wants to access the Internet from many different locations in the United States. Which of the following IP addresses is a suitable gateway address? ❍ A.255. You are configuring Bob’s computer to access the Internet.1 59. Which of the following translates a computer name into an IP address? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 35 A.100 192.0.255.) Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 35 ❍ A. DNS server address ❍ B.168. E-mail server name ❍ D. TCP B.11n Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 36 192.168.0. Cellular WAN Bluetooth 802. DNS ❍ D. ❍ D.168.1 192. What is the name of a wireless network referred to as? ❍ A. UDP C. ❍ C.105 in Windows 7.1 192. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ B. When you press the tab key. What is the best technology to enable her to do so? ❍ A. Which of the following is required? (Select all that apply. Quick Answer: 27 SSID WPA DMZ DHCP Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 36 . ❍ D.

❍ D. Which of the following connector types is used by fiber-optic cabling? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 36 LC RJ45 RG-6 RJ11 61. ❍ C. ❍ B. Which of the following terms best describes two or more LANs connected together over a large geographic distance? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 36 PAN WAN WLAN MAN 64. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 27 WPA WAN WAP VoIP Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 36 . ❍ C. Which protocol uses port 53? ❍ A.220-801 Practice Exam A 19 ✓ Quick Check 60. ❍ D. Which of the following Internet services are wireless? (Select the three best answers. ❍ D. WiMAX ❍ C. Which of the following devices allows wireless computers to connect to the wireless network? ❍ A. Cable Internet ❍ B. ❍ C. DSL ❍ E. ❍ B. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 27 FTP Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 36 SMTP DNS HTTP 62. Cellular ❍ F. ❍ B.) Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 36 ❍ A. Satellite ❍ D. FIOS 63. ❍ B.

❍ D. ❍ D. You are making your own networking patch cable. ❍ C. ❍ B. Multimeter 67. ❍ C. What device connects to the network and has the sole purpose of providing data to clients? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ B. Which key on a laptop aids in switching to an external monitor? ❍ A. Which is the most common type of RAM architecture used by laptops? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 27 Fn Ctrl Alt Shift Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 37 . You need to attach an RJ45 plug to the end of a twisted-pair cable. Tone and probe kit B. ❍ B.0: Laptops 68. Cable tester C. ❍ C. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 36 NAS NAT NAC NaaS 66. 80 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 37 110 443 3389 Domain 3. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 37 DIMM RIMM SODIMM SDRAM 69. Which tool should you use? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 37 A.20 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 65. ❍ B. Which port is used by RDP? ❍ A. Crimper ❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 38 Install a new sound driver Tap the speakers Search for a volume wheel/key Reinstall Windows 75. ❍ C. Increase RAM speed 74. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. Improve system performance ❍ D. ❍ C. CRT OLED VGA Detailed Answer: 37 Modem NIC RAM Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 37 Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) Fuel cell 73. Nothing B. ❍ A. Which of the following are typical names for expansion busses on laptops? (Select the two best answers. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 37 A. ❍ D. A customer can barely hear sound from the speakers on her laptop. Quick Answer: 27 ExpressCard SODIMM PC Card AGP Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 38 . What would you normally install into a Type II PCMCIA slot on a laptop? (Select all that apply.220-801 Practice Exam A 21 ✓ Quick Check 70. ❍ B. ❍ B. What should you do first? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D. Improve video performance C. ❍ D. You would most likely find this type of display on a laptop. ❍ D. What does adding more RAM to a laptop that uses shared video memory do for that laptop? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Hard drive 72.) ❍ A. ❍ C.) ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 37 LCD 71. What is the most commonly used battery type in laptops? ❍ A. ❍ B.

Which of the following should not be connected to a UPS? ❍ A.0: Printers 79. Connect the laptop to another external monitor ❍ C. Press the Fn and Screen keys one or more times until the screen appears ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 38 Keep the laptop on a flat surface Put the laptop in the freezer when not in use Direct a fan at the laptop Keep the laptop turned off whenever possible 77. Press the Enter and Esc keys while the laptop is booting Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 38 B. ❍ D. ❍ C. You use your laptop often. He tells you that his laptop will boot but the system won’t display anything on the external screen. What are two important factors when purchasing a replacement laptop AC adapter? (Select the two best answers. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. Ink jet Detailed Answer: 38 Laser Dot matrix Thermal 80. Press the Fn key while the laptop is booting Domain 4. Quick Answer: 27 PCs Monitors Laser printers Speakers Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 38 .22 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 76. ❍ B. free way to keep your laptop running cool? ❍ A. ❍ D. Which type of printer uses a toner cartridge? ❍ A. ❍ C. Eric uses an external monitor with his laptop. ❍ D. ❍ C. What is a simple. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 38 Current and voltage Connector size and shape Battery type Inverter type 78. Which of the following enables the display? ❍ ❍ A. ❍ B.) ❍ A.

What happens last in the laser printing process? ❍ A. ❍ D. Thermal C. Quick Answer: 27 A. ❍ C. ❍ C. Laser ❍ D. ❍ C. Inkjet 85. ❍ D. ❍ D.220-801 Practice Exam A 23 ✓ Quick Check 81. ❍ D. Special paper is needed to print on what kind of printer? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 27 Verify that the printer prints in Microsoft Word 83. Quick Answer: 27 Charging Exposing Developing Fusing Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 39 . Moisture Detailed Answer: 39 ESD Dirt Heat 86. Which environmental issue affects a thermal printer the most? ❍ A. Which of the following is not a connector you might find on a printer? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C. USB PCIe Centronics Detailed Answer: 39 Print a test page Restart the spooler Set up a separator page Printing on both sides of the paper Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 39 Printer collation Full-duplex printer communication Printing to file 84. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ B. Terri finishes installing a printer for a customer. What should she do next? ❍ A. ❍ D. Which of the following best describes printing in duplex? ❍ A. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 38 RJ45 82. Dot matrix Quick Answer: 27 Detailed Answer: 39 B. ❍ B.

❍ D. ❍ D. What tool should you use to protect a computer from electrostatic discharge (ESD) while you are working inside it? ❍ A. While you are working at a customer site. ❍ C. Text your friend. a friend calls you on your cell phone. ❍ C. A color laser printer is producing images that seem to be tinted blue.24 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 87. Quick Answer: 28 Ignore the call for now. ❍ B. Answer the phone as quietly as possible. How can you take control of a network printer from a remote computer? ❍ A. This type of printer uses impact to transfer ink from a ribbon to the paper. Go outside and take the call. Inkjet Dot matrix Thermal Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 39 Install the printer locally and access the Sharing tab Install the printer locally and access the spool settings Install the printer locally and access the Ports tab Connect to the printer via FTP 89. ❍ A.0: Operational Procedures 90. What should you do? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 39 Laser 88. Detailed Answer: 40 Multimeter Crimper Antistatic wrist strap PSU tester 91. Quick Answer: 27 Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 40 Clean the toner cartridge Calibrate the printer Change the fusing assembly Clean the primary corona Domain 5. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ B. What should you do? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 40 . ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D.

What should you do? ❍ A. Call the building supervisor. Call the building supervisor. Notify the administrator. ❍ B. B. Call 911. You are running some cable from an office to a computer located in a warehouse.” ❍ B. 95. 96. “Could you explain again exactly what you would like done?” ❍ C. 93. What should you do first? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 28 Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 40 A. ❍ C. Open the battery and remove the deposits. Get out of the area. “Do your employees always cause issues on computers like these?” ❍ D. you notice looped network cables lying all over the server room floor.220-801 Practice Exam A 25 ✓ Quick Check 92. Contact the local municipality and inquire as to their disposal methods. What should you do? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 40 Ignore the problem. What should be done with a lithium-ion battery that won’t hold a charge any longer? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 28 Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 40 A. Consult the MSDS for the chemical. Save the computer. Call the building supervisor. ❍ D. ❍ D. “What can I do to help you?” Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 40 . C. Detailed Answer: 40 Call 911. ❍ D. ❍ C. Ignore it. a 55-gallon drum falls from a pallet and spills what smells like ammonia. “I certainly know how you feel—losing data is a terrible thing. 94. ❍ B. Which of the following statements is not assertive communication? ❍ A. As you are working in the warehouse. Return it to the battery manufacturer. While you are upgrading a customer’s server hard drives. B. Throw it in the trash. ❍ D. C. Tell the customer about safer alternatives. You spill an unknown chemical on your hands.

What should you say to the customer? ❍ A. ❍ B. A customer has a malfunctioning PC. Declaring that the customer doesn’t know what he or she is doing ❍ C. ❍ C. Clarifying the customer’s statements ❍ D. Remove jewelry Detailed Answer: 41 Move a 70-pound wire rack by yourself Disconnect power to the servers before moving them Bend at the knees and lift with your legs 100.26 Chapter 2 ✓ Quick Check 97. Detailed Answer: 41 Wait until I finish with the PC. I’m sorry. the customer proceeds to tell you about the problems with the server. Data preservation 99. Active communication includes which of the following? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 28 A. and as you are about to begin repairing it. ❍ C. First response B. Mouthing off Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 41 . ❍ D. Filtering out unnecessary information B. Setting and meeting expectations ❍ D. but I don’t know how to fix servers! Is the server problem related to the PC problem? I have to call my supervisor. What should you not do when moving servers and server racks? ❍ A. Chain of custody C. ❍ B. 98. ❍ D. What could be described as the chronological paper trail of evidence? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 28 Quick Answer: 28 Detailed Answer: 41 A.

A and C 18. B 71. D 28. A 8. C 78. B 33. A and B 84. C 16. D 58. C 11. B 80. C 51. C 27 . B 69. D 29. B 73. A 12. C 23. D 10. B. B 27. D 46. C 77. B 70. B 53. A 79. A and B 39. D 72. A 26. C 17. A 2. D 63. C 7. C 32. and E 5. B and C 82. C 35. B 21. C 43. D 54. D 52. A and D 64. and E 68. B 65. B 86. A 47. B and C 14. C 38. B. A 50. B 13. B 75. B 61. A 19. A 45. A and D 37. C 59. C. B 22. B 25. B 6. A 49. A and B 20. B 55. B 83. C 24. B. A 3.220-801 Practice Exam A Quick-Check Answer Key 1. C 40. A 36. C 31. B 48. A 15. C 60. D 87. B 34. C 9. C 85. C 66. and D 81. C 76. D 56. D. C 4. A. B 42. A 41. A 57. A. A. C 74. and E 30. B and D 62. D 44. C 67.

28 Chapter 2 88. B 94. C 91. C 99. C 100. C 93. C 92. B 90. C 98. C . C 97. B 89. C 95. A 96.

and x16 cards (pronounced “by sixteen”). 2x. The hard drive and CD-ROM might or might not be installed properly. Answers: A and D. It runs a self-check of the computer system during boot and stores many of the parameters of the components within the CMOS. but this. Know the internal components of a PC! 2. Without the thermal compound applied. 3. Answer: C. Answer: B. Keyboards (and mice) are input devices that are located outside the PC. the system will simply not boot and will not even get to the POST stage. The POST (Power-On Self-Test) is part of the Basic Input Output System (BIOS). with network adapters. the RAM (which is volatile) is cleared when the computer is turned off. 5. and RAM. Cathode ray tube (CRT) is an older type of tube technology resulting in a much bulkier monitor. DVI is short for Digital Visual Interface. PCIe is by far the most common expansion slot for video cards (which are usually x16). they have no particular designation. PCI is an older expansion bus that can accept video cards but. the processor might overheat after a few hours. If the power supply is defective. and Organic LED (OLED). or is not properly seated. and E. The hard drive stores the OS and data in a nonvolatile fashion. along with the power supply. though there is also light-emitting diode (LED)-backlit LCD. but the cards are normally numbered as 1x. Speakers normally plug into a sound card or motherboard. adapter cards. Answer: B. The larger 1/4" TRS connections are for instrument cables or full-size stereo connections. PCI-X is used mostly in servers. PCI Express (PCIe) slots accept x1. and hard drives. 7. 4. The CPU calculates data and sends it to RAM for temporary storage. If the CPU is not compatible with the motherboard. . but they are not necessary for the POST to complete. The hard drive stores data over the long term. 8. like RAM. the PC will simply fail to boot. x4. Answers: A. Parallel ports are older connectors normally used for printers or scanners. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is most commonly the type of technology that a flat-panel monitor uses. is volatile and is cleared when the computer is turned off. 4x. AGP works with video cards. 6. A cable modem is an Internet communication device that is outside of the PC. green. Answer: C. Answer: A. motherboard. The video card stores temporary video data within its onboard memory. 1/8" TRS jacks (also known as mini-jacks) are the most common for speaker connections. RGB simply stands for red. Answer: C. Printers (and displays) are output devices that are located outside the PC. and 8x (pronounced “eight x”). Common components inside a PC include the CPU. blue (the three primary colors of a CRT monitor). BIOS is known as firmware. either it will not fit the socket or the PC will not boot. EEPROM is a type of ROM chip on which the BIOS might reside. The CPU and memory need to be installed properly for the POST to run (and to pass). a port you would find on a video card. unlike PCIe. for example. B. DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a type of video port. meaning it won’t be erased when the computer is turned off. Plasma.0: PC Hardware 1. If the CPU is not locked down.220-801 Practice Exam A 29 Answers and Explanations Domain 1.

32 MB/s is the 1X speed of a DVD. and IDE are parallel technologies.5 MB/s is the 1X speed of a Blu-ray disc. a 2X drive can read or write 300 KB/s. Answer: B. The IC puller is a tool that removes older integrated circuits and is not used often today. 1. It will usually have cable-in and antenna-in RG-6 ports.0 can transfer a maximum of 6. A surge protector (or surge suppressor) is used to protect computer equipment from surges and spikes in power. it makes the connection to the Ethernet network for a PC. It has a peak throughput of 300 MB/s. 12. 13. not a computer acronym. 15. That means one bit at a time per lane. or network adapter. A network interface cards is also known as a NIC. Answer: C. 17. 16. and so on. Hold RAM by the edges to avoid contact with the pins.0. Although ATX sends 12-volt and 5-volt signals. 14. 1. but cannot protect against power outages. FireWire cards allow a computer to connect to FireWire devices such as hard drives and audio devices.0. IDE stands for Integrated Device Electronics. This comes to 7. x64 is the name given to 64-bit processor technology but is not an actual CPU. A 1X drive can read or write 150 KB/s. 4. This allows a peak throughput of 600 MB/s (600 megabytes per second.30 Chapter 2 9. note the lowercase b). Touching the front and back is not advised because it will require touching the chips on the RAM module. note the uppercase B). ATX 12V 2. Answer: D. PCI-X.2 MB/s total. LGA is the best answer. it doesn’t fit into the description of “lands” in the question. The Pentium IV is an older 32-bit CPU. which means 8 bits at a time or multiples of 8. Answer: D. The UPS is the only item listed that protects the computer from power outages like blackouts and brownouts. PCI. it is known as ATX 12v. Answers: A and B. and if they are used. Answer: C. and although copper might be a possibility for some sockets.3 into one 24-pin connector. LGA (Land Grid Array) is the type of socket that uses “lands” to connect the socket to the CPU. VCR. Intel’s Core i5 and AMD’s Phenom II are both 64-bit CPUs. It’s maximum throughput is 150 MB/s.0 (and higher) combined the 20-pin and 4-pin connectors used in ATX 12V 1. A typical speed for today’s CD-ROM drives is 48X. The X in CD technology is equal to 150 KB/s. metallic could be damaging to the module. Video capture cards are used to record video from a camera. ATX is simply the name of the form factor. 3. and circuitry. A multimeter is used to test AC outlets and individual wires inside the computer. PGA sockets have pinholes that make for connectivity to the CPU’s copper pins. 10. SATA revision 3. Answer: A. 11. The TV tuner card accepts television broadcast programming. . Tools are not needed. or close-circuit television system. there are many types of ATX.0 Gb/s is the data transfer rate of SATA revision 2. the predecessor to SATA hard drive technology. Answer: C. FedEx is a shipping company. LGA sockets are often a brass alloy or have gold contacts. Answer: A.0 Gb/s (6 gigabits per second. The chipset is the combination of the northbridge and southbridge on the motherboard. Plastic tweezers are used to remove screws that fell into tough-to-reach places in the case. PCIe (PCI Express) uses serial lanes to send and receive data. 133 MB/s is the maximum data transfer rate of an Ultra ATA-7 connection (IDE hard drive). There is no ATX 5V. chips.5 Gb/s is the data transfer rate of SATA revision 1.

unlike surge protectors. and sound cards will connect to either PCIe x1 or plain PCI slots. 19. a third disk is needed. . Power strips. Four disks are required by RAID 6 and RAID 10. 20. If the CPU asks the chip for too much information at once. 25. though they might have HDMI as well. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) protects computer equipment against surges. but the DVI (or multiple DVI) output is usually satisfactory. chances are that the lithium battery needs to be replaced. Answer: B. Updating the BIOS will allow the BIOS to “see” new devices and communicate with them better but will not fix the time issue. 21. Answer: B. Answer: A. Windows client computers should be configured to synchronize to a time server. 127 is the maximum amount of USB devices you can connect to the computer. spikes.220-801 Practice Exam A 31 18. or even by way of VGA. If the time and date keep resetting to a time such as January 1. so HDMI is not necessary. do not protect against surges. Gaming PCs will usually have DVI connections to connect to desktop monitors. The memory controller (also known as the northbridge) has a specific speed at which it operates. but the whole point of a true HTPC is that it has the best to offer when it comes to connections. it’s possible to connect via DVI with an adapter. network interface cards (NICs). 23. Other time synchronization problems can be fixed in the clock settings within the Notification Area. eSATA is normally used for external hard drives or external optical drives. they are much rarer than USB printers. Memory latency or CAS (Column Address Strobe) latency happens when a memory controller tries to access data from a memory module. Answer: A. The PCI Express (PCIe) x16 expansion slot is used primarily for video. LPT is an older parallel port that is less commonly used. sags. the power supply acts as a power inverter. Because RAID 5 uses striping with parity. Two disks are enough for plain RAID 0 striping and is the exact number you need for RAID 1 mirroring. Updating windows will not fix this problem but should be done often to keep the computer secure. ATX 12V 2. Since most theater system TVs will have one or more HDMI inputs. this might increase latency time while the memory controller works.0 and higher power connections have 24 pins. Answer: D. and blackouts. Answer: C. Answer: A. CAD/CAM workstations require a high-end video card. Virtualization workstations don’t rely on video cards as much as the other systems listed in the answers. brownouts. The SATA power connector has 15 pins. 22. A home theater PC (HTPC) requires a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output on the video card so that it can connect properly to the HDMI port on a television. Power inverters are effectively AC to DC converters. 2000. It is a slight delay (usually measured in nanoseconds) while the memory module responds to the memory controller. Modems. The SATA data connector has 7 pins. the HTPC should have at least one HDMI output. A printer would most likely be connected to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. Sure. You can have more than three disks as well. Printers can also connect to the network directly if they have an RJ45 port. 24. Answer: D. Though there are FireWire printers.

the operating system will not boot. it is helped in escaping the case by the power supply exhaust fan and possibly additional case fans. After the POST is successful. Answer: C. RAM is one of the big four (RAM. Home theater PCs (HTPCs) commonly use the microATX form factor. while the fan blows the heat down and through the fins. Answer: A. The heat sink helps the heat to disperse away from the CPU. If the power supply has a problem. USB (typically 60 or 480 MB/s). 33. 150. and CD-ROM (typically 7. The heat sink by itself is called passive cooling. BOOTMGR for Windows 7/Vista or NTLDR for Windows XP). the remainder for the rest of the system is 896 MB. DVDs can store between 4.400 MB/s. The amount of shared video memory is subtracted from the total RAM. Answer: D. 32. 31.32 Chapter 2 26. or 600 MB/s). Liquid nitrogen would be plain foolish and is not a legitimate answer. the system will not POST. The most common CPU cooling method is the heat sink and fan combination. Less commonly used is the ATX form factor due to its large size.7 and 17 GB of data. The sound card does not have an effect on the POST. RAM is much faster than the rest of the options listed. Answers: B and D. Answer: D. The particular ID you give the disks doesn’t matter. Hard drive problems will result in a variety of errors. 29. Standard Blu-ray discs can store between 25 and 50 GB of data. This is common with motherboards that have integrated video cards and laptops. The rest of the following devices are listed in descending order: hard drive (typically 133. While the POST will complete in these cases. . The Mini-ITX form factor is also used for HTPCs. For instance. motherboard. your peak transfer rate is 6. Each disk needs a unique ID. either the computer will not boot at all (and not even enter POST) or it will have intermittent problems—for example. and then the operating system comes up. That is. No CD (without compression) can store more than 1 GB of data. typical CD storage is 750 MB. Heat sink and fan combinations are known as active cooling. if there are no boot loader errors. A rewritable DVD-RW and a writeable Blu-ray (BD-R) meet the requirements. if a computer has 1024 MB RAM (1 GB) and the video controller is sharing 128 MB of that RAM. Liquid cooling is a more extreme method used in custom PCs such as gaming computers and possibly audio/video workstations and virtualization machines. CPU. Consult your motherboard documentation for more information about the different beep codes.5 MB/s). It uses a coolant similar to the way an automobile does. and video) that can cause the POST to fail. 27. making it more difficult to troubleshoot. The CPU is crucial. 300. So. Different RAM errors can cause the POST to make a different series of beeps. Answer: B. Answer: C. The CPU must be installed correctly for the POST to begin. 28. Both ends of the SCSI chain need to be terminated (some SCSI cards and devices auto-terminate). Pico-ITX and Nano-ITX are used in handheld computers and are much smaller. 30. The adapter should use the ID 7. if installed incorrectly. the boot loader then runs (for example. It requires no power but is not enough to cool most desktop PCs. shutting down unpredictably. if you have PC3-8500 DDR3 RAM (aka DDR3-800). Answer: B.

Answer: C. CNR is not a video port. D. your computer should be connected to a 120V AC outlet. and displays are output devices. for example. the power supply is an inverter.0 Gbps (480 MB/s). 36. The only ways to fix the problem are to: install an antiglare filter. mice. . DVI is the Digital Visual Interface. By reducing glare. A computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing workstation requires a powerful CPU. Answers: A. The CPU is especially important to run design applications such as AutoCAD. Answer: C. SATA revision 3. but it is only a temporary solution. You should connect the hard drive to a SATA port. HDMI output is necessary on HTPCs. 40. Raising the resolution would make the problem worse. Neutral current and draw current are not terms you will see on the CompTIA exams. Alternating current (AC) is the standard in the United States. internal SATA is the way to go.0 Gb/s (300 MB/s). IDE is the predecessor to SATA and has a maximum transfer rate of 133 MB/s. A speaker outputs sound. the most common output on PC video cards. P1 24-pin power is the main power connection that the motherboard gets from the power supply. Lowering the resolution might help. similar to a mouse. A display (or monitor) displays video. It is a pen-like device used to manipulate the display. and as much RAM as possible. eSATA is limited to 3. Dimming the lights will decrease glare. common in home theaters and HTPCs. However. You should install an antiglare filter on the monitor. SATA will usually still be the preferred choice because it has less latency and is internal to the computer. The power supply converts between the two! In this respect. A printer outputs paper with text and graphics. and recommending that the user take breaks every 30 minutes or so. Answers: A and D. A stylus is used on mobile devices that incorporate touchscreens.0 offers 6. Answer: B. a person’s eyes react better to the display and so the customer can use the computer longer without getting a headache. Answer: D. 38. Keyboards. Besides. USB 3. Speakers. many mobile devices now allow a person to simply use a finger and tap on the screen. farther away. An x16 card is a PCI Express card. Direct current (DC) works inside the computer. changing the video connector probably won’t help the problem.220-801 Practice Exam A 33 34. 35. an adapter card slot used by audio and telephony equipment. Surround sound is needed on HTPCs and perhaps gaming computers as well. It requires one or two PCIe 6-pin power connectors (or an 8-pin connector).0 Gb/s data transfer resulting in a maximum throughput of 600 MB/s. printers. and E. and not a good one at that. It is designed to replace DVI but is still not as common as DVI as of 2012. Molex 4-pin power connectors are used by IDE hard drives. As of early 2012. Mini 4-pin connectors (also known as Berg) are used by floppy drives. upgrade the monitor to a bigger size and consider positioning it differently. and styli are input devices. Video Graphics Array (VGA) is not an upgrade from DVI—quite the reverse. 39. DisplayPort is another video standard used by some PCs. 37. However.0 comes in a close second at 5. HDMI is the HighDefinition Multimedia Interface. Unless you specifically are required to use an external drive. Other countries might use 230V AC connections. Answer: B. but studies prove that a person will develop eye strain and headaches quicker when reading a backlit screen in a dark room. It stands for Communications and Networking Riser. high-end video.

and the cable to be used (T = twisted pair).0 Hi-Speed runs at a maximum of 480 Mbps.1 is a private Class C address and therefore should have the subnet mask 255.52. Answer: C. A router connects one network to another. 64-bit is a term used with newer x64 CPUs.0 is the Class B default subnet mask.11g has a maximum data transfer rate (DTR) of 54 Mbps. the type (baseband. you end up with 32 in total. A switch connects computers together in a local area network (LAN).0.0 is the Class A default subnet mask. All the others are private IPs. meant to be behind a firewall. Plenum-rated cable needs to be installed wherever a sprinkler system cannot get to. walls. 802. and plenums (airways). Remember that the lowercase b is used to indicate bits when measuring network data transfer rates.0. If you count all the binary bits. A modem connects a PC to the Internet by way of a dial-up connection over a plain old telephone service (POTS) line.1 is the local loopback IP address.255. 47. Answer: D. Port 21 is used by the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).1.34 Chapter 2 Domain 2. Cat 3 is suitable for 10 Mbps networks. it’s not the router portion of that device that connects the computers together in the LAN. or 96 ports.168.50. Port 110 is used by the POP3 e-mail protocol. 802.255. 802. but it is not the minimum of the listed answers.255. In SOHO networks. 255. and 1 = 00000001. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) uses port 80 (by default). .11n runs at a maximum of 600 Mbps. 43. USB 2. 1 = 00000001. 168 = 10101000. the switch is an individual device that has 12. 48. 46.255 is the broadcast address for IP. 48.0. 40-bit is a commonly used amount of bits in older encryption techniques. 255. 49.0.0. Cat 5 is suitable for 100 Mbps networks.1. it is usually a part of a multifunction network device. 128-bit is used by IPv6. In this case. 1000 Mbps is 1000 megabits per second or 1 gigabit per second. 1000BASE-T specifies the speed of the network (1000 Mbps). Answer: B. Plenum-rated cable has a protective covering which burns slower and gives off less toxic fumes.255.50. Answer: C. Answer: B. 192. 255. A firewall protects all the computers on the LAN from intrusion. 192. 24. Answer: C.0: Networking 41. The reason for this is that the PVCs in regular cable give off toxic fumes in the case of a fire. Therefore. 10.0. 127. Answer: B.1 is a common Class C private IP address used by SOHO networking devices. In larger networks. Answer: C. the address is a 32-bit dotted-decimal address. Though a SOHO multifunction device is often referred to as a router.11b runs at a maximum of 11 Mbps. The only public address (needed to get onto the Internet) is 129.255. the standard default subnet mask for Class C. The minimum cable needed for 1000BASE-T networks is Category 5e. the binary equivalent of the IP numbers would be 192 = 11000000. 45. This includes ceilings. Of course. The b in 1000 Mbps stands for bits. It is not usable as a subnet mask for typical computers on the LAN.52. 44. 42.13. single shared channel).13 is a Class A private address. Cat 6 would also work. Answer: B.168. Port 25 is used by the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). There are 32 bits in a standard IPv4 address.

A 100 Mbps network running in full-duplex mode can transfer 200 Mbps. This is an expensive and complicated configuration. Answer: B. and Category 5e cable are all examples of network cables with a copper medium. Answer: A. Category 6 cable is UTP. Answer: C. is transmitting in half-duplex mode. it is an easier method. Whenever you type a web server name such as www. unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cannot. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is used to send data from one computer to another utilizing a guaranteed delivery system. Answers: B and C. Answer: B. Shielded twisted pair (STP) and fiber optic can protect from EMI. The RJ45 (Registered Jack) is the standard connector for network patch cables. UTP and coaxial have no such protection. 56. What is more likely is that you will encounter a partial mesh. The gateway address is necessary to get outside the network. However. The domain name for your network is normally not needed either. sends data in a streaming format. it uses light to send data over a glass or plastic medium. Unlike UTP (unshielded twisted-pair). User Datagram Protocol (UDP). 54. a DNS server translates that name to its corresponding IP address. but not at the same time. However. 51. The beauty of DHCP is that you don’t need to know the DHCP server’s address to acquire an IP address. Full duplex means that a network interface card (NIC) can transmit and receive data at the same time.davidlprowse. Unless otherwise mentioned. without the need for guaranteed delivery. Fiber optic uses a different medium altogether. EMI cannot affect fiber-optic cables. A NIC that can transmit or receive data. The star topology is the most common. A DHCP server address is not necessary either. and D. 55. the DNS server is required so that the computer can get the resolved IP addresses from the domain names that are typed in. The DNS (Domain Name System) protocol translates a computer name into an IP address. STP is shielded twisted-pair. but this is because transmitting and receiving have been combined. USB is for peripherals (such as a mouse or printer). The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to send files between computers over the Internet. where a few of the computers on the network have secondary connections to other systems. E-mail server information is not necessary if the person is just looking to get onto the Internet. 52. RJ11 is for modem and other telephony connections. Mesh is when each computer connects to each other. therefore. Twisted pair. transmitting light rather than electricity. on the other hand. Multi-mode is a type of fiber-optic cable. To get on the Internet. Answers: A. but it’s not used nearly as much as USB is. 53. This is when computers are cabled to a central connecting device such as a switch. They all send electricity over copper wire.220-801 Practice Exam A 35 50. and parallel is for printers and scanners. not because speed has been increased. Bus and ring don’t use a central connecting device and are outdated. B. . That will only be necessary if you want to add the computer to the organization’s domain. Answers: A and B. it provides an aluminum shield that protects from EMI. Twisted pair is the most common type of cabling used in today’s networks.

The WAN requires connections to be provided by a telecommunications or data communications company. a secure connectivity protocol for wireless networks. SMTP uses port 25.168. allowing data to be “beamed” from one device to another. That is because the term Wi-Fi.100 is on the 192.168. Answer: B. They connect directly to the network.0 subnet mask. so is 192. and FTP servers. A wide area network (WAN) is a network in which two or more LANs are connected together over a large geographic distance—for example. 60. 192. 65. the other options don’t offer a direct connection to the Internet. Bluetooth is also for short distances. 802. but not as short as infrared. Answer: A. 59. Network address translation (NAT) is used on routers to take a group of computers on a private LAN and connect them to the Internet by using a single public IP. The demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an area between the LAN and the Internet that often houses web. network. satellite.168. Answer: C.1.11n is a Wi-Fi technology for the LAN. it connects LANs together. Answer: A. VoIP stands for Voice over IP. RJ45 is the connector used by twisted-pair networks. a group of technologies designed to allow or deny access by authenticating users.168. Answers: B. and cellular are examples of wireless Internet services. C. Answer: C. WPA is a secure wireless connectivity protocol.255. 63. This device also gives the wireless network its name or SSID.1 is on the 192.11 standards.1 is the only suitable gateway address. Network-attached storage (NAS) devices store data for network use.168. 64. This is a technology that allows phone calls to be made over data networking infrastructures. it can connect two or more LANs together but does it in a small city-based area.0. 61.0 network. Answer: D. Answer: B. A personal area network (PAN) is a small network made up of short-distance devices such as Bluetooth. FTP uses port 21. e-mail.0. NAC stands for network access control. between two cities. Bluetooth headsets are commonly used with smartphones. WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access.255. WiMAX.1. 192.10. and FIOS all use wired connections. A WAN is a wide area network. By themselves. The LC connector is used by fiber-optic cabling. 58. WLAN stands for wireless local area network. This is the name you look for when locating a wireless network.1. as defined by the 255. HTTP uses port 80. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a service that assigns IP addresses automatically to computers and other devices. A MAN is a metropolitan (or municipal) area network. RG-6 is the connector used by cable modems and TV set-top-boxes.36 Chapter 2 57. This is the name that the IEEE uses for their 802.168. Other fiber connectors include SC and ST. A wireless access point (WAP) connects wireless clients to the wireless network. Cellular WAN uses a phone or other mobile device to send data over standard cellular connections. As to the other answers: 192. Cable Internet. The Domain Name System (DNS) protocol uses port 53 by default. In this case the network is 192. Don’t forget that a zero at the end of an IP address denotes the network number. DSL. Answer: A.1. and E. The Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the name of the wireless network. NaaS stands for . though widely used. is copyrighted. Infrared is used more often for very short distance connections. RJ11 is the standard phone line connector. Remember that the gateway address must be on the same network as the computer.

To improve video performance. This protocol allows one computer to take control of another remote system. 73. The shared video will use a finite amount of RAM on the laptop. You might also see LED-backlit LCDs. The Fn key could be a different color (for example. Increasing the amount of RAM on a laptop or a PC improves general system performance. Answer: C. The better tool. Domain 3. a protocol used during secure web sessions. The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) uses port 3389.0: Laptops 68. Some laptops and especially other smaller mobile devices use lithium-ion polymer-based batteries. it is a video standard that uses a 15-pin connector. Answer: A. Hard drives would normally be installed internally but could also be connected to USB and FireWire ports. It is the predecessor to today’s standards such as DVI and HDMI. Port 110 is used by POP3. Ctrl may also have secondary functions but is otherwise used the same as on a PC’s keyboard. Port 80 is used by HTTP. 72.220-801 Practice Exam A 37 Network as a Service. DDR. Fuel cells are used in vehicles. however. Answer: C. VGA is not a type of display. the most commonly used type as of the writing of this book is lithium-ion. and highway road signs. A tone and probe kit is used to locate individual phone lines but can also be used with network lines. in conjunction with adding RAM. The fact that the laptop uses shared video doesn’t come into play. some of those types include SDRAM. Alt and Shift work in the same manner as they do on a PC. Answer: D. but not laptops. Adding more RAM won’t change the amount of shared video used. vending machines. However. you would need to either upgrade the video card or lower some of the video settings. RAM is installed internally. Input/output devices such as modems and NICs (network interface cards/network adapters) are the most commonly installed Type II devices. some laptops allow you to increase this setting within the BIOS. . Use an RJ45 crimper tool to permanently attach RJ45 plugs to the end of a cable. Although Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries have been used on laptops. Answer: C. This. might improve video performance as well. Regular DIMMs are normally used in desktop computers. 71. Threw in a tougher one there—have to keep you on your toes! 66. SODIMM (small outline dual in-line memory module) is the most commonly used RAM by laptops. The Fn (Function) key is used for a variety of things. for testing and locating is a continuity cable tester. Answers: B and C. a cloud-based technology where organizations can offload their network infrastructure to a third-party. Organic LED screens are not popular on laptops as of the writing of this book. They were rarely used in laptops and only way back in the 1980s. Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) were the predecessor to flat-panel monitors. Answer: A. A multimeter is great for testing AC outlets and for testing wires inside a computer but is not often used in networking applications. The liquid crystal display (LCD) is the most common type on a laptop. Port 443 is used by HTTP Secure or HTTPS. and RIMMs or RDRAM. CRT monitors were more commonly used with PCs. 70. Answer: B. 69. 67. including toggling between the built-in LCD screen and an external monitor/TV. blue) and offers a sort of “second” usage for keys on the laptop.

This question is not referring to that. When you enter your model number. the website will tell you everything you need to know about current. it is the predecessor of the PCIe x16 video expansion bus. it negates the reason for using the laptop. Laser printers use toner cartridges. Answer: C. PCIe is an internal expansion bus that printers do not use. however. leading to component damage. USB. Installing a new sound driver isn’t necessary yet. Dot matrix printers use a ribbon. that airflow will be reduced or stopped altogether. Domain 4. Answer: C. Thermal printers use specially coated paper that is heated. there is another inverter in the laptop. 78. Make sure to purchase an AC adapter that is a true replacement. The AC adapter inverter is simply an inverter. Answers: A and C. Answer: B. and connector type. 76. speakers rarely become loose on today’s laptops. they both need to be compatible with the laptop. AGP is the Accelerated Graphics Port. Tapping the speakers is an interesting idea. The battery and AC adapter do need to work in conjunction with each other. ExpressCard and PC Card (also known as PCMCIA) are expansion busses used on laptops. The Screen key (also known as the display toggle) is one of the keys available when you use the function (Fn) key. However. the inverter type is very important. it will often make scratchy noises. Always check the physical volume first. then try another external monitor. They should be plugged into their own individual power strips. and although it is plausible to keep the laptop turned off. 81. but if you are ever troubleshooting a display. A fan won’t do much good unless the laptop is on a flat surface. Answer: C. the volume wheel on older laptops can be hard to find and could be in the lowest position (which might still make a slight audible noise). Inkjet printers use ink cartridges. Answer: B. 80. Answers: A and B. which in turn could quickly drain the battery of the UPS. meaning ones that connect directly to the computer. The freezer is not a good idea because condensation could build up inside the unit. Mini-PCIe is another expansion bus that is used by laptops. because of this.38 Chapter 2 74. On newer laptops the volume is usually controlled by pressing the Fn key and the volume up or volume down key simultaneously. However. it powers the display. Sometimes. if the unit is not on a flat surface.0: Printers 79. but it is internal and is more difficult to install cards to then its PC version. If the display toggle doesn’t work. SODIMM is the type of RAM in a laptop. This can be found on the laptop manufacturer’s website. but it has no place in this discussion. or Centronics. 75. USB is the most common for local printers. This enables you to switch between the laptop display and an external display (or if you wanted to use both). it converts power from AC to DC. 77. voltage. Laptops have airflow underneath them. and then check if the volume is low or the sound is muted in Windows. Answer: A. Printers might connect via RJ45. Reinstalling Windows is the last thing you want to do. No other key combinations perform this task. Centronics is an older . Check the simple solutions when troubleshooting problems such as no audio or video. Laser printers use large amounts of electricity. If a speaker is loose.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is always a foe. the fusing stage happens last. thermal printers won’t work unless you use specially coated paper. A printer can have a full-duplex connection to the network. But by far. Collation is when documents are printed in a standard order. If a thermal printer or the thermal paper is kept in a location where the temperature is too high. The spooler should already be running. Restarting the spooler is not needed if the printer has just been installed. It is typically considered to be the last stage of the laser printing process before paper exits the printer. that would be a separate troubleshooting scenario. A laser printer or dot matrix printer might use two-part paper. which leads to more frequent paper jams. they are optional and can be configured in the Printer Properties window. it is also still considered regular paper. it could cause failure of the printer and damage to the paper. If that has failed. 88. You will have to know the IP address of the printer or the computer that the printer is connected to. The dot matrix is a type of impact printer. 84. developing. you can then take control of it by going to the properties of the printer and accessing the Ports tab. it will have a built-in RJ45 port. A dot matrix might use tractor feed paper. and fusing. . If the test page prints properly. Windows prints to a special file and saves that file to a location of your choice with a . Dirt can clog up the works over time in any device. Laser printers apply toner to paper through varying voltages. transferring. Answer: D. but only if you are working inside the printer. 82. Answer: B.” it means that you are printing on both sides of the paper (if the printer has that capability). but this question is referring to printing in duplex. heat is what you have to watch for with thermal printers. Answer: D. but that is standard for many dot matrix printers. It uses a printhead to physically impact the ribbon and transfer ink to the paper. Then click the Add Port button and select the Standard TCP/IP Port option. If the printer is network-ready.220-801 Practice Exam A 39 printer connector. usually numerically. which use specially coated paper that is heated to create the image. 86. After you install the driver for the printer locally. Answer: C. it should be unnecessary to print a page in Word. Inkjet printers spray ink from a cartridge onto the paper. Inkjet printers normally use standard copy paper for printing. Regular paper can be used on all the listed printers except for thermal printers. Thermal paper is specially coated and forms text when it is heated properly. Answer: C. Answer: A. Of the listed answers. a printer cable would have a centronics connector on the printer side and a 25-pin parallel connector for the computer side (which would connect to the LPT port). Separator pages are not necessary. Full-duplex in networking is when information can be sent and received simultaneously. Answer: B. The laser printing process includes the following steps in order: cleaning. Print a test page after installation. Instead of selecting a physical printer when printing a document. 85. 87. When printing “duplex.prn extension. Excessive moisture can cause rubber rollers and separation pads to fail over time. but two-part paper isn’t necessary for laser printers or dot matrix printers to operate. 83. but it creates a longer total paper path. writing (or exposing). Printing to file is a process that can be performed by Windows. Some laser printers can do this. charging. Heat is the number-one enemy to a thermal printer.

While on the job site. Answer: C. These calibration tools are usually built in to the printer’s software and can be accessed from Windows. Domain 5. Take action before it becomes a problem. the toner will fail to stick to the paper. Every municipality has its own way of recycling batteries. It is more likely that you will recycle them. Many printers will give you an indication of when the fuser is at 20% life and needs to be replaced soon. If a toner cartridge needs to be cleaned. Answer: C. you can access them from the printer’s display. It is not your place to notify the building supervisor or administrator because this is not your company. Manufacturers probably won’t be interested in batteries that won’t charge any longer. limit phone calls to emergencies or if your employer calls you about another customer. However. However. this type of communication should be avoided. . If it is not life-threatening. the other three statements are positive and helpful. Answer: A. you might opt to tell your manager about the event. Cable management is very important when it comes to the safety of employees. Be safe—never open a battery! 96.40 Chapter 2 89. if backup systems have been implemented properly. the building supervisor. depending on the severity of the situation.0: Operational Procedures 90. Answer: C. Never ignore an unknown chemical. 91. The primary corona wire can be cleaned. 93. Answer: C. it probably has a leak and should be replaced. Taking a personal phone call while working at a client site is considered unprofessional. Remember that. especially if you are installing a color laser printer or an inkjet printer. Or. Answer: B. call 911. Stay away from being judgmental of the customer. Answer: C. you can call 911. Trip hazards such as incorrectly routed network cables can have devastating effects on a person. or your manager. Asking a customer if employees always cause issues is just plain rude. Never ignore the problem. The fusing assembly needs to be changed only when it fails. Plus. Other ways to prevent ESD include using an antistatic mat. it is near the drum. Be professional when you’re on the job! 92. 94. touching the chassis of the case. or at least consoling. You need to explain to the customer that there is a safer way. After installing a printer. If there is something that is immediately hazardous to you. you must leave the area right away. contact the facilities department of your organization or try your building supervisor. Answer: C. 95. But you should definitely recycle them and not throw them in the trash. Use an antistatic wrist strap when working inside a computer to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD). and using antistatic bags. you have nothing to lose if a computer is damaged. consult the material safety data sheet (MSDS) to determine the proper first aid (if any). A wise consulting company wants to protect its employees and should want to know of potential hazards at customer locations. it is important to calibrate it for color and orientation. Computers and all other technology come second after human life. This can help with other types of print quality problems such as lines and smearing. If it is an emergency. If you cannot get access to the MSDS. Afterward. If the fuser fails.

98. and preserving data and devices. First response describes the steps a person takes when first responding to a computer with prohibited content or illegal activity: it includes identifying what exactly is happening. reporting through proper channels.220-801 Practice Exam A 41 97. Make sure it isn’t a bigger problem than you realize before making repairs that could be futile. it is something you should do before you start a job for a customer. Try to understand the customer before making any judgments about the problems. Removing jewelry. mouthing off could be the worst thing you could do. 100. Data (and device) preservation is a part of first response. Ask if the server problem is related to the PC problem. always clarify the information or repeat it back to the customer so that everyone is on the same page. and bending at the knees and lifting with the legs are all good safety measures. Answer: B. Never declare that the customer doesn’t know what he is doing. if you are unsure exactly what the customer wants. Answer: C. disconnecting power. 99. Chain of custody is the chronological paper trail of evidence that may or may not be used in court. Ask someone to help you. Save that for the drive home on the freeway—I’m just kidding! Be professional at all times when working with customers. Don’t attempt to move heavy objects by yourself. Setting and meeting expectations deals with customer service. This is a surefire way to lose the customer and possibly your job. . ask the customer which issue she would like to resolve first. a person who first arrives at the scene of a computer incident will be in charge of preserving data and devices in their current state. If you find out that it is a separate problem. One example of active communication is clarifying a customer’s statements. Answer: C. It should go without saying. For instance. Answer: B.

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If you just completed the first exam. Unlike the first exam. give yourself a half-hour or so before you begin this one. Write down your answers and check them against the answer key that immediately follows the exam. Good luck! . then retake Exam A until you pass with 90% or higher. in any order. I’ll be mixing in some more difficult questions this time. the goal here is to make sure you understand all of the concepts before moving on to the next test. you will find explanations for all of the answers. You can expect questions from any of the domains. go back and study. If you didn’t score 90% or higher on Exam A. this one is freestyle. Again. I suggest taking a break between exams. After the answer key. If you didn’t already.3 CHAPTER THREE 220-801 Practice Exam B Now let’s kick it up a notch. This second 220-801 exam could be considered an intermediate practice test. meaning the questions are randomized.

10 2. ❍ B. What does a yellow exclamation point next to a device in the Device Manager indicate? ❍ A.0.10. ❍ D.10. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 65 172. ❍ B. The device driver needs to be upgraded. Quick Answer: 63 CMOS RTC POST Windows Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 65 .44 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check Practice Questions 1. 192. ❍ C.10 169.10 192. ❍ D.254. The device is disabled. 5. ❍ D. ❍ B.10. ❍ D. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 63 Case fans 3. Which of the following IP addresses would a technician see if a computer is connected to a multifunction network device and is attempting to obtain an IP address automatically but is not receiving an IP address from the DHCP server? ❍ A.10 Heat sinks Memory modules Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 65 127 63 15 255 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 65 A driver is not properly installed for this device.168. The driver is not digitally signed. Detailed Answer: 65 CPUs 4. What is the total number of devices that can be daisy-chained to an IEEE 1394 port? ❍ A. ❍ D.168. Beep codes are generated by which of the following? ❍ A. 80mm and 120mm are common sizes for what type of PC component? ❍ A. ❍ B.16. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ C.

❍ C. lint-free cloth first.220-801 Practice Exam B 45 ✓ Quick Check 6. Which of the following indicates that a printer is network-ready? ❍ A. On the CPU Detailed Answer: 66 On memory Within the chipset Within the PCIe controller 11. Where is the memory controller located in a Core 2 Duo system? ❍ A. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 63 MIDI HDMI DVI DisplayPort Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 66 . The fuser being fragile ❍ D. Which of the following connectors is used for musical equipment? ❍ A. The fuser releasing toner 10. ❍ D. Spray the cleaner directly on the monitor screen. Spray the cleaner on a clean. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 65 B. ❍ D. Spray evenly on the monitor. ❍ B. ❍ C. The fuser being wet C. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. 7. ❍ C. ❍ B. Which bus slot provides the highest video performance? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 63 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 66 A. The fuser being hot B. ❍ B. You just turned off a printer to maintenance it. ❍ D. Spray the cleaner on the top of the monitor and wipe down. What should you be careful of when removing the fuser? ❍ ❍ ❍ Detailed Answer: 65 SCSI 8. ❍ B. PCI AGP PCIe An RJ11 jack Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 65 A USB connector An RJ45 jack An SCSI connector 9. How should you apply spray cleaner to a monitor? ❍ ❍ A.

❍ C. ❍ C. The ability to run multiple 16-bit programs in separate memory spaces 14. Quick Answer: 63 Channel MAC address SSID Administrator password Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 67 . Moving your CPU’s speed beyond its normal operating range is called _____________. ❍ D.46 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 12. ❍ B. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 66 Overclocking 15. this tool is sometimes used to remove screws from the outside of a computer case or from within a laptop. ❍ C. ❍ B. The ability to use software-based data execution prevention (DEP) ❍ ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ A. The ability to access more than 4 GB of RAM ❍ D. Although not used as often as a Phillips screwdriver. ❍ B. What is the main advantage of selecting a 64-bit operating system over a 32-bit operating system? ❍ A. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 66 Monkey wrench Torx wrench Channel lock Pliers 13. The ability to use unsigned drivers Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 66 C. Overdriving Overpowering Overspeeding DVI Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 66 COM1 LPT1 SCSI 16. Which port is typically known as a serial port? ❍ A. ❍ A. What is the most important piece of information needed to connect to a specific wireless network? ❍ A. ❍ D.

21. Media access control addresses can be changed. Security settings on the laptop. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 67 Supervisor User Administrator Local 18. ❍ E. ❍ D. ❍ ❍ B. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 67 C. ❍ B.220-801 Practice Exam B 47 ✓ Quick Check 17. The laptop cannot use full brightness when on battery power. 19. IP addresses can be managed from a central location. ❍ D. ❍ C. which of the following would most likely be a pointing device? ❍ A. ❍ B. To operate properly. Computers can automatically get new addressing when moved to a different network segment. laptop displays require an alternating current power source. ❍ B. The network speed can automatically adjust based on the type of traffic being generated. Why would the display on a laptop get dimmer when the power supply from the AC outlet is disconnected? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 67 Cordless drill Antistatic strap Multimeter Screwdriver 20. ❍ C. Which password is used in the BIOS (CMOS) to prevent end users from accessing the BIOS contents? ❍ A. Which tool should always be used when working on the inside of the computer? ❍ A. On a laptop. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 67 B. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ D. The hosts file on the computer can be validated for proper entries. Power management settings on the laptop.) ❍ ❍ A. Serial mouse PS/2 mouse USB mouse Touchpad Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 67 . What are advantages of using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)? (Select the two best answers.

Quick Answer: 63 8P8C 15-pin D shell microATX RG-6 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 68 .48 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 22. Quick Answer: 63 A. ❍ D. Port 25 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 68 B. ❍ B. Which of the following form factors does a VGA connector comply with? ❍ A. Port 80 C. ❍ C. ❍ B. Which of the following is the default port for HTTPS? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 63 Virtualization workstation 24. A client brings in a printer that is giving a paper-feed error. Port 143 ❍ D. On which type of computer is RAM the most important? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 68 100 meters 10 meters 5 meters 1 meter 27. ❍ C. Port 443 26. ❍ D. ❍ D. Optical Impact Solid-state Gaming PC Detailed Answer: 68 AV workstation HTPC Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 68 The separation tab The developing rollers The paper tray The pickup rollers 25. ❍ D. What is the most likely cause? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C. Which of the following storage technologies is used by traditional hard disk drives? ❍ A. What is the maximum distance at which a Class 2 Bluetooth device can receive signals from a Bluetooth access point? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 67 Magnetic 23.

You and a co-worker are running network cables above the drop ceiling. ❍ C. What wireless networking standard operates at 5 GHz only? ❍ A. ❍ B. Which device can store a maximum of 1.44 MB on a removable disk? ❍ A. ❍ B. Call 911. IEEE 1284 USB IEEE 1394 ISA Detailed Answer: 69 . ❍ D. What is the PC equivalent of FireWire? ❍ A.220-801 Practice Exam B 49 ✓ Quick Check 28. Apply CPR. Detailed Answer: 68 Floppy drive CD-ROM ROM Compact Flash Quick Answer: 63 31. ❍ B. Move the co-worker farther down the hall. A customer reports that an optical drive in a PC is no longer responding. Detailed Answer: 68 Cut the power at the breaker. The co-worker accidentally touches a live AC power line and is thrown off the ladder and onto the ground. ❍ C.11b 802. He is dazed and can’t stand. What question should you ask first? ❍ Quick Answer: 63 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 68 A. ❍ D. “What has changed since the optical drive worked properly?” ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 68 802. ❍ D. ❍ C.11g 802.11n Quick Answer: 63 32.11a 802. ❍ B. “Did you log in with your administrator account?” ❍ C. ❍ D. He is no longer near the AC power line. ❍ C. 29. “What did you modify since the optical drive worked?” ❍ D. What should you do first? ❍ A. “Have you been to any inappropriate websites?” Quick Answer: 63 30.

ribbon. Use compressed air to remove the dust. ❍ C. ❍ C. BIOS reports low temperatures within the case. ❍ B. A computer you are working on has a lot of dust inside it. Use a vacuum to clean up the dust. ❍ B. ❍ D. Which type of RAM has a peak transfer of 12. ❍ D. ❍ D. Fiber optic ❍ D. Setting an administrator password in the BIOS accomplishes which of the following? ❍ A. and tractor feed? ❍ A. 38. ❍ C.50 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 33. ❍ D. STP C. 36. Quick Answer: 63 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 69 A. How should you clean this? ❍ A. DDR3-800 DDR3-1600 DDR2-800 Laser Detailed Answer: 69 Inkjet Thermal CPU is beyond the recommended voltage range. Detailed Answer: 69 Disassemble the power supply and remove the dust. Use a surface dust cleaning solution.800 MB/s? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 69 Computer won’t boot. Spyware is installed into the browser. Coaxial 37. ❍ B. Cat 6 B. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 63 Prevents a user from rearranging the boot order Prevents a user from reading e-mail Prevents a virus from infecting the MBR Prevents an attacker from opening the case Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 70 . Which of the following cable types is not affected by EMI but requires specialized tools to install? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 63 Impact 35. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 69 DDR2-1600 34. ❍ C. ❍ B. Which type of printer uses a print head. What is a possible symptom of a failing CPU? ❍ A. ❍ D.

Check for a compatible power adapter for that country. A co-worker is traveling to Europe and is bringing her computer. ❍ C. ❍ C. She asks you what safety concerns there might be. How many pins would you see in a high-quality printhead on a dot matrix printer? ❍ A. Use a line conditioner for the correct voltage. Detailed Answer: 70 Increases voltage 40. 44. ❍ B. What should you tell her? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 63 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 70 A. Check the voltage selector on the power supply. which of the following provides the most room for effective cooling? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 63 POTS line 41. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 70 The computer is not usable in other countries. When it comes to computer case form factors. ❍ B. ATX B. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ B.220-801 Practice Exam B 51 ✓ Quick Check 39. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 63 Power consumption Display resolution and brightness The darkest and lightest outputs Power savings Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 70 . ITX ❍ D. ❍ C. Which type of cable has only two twisted pairs? ❍ A. Stores power Converts DC power to AC power Converts AC power to DC power UTP Detailed Answer: 70 Fiber Coaxial Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 70 24 15 8 35 42. ❍ B. ❍ D. What is an LCD display’s contrast ratio defined as? ❍ A. BTX ❍ C. ❍ B. microATX 43. ❍ D. Which function is performed by the external power supply of a laptop? ❍ A. ❍ D.

❍ C. Incorrect CPU has been installed. ❍ B. What should you do? ❍ A. and interconnects different physical media? ❍ A. You just upgraded the CPU. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 63 VGA Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 71 RGB DVI HDMI 47. Tell the customer that an adult must be home while you work. Which of the following can make your computer shut down automatically after a few minutes? (Select the best answer. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 71 . While you are working on a computer at a customer’s home. Wrong voltage to the CPU. Which of the following tools can protect you in the case of a surge? ❍ A. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 63 Wrong CPU driver. Tell the customer that you are not responsible for the child.) ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 71 Torx wrench Antistatic strap Voltmeter Antistatic mat 46. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 71 ❍ D. What connector can have audio and video pass through it? ❍ A. Which device limits network broadcasts. The CPU has overheated. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ B. 48. ❍ B. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 71 Switch WAP Firewall Router 49. ❍ C. segments IP address ranges. the customer informs you that he needs to leave for about 10 minutes and that his 8-year-old son can help you with anything if you need it. Tell the customer to get back home as soon as possible.52 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 45. ❍ C. Tell the customer that the child must be removed. ❍ C.

127. Which of the following is user-replaceable memory in a PC? ❍ Detailed Answer: 71 169. SRAM ❍ E.0. You are working on a very old printer. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 72 . ❍ C.1 172. Call maintenance. ❍ D. ❍ D.254.17. Molex ❍ D. 7-pin ❍ C.) Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 71 ❍ A. ❍ B. 8-pin ❍ B. Berg 51. ❍ C. BIOS ❍ C. Call 911. You want to upgrade memory in your computer. Tell the printer it is bad to smoke. erratic flashing Solid green Solid yellow 53.7 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 72 Unlit Rapid. What should you do? ❍ A.0. ❍ C. ❍ B.0/16 52. DRAM ❍ D.0. 15-pin ❍ E.15. ❍ E. what should the activity light look like? ❍ A. Which of the following power connections might be used by hard drives? (Select the two best answers. CMOS ❍ B. Turn off the printer. ❍ D. Unplug the printer. ROM 54. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 63 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 72 A.10. and it starts to smoke. Which of the following is a valid IPv4 address for a network host? ❍ A.254 255. If a lot of data is flowing through a network card.220-801 Practice Exam B 53 ✓ Quick Check 50.58.

Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 72 B. ❍ B. ❍ B. B. ❍ B. How should you remain in the face of adversity? ❍ A.255.11b 802. What is the local loopback IPv6 address? ❍ A. ❍ C.0 FE80::/10 60. ❍ D.1 192. ❍ C. What action should you take? ❍ ❍ A. Tell the customer that the problem should be reported to another technician.254. Of the following. 11.54 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 55. ❍ B. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 73 169.169 172. Help the customer find the appropriate channels to fix the problem. which IP address is private? ❍ A. ❍ C.1 Wavering Detailed Answer: 73 Positive Certain 127.1. They are supported by all routers.58.41 58. You are asked to fix a problem with a customer’s domain controller that is outside the scope of your knowledge.169. ❍ D. ❍ D.31. ❍ C. ❍ C.11a Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 72 802. 802. Learn on the job by trying to fix the problem.11g 802.168.1 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 73 ::1 192.11n 56.0.0. Assure the customer that the problem will be fixed very soon.10. Which technology has the fastest data transfer rate? ❍ A. ❍ D.0. They cannot be used with IPv4. 57. Which of the following statements is correct concerning IPv6 addresses? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 63 Decisive 59.0. Quick Answer: 63 A. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 73 .

❍ C. Which of the following best describes a hub? ❍ A. ❍ C. Impact ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 73 64-bit 64. Which printer technology should you select? ❍ Quick Answer: 63 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 73 A. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. Laser ❍ C. What operating CPU temperature is typical? ❍ A. ❍ B. 128-bit 256-bit 448-bit Inspects traffic and accepts or declines transmission Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 73 Determines the best route to transmit data Broadcasts data to all network devices Broadcasts data to specific network devices 65. ❍ B.) ❍ A. ❍ D. They represent addressing using 128 bits. They require fiber-optic connections.220-801 Practice Exam B 55 ✓ Quick Check ❍ C. In current motherboards. ❍ B. 60° Fahrenheit Detailed Answer: 73 60° Celsius 72° Fahrenheit 72° Celsius 62. 61. ❍ B. Which of the following tools could a person use to test an AC outlet? (Select the two best answers. Thermal 63. Quick Answer: 63 Multimeter PSU tester Receptacle tester Loopback plug Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 74 . You need to install a printer that can be used to print payroll checks on paper forms that have a carbon backing. ❍ D. which memory bus width can be accomplished by using the dual channel technology? ❍ A. Inkjet ❍ D.

❍ C. ❍ B. 5 Gbps 67. ❍ D. ❍ B. which of the following should you disconnect to prevent electrical shock? (Select the two best answers. ❍ C. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 63 Northbridge Power supply Memory Memory controller Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 74 . ❍ B. Which of the following traits and port numbers are associated with POP3? ❍ A. ❍ B. Which of the following is not a configuration that can be made in the BIOS? ❍ A.56 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 66. 480 Mbps ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 74 Receives inbound e-mail on port 110 69. 12 Mbps ❍ B. Which of the following controls the connection between the CPU and the PCIe x16 expansion slot? ❍ A. ❍ Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 74 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 74 Boot sequence Temperature thresholds Overclocking Install drivers E. Receives inbound e-mail on port 25 Sends outbound e-mail on port 110 Sends outbound e-mail on port 25 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 74 Printer Mouse Telephone cord Power cord 70. When working on a computer. What maximum data transfer rate is IEEE 1394b capable of? ❍ A. ❍ C. 800 Mbps ❍ E. ❍ D. 400 Mbps ❍ C. Intrusion detection 68. ❍ D. ❍ C.) ❍ A.

As you are servicing a manager’s PC at your company. What should you do in this scenario? ❍ A. Act as if you never saw the list. Which type of cable would you use to connect a laptop directly to a PC? ❍ A. ❍ B. Incinerate it. Detailed Answer: 74 Throw it away. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 75 . ❍ D. ❍ C. In secret. Quick Answer: 63 A. Thermal 75. ❍ B. A customer experiences a server crash. tell everyone who was on the list. Recycle it. the manager is upset about this problem. ❍ D. Refer the customer to your supervisor. ❍ B. you run across a list of names of employees who are supposedly about to be let go from the company. ❍ D. Which of the following types of printers uses toner? ❍ Quick Answer: 63 Cat 5e patch cable 73. Impact Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 75 ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ B. Inkjet ❍ D. Some of these people are coworkers. Yell at the manager for having that list out. Take the customer out for a cup of coffee. What is the recommended method for handling an empty toner cartridge? ❍ A.220-801 Practice Exam B 57 ✓ Quick Check 71. Turn the sheet over. When you arrive. Avoid the customer and get the job done quickly. 74. ❍ C. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 74 Parallel cable IEEE 1394b cable Cat 5e crossover cable Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 75 Stay calm and do the job as efficiently as possible. ❍ C. 72. Refill it. Laser ❍ C. What should you do? ❍ A.

In order to perform a network installation of Windows. A dual-core processor has several unique cores. ❍ C. with separate caches. on two different chips. A dual-core processor has two cores. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 76 . ❍ B. ❍ D. B. Raise the temperature. Use an antistatic strap. ❍ F. which of the following must be supported by the computer’s network interface card? ❍ A. ❍ B. PCI PCL PnP PCI Detailed Answer: 75 AGP AMR Serial Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 75 USB PS/2 Parallel 79. with the same cache. ❍ E. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ B. Work in a carpeted area. A dual-core processor requires more RAM to function than a single-core processor. ❍ C. ❍ C. Which of the following is a unique characteristic of a dual-core processor versus a single-core processor? ❍ A. 80. ❍ D. In which of the following slots would you place an 8x video card? ❍ A. Lower the humidity. Detailed Answer: 75 PXE 77.) ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 63 PCIe 78. Quick Answer: 63 Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 75 A. ❍ D. Which of the following is the newest type of mouse connection? ❍ A.58 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 76. How can you reduce the chance of ESD? (Select the three best answers. ❍ C. on the same physical chip. A dual-core processor uses higher voltage than a single-core processor. Use an antistatic mat. ❍ D. Raise the humidity. ❍ D.

❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 63 1000 Mbps 3. STP ❍ D.000.000. ❍ C. but the system doesn’t have enough ports.220-801 Practice Exam B 59 ✓ Quick Check 81.000 bits per minute 83. ❍ C. You need to expand the peripherals of a computer. Quick Answer: 63 A. Which of the following devices is the least likely to be replaced on a laptop? ❍ A.3 84.000 bits per second 1 gigabit per second Cable Internet Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 76 Ethernet Client/Server IEEE 802. RAM PC Card Keyboard Detailed Answer: 76 1000 bits per second 1.000. Single-mode fiber C. Coaxial 85. Which of the following is a typical speed of a SATA hard drive? ❍ A. Which of the following can send data the farthest? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 63 100. ❍ D. ❍ B.) ❍ A. Which of the following is an example of a broadband connection? ❍ A. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 76 Modem Network adapter USB card TV tuner card 86. Which type of card should you install? ❍ A.1 GHz 8 GB 7200 RPM Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 76 . Multi-mode fiber Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 76 B. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ D. If your “bandwidth” is 1000 Mbps. ❍ D. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 76 CPU 82. how many bits are you sending/receiving? (Select the two best answers. ❍ C. ❍ B.

A router broadcasts all data packets that are sent on the network. A switch broadcasts all data packets that are sent on the network. whereas a router interconnects one or more networks. Which of the following should you use to clean a monitor’s screen if you are not sure how to do so? ❍ A. Which of the following best describes the differences between a switch and a router? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ D. Ray wants to install a new internal SATA hard drive in his computer. and a switch transmits data directly to the device. A group of users in ABC Corp. ❍ B. and a router transmits data directly to the device. ❍ C. 89. DVD Dual-Layer DVD External USB hard drive DLT Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 77 . 40-pin data cable ❍ C. 7-pin data cable B. needs to back up several gigabytes of data daily. whereas a router interconnect devices on a network. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 63 Detailed Answer: 76 Isopropyl alcohol Mild detergent Water Boric acid 88.) ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 77 A. Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 77 ❍ D. A switch interconnects one or more networks. 15-pin power cable 90. A switch interconnects devices on the same network so that they can communicate. ❍ B. 4-pin power cable ❍ D. ❍ C. Which of the following is the best media for this scenario? ❍ A. ❍ B.60 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 87. Which types of cables should he connect to the drive? (Select the two best answers.

❍ B. ❍ B. Client/Server Thin client Thick client Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 77 Condition the drum to be written to Transfer toner from the drum to the paper Fuse the toner to the paper Clean the drum 95. CF C. ❍ B. What are the respective functions of the two corona wires in a laser printer? (Select the two best answers.AAC .) ❍ A. SSD B. ❍ C. ❍ C. Your organization relies heavily on its server farm for resources and is less reliant on the client computers. Linux computers. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ D.WMA . You are required to rip the contents of a CD to a compressed file format that can be read easily on PCs. Which type of memory does the smartphone most likely use? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 64 Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 77 A. Which of the following capabilities enables a printer to store multiple documents? ❍ A. Which type of client computer does the organization most likely use? ❍ A. ❍ D. You need to replace and upgrade the memory card in a smartphone.MOV 92. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 77 . ❍ D. Which format should you select? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 77 Virtualization workstation 94. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 64 Buffer Print driver Printer pool Spooling Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 77 .220-801 Practice Exam B 61 ✓ Quick Check 91.MP3 . SD 93. or Macs. USB flash drive ❍ D.

The display driver has failed. The power supply has failed. ❍ C. One way to provide preventive maintenance to a hard drive is to do what? ❍ A. Increase the amount of RAM on the PC to increase the page file. Coax splitter 98. Upgrade the cache on the drive to improve performance. ❍ C. Router ❍ D. ❍ D. Sit next to the customer. The display is not getting power. C. Quick Answer: 64 Torx wrench Multimeter Receptacle tester Tone and probe kit Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 78 . B. you can see that Windows is running. ❍ D. However. What could be the cause of this problem? ❍ A. 100. Line filter B. but very dimly. causing a surge to occur on all the computers and equipment in the office.62 Chapter 3 ✓ Quick Check 96. ❍ B. if you look closely at the display. Heat sink ❍ C. Use acronyms so that the customer feels comfortable about your knowledge. You are setting up a SOHO network with DSL. Install a second hard drive. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ B. 99. Keep an area of airflow around the drive so that it doesn’t overheat. Which of the following devices should you place on the phone line so that the line can be shared with a phone and the DSL modem? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 78 A. ❍ D. Your co-worker’s laptop display doesn’t come on. Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 78 ❍ C. what is the best action for you to take? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 64 Detailed Answer: 78 A. While you explain a technical concept to a customer. 97. Recommend a training class. Detailed Answer: 78 The inverter has been shorted out. the power comes back on. After a blackout. Tell the customer to read the manual. Which tool would you use to test a 24-pin ATX 12v power connector? ❍ A.

A 51. C 62. B 41. C 80. D 68. C 61. A and C 8. A 16. A 70. A 33. A 24. D 57. D 14. B 81. D 77. D 9. A 67. B 55. D 50. B 48. D 10. A 46. B 71. C 65. D 54. B 44. C 73. B. D 85. C and D 79. A 23. B 69. A 19. C 76. C and D 25. B 56. C 87. C 63 . C 37. C 28. A 38. A 40. A 11. A. B 32. B 6. A and E 49. D 35. D 29. C 3. A 5. C 34. and D 22. A 31. C 86. B 4. C 20. A 13. D 78. D 66. B 2. C 42. A 43. A 60. C 82. B 63. B 27. A 58. B 52. C 45. D 36. B 18. A 59. A 26. C 39. D 15. B 74. D 84. B 47. D 72. C 30. C 83. D 75.220-801 Practice Exam B Quick-Check Answer Key 1. B 17. B 21. D 53. C and D 12. A 64. C 7.

D 95. B 92. A 93. A and B 99. D 89. A 91. D 97. C 98.64 Chapter 3 88. A 90. B . A 100. A and D 94. C 96.

which can do 2. Memory modules don’t use fans.254. However. CPUs commonly use a heat sink/fan combination. though both of these numbers are outside the realm of normalcy for most individuals! 15 is the maximum amount of devices that can be on a SCSI chain. 6. which happens before Windows boots. Answer: A. . The beep codes come from the POST.10 are Class C private IP addresses. then it is a multifunction printer acting as a fax machine. The complementary metaloxide semiconductor (CMOS) stores information such as time and date and BIOS passwords.10. RJ11 ports are used by modems and dial-up Internet connections. 3. it doesn’t hold a candle to PCIe. 7.168. Spray on a lint-free cloth first. it is the device that keeps time on the motherboard. it will have either a down arrow (for Windows 7/Vista) or a red x (Windows XP). USB can handle up to 127 devices.133 MB/s. Windows generates all kinds of error codes but not beep codes. Compare this to the closest competitor listed: AGP. Case fans are measured in mm (millimeters). The RJ45 jack enables a connection to a twisted-pair (most likely Ethernet) network. You could also make this yourself. Answer: D. it is limited to 133 or 266 MB/s depending on the speed. A lot of companies sell products that are half isopropyl alcohol and half water. it may present its findings on the screen or in the form of beep codes. 8. remember to put the solution on a lint-free cloth first.168. Try not to get any liquid in the cracks at the edge of the screen. 5. Answer: D. 192. Again. 2. but you won’t necessarily be notified of this. If a device has a working driver. Either way. the device might show up in the Unknown devices category until it is installed properly. If the computer fails to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server. USB is the standard port for a printer. A PCIe x16 version 3 card can transfer a maximum of 16 GB/s. If the device is disabled.220-801 Practice Exam B 65 Answers and Explanations 1. SCSI is used for hard drives and scanners among other things. If a driver was not digitally signed. If a printer has this. As the POST checks all the components of the computer. about 1/8 of PCIe. this indicates that the device does not have a proper driver.0. the two are often connected together. 4. 172. Answer: B. RTC stands for real-time clock.0 network. Answer: A. and then wipe the display gently.10. This address will be on the 169. Answer: C. PCI Express (PCIe) offers the highest video performance. Answer: C.10 and 192. Remember this doesn’t count the SCSI card. 255 is a commonly used number when it comes to maximums but doesn’t apply to IEEE 1394.0.10 is a Class B private IP. Never spray any cleaner directly on a display.16. They are used to exhaust heat out of the case. then upgrading it will be up to you. Windows will take over and apply an Automatic Private IP Address (APIPA). PCI is the predecessor to PCIe but is rarely used for video anymore. but they can be equipped (or purchased) with heat sinks of their own. All of the other addresses could possibly be obtained from a DHCP server. but not for video. This aids in keeping the CPU and other devices cool. Answer: C. An IEEE 1394 (FireWire) chain can have up to 63 devices. If you see a yellow exclamation point in the Device Manager. Printers with a built-in RJ45 connector are network ready. 80mm and especially 120mm are very common.

Though USB is also technically a “serial” port. used to access networks as an administrator failsafe in case other Internet connectivity methods fail. Answer: B. they would indicate a local connection. DVI is a video port. the memory controller is located within the chipset and is known as the Memory Controller Hub (MCH) by Intel. you will need a 64-bit operating system. A typical example is the 9-pin male DE9 port (inaccurately referred to also as the DB9). You must be an administrator to allow the use of unsigned drivers. It is also used to program devices such as handheld terminals. The fuser is not wet or fragile. most technicians and professionals refer to the serial port as COM1 or COM2.200 Kbps. synthesizers. and DisplayPort. Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature in today’s operating systems. SCSI connectors are not often found on today’s printers. The older COM port is used by dial-up modems. You don’t see COM ports on PCs today. people may still use internal or external dial-up modems. Answer: A. and sequencers. 11. Answer: C. and in some cases 3. are all video connectors. 32-bit operating systems can run older 16-bit programs. and Extreme systems. 32-bit OSes are limited to 4 GB of RAM. not a network connection. The other three connectors. proprietary computer manufacturers will use these screws. The external modem is what connects to the COM1 serial port. MIDI is used to create a clocking signal that all devices can synchronize to. Answer: C. let the printer sit for 10 or 15 minutes after shutting it down. 9.66 Chapter 3 This allows it to connect to a PC or to a print server. and it does not contain toner—that is contained by the cartridge. whether that particular OS is 32-bit or 64-bit will not be a factor.25 GB. it stops a program from executing code in a forbidden area of memory. 14. but it is also referred to as the northbridge. regardless. 12. . often. The Torx wrench is a special tool used to remove screws from the outside of a case. and before maintenance. Answer: A. If you need to replace the fuser. but you might still see them as an add-on card in the field. The rest of the terms are not used in relation to this concept. If you want to access more than 4 GB of RAM. require more than 4 GB of RAM so a 64-bit operating system is the only choice. it sends or receives one bit at a time. On AMD systems and newer Intel systems such as the Core i5 or i7. Answer: B. The fuser heats paper to around 400° Fahrenheit (204° Celsius). The standard is the size T-10 Torx wrench. SCSI is a parallel port used by hard drives and tape drives. Quad. Many computers today. the memory controller is located “on-die. COM1 (communications port 1) is a serial port. In rural areas. Unsigned drivers are based on the operating system itself.” meaning within the CPU. LPT1 is an older parallel printing port. But you might also use a T-8 and even a T-6 on laptops. That’s like an oven. up to 115. Answer: A. 10. 15. but 64-bit operating systems will have problems running 16-bit programs even in compatibility mode. HDMI. It can also be used to remove screws (albeit smaller ones) from a laptop. Most of today’s 32-bit or 64-bit systems offer this. On Core 2 Duo. DVI. 13. The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) connector is used for musical equipment such as keyboards. Overclocking is the act of increasing your CPU’s operating speed beyond its normal rated speed. especially custom computers such as virtualization systems and gaming computers.

optical drives are commonly implemented as CD. the wireless access point (WAP) might autonegotiate the channel. that file contains static entries of hostname to IP address conversions. The SSID is the most important piece of information required to connect to a wireless network. Advantages of using DHCP include: IP addresses can be managed from a central location and computers can automatically get new addressing when moved to a different network segment (perhaps one that uses a different DHCP server). Answer: B. 18. Although multimeters and screwdrivers are tools you might use. and work as fast as (if not faster than) traditional magnetic hard drives. The display brightness of a laptop isn’t affected by any security settings. You can certainly set the display to full brightness when on battery power—it just isn’t recommended. Serial devices (and the port in general) are found less and less often on laptops. so the MAC address might not be needed. (They are extinct on new laptops. 21. 22. such as the dot matrix or the daisy wheel printer. and a local password is something used in software. if you wanted to implement MAC filtering. Power tools and battery-operated tools such as cordless drills should be avoided. Both of these have given way to the touchpad and external USB mice. but once again. The touchpad is the most likely of the listed devices. but it does it from the firmware level. For example. These can be configured within Power Options in Windows. Answer: A. Impact refers to a type of printer. Media Access Control addresses are usually not changed on a network adapter. The power management settings on the laptop can cause the display to automatically dim when the AC adapter is unplugged.) PS/2 mice are also rare. they might not always be necessary. although they can be masked. DVD. Answers: A and E. Solid-state hard drives are gaining in popularity because they have no moving parts. This is because it is well known and has a low cost per MB of storage space. Answer: A. this is the default on many laptops in order to conserve battery power. Answer: D. or Blu-ray drives. Always use an antistatic strap to avoid ESD (electrostatic discharge). DHCP has nothing to do with the Hosts. are quiet.) The administrator password is needed only if you wanted to make configuration changes to the wireless access point. Answer: C. . you would have to log in to the WAP with an admin password to configure it. this is a different concept from DHCP. MAC address filtering is not enabled by default. The wireless channel number isn’t necessarily needed. There are optical hard drives. Also.txt file. MAC filtering maintains a list of MAC addresses that are allowed to access a network. Quality of Service (QoS) adjusts the network speed based on the type of traffic generated. The supervisor (or system) password is used so that only the technician can get into the BIOS (CMOS). The traditional hard drive is still the magnetic disk. it is the name of the wireless network. The user password is used to password-protect whatever operating system is running on the computer. they are far more expensive than the traditional drive. whereas the antistatic strap should always be worn. 20. (In fact. but they are rare. Laptops can operate properly when connected to the AC power adapter or when using the battery only. In fact. 19. this would be entered by the admin at the wireless access point. An “administrator” password is something used in Windows or on a networking device. However.220-801 Practice Exam B 67 16. 17. not from the client computer. which slows their general acceptance. Answer: B.

The developing rollers transfer ink to the imaging drum. it implies that you think the user caused the issue. 28. Answer: D. 26. a small form factor. Class 2 devices are the most common (for example. increasing its need for RAM even further. The floppy disk drive (FDD) stores a maximum of 1. or if you go to checkout when shopping online. Try not to accuse a user of accessing inappropriate websites because this could be considered inflammatory and harassment.11 wireless standards are . Home theater PCs (HTPCs) require an HDMI output. and dual monitors. 25. CD-ROM drives use removable discs. Don’t blame the user by asking what “you” modified. Because the immediate danger is gone. Class 1 has a 100-meter range. This is the protocol used during online banking sessions. If a separation tab fails. but act like a professional and courteous human being! 30. Then apply first aid and CPR as necessary. surround sound. 802. 802.11a operates at 5 GHz only. You should first ask if anything has changed since the optical drive worked properly.44 MB on a removable disk (1. Port 80 is HTTP. Answer: A. 31. Think like a robot with the single purpose of fixing the problem. Answer: A.11b and g operate at 2. 27. fast hard drives. the maximum they can store is much greater. Answer: B. Port 443 is the default port for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The paper tray simply holds the paper. Gaming PCs biggest requirements are CPU and video card. Paper-feed errors are often caused by the pickup rollers. The VGA connector uses a D shell (also referred to as D-sub) 15-pin connector. it might cause more than one sheet of paper to be entered into the printer. Port 25 is the default port for SMTP.68 Chapter 3 23. Always ask if anything has changed first before any other questions. not a disk. The maximum length of a standard USB 2. Answer: D. Port 143 is the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). much more than any other application.38 MB of which is actual data). The next step would be to shut the power off at the electrical panel or call the building supervisor to have the power shut off. it’s similar to POP3 but offers offline operation. Answer: A. Audio/video workstations require specialized audio and video cards. Compact Flash comes in varying sizes (all greater than 1. a virtualization workstation will often have more than one virtual machine running. The acronym ROM usually refers to a chip on a circuit board that is not removable. It should not cause paper-feed errors unless the constraining tabs are too tight.0 cable is 5 meters. Answer: B. Answer: B. 29. and multiple clients can access the same mailbox. which are in charge of feeding the paper into the printer. Note that magnetic disks are spelled with a k.44 MB) and is considered a card.4 GHz. microATX is a motherboard form factor commonly used in smaller PCs and HTPCs.11n operates at either 2. RAM is more essential to the virtualization workstation than any of the other types of custom PCs listed. 802. and possibly a TV tuner. Answer: D. The 8P8C is the technically correct name for an RJ45 networking plug. RG-6 is the connector used for cable TV and cable Internet connections. while optical discs are spelled with a c. Virtual operating systems (virtual machines or VMs) require a lot of RAM to run. and Class 3’s range is approximately 1 meter. Class 2 Bluetooth devices have a maximum range of approximately 10 meters. It has three rows of five pins. The IEEE 802. call 911 right away. however.4 or 5 GHz. Bluetooth headsets). Plus. 24.

multiply the clock speed by 2 and then multiply that number by 8 and solve for megabytes: 800 MHz×2×8 = 12. Check in the BIOS to see if the CPU is overclocked or not. Any copper cable will be susceptible to EMI to a certain degree. this will damage the components. .400 MB/s. and tractor feed.800 MB/s. just look at the number within the name and add “MB/s” to the end. ISA is the Industry Standard Architecture. 33. Do not spray any kind of solutions inside the computer. The impact printer uses a print head. There is no DDR2-1600. it is found less commonly in networks. To figure out the data transfer rate of DDR3 from the name “DDR3-1600”. because of these things. it is also known as PC3-6400. 32. It is commonly sold as PC2-6400.220-801 Practice Exam B 69 collectively known as 802.11x standard. To truly protect from EMI. and although the two names are often used interchangeably. it could damage the components. If the computer won’t boot at all. and spyware is unrelated to this issue. DDR3-800 has a peak transfer rate of 6. It is called a field replaceable unit (FRU) for good reason. Laser printers are much more complex and use more parts. STP is difficult to install and must be grounded. USB is the Universal Serial Bus. The fastest DDR2 standard is DDR2-1066. DDR2-800 (like DDR3-800) has a peak transfer rate of 6. It runs at an I/O bus clock speed of 800 MHz and can send 1600 megatransfers per second (MT/s). Answer: C. It could also be caused by overclocking. Fiber-optic cable is the only answer listed that is not affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI). ribbon. 800 MHz). There is no actual 802. but instead uses glass or plastic fibers and light. it was not used in order to avoid confusion. which has a peak transfer rate of 8. 37. simply multiply the 1600 by 8 (bytes) and solve for megabytes: 12. To figure out the data transfer rate when given only the I/O bus clock speed (for example.400 MB/s.800 MB/s. An example of an impact printer is the dot matrix. the PC standard is IEEE 1394. Answer: A. This is because it does not use copper wire or electricity. 35. IEEE 1284 is an older parallel PC standard for printer cables and connections. If the CPU is running beyond the recommended voltage range for extended periods of time. a legacy 16-bit adapter card slot. Regular UTP cable such as Cat 5e or Cat 6 will be very susceptible.533 MB/s. However. Answer: D. FireWire was originally developed by Apple. it can be a sign of a failing CPU. another problem might have occurred. It is also known as PC3-12800. To figure out the data transfer rate of DDR3 by the consumer name “PC312800”.11x. you might want to do this outside and vacuum up the left over residue.800 MB/s. and shielded twisted-pair (STP) even less than that. Do not stick a vacuum cleaner inside a computer. DDR3-1600 has a peak transfer rate of 12. 36.11x is instead a variable that you will sometimes see that refers to two or more 802. Never disassemble the power supply. or the CPU might have already failed. 802. a similar standard but with a different architecture and data transfer rate. Answer: C. 34. Answer: B. fiber-optic is the best way to go. Answer: C. Low case temperatures are a good thing (if they aren’t below freezing!). Thermal printers use a print head and a special heating element.11 technologies. Compressed air is safe. IEEE 1394 is the PC equivalent of FireWire. Coaxial slightly less. Inkjet printers use a print head but use an ink cartridge instead of a ribbon and don’t use a tractor feed.

42. It is used for telephone landlines. . To prevent an attacker from opening the case. the plug may not fit. even if the voltages are only slightly different. but it should be noted that there isn’t any real uniform standard for measuring contrast ratio. and it needs to run at a very specific voltage. Answer: B. Fiber-optic cable has a single glass or plastic core that sends light. As an administrator. Answer: A. It is known as the power adapter. The BTX form factor provides the most room for effective cooling in a computer case. LCD contrast ratio is the brightness of the brightest color (measured as white) compared to the darkest color (measured as black). turn on the chassis intrusion alert in the BIOS. RAM. with 24 being the highest quality. It is also accomplished by a UPS. CPUs. a line conditioner will keep it steady at 120 volts. a newer technology in LCD displays that adjusts dynamically during darker scenes in an attempt to give better black levels. Answer: D. too! (Doesn’t sound feasible.) To prevent a virus from infecting the MBR.70 Chapter 3 38. that is the responsibility of the laptop battery. But there is also the dynamic contrast ratio. 43. and video cards have new designs that allow them to use less voltage and therefore create less heat. It usually has a higher ratio. To prevent a user from reading e-mail. check the documentation to see if it can switch the voltage automatically. for a total of four wires. you should change the BIOS boot order to hard drive first. If your circuit has dirty power (for example. Static contrast ratio measurements are static. However. Line conditioners simply clean the power for a specific voltage. you could turn on boot sector scanning in the BIOS (if the motherboard supports it). different make and model power adapters will usually not work with different laptops. 39. Answer: D. The idea behind this is to stop a person from attempting to boot off of an optical disc or USB flash drive. 18. it is fluctuating between 113 and 130 volts). That’ll stop ‘em right in their tracks! The admin password does not prevent any of the other listed answers. If the power supply doesn’t have one of those red switches. otherwise. The plain-old telephone service (POTS) line has two twisted pairs of copper wire. Setting an admin password in the BIOS prevents a user from rearranging the boot order. In fact. use a case lock. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) has four pairs. Still. However. too. or 24 pins. it was expected to help cool devices that used a lot of power and created a lot of heat. 41. Answer: A. BTX was designed as a replacement for ATX. High-quality dot matrix printheads can come in 9. this done as a test with a checkerboard pattern. Answer: C. 44. 40. Newer power supplies might auto-sense the voltage. making BTX less necessary. you would have to remove e-mail applications (such as Outlook) and probably take away the browser. Answer: B. or the various ITX versions. though you probably wouldn’t lug one of those around with your laptop while travelling. BTX combines a large cooling area with smart design and positioning of devices that allows for more cooling than is possible with ATX and its derivatives. The adapter does not store power. eight wires total. your co-worker might need an adapter. Some power supplies have selectors for the United States and Europe (115 and 230 volts). The external power supply of the laptop converts AC to DC for the system to use and for charging the battery. Coaxial has a single core of copper. Then apply an administrative (also known as supervisory) password. To find out if someone attempted to get into the computer itself.

and S-Video. a single RJ45 port. 172. make sure that there is an adult available. the switch does not segment by IP address—it communicates with computers and segments the network.58. nor should any company agree to have its consultants do this. 15-pin power connectors are used for SATA drives. However. the switch will normally use one type of media: twisted pair. If an incorrect CPU has been installed. That one router will have ports for both types of connections. and 2) don’t touch any components that hold a charge. A host on the network is any computer or network device that uses an IP address to communicate with other computers or devices (hosts). Answer: D. if it needs a BIOS update) and passes that information to the operating system. Answer: D. This means don’t open power supplies or CRT monitors. Answer: C. However. but 7-pin power connections are less common. and don’t touch capacitors on any circuit boards such as motherboards. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). Answer: B. Also.17. VGA. If the wrong voltage is running to the CPU. Okay. There are several types of 7-pin connectors. This is part of a router’s job when connecting two or more networks. and then call your supervisor to inform her of the event. you might have a LAN that uses twisted-pair cable.220-801 Practice Exam B 71 45. the system will probably not boot. stay away from any other electrical devices when working on computers. the system won’t even boot. Of the answers listed. 48. Take a deep breath—then continue on with power! (Pun intended. with DVI being the newest and most commonly used on PC monitors. which can protect against surges.254 is . we are halfway through the exam. It doesn’t deal with routing. Molex power connectors are used by IDE drives. instead the BIOS recognizes it (or doesn’t. power needs to verify the CPU. it does not limit IP-based network broadcasts. 172. Most antistatic straps come with a 1 mega ohm resistor. can transmit video and audio signals. 50. The CPU could overheat if thermal compound has not been applied correctly (common) or if it is not seated properly (rare). And.58. via MAC addresses.) 51. as the word multimedia implies. Answer: C. and DVI are video standards only. However. connecting to RJ45 ports. It is not your responsibility to watch over children. or broadcasts. instead it prevents intrusion to a network. regardless. Answers: C and D. It is also used with different media. Berg is the power connector for floppy drives. 47. 46. If the person insists on leaving. it is possible that the switch might connect to another switch by way of a specialized fiber-optic connector. A switch connects multiple computers together on the LAN. A hardware-based firewall will usually connect to the network via RJ45. it will have only one or only a few connections. Finally. but the router connects to the Internet via a fiber-optic connection. Whenever you’re working in someone’s home.254 is the only valid IPv4 address for a network host. For example. and you can pack up your things before he goes. It often has only one connection. 8-pin power connectors are used by high-end PCI Express video cards. A wireless access point (WAP) connects the computers on the wireless LAN (WLAN). Answer: D. of course. A router can limit network broadcasts through segmenting and programmed routing of data. the best way to avoid a surge is to 1) make sure the computer is unplugged before working on it. especially if the BIOS doesn’t recognize it. 49.17. such as SATA data. the CPU doesn’t use a driver. RGB. do so. As part of the boot process.

55. Make sure that the customer has a path toward a solution before dismissing the issue. Every computer using TCP/IP gets this address. another chip soldered on to the motherboard.1. However. In fact. Dialing 911 is not necessary unless a fire has started.0.254. the cable is not connected properly or the device is malfunctioning. but not between 224 and 255. say.72 Chapter 3 a Class B private IP address so it fits the description of a valid IPv4 address for a network host. You see solid green (1000 Mbps or 100 Mbps) or yellow (10 Mbps) on the link light (if there is a separate link light).11b has a maximum of 11 Mbps. 52. or 128 and 223.0. Be ready to give a detailed account of exactly what happened. Answer: D. DDR. and the printer is under warranty or contained in the service contract. 255. Answer: D. Answer: B.254.0.0. Answer: C. The complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is a chip that is soldered onto the motherboard that works in conjunction with the Basic Input/Output System. configured properly.254. it should blink or flash rapidly. 169. you need to have the right wireless access point. . If it is unlit. indicating the network number is 169.11n standard. Read-Only Memory (ROM) is usually not serviceable.0. Wait at least 15 minutes before opening the printer to see what caused the smoke. DDR2.254.0. you could call the maintenance company to fix the problem. and DDR3 are all examples of DRAM. The BIOS resides on a ROM chip. Printer power supplies can fail just like a PC’s power supply can. Static RAM (SRAM) is memory that is nonvolatile (as opposed to DRAM). 802. It cannot be used to communicate with other hosts on the network. it is also soldered to the circuit board. if the address was.0 with a default subnet mask of 255.7 is not valid. 802.0.15. That address is within the Class E reserved range. with client computers that are also compatible with the 802. Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) is the modules (or sticks) of memory that you can install into a motherboard. Most PC technicians will not work on domain controllers because they are advanced Microsoft servers that are used in client/server networks.0/16 means an IP address of 169. Turning the printer off might not be enough. 53.10. It is not a valid host IP address because it ends in 0. it can not be used by a host. Normal host IP addresses’ first octet will either be between 1 and 126. 802.1 is the local loopback address. Answer: C.11n has the fastest data transfer rate at a maximum of 600 Mbps. The first IP address of a network is always reserved for the network number. more specifically an electrically erasable programmable ROM (EEPROM) chip. Otherwise. so pull the plug. 127. it is used for testing. You could tell the printer that it is bad to smoke. it would be able to communicate only with other systems using APIPA addresses. When data is flowing through the activity light. SDRAM. 54. If you have a maintenance contract with a printer company. 56. Of the listed answers. the address would work.255. a laser printer power supply does more work because it needs to convert for high voltages in the 600 V range. 169. but because it is an APIPA address. to achieve this. It might be seriously malfunctioning.0. Do not try to fix the problem if the scope of work is outside your knowledge. but that would be belligerent and would probably show that you have been working too hard.11a and g have a maximum DTR of 54 Mbps. in an erratic fashion.

0. 256-bit is a common bit length used by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Answer: B. 60° Celsius is a typical operating temperature for CPUs such as the Core i5 or Phenom II. 62.0 is simply a private IP network number. 169. 127.255. IPv6 and IPv4 can co-habit a computer with no problems.255. 58. IPv6 is not necessarily supported by all routers. This strikes the ribbon. and consequently the paper with a printhead. The physical hammering action causes the carbon backing to take effect and apply text to the next layer of paper. Answer: C. 64. Because of this inefficient method.1 is the only address listed that is private. 11.0 network which is private. Switches send information to specific network devices based on their MAC addresses.168.1 is the IPv4 loopback address.254. but not ones with carbon backing. 61. A processor will not run that cold (but it would be pretty efficient if it did!).0. The only statement that is correct concerning IPv6 is that it uses 128-bit addressing. and you will be more relaxed. 63.255. It is within the Class B range of private addresses: 172. which uses 32-bit addresses.41 is not private either. The physical cable that connects to the computer has no bearing over which IP version is used. 60. 192.1–172. A router will determine the best route for data. 172.0 network. FE80::/10 is the range of autoassigned addresses in IPv6.254. IPv6 is a logical concept. The customer will have fewer concerns. uses the 169.58.31. This is compared to IPv4. however.0.5° Celsius. be certain and decisive and implement the solution immediately.0. A firewall will inspect traffic and allow or deny it access to the network. The operating range may be above or below that. 59. A hub broadcasts data to all network devices connected to it. Always have a positive outlook.31. 60° Fahrenheit is equal to 15. When you need to make a technical decision. It exists on every computer that runs IPv6. 192. . Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) can also do this. Answer: A.255. 72° Celsius becomes less typical. Answer: B. However. 448-bit memory bus width is used by some video cards.220-801 Practice Exam B 73 57.255.16. but in a more intelligent manner.0–192. Answer: C. The IPv6 loopback address used for testing is ::1. Laser printers can print to special multipart forms. Dual channel memory combines two sticks of RAM into a bank that is 128-bit.169. This will determine if IPv6 is working correctly on the network card but will not generate network traffic. switches are preferred.0. 72° Fahrenheit is excellent room temperature and is what you should set the room temperature for computers to run at their best.168.1 is public because of the second octet: 169. The Class A private range is within the 10.1. The impact printer technology is what you want. Answer: B.0. Answer: C. Answer: C.169 is not private because it is on the Class A 11 network.1. Single channel memory is 64-bit. the customer will have less confidence in your skills (as will you). The Class C private range is These types of video cards have much faster RAM access than motherboards do. Some routers still only support IPv4. If you appear to be wavering when problems occur. Microsoft’s APIPA. Multipart forms such as these are commonly used for receipts.

SMTP is used by e-mail clients to send e-mail. Answer: D. 69. 480 Mbps is the speed of USB 2. Overclocking is when the CPU’s voltage is raised and the speed is increased. data.200 Mbps. 400 Mbps is the speed of IEEE 1394a. you might be fixing something that doesn’t require you to open the computer—for example. 66.1 Full Speed. IEEE 1394b is capable of 800 Mbps. 71. The boot sequence (also known as boot priority or boot order) allows you to select which device will be booted off of first (hard drive is the most secure). it is not the recommended way to handle an empty cartridge because it is messy and timeconsuming. such as a computer to a switch. It is wired as 568B on one end and 568A on the other. but if you do configure it. A receptacle tester and multimeter can be used (with caution) to test an AC outlet. That cable is designed to connect like devices. Temperature thresholds allow you to set alerts and possibly shut down the system if the CPU runs too hot. Remember to always disconnect any power.0. you would disconnect everything. 12 Mbps is the data transfer rate of USB 1. 5 Gbps is the speed of USB 3. Those standards are ratified by the Telecommunications Industries Association/Electronics Industries Association (TIA/EIA). However. Recycle toner cartridges according to your company’s policies and procedures.74 Chapter 3 65. use a crossover cable. The power cord carries 120 volts at 15 amps or 20 amps. There are various loopback plugs for testing ports on the back of a PC (for example. Intrusion detection can be enabled and will log if a person opened the computer case. It uses port 25. On older Intel systems and AMD systems. The northbridge takes care of the connections between the CPU and the PCI Express (PCIe) x16 expansion slot. Answers: A and C. you should set temperature thresholds. the northbridge is the first of a pair of chips in the chipset (the other is the southbridge). It is important to disconnect these before servicing a computer. if you were opening the computer. On newer Intel systems. Now. Most companies simply purchase new toner cartridges. 72. they can be configured in the Device Manager in Windows. Answer: A. Answers: C and D. A parallel cable might be used to connect an older printer to a computer or an external hard drive to a SCSI . but an IEEE 1394b port on a computer will often allow only a maximum of 800 Mbps. connecting a network cable. or according to municipality rules and regulations. Overclocking is not recommended. the northbridge functionality is combined with the CPU. Do not throw away or incinerate toner cartridges. Answer: D. Answer: D. but these have nothing to do with testing an AC outlet. It is used to connect unlike devices. the RJ45 loopback plug). Answer: A. To connect one computer to another directly by way of network adapter cards. A power supply (PSU) tester is used to test the main P1 power connection (and possibly other connections) of a power supply. 67. Although it is possible to refill toner cartridges. Normally this is wired with the 568B standard on each end.0. The rest of the answers can be configured in the BIOS. 68. POP3 is the protocol used by e-mail clients to receive e-mail. 70. or telecommunications cables before working on the system. A regular (and more common) Cat 5e patch cable is known as a straightthrough cable. and the telephone cord carries 80 volts when it rings. You cannot install drivers to the BIOS. Drivers are software that allows the operating system to communicate with hardware. Newer versions of IEEE 1394b can support 3. Answer: D. It makes use of Port 110.

try to work in a non-carpeted area. Network installations require that the network card be configured for Preboot Execution Environment (PXE). and request that the installation begin. 76. sound cards. 16x). It replaces PS/2 as today’s standard. 8x. place components in antistatic bags when they are not in use. and D. 4x. 78. or one that boots from CD (if the network adapter is an adapter card). PnP stands for Plug ‘n Play. they are used to connect external hard drives to IEEE 1394 or FireWire ports. 74. B. the less friction. Answer: B. and thermal printers use specially coated paper. The best thing is to ignore it and act as if it never happened. 75. a small expansion slot developed by Intel to be used with sound cards and modems. In addition. developed by HP so a computer can properly communicate with dot matrix or thermal printers. . Answer: C. There isn’t much you can do when a customer is upset except fix the problem! I’d be interested to see what would happen if a person asked the owner of the server out for a cup of coffee. Impact printers use ribbon. usually a brown slot on the motherboard. You don’t want to avoid the customer. Answer: A. locate a network installation server. consider raising the humidity. However. Stay calm and do the job as efficiently as possible. Answers: A. and parallel was never really used for mice at all. less ESD. Also. The more humidity there is. the purported list might be real. There isn’t much you can do in a situation like this. AMR stands for Audio-Modem Riser. x16—pronounced “by 16”). Working in a carpeted area will also increase the chance of ESD. PCL stands for Printer Command Language. This configuration might be done in the BIOS of the computer (if the network adapter is integrated to the motherboard). In addition. inkjet printers use ink cartridges. USB is the newest type of mouse connection. use an antistatic wrist strap and mat. Any card named with a number followed by an x is most likely an AGP card. PCIe cards place the x before the number (for example.220-801 Practice Exam B 75 card. To reduce the chance of electrostatic discharge (ESD). IEEE 1394 cables are not used to connect computers to each other. It isn’t your call to make. (2x. and so on. within a special program in Windows. a Windows technology that allows devices to be located and installed automatically. It is faster than PCI but slower than PCIe (PCI Express) video cards. but it might not be. The customer should be referred to your supervisor only if the person gets in the way of you doing your work. 73. Answer: A. you should ask that all confidential materials be removed before you begin work. Answer: B. Answer: B. Lowering the humidity increases the chances of ESD. before working at a customer site. it was used for printers and SCSI connections. but you don’t have to engage in anything except fixing the problem. Technicians must be security-minded. This allows the network card to boot off of the network. and ultimately. Serial mice were used in the early 1990s. The laser printer uses toner. 77. You should also touch the chassis of the computer before handling any components. Raising the temperature will have no effect. AGP is the Accelerated Graphics Port. but I’m pretty sure the reaction would be negative. 79. Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) is an expansion bus that accepts network adapter cards.

or 1 gigabit per second. Client/Server is less a networking technology and more of a way that computers communicate. And boric acid would just be plain silly (and dangerous). It uses multiple “channels” to transmit and receive information. However. Ethernet switching alleviates this by segmenting computers and redirecting information to other systems via MAC address. Ethernet (which was originally ratified by the IEEE as the 802. If you are not sure about what to clean a screen with. The CPU is the least likely to be replaced. You should install a USB add-on card. Modems. Cable Internet is a broadband connection.000 bits per second. network adapters. Answer: A. it has a centralized server that controls the network. overuse. Dual-core processors are generally more efficient than older single-core processors and often use less voltage. Answer: B. Every core of a multi-core CPU has its own L1 and L2 cache. depending on the type. A processor with several cores would be known as multi-core (quad-core or hex-core). you might upgrade.76 Chapter 3 80. Do not use detergents on a screen. 3. all twisted pair is limited to 100 meters or 328 feet. However. 8 GB might be the amount of RAM you install in a computer or the size of a USB flash drive. PC Cards (PCMCIA) are commonly implemented as network adapters. on the same physical chip. or add to RAM. 81. Coaxial cable is limited to 200 or 500 meters. though. SATA hard drives will commonly have a DTR of 3 Gb/s (300 MB/s) or 6 Gb/s (600 MB/s). 87. 7200 RPM is a typical speed of a hard drive—rotational speed. 86. only one computer can communicate on the network at any given time. and TV tuner cards all have their own purpose and do not allow additional peripherals.000. if the user manual for the monitor calls for it. Answer: D. too. and other damage over time and sometimes need to be replaced. but it usually requires more cache memory. . in this case. Water will most likely not damage the screen. Just like PCs. a baseband connection (one channel on the media). 10.000. A dual-core processor has two cores. STP is a type of twisted pair. 84. with separate caches. A dual-core processor does not require more RAM than a single-core. This will give you more ports than the computer already has for use with peripherals. 85. You would probably need to replace other equipment.000 RPM. 1000 Mbps is a common network data transfer rate. Laptop keyboards fall victim to coffee. Another option would be to purchase a USB hub. Answer: A. the CPU should rarely fail. However. It is common to install and remove PC Cards. Multi-mode fiber-optic cable can send data about 600 meters. 83.3 standard) is a shared technology by default. they are okay for the outside of a computer case but not the display. Answers: C and D. otherwise notated as 1. All the rest of the examples are technologies that are. or use. 82. you might see that you can use a half-and-half mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. and more. Single-mode fiber-optic cable can send data farther than any of the other answers—up to hundreds of kilometers.000 RPM. that is. modems. and 15. 1000 Mbps is 1000 megabits per second. replace. use water. Answer: C. Other common rotational speeds include 5400 RPM. Answer: A. Answer: C.1 GHz is a common CPU frequency.

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88. Answer: A. A switch interconnects devices on the same network so that they can communicate, whereas a router interconnects one or more networks. Remember that the
switch is in charge of connecting devices on the LAN. But the router is in charge of
connecting the LAN to another LAN, to the Internet, or to both. Multifunction network
devices make matters confusing; they combine the functionality of a switch, a router, a
wireless access point, and a firewall. Physically, the four-port section of the device is
the switch portion and the single port that leads to the Internet is the router portion.
89. Answers: A and D. Internal SATA drives connect to the motherboard (or SATA card)
via a 7-pin data cable and a 15-pin power cable. PATA (IDE) hard drives use a 40-pin
data cable and 4-pin (Molex) power cable. Who is Ray? He’s just another fictitious
character in this book. You’ll hear more about him later.
90. Answer: D. In a large corporation (or enterprise environment), tape backup such as
the Digital Linear Tape (DLT) is the best media for backing up. DLTs and Super DLTs
(SDLT) can have a capacity as high as 800 GB, allowing for a huge amount of backup
as compared to DVD and dual-layer DVD (4.7–17 GB) and external USB hard drives
(up to 64 GB or so, though this number will undoubtedly increase as time goes on).
91. Answer: C. The MPEG Audio Layer III (.MP3) works best when dealing with multiple
platforms. Advanced Audio Codec (.AAC) is used more commonly on Apple computers
and devices and gaming consoles. Windows Media Audio (.WMA) is a Microsoft format developed especially for the Windows Media Player. .MOV is a QuickTime file format meant to be used with movies and other video.
92. Answer: D. Smartphones typically use Secure Digital (SD) cards—more to the point,
microSD cards. SSD stands for solid-state drive. This technology is implemented as
flash-based hard drives or as adapter cards with DDR memory and a battery.
CompactFlash (CF) cards are a bit bulkier and might be used in conjunction with PCs,
laptops, and handheld computers. USB flash drives won’t fit inside a typical smartphone and so are relegated to hanging on people’s key chains and acting as mobile
transporters of data.
93. Answer: C. In this scenario, the organization probably has thin-client computers for its
users. These have operating systems that are embedded in flash memory, and the rest
of the information they require comes from a server. Thin clients normally have no
hard drive; this is why they are referred to as diskless workstations. Virtualization
workstations definitely need a hard drive and require lots of other resources; they are
not as dependent on servers. Client/server is a type of networking organizational technique. However, thin clients will often log in to a server. Thick clients are for the most
part PCs, the typical desktop computer.
94. Answers: A and B. Know the six main steps of laser printing: Cleaning, charging, writing (also known as exposing), developing, transferring, and fusing. In the charging
step, the drum is conditioned/charged by the primary corona wire (negatively charging
it) and prepared for writing. In the transferring step, the paper is positively charged by
the transfer corona wire, preparing it to accept the toner from the drum.
95. Answer: A. The printer has RAM, which acts as a buffer if you or others send multiple
documents to it. It prints them one at a time according to which job entered the queue
first. Don’t confuse the printer’s buffer with the spooler that exists on the hard drive of


Chapter 3

the computer that controls the printer. The print driver is the software you install so
that Windows can “talk” to the printer properly; it needs to be the exact driver. A printer pool is a group of printers (often identical) that share the duties of printing.
96. Answer: B. Make the customer truly feel comfortable by sitting down next to her and
taking the time to explain the technical concept from a simple and concise point of
view. The less jargon, the better. Recommending a training class is tantamount to
dismissing the customer off-hand. Telling the customer to read the manual is just
downright rude. I know, I say this often to you the reader—however, you are a tech,
so reading the manual is what you do. The customer is not supposed to be supertechnically oriented. The acronym RTM should be kept within technical circles!
97. Answer: A. Line filters are required for DSL modems to share phone lines with a
phone. A line filter shields the phone line from digital noise and interference caused by
telephone devices and makes DSL communications possible. If DSL is installed in a
SOHO (small office/home office), devices such as telephones, fax machines, answering machines, dial-up modems, and security alarms should have line filters. But don’t
install one where the DSL modem is located. A heat sink is used to disperse heat away
from a CPU. A router allows access to another network or the Internet. A coaxial splitter is used to split the signal coming from a cable TV company, so that multiple TVs
can be used at the same time.
98. Answer: D. Hard drives run pretty hot; keeping an area of airflow around the drive can
help to keep it cool. The key is to make sure the PC has proper airflow. This can be
done by adding fans or using a liquid cooling system. It isn’t quite possible to add
cache to a hard drive; the cache on most hard drives is hardwired, and there are no
locations to add more. Increasing RAM does not necessarily increase the pagefile, and
regardless, this won’t prevent problems with a hard drive over the short term, but it
can make the hard drive work more efficiently. A second hard drive should be treated
as a completely separate device. However, installing the OS to one drive and storing
data on the second drive can go a long way to making both drives last longer.
99. Answer: A. Power surges can cause the inverter to short out, after which the coldcathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) cannot get any power. You need to open the LCD
panel to replace the inverter in this case.
100. Answer: B. When testing the main 24-pin ATX power connector that leads from the
power supply to the motherboard, use a multimeter. It can test each individual wire’s
voltage. Better yet, use a power supply unit (PSU) tester. This tests them all in one
shot. A Torx wrench is used to open computers and laptops that have special Torx
screws; T-10 is a common size. A receptacle tester is used to test an AC outlet,
although multimeters can be used for that as well. A tone and probe kit is used to test
telephone and network connections for continuity. However, it can test only one pair of
the wires in the cable. For better results when testing network cables, use a proper
network cable testing kit. Testing tools are a key ingredient in a computer technician’s



220-801 Practice
Exam C
This time, let’s turn up the gas a little further. I’ll be increasing the level of difficulty once more. This third 220-801 exam
could be considered an advanced practice test. This exam is
also freestyle. You can expect questions from any of the
domains, in any order.
This is where you prove your stuff. If you can score 90% or
higher on this practice test—on the first time through—then
you should be just about ready for the real exam. Still, you
should thoroughly understand all of the concepts before you
register for the real test. Even if you score well, read through
the explanations carefully.
If you didn’t already, I suggest taking a break between exams.
If you just completed the first exam, give yourself a half-hour
or so before you begin this one. Don’t forget, if you did not
score 90% or higher on the first two 220-801 practice exams,
do not take this one yet. Go back and study, and then retake
those exams until you pass with 90% or higher. Then come
back to this exam.
Write down your answers and check them against the answer
key that immediately follows the exam. After the answer key
you will find the explanations for all of the answers. Good


Chapter 4

Quick Check

Practice Questions
1. Your co-worker Patrick has a Core i5 3.1 GHz CPU. Pat wants you
to tell him what the bus speed is and what the maximum multiplier is. What do you tell him?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 104

3.1 GHz and 31
3.1 GHz and 100
100 and 31
200 and 31

2. Which of the following expansion busses can transmit 1 GB/s per

Quick Answer: 102

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 104


❍ C. USB 3.0
❍ D. PCIe
3. A user complains that his network interface card (NIC) is not functioning and has no link lights. The weather has been changing
drastically over the past few days, and humidity and temperature
have been rising and falling every day. What could be the direct
cause of this problem? (Select the best answer.)

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 104

Thermal expansion and contraction
Thermal sublimation
Chip creep
POST errors

4. A user reports that the battery in his Windows 7 laptop is often
low on power. Which of the following should you recommend to
help the user conserve laptop battery power?

A. Configure the laptop power options to restore power
usage when the laptop is unattended

B. Configure the laptop power option to power saver plan
C. Have the user remove the battery and run the notebook using the electrical cord only

❍ D. Have the user run the laptop using the battery until all
the power is depleted and then recharge the battery

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 104

220-801 Practice Exam C


Quick Check

5. What is the most important consideration when installing
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 105

Memory type
Processor speed
Memory speed
Processor type

6. A help desk phone support technician is finding it difficult to
understand the customer due to a heavy accent. Which action
should the technician take next to help the customer resolve the

Quick Answer: 102

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 105

A. Repeat the problem back to the customer
B. Have the customer call back at a later time
C. Ask the customer to not speak with an accent

❍ D. Tell the customer that her accent is preventing the
problem from being solved
7. Which of the following is indicated by repetitive flashing lights on
the keyboard during POST?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 105

A software error
A hardware error
A password is required
An external peripheral error

8. Which network type enables high-speed data communication and
is the most difficult to eavesdrop on?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 102

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 105

Fiber optic

9. Which of the following is a difference between a cellular WAN card
and a WLAN card?

A. A cellular WAN card requires a subscription to a cellular provider, while a WLAN card can work without
provider payment.

B. A cellular WAN card will work on most public wireless
access points, while a WLAN card is more proprietary.

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 105


Chapter 4

Quick Check

C. A WLAN card generally has a range of 6 miles, while a
cellular WAN card is limited in range to 1,200 feet.

❍ D. A WLAN card is usually an external card, while a
cellular WAN card is usually an internal card.
10. Which of the following defines the protocols associated with the
following TCP or UDP port numbers, in order?

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 106

21, 22, 25, 53, 443, 3389.

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.


11. Which of the following is the most appropriate question to ask a
customer first when attempting to troubleshoot an input device
issue over the phone?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 106

Can you describe the steps you have taken?
Have you verified that all USB plugs are secure?
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Are you sure that the device is plugged in?

12. Which type of RAM stick is RIMM 6400?

Quick Answer: 102


Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 106


❍ E. PC2-6400
13. You are tasked with installing a new SATA revision 3.0 hard drive
controller so that the computer can access hard drives at 6 Gb/s.
Which step list will most likely prevent errors?

1. Install the card.
2. Update the BIOS.
3. Upgrade the card’s firmware.
4. Install the driver.
5. Apply system updates.

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 106

220-801 Practice Exam C


Quick Check

1. Apply system updates.
2. Update the BIOS.
3. Install the card.
4. Install the driver.
5. Upgrade the card’s firmware.

1. Update the BIOS.
2. Install the driver.
3. Install the card.
4. Upgrade the firmware.
5. Apply system updates.

❍ D.
1. Apply system updates.
2. Install the driver.
3. Install the card.
4. Upgrade the firmware.
5. Update the BIOS.
14. A new video card you are installing requires a 600 W power
supply. The power supply should have how many pins on the
main cable?

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 106

❍ A. 6 pins
❍ B. 8 pins
❍ C. 20 pins
❍ D. 24 pins
❍ E. 40 pins
15. Russ’s computer has a 60 GB IDE hard drive that contains his
operating system. He wants to add a second IDE hard drive to his
computer. How should he configure the two drives?

A. Russ should configure the new drive as master and
set the old drive as slave.

❍ B. Russ should configure both drives as slaves.
❍ C. Russ should configure both drives as master.
❍ D. Russ should configure the new drive as slave and the
old drive as master.

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 106


Chapter 4

Quick Check

16. Examine the following illustration. Then answer the question that

Computer A


Computer B

Computer C


Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 107

Computer D


What is the minimum number of USB cables required to set up
the three computers, including the keyboard and mouse?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.


17. Which of the following data rates are supported by PC3-10600

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 107

1333 MT/s and 1066 MT/s
1066 MT/s and 800 MT/s
1600 MT/s and 1333 MT/s
1600 MT/s and 800 MT/s

18. Which of the following properties of a heat sink has the greatest
effect on heat dissipation?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 102

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 107

Connection type
Surface area
Proximity to the power supply

19. You are working just outside a server room that is being built,
and you hear a loud popping sound from inside. As you enter the
server room, you notice an electrician lying on the floor with an
electrical cord in his hand. What should you do first?

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 107

220-801 Practice Exam C


Quick Check

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Call 911.
Call the building supervisor.
Pull the electrician away from the cord.
Turn off the electrical power at the source.

20. You have been asked to load a copy of the company’s purchased
software on a personal computer. What should you do first?

A. Verify that the install is allowed under the company’s
licensing agreements.

B. Notify the company’s owner of the breach.

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 107

C. Advise the individual that downloading unlicensed
software is illegal.

❍ D. Leave the premises and call local law enforcement.
21. After removing malware/spyware from a customer’s PC for the
third time, what should you do?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 107

Tell him you can’t fix the system again.
Do nothing; the customer pays every time.
Show him how to avoid the problem.
Change his user permissions.

22. A PC has the memory configuration listed below. Assuming RAM
is the same price per MB, which of the following answers would
be the least expensive when upgrading the PC to 12 GB of RAM?
Memory Slots:


DRAM Frequency:

667 MHz

Slot 1

4096 MB

Memory Type:

DDR3 (PC3-10600)


667 MHz (DDR3-1333)

Slot 2

2048 MB

Memory Type:

DDR3 (PC3-10600)


667 MHz (DDR3-1333)

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 102

A single 6 GB DDR3 PC3-12800 memory module
A single 8 GB DDR3 PC3-12800 memory module
A single 10 GB DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module
Two 6 GB DDR3 PC3-10700 memory modules

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 107


Chapter 4

Quick Check

23. A user calls and complains that he cannot get onto the Internet,
although he could just minutes before. What should you say to the

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 108

What is your IP address?
Wait 10 minutes, and then try it again.
Do you remember the last thing that you did?
Let me get my supervisor.

24. Which of the following multimeter settings should be used only
when there is no electrical flow through the part being tested?
(Select the two best answers.)

Quick Answer: 102

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 108

A. Continuity
B. Wattage
C. Voltage

❍ D. Amps
❍ E. Resistance
25. You need to set up a server system that will run in a VM. It will
have the bulk of the network computers’ resources and will supply
much of the resources necessary to the client computers that will
connect to it. You are also required to set up the client computers.
What two types of systems (server and client) will you be implementing?

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 108

A. CAD/CAM workstation and PCs
B. Virtualization workstation and thin clients

❍ C. Home server PC and thick clients
❍ D. AV workstation and laptops
26. Your boss can receive e-mail but can’t seem to send e-mail with
the installed e-mail client software. Which protocol is not configured properly?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.


Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 108

220-801 Practice Exam C


Quick Check

27. A customer’s laptop LCD needs replacement. Which tool should
you use to open the case?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 108

Plastic tweezers
Flathead screwdriver
Plastic shim

28. A customer is having a hard time describing a computer problem.
You are not sure what the problem is or where it is occurring.
What should you do?

Quick Answer: 102

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 108

A. Offer various different repair options
B. Use computer jargon to help relax the customer
C. Ask the customer to slowly repeat what the problem is

❍ D. Tell the customer that you have to leave and that the
problem will be fixed soon
29. Which component requires a “burn-in” period?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Power supply

Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 109

CMOS chip
BIOS setup
Bootstrap loader

31. What controls the data transfer between the CPU, RAM, and PCIe
devices on motherboards that support Intel Core 2 CPUs?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 109

Hard drive

30. When a PC is first booted, which of the following tests the processor, RAM, video card, disk controllers, disk drives, and keyboard?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 102


Quick Answer: 102
Detailed Answer: 109

Tim wants to use a wireless mouse with short-range communications. What should you do first? ❍ A. External clock speed ❍ C. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 109 Fill out an accident report 33. ❍ C. ❍ D. Which of the following can be used to verify settings between the computer and a connected modem? ❍ A. Notify the network administrator Start mopping up the mess Reference the MSDS Puts a uniform negative charge on the drum Detailed Answer: 109 Puts the toner on the drum Removes static electricity Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 109 BIOS CMOS CR2032 Setup 35. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. Which of the following is the fastest? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 102 Puts a uniform positive charge on the drum 34. ❍ B.88 Chapter 4 ✓ Quick Check 32. Bus speed Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 110 B. ❍ C. Internal clock speed ❍ D. A laser printer’s primary corona wire does which of the following? ❍ A. It is seeping into the server room next door. ❍ D. What device on the motherboard retains variable information such as the time and date? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 110 AT&V IRQ MBR QPI 37. It seems someone has spilled a large amount of coffee in the break room and has not cleaned it up. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 102 A. ❍ B. ❍ D. Expansion bus speed 36. Which of the following is the best? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 102 Cellular Bluetooth USB Ethernet Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 110 . ❍ D.

Quick Answer: 102 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 110 Using analogies Using visual aides Using jargon Limiting the amount of information to what is necessary for the user to know 41.) Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 110 ❍ A. IEEE 1394 IEEE 1284 IEEE 802. ❍ C. and a 64 MB video card. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. Antistatic mat ❍ E. Which of the following cables connects the parallel port of the computer to the printer? ❍ A. What tool would you use to test the voltage of a power supply? (Select the two best answers. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. What tool is used to test all computer hardware prior to installing an operating system? ❍ A.11 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 110 Another computer system BIOS setting Windows POST card 40. 2 GB RAM. ❍ B. ❍ D. Multimeter ❍ B. ❍ B. which of the following is not permissible? ❍ A. Increase system RAM Upgrade the video card Increase the hard drive capacity Upgrade the CPU Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 111 .3 39. Detailed Answer: 110 IEEE 802. ❍ B.220-801 Practice Exam C 89 ✓ Quick Check 38. Cable tester ❍ D. When explaining a technical concept to a customer. PSU tester 42. The customer tells you that performance is slow when Aero is enabled. One of your customers is running Windows 7 on a PC that has a 2 GHz CPU. Loopback plug ❍ C. How can you increase performance on the computer? ❍ A.

❍ C. Which socket replaces the Intel 1156 socket? ❍ A. ATX and DVI B. ❍ B. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 102 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 111 A.) Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 111 . WOL 48. To make the computer faster To lower cost To reduce temperature 775 Detailed Answer: 111 1155 1366 1000 Mbps Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 111 20 Gb/s 3. microATX and HDMI 47. ❍ D. What are the first and last things you should do? (Select the two best answers. ❍ B. Passwords ❍ E. The registry ❍ C. You have opened the computer case and are ready to install. Why do some computers share RAM with the video card? ❍ A.0 Gb/s 5 Gbps 46. You have selected a motherboard for your new audio workstation. Mobile-ITX and HDMI C. What is the data transfer rate of DMI version 2. Pico-ITX and RG-6 ❍ D. ❍ C.0? ❍ A. You are building an HTPC.) Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 111 ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 111 To make the computer run more quietly 44. Time and Date ❍ B. Which of the following would you configure in the BIOS? (Select the four best answers.90 Chapter 4 ✓ Quick Check 43. ❍ D. ❍ C. Boot sequence ❍ D. ❍ D. USB drivers ❍ F. Which form factor and video output should you select? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 102 940 45.

You want to test whether IPv4 and IPv6 are working properly on a computer. ❍ B.0 and Ping :1 Ping 127.220-801 Practice Exam C 91 ✓ Quick Check ❍ A. Which of the following measurements is the typical latency of a SATA hard drive? ❍ Detailed Answer: 112 ipconfig ::1 and ping ::1 50. Detailed Answer: 112 Clean the printer Install a maintenance kit Clear the counter Print a test page 53. What should you do for the printer? ❍ A. 16 MB ❍ D. 7200 RPM ❍ C.0. Connect the main power cable 49. 4. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ C. what would the front side bus (FSB) be? ❍ A.0. Put on an antistatic strap ❍ E. ❍ B. ❍ D. Ping 127.0. Jim has a Core 2 Quad CPU in his desktop computer.1 and Ping 127::1 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 112 1 GHz 333 MHz 666 MHz 1333 MHz 51. ❍ D.0. ❍ B.0. ❍ C. Install the CPU ❍ C. ❍ D. Test the motherboard ❍ D. Quick Answer: 102 Type I Type II Type III Type IV Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 112 . ❍ C. Select a motherboard ❍ B.1 and Ping ::1 ipconfig 127. 300 MB/s ❍ B. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 102 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 112 A. Which commands should you issue? ❍ A. If the base clock of his motherboard is 333MHz. The marketing printer has been used for 4 years.2 ms 52. Which PC Card slot can manage all the various PC Cards? ❍ A.0.

Turn the printer on and off ❍ D. Airflow Detailed Answer: 112 Cold temperature A strong light source Toner dust 55. G34 58. Show the customer the printer’s basic functionality ❍ E. ❍ B.92 Chapter 4 ✓ Quick Check 54. Recheck all connections ❍ B. ❍ D. Install a maintenance kit 57. You just installed a customer’s printer and tested it. ❍ D. AM3 ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ C. Which tool should you use to determine why a computer fails to boot? ❍ A. What should you never expose the drum of a laser printer to? ❍ A.) ❍ Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 113 A. Quick Answer: 102 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 112 Cable tester Loopback plug PSU tester Tone and probe kit 56. Bill the customer ❍ C. ❍ B. What should you do next? Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 112 ❍ A. 1155 ❍ C. ❍ C. FM1 ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. How much L1 cache does a Core i5 CPU with four cores contain in total? ❍ A. 775 ❍ E. Which of the following are AMD CPU sockets? (Select the three best answers. 32 KB 64 KB 128 KB 256 KB Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 113 .

Tone and probe kit 63. simulating two CPUs? ❍ A. Multimeter ❍ C. Which technology calculates two independent sets of instructions simultaneously. Volts Watts Ohms Amps 62. Which type of cache memory is shared by all cores of a CPU? ❍ A. You think that the power supply in your PC might be failing. –12 V -5 V. ❍ D.220-801 Practice Exam C 93 ✓ Quick Check 59. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ B. 5 v. causing issues with a SATA drive. What are the standard voltages of a SATA connection on an ATX power supply? ❍ A. L1 Detailed Answer: 113 L2 L3 DRAM 60. 5 V. 12 V -3. ❍ B. You decide to test the SATA drive. ❍ B. How is TDP measured? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ D. Cable tester ❍ D. 5 V. ❍ C. PSU tester ❍ B. Quick Answer: 102 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 113 Hyper-threading HyperTransport TurboBoost Multi-core 61. ❍ D. 12 V 5 V and 12 V Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 113 .3 V. 3.3 V. ❍ C. You are tasked with plugging a network patch cable into an inactive drop within a user’s cubicle. Which tool enables you to find the correct network drop in the wiring closet so that you can make the port hot? ❍ Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 113 A.

94 Chapter 4 ✓ Quick Check 64. You just installed a maintenance kit to a laser printer. ❍ B. Which of the following is the most appropriate action to take? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C. What is the best solution for making a direct wireless connection between a laptop and a printer? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 102 USB 2. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ D.0 66. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 114 eSATA 67. Quick Answer: 102 Discharge the monitor Clean the monitor Degauss the monitor Unplug the monitor Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 114 . Which type of external connection allows for the fastest hard drive data rate? ❍ A. ❍ B. Before working on the CRT. Detailed Answer: 114 Restore the printer to factory settings 65. You’ve opened a CRT. A company has Category 5e cabling lying on the floor in several locations. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. Print a test page Refill the paper trays Restart the printer IEEE 1394a 1000BASE-T Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 114 FireWire IEEE 1284 Bluetooth IEEE 1394 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 114 Reroute the cables using a protective material Secure the cables to the floor with tape Install a wireless network Move the computers closer to the server 68. what should you do? ❍ A. ❍ D. What should you do next? ❍ A.

❍ D. Impedance 71. and after determining the urgency of the call. What are the standard voltages in the United States for a home and for the internal workings of a PC? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ B. Voltage ❍ B. ❍ D.220-801 Practice Exam C 95 ✓ Quick Check 69. 12 V DC 72. 70. get right back to work while talking on the phone. ❍ B. One of your customers wishes to have broadband Internet access set up in her home office. ❍ B. ❍ C. and after determining that it is not a truly urgent call. She is on a tight budget and doesn’t want to pay for additional equipment. ❍ C. 5 V DC 120 V AC. 12 V DC Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 115 Soap and water WD-40 Isopropyl alcohol A moist cloth 73. Quick Answer: 102 ISDN T-3 Cable modem T-1 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 115 . C. Which of the following is defined as the movement of electric charge? ❍ Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 114 A. ❍ D. Ask to be excused. Amperage ❍ D. Ask to be excused. Wattage ❍ C. Talk with the person while working. 120 V AC. You are on a service call and receive an urgent phone call. ❍ C. B. go back to work. 240 V DC 240 V AC. What action should you take? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 114 A. Which of the following technologies would be the best solution? ❍ A. Which of the following should be used to clean a laser printer’s rubber rollers? ❍ A. Leave the site and take the call. Detailed Answer: 115 240 V AC.

Which of the following communications protocols is used to connect to websites over secure communications links? ❍ A. An administrator cannot connect to a network volume.1. Allow the printer to acquire a DHCP address In DHCP. Quick Answer: 102 Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 115 SSH SFTP HTTPS Kerberos 78.1.10. ❍ C. ❍ B.1. TCP/IP ❍ D. SNMP ❍ C. A user cannot connect to a printer with the following UNC path: \\10.5/printer1 //10. IPP ❍ E.96 Chapter 4 ✓ Quick Check 74. ❍ D.5/printer1 https://10.10. SMTP ❍ B. \\ipaddress\sharename ❍ C. Which of the following paths is the best solution? ❍ A. \\computername\C$ ❍ B. DNS Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 116 . ❍ D. ❍ B.1.1. It is the same model as the old one. Your co-worker replaced the old printer and connected all the cables to the new printer. ❍ D. set a reservation by MAC address Have your co-worker print the configuration page Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 115 ipp://10. Which of the following protocols can be used to configure and monitor network printer device status? ❍ A. Which of the following is the best path for the administrator to use? Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 115 ❍ A. ❍ B.10.5\printer1 77. \\computername\sharename 75. http://computername/C ❍ E. ❍ C.10.5\printer1. //computername/C$ ❍ D. A co-worker at a satellite office reports that a new replacement shared workgroup printer has arrived.1. What is the easiest way to ensure that all the client computers can connect to the new printer via IPP? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 115 Name the new printer with the old printer name 76. ❍ C.5/printer1 http:\\10.

) Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 116 ❍ A. Which of the following are descriptions or examples of unicast IPv6 addresses? (Select the two best answers. ❍ B. Unplug the power cord to prevent shorts 80. Audio/Video editing workstation ❍ C. Biometric scanner Image scanner Barcode reader Touchpad Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 117 . What should you recommend he do before attempting this? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 116 A. ❍ D. Wi-Fi range is reduced. Gaming PC ❍ E. Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 116 The CPU is overclocking. Back up the computer to prevent any potential loss of data ❍ C. An address assigned to a group of interfaces where the packets are delivered to all interfaces ❍ ❍ B.220-801 Practice Exam C 97 ✓ Quick Check 79. You need to install a device that can read groupings of parallel lines.) ❍ A. ❍ B. Which of the following custom PC configurations require powerful CPUs? (Select the three best answers. Your CD burner takes longer to write than usual. Which device should you select? ❍ A. Your co-worker Jake is planning on using an extension magnet to pick up a screw that dropped inside a computer case. Home server PC 83. A loopback address of ::1 81. Frequent failure of hard drives. Turn on the computer to prevent shorts ❍ D. CAD/CAM workstation ❍ B. An address assigned to a group of interfaces where the packets are delivered to the first interface only ❍ D. ❍ D. An address assigned to one interface Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 116 C. Make sure the extension magnet is rubber coated B. ❍ C. ❍ C. Home theater PC ❍ F. Which of the following symptoms would indicate to you that there is a power supply issue? ❍ A. Virtualization workstation ❍ D. 82.

you do not have any RAM meeting that exact specification. ❍ B. Wrist strap C. Unfortunately. Which of the following expansion slots should the motherboard have for your two video cards? ❍ A. ❍ B. Which of the following is the most valid reason why you would select SATA 3. Tweezers ❍ D. Which of the following is the best tool to use to reach a screw that has fallen into a computer case and out of reach? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 117 A. Detailed Answer: 117 PC3-6400 PC3-8500 PC3-12800 DDR3-1066 88. ❍ D. You are building a new PC and want to select a motherboard that will support the Scalable Link Interface (SLI) technology so that you can install two SLI video cards connected by a bridge.98 Chapter 4 ✓ Quick Check 84. You are building a new PC for a customer. You do not want to use jumpers. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 117 Two AGP slots Two PCIe slots A PCI and PCIe slot An AGP and PCIe slot 85. ❍ C. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 102 Detailed Answer: 117 ❍ D. Extension magnet 87. You are installing an external SATA drive.0? ❍ A. ❍ C. You are trying to optimize the system for audio and video. Which of the following RAID arrays is fault tolerant and allows you to do striping? ❍ A. You need to replace RAM in a customer’s PC that currently uses PC3-10600 memory. You are attempting to implement hot-swapping functionality.0 over the original SATA 2. ❍ D. ❍ C. Pliers B. Quick Answer: 102 RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 RAID 10 Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 117 . ❍ D. Which RAM should you install? ❍ A. ❍ B. 86.

Preserving data ❍ D.) Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 118 ❍ A. B. ❍ C.1. The mouse trackball needs to be removed and cleaned. ❍ C. 91. ❍ C. ❍ D.) ❍ A. what should you check first? ❍ A. The mouse needs to be charged. ❍ D. what has failed? ❍ A.220-801 Practice Exam C 99 ✓ Quick Check 89. If you are dealing with a power issue. There’s a conflict with the keyboard. Install rounded IDE cables Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 119 . It’s on an uneven surface. Avoiding distraction 90. Maintaining a positive attitude ❍ C. ❍ E. ❍ B. First response ❍ B. Which of the following are two possible reasons that an optical mouse cursor erratically jumps around the screen? (Select the two best answers. It’s using an incorrect mouse driver.) ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 118 A. Install a passive hard drive cooler ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 118 Input devices Cabling Wall outlet Power supply 92.254. ❍ D. Which of the following are components of dealing with prohibited content? (Select the three best answers. Install a liquid cooling system ❍ E. Quick Answer: 103 Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 118 DHCP DNS WINS APIPA 93. Creating a chain of custody ❍ E. What are two things you can do to increase proper airflow? (Select the two best answers. ❍ B. Install an additional case fan ❍ D. An older Core 2 Duo computer is overheating because there is very little open space within the computer case. If a computer receives the IP address 169. Drill holes in the computer case to increase airflow ❍ B.127.

❍ D. ❍ B. Report through proper channels C. ❍ D. ❍ D. Do not minimize a customer’s problems Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 119 B. Tell the customer to remove confidential documents 96. Detailed Answer: 119 0 97. In a RAID 5 array of eight hard drives. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 103 VT-x AMD-Vi VT-d AMD-V Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 119 . Emergency! Your boss forgot the password to the BIOS on a computer. what should you do? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 103 A. 1 2 5 Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 120 Remove the LCD Clean it thoroughly Remove the hard drive Remove the WLAN card 98.) ❍ A. how many can fail without losing the entire array? ❍ A. Which of the following methods helps you to reset the password? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 119 Remove the RAM from the motherboard Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard Remove the RAM jumper from the motherboard Remove the main power connection from the motherboard 95. ❍ B. What should you do first before shipping a user’s laptop to the manufacturer for repair? ❍ A. When dealing with difficult customers. ❍ B.100 Chapter 4 ✓ Quick Check 94. ❍ C. Track evidence through documentation ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ D. Which of the following are the Intel and AMD names for CPU virtualization? (Select the two best answers.

Quick Answer: 103 DVI-D DVI-A DVI-I HDMI Type B Quick Answer: 103 Detailed Answer: 120 . At 12x speed.220-801 Practice Exam C 101 ✓ Quick Check 99. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 120 50 GB 432 Mb/s 4. ❍ D. ❍ B. how much data can a Blu-ray drive read per second? ❍ A. Which of the following video connectors accepts digital and analog video signals only? ❍ A.5 MB/s 150 KB/s 100. ❍ B.

B 36. A 11. B 42. A. B 74. D 22. B 60. C 18. D 14. C 50. D 68. C. C 2. A 55. A 49. A 17. C and D 77. B 63. C 73. B 33. C 78. D 44. C 20. A 38. B 66. A 40. C 69. C 58. D 5. C 9. A 10. A 6. A 46. C 30. A 3. D 43. C 64. and E 86. B 54. C 13. C 59. C 26. A. A. C 57. C 82. D 41. C 47. C 84. D 31. C 37. D 79. B 71. B and D 23. A 65. D 29. C 24. C 12. D 80. and F 76. and D 25. D 48. D 75. A and E 70. B 27.102 Chapter 4 Quick-Check Answer Key 1. A 35. B 81. B 8. D 15. C. D 56. B 7. A 62. B 21. C 16. C 83. B 61. C 72. A 32. C . C 52. B 4. C 45. C 28. D 85. A 19. B 51. C. A and E 53. D 34. D. D 39. C 67. C 87.

A and D 89. C. C 93.220-801 Practice Exam C 88. A 100. C 91. C 103 . B 90. A and D 95. C 96. B 99. C and E 98. and D 94. A 97. B 92. A.

Thermal expansion and contraction happen when humidity changes quickly. Many motherboards also let you increase the system bus speed. tell the user that he should charge the battery often! As for the other answers: Restoring power usage when the laptop is unattended would seem like the opposite of conserving battery power. Answer: C. PCI has a maximum of either 133 or 266 MB/s. nor USB use lanes. it simply says that the battery is often low on power. many Intel CPUs also have TurboBoost technology. Of course. a CPU such as this will hover at around 1600 MHz (1. you might want to check other adapter cards in case they were affected by this phenomenon as well. Answer: B. Often. Only fully discharge the battery if it will not hold a charge anymore. or 3. or 480 MB/s. 3. shut down the display and hard drives after 10 minutes or so. Neither AGP.” Although there might have been chip creep. in this case it would be up to 3. PCI. That means it can send and receive 1 GB of data every second. Answer: A. And PCIe x16 slots. replace the battery. as well as possibly corrupt data stored on the hard drive. The power saver plan will dim the display. PCI Express (PCIe) version 3. can send and receive 16 GB/s simultaneously. Treat overclocking with extreme caution—the increased voltage and ensuing heat can easily cause the CPU to overheat and cause damage to the CPU and other devices in the system. Keeping the device stored in a dry cool area out of direct sunlight also helps. This can lead to what some technicians refer to as “chip creep” or “card creep. Thermal sublimation deals with a specific type of printing process and is not involved in the problem.6 GHz).0 sends 5 Gbps. . others let you overclock the system bus to as high as 300 MHz (not recommended). You can also suggest that the user close applications when not in use and turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while they are not being used. AGP and PCI are parallel technologies. PCIe and USB are serial technologies. the direct cause of the problem was most likely thermal expansion/contraction. The question’s scenario says nothing about the battery not charging. This is a basic and fairly safe type of overclocking. Some boards will stop you at say 105 MHz.1 GHz. POST errors would not be the cause of the error but in some cases could give you diagnostic information leading to the cause. USB 3.4 GHz when needed. since they have 16 lanes. for a multiplier of 16. You should recommend configuring the laptop power option to power saver plan.1 GHz CPU is 100 MHz. but at the cost of not using it anymore. The default bus speed (without overclocking) for a Core i5 3. While in the computer. The multiplier is variable and will only increase if the system runs more applications and requires more CPU power. AGP maxes out at 2. Finally. 2. which allows the CPU to be raised by 10% beyond the maximum.104 Chapter 4 Answers and Explanations 1. Disabling special video effects in Windows can also conserve battery power. The maximum multiplier is 31 times that. Removing the battery will definitely conserve battery power. 4. This will help to conserve battery power. and put the computer to sleep soon after that. If that doesn’t help. PCIe is the only technology listed that uses lanes. But that is only if the processor requires it.133 MB/s. Answer: D.0 can transmit 1 GB/s per lane.

Answer: A. you will have to get someone else involved who can help you or attempt to communicate with the person through e-mail. that won’t happen. Satellite connections and cable Internet use RG-6. Yes. But the amount of memory is important. Asking a person with an accent to stop speaking with an accent is like telling a dog to stop wagging its tail. remember that Wi-Fi is a registered trademark. Memory type doesn’t really matter much. RAM. it probably will be futile. 6. External peripherals don’t need to post properly for the computer to boot to the OS. then the memory type should be fine. Answer: B. both WLAN and WAN cards can be external or internal. The most important consideration when installing any 64-bit operating system is the processor type. and so on. Software errors can’t occur until the operating system attempts to boot. 1 GB is necessary for 32-bit systems. Fiber-optic networks use fiber-optic cables that have a core of plastic or glass fibers. Windows 7 requires a 1 GHz CPU.220-801 Practice Exam C 105 5. or motherboard. video. only if you are attempting to access the BIOS or if someone configured a user password in the BIOS. Even the keyboard isn’t necessary. and the actual technologies you are using are technically known as WLAN. Always clarify! Having the customer call back later is just delaying the problem. The CPU needs to be 64-bit to run 64-bit Windows. and without the POST finishing successfully. Finally. but once again. then you don’t have much of a computer. you can probably ascertain that the POST has failed and that the problem lies within the big four (as I like to call them): CPU. These are much more difficult to eavesdrop on than any copper cable. Passwords are required when you see a repetitive flashing light on the screen. 32-bit CPUs will not run 64-bit Windows. On to the other answers: It is the WAN card that has a range of miles. while a WLAN card can work without provider payment. Answer: C. the 64-bit consideration becomes important again. 64-bit versions of Windows 7 require 2 GB RAM. especially the big four and the hard drive. if you don’t have that speed. Verizon. whereas the WLAN card will be limited to 820 feet outdoors (if 802. probably internal to the computer. if it’s a PC. . Most likely. Answer: D. but honestly. It is cellular WAN cards that are more proprietary. 9. Remember that Wireless LAN (WLAN) technologies that are ratified by the IEEE such as 802.11n less for other WLAN standards). not on the keyboard—and even then. The only real difference listed between cellular WAN cards and WLAN cards is that a cellular WAN card requires a subscription to a cellular provider. The POST is more interested in the guts of the computer. The technician should repeat the problem back to the customer to make sure that everyone is talking about the same thing and that both parties understand each other. You would have to get a WAN card that matches your service: AT&T.11g are commonly referred to as Wi-Fi. 7. A technician needs to be culturally sensitive.11n and 802. If you seriously cannot understand the customer even after attempting to listen several times and repeating the problem back. If nothing comes up on the display. However. and all you have to go by are flashing lights on the keyboard. 8. Answer: A. There are plenty of free Wi-Fi (WLAN) networks out there. DSL uses a standard phone line or other twisted-pair cable. repetitive flashing lights on a keyboard will indicate the presence of a hardware error.

Install the driver. The main power connection should have 24 pins. which could be a single 6-pin. 12. the person will probably tell you that she plugged the device in. EEPROM stands for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. Rambus also makes RAM for game consoles known as XDR RAM. even if you are upgrading an older computer. and RDP. By setting the jumper to master on the old drive and setting the jumper to slave on the . The port numbers 21. Answer: D. So the question was more of a tricky one. The process order for installing a new hard drive controller card is to: 1. Older systems used the 20-pin main power connector. you will still be dealing with IDE drives. SMTP. The Telnet protocol uses port 23. The RIMM is a competitor of DDR. SSH. you will probably elicit a lot of the other listed answers from the customer. Then test it. Answer: A. You might ask “Who cares about IDE?” The answer: CompTIA. All PC techs do that. and finally 5. 2. The operating system should be contained within the master drive. but those are rare nowadays. They simply plug into the computer and either work or don’t. You should first ask the customer to describe the steps taken so far. or a single 8-pin.400 MB/s. Update the controller card’s firmware last. PC2-6400 is a DDR2 module name that transmits 6. 443. It might also cause Windows to attempt to install a Microsoft driver when you really want the manufacturer’s driver. 53. Use SSH in its place for a more secure connection. and 3389 correspond to the protocols FTP. it is used by BIOS chips and is not a RAM stick. It’s not asking for the video power connection. you are simply asking what the customer did so far. you should have made sure that the card is compatible with the motherboard and your version of Windows before purchasing. By asking this. a double 6pin. physical install. special firmware upgrades. 25. For example. It’s on the objectives so you should know it. The moral of this question is to get the whole story before asking questions that are arbitrary—and possibly unnecessary. Remember. whether it is on older computers or on systems that you are upgrading (or restoring data from). 4. Plus. Update the BIOS. you are not accusing the user of anything. and if it tests true. Answer: B. Know your port numbers! 11. When upgrading. plus it isn’t even enabled or installed on newer versions of operating systems. some devices are not turned on and off. right? 14. insecure. 22. Answer: D. applying the system updates last would cause Windows to recognize the card properly too late. 3. 15. Upgrade the card’s firmware. You don’t even know if the device is USB or not. HTTP uses port 80. Telnet is deprecated. And when you ask what the customer has done so far. BIOS updates. sit back and whistle your favorite tune. All of the other listed orders have anomalies that could lead to errors. But also. Apply system updates. That’s the smartest list of steps for any hardware upgrade. driver install. The key here is what you ask the customer first. Install the card physically. Answer: D. think this way: Windows updates. Answer: D. HTTPS. that will depend on the type of video card. RIMMs are designed by a company called Rambus.106 Chapter 4 10. 40 pins is the amount of pins an IDE hard drive’s data cable has. its standard name is DDR2-800 because it can perform 800 MT/s. and outdated. You want to update the BIOS before installing the card. so that the BIOS will have a better chance of recognizing it. You have to remember that powerful video cards will require more powerful power supplies. DNS. 13. it is also known as RDRAM as opposed to SDRAM. Of course. Just about all PCs you will see will have a 24-pin power cable. POP3 uses port 110.

Another option is to use the cable select jumper setting that will attempt to automatically configure the new drive as a slave. in this scenario as low as 400 MHz (800 MT/s. To aid in this. Answer: C. Teach the user how to avoid this problem. 19. To sum up: Any particular memory module will usually run at least one step slower than its default rate. You might see this referred to as 1333 and 1066 MHz. but you should check first. Selecting any other setting listed might result in problems booting to the operating system. For example. Most organizations will not allow purchased software to be installed on an employee’s home computer. If it is against organization policy. if you have a motherboard that can normally only handle DDR3-1066 memory modules. Answer: A. then PC3-10600 would run at 667 MHz (the default) and 533 MHz (underclocked). then you should notify your supervisor. Russ will accomplish that. The more solid the bond between the heat sink and CPU cap. 22.) Of course. The best answer here is to select a single 8 GB DDR3 PC3-12800 memory module. If the electrician is being electrocuted. it’s the data rate that is 1333 MT/s. Most motherboards can underclock a RAM module by at least one step if necessary. If a motherboard supports it at all. It probably isn’t. Because it appears that the power is still on.220-801 Practice Exam C 107 new drive. Answer: B. it can be underclocked automatically by most PC motherboards to match the PC3-10600 speed. the better the transition of heat out of the CPU. The key in this question is to know the various data rates of DDR. The customer will then be more likely to come back to you with other computer problems. but it can be underclocked to 1066 MT/s.333 megatransfers per second (MT/s) and at 1066 MT/s. Answer: C. It’s the surface area of the heat sink that has the greatest effect on heat dispersion. Even though it is faster than the current RAM. one for the USB keyboard. the board will support PC3-10600 running at 1. Note that this can be done only if the drive is equipped with that jumper setting. but that is not accurate. A KVM switch allows you to control two or more computers with a single keyboard and mouse. you could still install DDR3-1333 memory modules. Of course. This kind of device is great for training purposes and lab and testing environments. Answer: A. Then call 911. and six for the PCs that are connecting to the KVM switch (two each). The device also needs only one display. for example. The default data rate is 1333 MT/s. 21. Note that the question stated that RAM is assumed to be the same price per MB. turn it off at the source (if it is not near the sparking wire). If you were to see this question expressed as the I/O bus clock rate. you could be next. DDR3-1333 actually has an I/O bus clock rate of 667 MHz. Answer: C. 20. Do not move the cord or the electrician. You should first verify that the installation is allowed under a company’s licensing agreement. you can look at only one computer’s video display at a time. Eight USB cables minimum are required for this configuration—one for the USB mouse. you do not want to touch him. 16. 18. A PC3-10600 module is DDR3-1333. but they would be automatically underclocked to 1066. 17. another option (though not recommended) would be to overclock the motherboard to meet the data rate of the new RAM. This will usually be the circuit breaker. Some RAM modules and motherboards support underclocking even further. ‘Nuff said. The current 2 GB . thermal compound must be used. respectively. Answer: D.

just ask what the user did last on the computer. In each example. The 6 GB module wouldn’t work because there would be no way to achieve 12 GB mathematically (we are limited to two slots). leaving you at a loss as to what to fix. you don’t want any electricity flowing through the device or line. Answers: A and E. When testing for watts. An AV workstation is an audio/video workstation. two 6 GB modules would work if we removed both current modules. Of the listed answers. The virtualization workstation will run virtual software that will allow you to install the server software to a virtual machine (VM). 25. Use a plastic shim to open the display or remove the bezel that surrounds it. That is the protocol used to send mail. PCs have plenty of their own resources and do not need a server supplying those resources. Compatibility is quite important. they also have plenty of internal resources.108 Chapter 4 memory module in Slot 2 would be removed. The more patient you appear. ask the person to slowly repeat what the problem is. 26. but it would be even more expensive. and the new 8 GB module would replace it. and even you. If the customer is having a hard time describing the problem. you need to have electricity flowing through the item you want to test. and amps. Of course. This server will provide most of the resources for the clients on the network—the thin clients. Answer: C. Finally. and especially patient. continuity and resistance are the settings that should be used when there is no electrical flow through the part being tested. Try to relax him and be understanding. Thin clients normally have very limited resources of their own and rely on the server (be it a regular or virtual server) for the additional resources they need. Flathead screwdrivers are not recommended because the metal can damage the plastic case of the laptop. . When finished. you do not want to accuse the user of anything. 28. However. 27. thick clients don’t meet the requirements of this scenario. Questioning the user can often lead to what caused the issue. and laptops are not thin clients. Answer: B. Answer: D. Thick clients have plenty of resources and are often used as another name for PCs. A CAD/CAM workstation is used for computer-aided design and manufacturing. Plastic tweezers are used to remove hard-to-reach parts such as screws from the inside of a PC. volts. The 10 GB module would work mathematically (if we removed the current module in Slot 1) but would be more expensive as opposed to an 8 GB module (more GB. POP3 receives e-mail. 24. HTTP is the protocol used by web browsers to surf the Internet. that and the current memory module in Slot 1 would equal 12 GB total. more money). It would give erratic results and could possibly cause damage to your testing equipment. but in some situations you might actually purchase a faster type of RAM to save money! 23. FTP enables two computers to upload and download files. Pliers have many uses but could cause damage to the plastic that surrounds the display of a laptop. if it runs in a virtual environment. A home server PC is a possibility in this scenario. You should not offer any repair options until you know exactly what the problem is. instead. the more chance the customer will paint you a good picture of what the problem is. not a server. Answer: C. and you want to be sure that there is no electrical flow when doing these tests! Examples of continuity or resistance tests include testing a fuse’s impedance (measured in ohms) and testing a network cable for continuity. The Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) is not configured properly. You will be implementing a virtualization workstation and thin clients. Answer: A.

It’s coffee—no need to fill out an accident report. . and so on when the computer first boots and displays any error messages if any errors occur. notify the network administrator immediately. find out what the problem is. The POST is a part of the BIOS. The toner is attracted to the areas that have a lesser negative charge. it automatically reads the hard disk drive boot sector to continue the process of booting the operating system. This device is also referred to as the northbridge. Answer: C. and x16 PCIe devices on older Intel motherboards that support Core 2 CPUs. The ICH (I/O Controller Hub) makes the connections to secondary systems such as USB and SATA. video card. like Intel. This way you will be sure that the power supply is functional. and repair it as soon as possible. 34. AMD systems still use the northbridge/southbridge concept. Because of this. 33. Toner is placed on the drum from the toner hopper. 30. that’s your prerogative. you might choose to mop up the mess. The Bootstrap loader is within the ROM ship as well. This device is also referred to as the southbridge. and controls the data transfer of. the northbridge functionality is embedded within the CPU. On newer Intel systems (such as Core i5 or i7 systems). When the computer is turned on. The complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) retains (stores) changing or variable information such as the time and date. Answer: B. 29. The Memory Controller Hub (MCH) makes the connection between. If anything is going to disturb the server room or other equipment rooms. The CMOS chip retains settings that the BIOS records during the POST. and i7 CPUs. so a lithium battery (usually a CR2032) is used to power the CMOS when the computer is off. if you start using terms the customer is unfamiliar with. i5. then you risk alienating the customer and making things more difficult. Persevere. however.220-801 Practice Exam C 109 Computer jargon never helps the situation. Answer: B. The primary corona wire places a negative charge on the photosensitive drum. 31. The term “Setup” is usually associated with the file (setup. After you notify the admin. It is somewhat of a replacement for the FSB. it is wise to run them for a while (burn them in) as part of your final checklist when working on or building a PC. memory. Answer: B.exe) which installs Windows and programs to be installed to Windows. The Direct Media Interface (DMI) makes the connection between the chipset and the CPU on motherboards that support Core i3. Static electricity is removed by a static eliminator strip. The FSB (front side bus) connects the CPU to the MCH (northbridge) in motherboards that support Core 2 CPUs. any memory controlling functionality is built in to the CPU. Power supplies are easily damaged in transit. but nothing that required an MSDS. It is volatile. Answer: A. RAM. The BIOS or setup can locate and identify devices but does not store the variable information mentioned. Be sure to understand both Intel architectures as well as how AMD fits into the whole scheme of things! 32. I’ve had some terrible coffee in my day. but I would hope the person who made the mess had a hand in cleaning it up. The Power-on Self Test (POST) checks the CPU. A positive charge is applied to the paper by the transfer corona wire later in the laser printing process. the CPU. Answer: C. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for anything that has a chemical within it. Never abruptly leave the customer.

A power-on self-test (POST) card can be used to test all hardware on a computer prior to installing an operating system. 38. Answer: D. there is no reason for the customer to know that 802. For example. QPI stands for QuickPath Interconnect. it is 512 bytes in size and is within the first sector of the hard drive. 37. except for the ones that crawl around the network looking for the exit. It is normally faster than the external clock speed (FSB on older Intel systems). A boot sector on PCs. IEEE 1394 is the PC equivalent standard of FireWire. Answer: B. If an OS hasn’t been installed yet. 41. 40. Cable testers are used to test networking cables. . TCP/IP in general. The multimeter will test one wire at a time. but this is limited compared to what a POST adapter card can do.3 is the standard for Ethernet. The BIOS employs its own POST. Most modem commands begin with AT.1 GHz. an Intel technology that connects the chipset to the CPU. An antistatic mat is used to reduce ESD when working on a computer. and you never know when you will see a question on it or when you might stumble upon one in the field! IEEE 802. an ExpressCard GPRS cellular data card). Customers can be confused by it. It often holds the partition table and/or bootstrapping information. but then again. The MBR is the master boot record. 100 MHz. IRQ stands for Interrupt ReQuest. The AT&V modem diagnostic command is used to verify connectivity and display settings between a computer and a connected dial-up modem. 36. we can’t use Windows to test hardware (and probably wouldn’t want to rely on that anyway). Use a multimeter or a power supply unit (PSU) tester to test the voltage of a power supply. it is used to troubleshoot computer boot-up problems. 39. While the parallel printer connection is an older technology. you are a techie and the customer is not. It is a more powerful version of the Direct Media Interface (DMI). More often. The internal clock speed is the frequency of the CPU—for example.11 is the collective standard of wireless technologies. Bluetooth works well as a short-range wireless communication technology. Answer: C. IEEE 802. Answer: C. USB and Ethernet are wired! And there are no Ethernet mice. Loopback plugs are used to test RJ45 ports on network adapters and COM1 serial ports. IEEE 1284 is the ratified standard for printer cables that connect to the parallel port (LPT1) of the computer on one end and the Centronics connector of the printer on the other end. Answer: C. It is also faster than the bus speed (otherwise known as the base clock speed)—for example.3z is the IEEE standard for 1000BASE-X: Ethernet over fiber optic transmissions at 1000 Mbps on the LAN. This means to stay away from mentioning computer acronyms. IEEE 1284 also sets the specifications for Extended Capabilities Port (ECP). Keep away from the jargon. and anything more technical than “reboot the computer”. and sometimes even frightened by it. In fact. Answer: A. intimidated by it. but they are of no consequence. Analogies and visual aids can be great when explaining technical concepts to a customer. You should definitely limit what the customer needs to know. 3.110 Chapter 4 35. it is still on the A+ objectives. Cellular is longer range and actually for sending data (for example. Think along their lines and paint a picture that they can understand. whereas the PSU tester will test the entire main power connection all at once. used for external drives and AV equipment. a number assigned to a device that allows it to initiate communication with the CPU. Answers: A and E. the latest technology names. there’s no reason you should know it for the A+ exam.

and i7 CPUs. but when it comes to the video configurations. Answers: C and D.0. The last thing you should do is test the motherboard. upgrade the CPU and possibly the hard drive. Answer: B. To make the computer run faster. the video will still perform like an actor on the late. 3. To make the computer run quieter. Cables need to be connected during the installation and prior to testing. i5. 5 Gbps is the data rate of USB 3. To reduce temperature. This is the only way that computer performance can be increased while Aero is running. Even though it is one number less. install more case fans and RAM heat sinks or consider a liquid cooling system. Always remember to test! You already selected the motherboard. Answer: C. a 64 MB video card is just too weak. and Wake-on-LAN (WOL) can all be configured in the BIOS. but also because it carries HD audio signal as well. The 940 is an AMD socket. it is the newer socket type. passwords. 44. But anything that deals with power or circuit boards should not be touched unless you are wearing an antistatic strap. Answers: A. Answer: D. 43. It is commonly used with Core i3. used with Opteron and Athlon 64 FX CPUs. The only solution listed is to upgrade the video card. install quieter fans and solid-state drives and consider a quieter case. boot priority (boot sequence). The DMI is the high-speed point-to-point interconnection mechanism between the CPU and the chipset. Mobile-ITX and Pico-ITX are used by ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) and smartphones. 48. Either way. The time/date. ATX is acceptable but won’t fit in most HTPC designed cases.220-801 Practice Exam C 111 42. The Direct Media Interface (DMI) connection has a data transfer rate of 20 Gb/s or 2. However. You should select the microATX form factor and the HDMI video output for an HTPC. But you can’t really test the motherboard without it. No matter how much RAM you add or what CPU you put in. and F. By sharing the RAM. Answer: C. installing the CPU isn’t really part of the motherboard installation process. 46. 1000 Mbps is the data transfer rate of gigabit Ethernet. The LGA 1366 is used with Intel Core i7 CPUs exclusively. DVI is the standard video connector for regular PCs. The first thing you should do is put on your antistatic strap. the registry and USB drivers are configured in Windows. but for a true multimedia experience you want HDMI—not only for its capabilities with HD formats. thus making for a cheaper system in general. Answer: B.0. the CPU would be installed before testing. 47. The CPU and RAM can make the system faster when dealing with applications and calculations of many kinds. LGA 775 is used by Intel Core 2 Duo and similar CPUs.0 Gb/s is the data rate of SATA revision 2. The LGA 1155 socket is the replacement for the LGA 1156 socket. RG-6 is the network connection on a cable modem or set-top box (STB). 45. This will not be satisfactory if you need to design a custom PC such as a gaming PC or a CAD/CAM workstation. but it will work just fine if you are building a PC that will have the primary function of accessing the Internet. motherboards can have integrated video cards. late. Increasing the hard drive capacity will have no effect on video but can definitely help in other areas of system performance such as pagefile access and general data access.5 GB/s. D. late movie—badly. Technically. C. .

If you tested it. it clears the counter of how much ink goes through the cartridge. Answer: D. the ExpressCard can go as fast as 250 MB/s. You could also sing Happy Birthday. Even if that is your responsibility. 55. . Clearing the counter is something you might do on an inkjet printer. Answer: C. Answer: C. teach the customer how to use it (at least the basics). Type II cards might be network adapters or modems. Type I cards are often flash memory cards. Installing a maintenance kit is like changing a car’s oil (although it isn’t done as often). When dealing with magnetic drives. or Type III PC Cards. 50. it is also expressed as 3.0 hard drive.2 ms (milliseconds) is the typical latency of a SATA hard drive. if used in PCI Express mode. then there is no reason to recheck connections or turn the printer on and off. To test IPv4. it is usually DRAM.0 Gb/s. Loopback plugs are used to test network cards and serial ports. A maintenance kit includes a new fuser assembly.000 pages printed. recycle it and install a new toner cartridge. To test IPv6.0. Maintenance kits are not necessary for new printers. rollers. 51.0. 54. it has effectively been supplanted by the DMI (on lesser Intel boards) and QPI (on more powerful Intel boards). you shouldn’t do so until you have shown the basics of the new printer to the customer. That would be 1333 MHz in this case. the drum should remain sealed in the toner cartridge. The front side bus (FSB) is usually four times the base core clock of a motherboard that supports Core 2 CPUs. 300 MB/s is the data transfer rate of a SATA revision 2. too. So. Unless you are an independent contractor or consultant. Answer: B. 4.112 Chapter 4 49. You don’t run ipconfig commands to particular IP addresses. If you have a toner spill or work in a dirty environment. use the command ping ::1. also referred to as PCMCIA cards. Answer: D. Answer: D. It is directly linked to rotational speed. A faster solution for laptops.5 mm thick. If a toner cartridge breaks or forms a crack. 53. A cable tester will check network cables only to see if they are wired correctly and have continuity. The tone and probe kit is used to test phone lines. They are bigger than Type III cards: 16 mm as opposed to 10. Answer: C. They are required when the printer reaches approximately 200. Use a power supply unit (PSU) tester to determine why a computer fails to boot. the rest of the answers are all tools that are used externally from the computer. you probably won’t bill the customer yourself. Printing a test page is important when first installing a printer and when you finish installing a maintenance kit. 56. A hard drive with a rotational speed of 7200 RPM has an average latency of 4. Type III cards are usually hard drives. it might be a good idea. 52. use the command ping 127. Because light is what affects the drum. One of culprits could be a faulty power supply. Type II. The Type III PC Card slot can handle Type I.1. but that would just be silly. whereas the PSU tester is the only one used inside the computer.2 ms. After installing something for a customer. Remember that newer Intel motherboards do not use the FSB. and more. There is no Ping :1 or Ping 127::1 commands. Answer: C. Keep the cartridge away from magnets. latency is the delay in time before a particular sector on the platter can be read. Cleaning the printer might not be necessary. 16 MB is a common amount of cache memory on a hard drive. PC Cards generally max out at 133 MB/s. Type IV cards can support all of the devices mentioned as well.

L1 cache (often 32 KB per core) is built in to the CPU. 58. and E. 5. Answer: B. Molex power connections use 5 V and 12 V only. Answer: C. There are two core Core i5 CPUs. 63. it is also known as on-die. i7.) . DRAM is the memory modules you install into the slots in the motherboard. There are no negative voltage wires on SATA power connections. or hundreds. Once you find the right cable. and G34 are all AMD CPU sockets. and Xeon CPUs. You do this by pressing the probe against each of the cables. Hyper-threading (for example. which checks the individual wires of longer network cable runs. of cables in the wiring closet. and older Xeon CPUs. but there is an actual CPU cache known as L4 used by Xeon and other high-end processors. meaning it can be used to send and receive data.220-801 Practice Exam C 113 57.3. Switch it on so it creates tone. 62. the RJ45 jack should be hot. Then go to the wiring closet (or network room or server room) and use the probe (an inductive amplifier) to find the tone. As for the other answers: A PSU tester tests the power supply of a computer. L2 cache (often 256 KB per core) is built on to the CPU. there are four core Core i5 CPUs. Cable tester is somewhat of a vague term. This is an excellent method when there are dozens. and 12-volt wires. Answer: D. but SATA includes the 3. The thermal design power (TDP) of a CPU is measured in watts. Newer Intel CPU designs combine multi-core technology with hyper-threading to allow for even more processing. C. Sempron. A multimeter can test any wire’s voltage or AC outlets. Answer: A. simulating two CPUs. a typical Core i5 CPU might be rated at 95 watts. the less the computer’s cooling system needs to dissipate heat generated by the CPU. Every core of a Core i5 CPU contains 32 KB of L1 cache. And like in the question. with 128 KB total L1 cache. The older LGA775 works with Core 2 Duo. 59. Answer: C. The AM3. SATA power connections have 3. The tone and probe kit allows you to find the network drop in the wiring closet. In this scenario you should test the SATA power connector and the main power connector from the power supply with your trusty PSU tester. but it usually either means a network patch cable tester or a LAN tester. The Intel LGA1155 works with Core i3. The AM3 is used to house Phenom II. DRAM is not cache memory. 61. Older single-core CPUs were rated as high as 215 watts. (Most PSU testers will have an SATA power port in addition to the main 24-pin power port. For example. How this would work is you would take the tone generator portion of the tone and probe kit and connect it via RJ45 to the network port in the user’s cubicle. HyperTransport is a high-speed link between various devices such as the CPU and northbridge on AMD systems. When you return to the user’s cubicle. plug it into the patch panel or directly to a network switch. Answers: A. Multi-core is the technology where a CPU physically contains two or more processor cores. G34 is a replacement of the F socket and is used with Opteron CPUs. Intel HT) calculates two independent sets of instructions simultaneously.3 volt line. Answer: A. 60. Core 2 Quad. FM1. Some people consider DRAM to be L4 cache. i5. TurboBoost is a basic form of overclocking that Intel allows with many of their processors. The less the wattage rating. The FM1 is used with the Llano CPU. they have a total of 64 KB of L1 cache. 128 KB total. These are all Pin Grid Array (PGA) sockets. L3 cache is shared by all of the cores of the CPU. and Athlon II CPUs.

USB 2. However. There is also no need to restore a printer to factory settings unless it fails. Degaussing CRT monitors eliminates stray magnetic fields. 6. the full specification calls for a maximum of 3. and outlets all must comply with a certain amount of amps. Your local municipality’s electrical and safety code requires that all cables be installed properly. Answer: C. It is measured in amps (A). Answer: C. Everyone has urgent calls sometimes. 70. And although typical IEEE 1394b devices run at 800 Mbps. This in a nutshell is known as cable management. measured in watts (W). But printing the test page should be last. But. most CRTs come with a built-in onscreen degaussing utility. 67. No cables can be left hanging or lying on the floor. when you finish. Answer: C. Answer: B. Amperage can be defined as electric current or the movement of electric charge. But a 20-amp circuit can handle a computer or two more. and IEEE 1284 is the standard for wired parallel port printing. or use the phone while at the job site.114 Chapter 4 64. Normally when you maintenance a laser printer. Circuit breakers. So there is no need to restart the printer. the less chance of overloading them. 68. Voltage is a representation of potential energy. Answer: A. it is the only wireless connection listed. electrical cable. Print a test page after doing preventative maintenance to a laser printer. The paper trays probably still have paper in them. slightly edging out eSATA. Answer: B. seems something to do after the work is complete. Plus. as I mentioned. measured in volts (V). in fact. the rate of electric energy in a circuit. IEEE 1394a is limited to 400 Mbps.0 Gbps. 1000BASE-T is a networking connection that offers 1000 Mbps. only a person trained on the repair of monitors should be opening them and even they should be discharging them before commencing work. make sure that it is specified to work with your circuit’s amp rating. Of course. Bluetooth works best for a direct wireless connection. The more you know. You should know your circuits in your office. your data rate would be 5. if you had USB 3. technologies are always coming out with newer versions that are faster and faster.0 Gbps. Why would you clean a monitor before working on it? I don’t know. The CRT holds a lethal charge and needs to be discharged before working on it. are they actually urgent? Determine this.0 is limited to 480 Mbps. Don’t text. a standard 15-amp circuit might be able to handle three or four computers and monitors. Rerun the cables through the walls and ceiling. and then get back to work as quickly as possible. 65. But that is only if you can find an IEEE 1394 device that complies with that speed. or use a special conduit to run the cables in a way that is safe. Wattage is electric power. you will power it down and unplug it before any work begins. 69. and that would be the winner. you simply start it. . In the strange case that you get a question like this. FireWire and IEEE 1394 are effectively the same (IEEE 1394 is the equivalent PC standard). external SATA (eSATA) runs at 3. Answer: A.2 Gbps. e-mail. part of preventative maintenance is to fill the trays.0. If you connect a power strip or surge protector.0 Gbps eSATA is unquestionably on the horizon. Your preventative maintenance will hopefully stave off that dark day. 66. As of the writing of this book. you should have unplugged the monitor before you opened it. Impedance is the amount of resistance to electricity. For example. and regardless. which is the fastest of the listed answers. measured in ohms (Ω).

To prevent this. This can be done by computer name or by IP address. but instead they begin with the letters ipp. This will cause the clients to fail when attempting to connect. Also. the second octet is a 1 instead of a 10. In this scenario it is most likely that the clients are connecting to the printer by IP address. Use a simple moist cloth. Although there is a type of Broadband ISDN. As to the other answers. it will acquire an IP address from the DHCP server—a new IP address. Answer: C. In DHCP. Installing cable Internet would be the best solution given the parameters of this scenario. 73. however. HTTPS relies on port 443. T-1 and T-3 lines are dedicated high-speed connections that will not fit the customer’s tight budget. IPP paths are similar to HTTP paths. Answer: A. to the new printer. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is used to make secure connections to websites. set a reservation by MAC address. 72. Or if this was meant to be a UNC. Although answer B could be a possibility. It is a common standard used for remote printing. we go to the router (or other DHCP device) and configure a MAC address reservation. and so on. Answer: D. ISDN is generally known as a narrowband technology. you don’t want to get any liquid inside the printer. the IP address in answer B is also incorrect.220-801 Practice Exam C 115 71. The MAC address of the printer (which might be on a label or can be accessed from the onscreen display) can be plugged into the DHCP server and reserved to a specific IP address. they should use the hidden share. The Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) will often be used in this manner. and print. Answer: A. Answer C isn’t correct syntax. The universal naming convention (UNC) \\computername\C$ or \\ipaddress\C$ would be the best option. but it doesn’t actually solve the problem! 76. different from the one used by the old printer. the moment the new printer is connected to the network. renaming the printer with the old name won’t help because the client computers are most likely connecting by IP. a better option would be to simply configure the printer to use a static IP address. that is designed to handle high-bandwidth applications and is quite expensive. so it is incorrect either way. If the administrator has issues connecting to a network volume with a particular share name. This allows the administrator to connect to the hidden share for the root of C. Printing the configuration page is great and might help you to figure out what the problem could be. SSH stands for Secure SHell. Homes in the United States are wired for 120 volts alternating current (AC). a UNC was the original path that failed. Answer: C. IPP stands for the Internet Printing Protocol. It would not be necessary to connect utilizing HTTP. authentication. Some organizations prefer to use IPP instead of UNC paths. and it is a broadband Internet solution. Answer D is showing backslashes in the path instead of the proper slashes. However. Of course. The wires inside a PC might be 12 volts direct current (DC). it would be more likely to use IPP instead of HTTPS. 77. it is not wise to share the C: drive with a share name called “C. Answer: C. the slashes should be backslashes. not by name. 5 volts. By default.3 volts. It is the cheapest of the four technologies listed above. and WD-40 will cause damage in the long run. Answer: D. Alcohol will be too strong. this is . and encryption enabling secure printing. or 3. It uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols to encrypt the connection and make it safe for logins. IPP supports access control. Soap and water can be used to clean the outside of a computer case.” 75. 74. purchases. two slashes should be preceded by some kind of protocol such as IPP or HTTP. not too wet.

then they will fail frequently. . Kerberos is a network authentication protocol used by various systems including Microsoft domains. Answer: D. for something nonmetallic. It uses port 22. C. 80. Home server PCs rely on RAID arrays and powerful network cards. If the power supply fails to provide clean power to the 3. which resolves domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. a more secure version of FTP that is built on SSH. SFTP is the SSH File Transfer Protocol.116 Chapter 4 used to make secure remote connections between computers for the purposes of command execution and remote control. Answer: C.3 V. If the power supply fails. virtualization workstations. compact form factors. and possibly TV tuners and video capture cards. and the loopback address ::1. Addresses assigned to a group of interfaces where the packets are delivered to all interfaces are known as multicast addresses. and it replaces the deprecated Telnet protocol. or perhaps the burn rate setting was lowered. and gaming PCs all require powerful CPUs with multiple cores—as many cores as possible. You should test this with a power supply tester or multimeter. DNS is the Domain Name System. IPP is the Internet Printing Protocol. 79. CAD/CAM workstations. and there are thresholds in place to stop the CPU from overclocking too far. The wireless adapter would either work or not work. Make sure the computer is off and unplugged. If the CD burner takes longer to write data than usual. Addresses assigned to a group of interfaces where the packets are delivered to the first interface only are known as anycast addresses. You could also try turning the computer upside down and letting gravity do its thing (if the computer is light enough). Answer: B. the plastic tweezers. HDMI output. Examples of unicast IPv6 addresses include Global unicast addresses that begin at 2000. SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. the CPU would not overclock— quite the reverse. Answers: A. it might lose power and turn the computer off altogether. 82. which deals with the sending of e-mail. These are often the first devices to fail when a power supply starts having intermittent problems. and 12 V lines to the hard drives. You should recommend to your co-worker that he unplug the power cord to prevent shorts. 5 V. Reduced range could be due to obstruction or distance from the wireless access point. Backing up the computer’s data is not necessary if you take the right precautions. TCP/IP is the entire suite of protocols that we use when we connect to an IP network. link-local addresses that begin at FE80::/10. Overclocking is controlled in the BIOS. The other custom PCs are not nearly as reliant on CPUs. There are other tools that you can use as well—for example. the 3-prong parts grabber or. 81. dual monitors. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) can be used to monitor remote computers and printers. Answers: B and D. it could be because the system is busy doing other tasks. 78. This requires the installation of SNMP on the appropriate hosts. Definitely do not turn on the computer. Always unplug the computer before working on it. An indication of a power supply issue is frequent failure of hard drives. Home theater PCs (HTPCs) require surround sound audio. which allows hosts to print documents to a remote printer without the need for UNC paths. Audio/Video editing workstations rely most on specialized audio and video cards. and fast hard drives. Unicast IPv6 addresses are addresses assigned to one interface on a host. It uses port 88. and D.

They can too easily damage components on a motherboard or other device. . It is better to use an extension magnet—a tool more conforming to the job—than a metal object. It’s the parity information that makes it fault tolerant. however. If you don’t have the exact speed RAM. It is not fault tolerant. the technology cannot span different expansion slots. However. RAID 0 is simply striping of data. 86 Answer: D. Answer: C.0.0 Gb/s data rates. You should select a barcode reader.220-801 Practice Exam C 117 83. However.0 nor SATA 3. This will read barcodes such as UPC barcodes that have groupings of parallel lines of varying widths. It requires fours disks and is fault tolerant. IDE drives are the most well-known for their use of jumpers. Pliers are too big and bulky a tool to use in this situation. just having an external drive is not a reason to use SATA 3. Answer: C. the best thing to do is to get the closest compatible RAM to the motherboard! Anyways. That RAM should underclock to match the motherboard. Although older SLI cards were available for PCI. SATA drives are not hot-swappable by default. 88.0 uses jumpers. The extension magnet is the best of the listed answers. A biometric scanner authenticates individuals by scanning physical characteristics such as fingerprints. 87. For SLI to work properly. Because it is not specified. You might add an external drive later.0 (maximum transfer rate of 3 Gb/s or 300 MB/s). The touchpad is a device that takes the place of a mouse. It is often used in laptops but can be purchased as an external peripheral for PCs as well. you will need two identical PCIe (PCI Express) slots. Special drive enclosures can be purchased to make a SATA drive hot-swappable. Answer: B. most eSATA drives are limited to 3. In fact. Neither SATA 2.) RAID 10 is a stripe of mirrors. (An advanced version of RAID 1 is called disk duplexing when each hard drive in the mirror is connected to its own hard drive controller. then all is good. You should install a PC3-12800 memory module. When building a new computer. as of the writing of this book. multifunction printers have these and allow you to scan in photos or make copies of documents. the customer will end up with a slower computer than they originally started with. go with a memory module that is one step higher. you should use those before the extension magnet. There are many types of image scanners. Answer: C. Just remember to turn off power and disconnect the power cable before attempting this. whether they are internal or external. 84. but it is not meant to pick up items. meaning that it cannot recreate data after a failure or continue to function after a failure. RAID 1 is mirroring. we have to assume that the answer “Tweezers” means metal tweezers. if you have plastic tweezers or a three-prong pickup tool.0 over SATA 2. If you install slower RAM such as PC3-8500 (which is DDR3-1066 by the way) or PC3-6400. 85. If the PC works without any errors.0 (maximum transfer rate of 6 Gb/s or 600 MB/s) can send and receive twice as much data as SATA Revision 2. but regardless. SATA Revision 3. The antistatic wrist strap should always be worn. you would most likely start with an internal drive. it’s better to go up one level first. This makes it the better choice for audio and video applications and would be the most valid reason why you would select it for a new computer. it requires two disks and is fault tolerant. Answer: C. RAID 5 is fault tolerant and allows for striping with parity (given you have three disks minimum to dedicate to the array).

and they would have to be cleaned to fix this problem. But once again. there will always be a first responder who is required to identify the issue. the tracking of evidence and maintaining a chronological log of that evidence. flat surface. Still yet it could be a problem with the server: lack of IP addresses. then DHCP has failed either at the client or the server. which is pretty worthless if that is not your main network number. Windows will automatically assign an APIPA address. 92. unplug these from the computer when troubleshooting power issues.0.0. However. then the computer wouldn’t be able to get an address on the 169. This person will be in charge of starting the documentation process which includes a chain of custody.0. Since power comes from the AC outlet. Or maybe the computer is not connected to the right network. But optical mice are very sensitive and need to be on an even.1. like DNS. After checking the wall outlet and power supply. it should simply stop working. meaning they plug into an AC outlet. When dealing with prohibited content. you would unplug them and check the AC outlet that they are plugged into. and D. If a computer is attempting to obtain an IP address automatically and it receives the IP address 169.254. this is taken care of by the USB controller. Answer: C. the DHCP service failed. Older ball mice had these. That should fix the problem. report through proper channels.254. Newer USB mice won’t either. the client computer would effectively have an IP address of 0. it should be foremost on your mind.254 network. Now. If DHCP and APIPA were both to fail. Some mice use double AA batteries that simply need to be replaced. it doesn’t affect DHCP address assignment.254 network. Every USB device gets its own resources. What went wrong? It could be one of several things. Answers: A. it doesn’t affect DHCP. The mouse can move erratically due to an incorrect driver or an uneven surface. Finally. DNS deals with resolving domain names to IP addresses. The Windows Internet Naming Service is an older Microsoft service that resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses. (or nothing would be listed in the ipconfig screen) placing the computer in the twilight zone. and so on. Perhaps the DHCP client service on the client computer needs to be restarted. check the power supply next. You should check the wall outlet first if you are dealing with a power issue. Remember to visit the manufacturer of the device to get the latest and greatest driver. Input devices won’t often cause a power issue unless they are active devices. if you already deduced that the wall outlet is not causing a problem. Answers: A and D.127. Older PS/2 mice would not because they used a separate IRQ from the PS/2 keyboard. 91. Optical mice don’t have a trackball. especially if they are not installed or grounded properly. When this happens. if the mouse needs to be charged. The mouse should not conflict with the keyboard. Answer: A. . C. Both DNS and WINS could fail and a computer could still obtain an IP address from a DHCP server. the DHCP server is down. it is less likely that the power issue emanates from a cable. or any other IP address starting with 169. 90. The computer will be able to communicate only with other computers on the 169. Also. and preserve data and possibly devices used. If APIPA failed. Phone and network cabling can carry power surges and spikes. it helps if that surface is nonreflective.118 Chapter 4 89.

As for the other answers.220-801 Practice Exam C 119 NOTE If you did not understand any of the acronyms used in that explanation. then it is a strong indicator that you need to study more. Not minimizing a customer’s problems is one way to deal with a difficult customer. but the question states that there is very little open space within the computer case. avoid being judgmental. IDE data cables are flat ribbon cables that take up a lot of space. Other ways include avoid arguing. Drilling holes in a case is never a good idea. with the rounded cables. Answer: A. An additional case fan almost always fixes the problem of overheating. Answers: C and E. or you are having any trouble with any of the concepts listed (besides the twilight zone). Normally. and money. where cheaper and easier solutions will probably suffice. Answer: B. and clarify customer statements. Some systems also have a BIOS configuration jumper that must be moved to another position in addition to removing the battery. However. Answer: B. if a second drive fails. Now. 94. this is one method of dealing with customers’ confidential materials appropriately. the tougher it will be for hot air to exhaust out of the case properly. liquid cooling is a pretty advanced solution. Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard. Liquid cooling systems require space for their various components. However. and the array will be able to rebuild that drive’s data from the remaining drives. By the way. RAM contents are emptied. By using rounded cables for IDE and for other equipment. you can create some open space. . it would be better to create more open space around the hard drive—for example. In fact. While it might help a little bit. effort. the more holes you drill. Finally. That is because the array requires the parity information from all the other disks. The liquid cooling system answer might have jumped out at you. RAM and power connections should not be removed unless the power has been shut off and the AC cable has been unplugged. especially if there was no case fan installed besides the power supply exhaust fan. but this would require more time. if you had a RAID 6 array (which includes another parity stripe). By default. When the computer is turned off. You should install an additional case fan and rounded IDE cables. Removing the RAM doesn’t do anything. reporting through proper channels is part of the fundamentals of first response. 93. newer power supplies use rounded power cables for other devices as well. this will reset any variable settings in the BIOS such as the password and time/date. you could lose as many as two disks and still continue to function. the array is toast. Removing the main power connection from the motherboard will have no effect if the computer was already turned off and unplugged. A passive hard drive cooler is basically a heat sink. One hard drive can fail in a RAID 5 array. Tracking evidence and documenting is part of the concept of chain of custody. There are usually no RAM jumpers on today’s motherboards. 96. 95. Regardless. you should ask the customer to remove confidential documents. The IDE cables are a cheap solution.

it supports higher resolutions. Store the drive in a locking cabinet. the manufacturer of the laptop has plenty of hard drives to make it work! There is no need to remove the LCD or WLAN card because these do not contain confidential information.120 Chapter 4 97. There could very well be confidential company data on the drive. Intel CPU virtualization is named VT-x. Answer: B. and DVI-A is analog only. but do you really have time for that? 98. Don’t worry. 150 KB/s is the 1x data rate of a CD-ROM drive. 100. DVI-I accepts analog and digital video signals. The default 1x speed of Blu-ray allows a data rate of 36 Mb/s (4. Answer: C.5 MB/s). 50 GB is the maximum storage capacity of a standard size dual layer Blu-ray disc. AMD-Vi is the name for AMD chipset virtualization. HDMI can accept video and audio signals. All DVI ports are video only. . Answers: A and D. You could clean it if you want. 432 Mb/s is the answer at 12x speed. 99. Remove the hard drive before releasing a computer to a third party. Answer: C. HDMI type B is known as double bandwidth. AMD CPU virtualization is named AMD-V. DVI-D is digital only as you would guess from the D. VT-d is the name for Intel chipset virtualization.

So. TABLE 5.1.1 220-801 Domains Domain Percentage of Exam 1. you will get more networking questions than you will questions about just CPUs.0 Operational Procedures 11% Total 100% PC hardware has the majority of questions on the exam. But PC hardware questions in general should outweigh any of the other domains. you survived. Great work! Now that you have completed the three practice exams. . talk about your next steps. hard drives and optical drives.0 Laptops 11% 4.0 Networking 27% 3.5 CHAPTER FIVE Review of the 220-801 Exams Phew! That was a lot of questions. and peripherals. Laptops. and give you some test-taking tips. for example. but remember there are so many kinds of PC hardware: motherboards. Review of the Domains Remember that the 220-801 is divided into five domains. power supplies and cases.0 Printers 11% 5. let’s do a little review of the 220-801 domains. RAM.0 PC Hardware 40% 2. CPUs. as shown in Table 5. input/output devices. But if you are reading this.

Review What You Know At this point you should be pretty well versed when it comes to the 220-801 exam. or explanations you are unclear about. Or one person might see more questions on laptops.122 Chapter 5 printers. This is what really can make or break a test score. or doesn’t appear to be technically correct. concepts. and operational procedures collectively make up a third of the If something really just doesn’t make sense. as is security and mobile devices. one person may see more questions on. To reduce your risk. Take the exams in flash card mode—Use a piece of paper to cover up the potential answers as you take the exams. answers. so this will take a while. This helps to make you think a bit harder and aids in committing everything to memory. Re-take that exam until you get 100% correct. say. Because it is randomized. and it is hardware-based. feel free to contact me at my website (www. Many technicians are great with PC hardware and networking. and I will do my best to clarify. Take the CompTIA A+ Practice Exam—This can also be found at www. If any questions give you difficulty. But it really helps to close any gaps in your knowledge and gives that extra boost for the exam. contact me at my website so that I can help you understand them. study them hard. . In general. is ambiguous or vague. printers than the next person. That’s where the test will trip you up. .comptia. If there are. this exam deals with installation and configuration methods. It differs from person to person. and study all of the objectives. be ready for any question from any domain.davidlprowse. There are 20 pages of objectives. . Here are a couple great ways to study further: . then additional study is probably That comes to 33 questions you will see on those subjects. But I still recommend going back through all of the questions and making sure there are no questions.comptia. But if a tech is weak in the other three areas. Study all the concepts in each of the domains! Everyone who takes the exam gets a different group of questions. Download the A+ 220-801 objectives—You can get these from www. Go through them one-by-one and checkmark each item that you are confident in. the final exam score could be in jeopardy. The bulk of troubleshooting and Windows is reserved for the 220-802 If there are any items in the objectives that you are unsure about.

there is often one answer that is just totally wrong. even if you are not interested in the topic or don’t like how the question is worded. More Test-Taking Tips The majority of questions have four multiple-choice answers. click and drag. Let’s list a couple more smart methods you can use when presented with difficult questions: . Don’t rush it. DVD-ROM is not and solid-state is a type of long-term memory storage that might be used as a hard drive technology. but you should be ready and know how to do these things hands-on! When you take the exam. you will automatically improve to at least a 33% chance of getting the answer right. or navigate through a system. DisplayPort. a question about video connectors might provide four answers—DVI. and then return to the 220-801 tests!—This might sound a bit crazy. Approach each question with the same dedication. Learn to identify it. they might have a group of answers that seem at odds with each other. For example. but some have more. a question about hard drive technologies might provide four answers: SATA. No single question is more important than another. and VGA—all of which are video ports. he or she is more likely to pass either one of the exams. My recommendation is for you to go through the 220-802 practice exams.Review of the 220-801 Exams 123 . once you have. Remember that the CompTIA tests are designed and double-checked by an entire panel of experts. PATA. but it has proven very effective with my students and readers. But some of the questions are not as synergistic. HDMI. and then go take the actual 220-801 test. remember to slowly read through the questions and each of the answers. This will be true on the real exam as well. scenario-oriented questions that test your knowledge by asking you to click on items. even if you have to guess. but I have found that if an A+ candidate has a strong grasp of all A+ topics. NOTE You may also see hands-on. DVD-ROM. Study the 220-802 questions. These answers are usually connected within the same concept. It’s a big extra step. For example. These scenariobased questions are new to CompTIA exams and will probably be limited in quantity. While SATA and PATA are definitely hard drive technologies. Regardless of the type of question. then return to the 220-801 exams for a review. and solid-state.

schedule the exam to commence within a day or two so that you won’t forget what you learned! Registration can be done online. Register at Pearson Vue (www. Bring earplugs . . Use the process of elimination. Good luck on your exams! . Be confident I’ll embellish on these concepts in the final chapter. Make sure that everything you have marked has a proper answer that makes sense to you. Brainstorm before starting the exam . If you finish the exam early. so use it wisely. Chances are you will have time left over at the Well. Use your gut instinct. use the time allotted to you to review all of your answers.vue. . First-timers will need to create an account with Pearson Vue. Don’t over-study the day before the exam . When you are ready. that’s about it for the 220-801 portion of this book. Get a good night’s rest . Take small breaks while taking the exam . Pick a good time for the exam . Be logical in the face of adversity. Don’t let one question beat you! . If all else fails. I’ll expand on these points in the final chapter. Eat a decent breakfast . Show up early . They accept payment by major credit card for the exam fee. . Taking the Real Exam Do not register until you are fully prepared. But try not to overthink! Give it your best shot and be confident in your answers. guess.124 Chapter 5 . Here are some good general practices for taking the real exams: .

1.1 220-802 Domains Domain Percentage of Exam 1. Each domain makes up a certain percentage of the test. fixing computer hardware problems. and then prepare you to take the four 220-802 practice exams that follow this chapter. The largest percentage of the exam will focus on troubleshooting: repairing Windows.0 Mobile Devices 9% 4. you will see approximately 33 questions on Operating Systems. mending networking issues. give you some test-taking tips. TABLE 6.6 CHAPTER SIX Introduction to the 220-802 Exam The CompTIA A+ 220-802 exam covers Windows operating systems. The four domains of the A+ 220-802 exam and their respective percentages are listed in Table 6. 22 . Exam Breakdown The CompTIA A+ 220-802 exam is divided by domain.0 Security 22% 3. In this chapter I briefly discuss how the exam is categorized. and troubleshooting. computer and network security. and repairing printers.0 Troubleshooting 36% Total 100% Chances are that when you take the real CompTIA exam. mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.0 Operating Systems 33% 2.

nowadays careful consideration for security should be applied to anything technology-oriented. but remember that this domain does not cover Windows troubleshooting—that is left for Domain 4.126 Chapter 6 questions on Security. how to secure a workstation. You should understand how to: configure Windows networking technologies such as HomeGroup.0: Security (22%) Security takes on a bigger role every year. . and of course secure the devices. This domain expects you to demonstrate how to configure wireless and Bluetooth connections. how to dispose of hard drives properly. So it stands to reason that troubleshooting should be the most important subject of your studies. map network Let’s talk about each domain briefly. and virtualization. and work with firewalls. and XP. 9 questions on Mobile Devices. It covers how the operating systems can be installed. create shares. This domain deals with common security threats. physical and digital prevention methods. you have very diminished hopes of passing the exam. Without good troubleshooting skills and experience. But now that we’re here. due to the sheer bulk of the questions you will see. Domain 3. in all their forms and versions. Each domain has several or more objectives. You can get them from: http://www. user accounts and groups. and a whopping 36 questions on Troubleshooting. Vista.0 deals with Windows 7. This domain also covers how to maintain the computer. and how to secure a small office/home office (SOHO) network. There are far too many to list in this book (20 pages or so). and how they are utilized.0: Operating Systems (33%) We’ve hardly talked about Windows up until this point. It’s a lot of information to cram into one domain. Domain 1. permissions. you’ll see lots of questions on Windows—I guarantee it. synchronize data. Domain 2.0. Domain 1. but I do recommend you download a copy of the objectives for yourself. Basically.0 Mobile Devices (9%) Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have become so popular that they earned themselves a spot in the 220-802 exam. how they are configured.comptia. You should know the differences between Android and iOS operating systems and understand the basics when it comes to navigating those systems.

mobile device. and you will be well on your way to passing the A+ 220-802 exam. Issues can look or act like one thing. and outcomes. Master this domain. You’ll know them when you see them—they include real-world scenarios and often end in a phrase such as “what should you do to fix the problem. I’d like you to try to incorporate this six-step process into your line of thinking as you read through the practice exams. And it’s those skills that will make you or break you on this exam.0: Troubleshooting (36%) Here it is: we left the best for last. Step 4: Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution. This domain covers it all: from troubleshooting PC hardware and networking issues.) Step 3: Test the theory to determine cause. malware. It’s the troubleshooting methodologies that make the ultimate computer tech. and whenever you troubleshoot a PC. When you have selected an answer. define why it is wrong. and a lot of that can be attributed to this domain. Step 2: Establish a theory of probable cause. attaining your A+ certificate. Carefully read through each question. if applicable.” and so on. Many people agree that the 802 exam is more difficult than the 801 exam. yet be another. . Step 6: Document findings. Read through all of the answers. actions. Step 5: Verify full system functionality and. Test-Taking Tips Just like with the 220-801 exams. (Question the obvious. the most insidious. I recommend you take it slow. It’s the most difficult section and. implement preventative measures.Introduction to the 220-802 Exam 127 Domain 4. Look at each answer and think to yourself whether it is right or wrong. be confident in your decision. to troubleshooting Windows. or networking issue: Step 1: Identify the problem. and becoming a true expert at troubleshooting. Stay really focused when dealing with troubleshooting questions.” or “how can this be resolved. CompTIA has its own six-step troubleshooting process that you should know. This will help you to eliminate wrong answers in the search for the correct answer. and printers. And if it is wrong. unfortunately in the IT field.

as well as help you to answer other similar questions correctly. When you are finished. This can help you to organize your thoughts. Be sure to read them carefully. That just means you need to study more and try the test again later. This will make you an efficient test-taker and allow you to benefit the most from this book. Practice Exam C. Don’t get overconfident if you do well on the first exam because your skills will be tested more thoroughly as you progress. if there is still time left. On the average. Each exam gets progressively more difficult. You can always mark it and return to it later. and Practice Exam D) are freestyle: questions are mixed up to better simulate the real exam. Write down your answers on a piece of paper. followed by the in-depth answers/explanations. a reader needs 60 minutes to take a 220-801 exam but 90 minutes to take a 220-802 exam. Keep studying and practicing! After each exam is an answer key. I’ll have more tips as we progress through the book. The first exam (Practice Exam A) is categorized by domain to help you study the concepts in order. And don’t get too concerned if you don’t score 90% on the first try. and I summarize all test-taking tips at the end of this book. Be positive that you understand the concepts before moving on to another exam. even if you think you know the concept. review your answers for accuracy. Consider timing yourself. I often add my two cents. Each exam is followed by in-depth explanations. Ready yourself: prepare the mind. Don’t move on to another exam until you have mastered the first one by scoring 90% or higher. Getting Ready for the Practice Tests The following four chapters (Ch 7–10) have practice tests based on the 220-802 exam. Be prepared to write things down as you look at the question. Give yourself 90 minutes to complete each exam. which can add insight to the nature of the question. It is also designed to be an easier exam than the other three. The other exams (Practice Exam B. Don’t skip the explanations. and then go ahead and begin the first 220-802 exam! . You will need to imagine yourself within the situation and think how you would approach the problem step-by-step. Finally.128 Chapter 6 Be ready for longer questions. It’s allowed on the real exam as well. This is due to the complexity of some of the scenarios. don’t get stuck on any one question.

Take this first exam slowly. Good luck! . This is the easiest of the four 220-802 exams. and 36 questions on Troubleshooting. The goal is to make sure you understand all of the concepts before moving on to the next test. 9 questions on Mobile Devices. for a total of 100 questions. which immediately follows the exam. This practice exam is categorized in order of the domains. Write down your answers and check them against the answer key. The other three will get progressively harder. After the answer key you will find the explanations for all of the answers. You will see 33 questions on Operating Systems.7 CHAPTER 7 220-802 Practice Exam A Welcome to the first 220-802 practice exam. 22 questions on Security.

0: Operating Systems 1. ❍ C. What is the default file system used by Windows 7? ❍ A. which is not a method of installing Windows 7? ❍ A. Linux ❍ F. Which of the following are Microsoft operating systems? (Select all correct answers. Of the following. Windows 7 2. USB flash drive ❍ E. Vista ❍ D. Windows service packs are ___________. ❍ D.130 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check Practice Questions Domain 1. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 A new version of the operating system Resource Kit utilities Compilations of software updates and patches Driver updates Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 152 . DVD-ROM ❍ D. CD-ROM ❍ C.) Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 152 ❍ A. ❍ B. iOS ❍ C. Android ❍ E. ❍ A. Image 3. ❍ B. ❍ B. Where is the Notification Area located in Windows 7? ❍ A. ❍ D. Over the network ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 152 CDFS 4. Windows XP ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. FAT32 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 152 NTFS FAT In the System Properties dialog box Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 152 In the System32 folder On the Taskbar Within the Start menu 5.

What would you add to the MMC to populate it with programs? ❍ A. ❍ D. ntldr ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ B.exe 10. ❍ D. Winload. Ntoskrnl. ❍ B. ❍ C. What tool enables you to create a partition in Windows? ❍ A. ❍ B. an MMC is blank by default. ❍ B. What is the minimum amount of RAM needed to install Windows Vista? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 150 A. What is the minimum amount of RAM needed to install Windows 7? (Select the two best answers.exe Ntoskrnl. Which file is the boot loader in Windows XP? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 256 MB 8. Which file is the boot loader in Windows 7/Vista? ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 153 B. ❍ D.) ❍ A. ❍ C. Boot.exe 11. Detailed Answer: 152 128 MB 7.ini ❍ C. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 Disk Administrator Disk Management Computer Management Disk Cleanup Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 153 .220-802 Practice Exam A 131 ✓ Quick Check 6. In Windows 7/Vista. ❍ B. ❍ D. 256 MB 512 MB 1 GB Detailed Answer: 152 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 152 Applets Files Directories Snap-ins 9. ❍ C. Ntdetect.exe Detailed Answer: 153 BCD Setup. ❍ C.

stop. or restart services? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 64 MB 14. Which type of partition should an operating system be installed to? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 150 User Guest Administrator Power user Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 154 . ❍ D. MMC 16. ❍ B. Where would you go to start. Task Manager C. ❍ C. ❍ D. Where is the Windows Update feature located in Windows? ❍ A.132 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check 12. ❍ B. Which tool enables you to find out how much memory a particular application is using? ❍ A. Primary Volume Logical drive Detailed Answer: 153 128 MB 256 MB 32 MB Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 153 Msconfig Task Manager Chkdsk System Information 15. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ B. Start > All Programs > Accessories Detailed Answer: 154 Start > All Programs Start > All Programs > Control Panel Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools 17. Computer Management Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 153 B. Which user account permissions are needed to install device drivers on Windows Vista? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 153 Extended 13. Performance Monitor ❍ D. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 150 A. ❍ B. What is the minimum requirement of RAM for Windows XP Professional? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ C.

❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. Which file system can you upgrade it to when using the convert command? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 DIR HELP 20. what would you enter at the command line? (Select the two best answers. Disk Defragmenter ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 154 CD 19. ❍ D. To learn more about the DIR command.) ❍ A. Which interface should you use to launch the command IPCONFIG? ❍ A. Check Disk ❍ D. System Restore ❍ E. NFS 22.220-802 Practice Exam A 133 ✓ Quick Check 18. Task Scheduler Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 154 . ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 154 A. ❍ D. NTFS B. MD RD SD Detailed Answer: 154 HELP DIR DIR /? DIR ? Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 154 Command Prompt Control Panel MMC Task Manager 21. Disk Management ❍ B. ❍ B. Which of the following answers can be used to keep disk drives free of errors and ensure that Windows runs efficiently? (Select the two best answers. Which of the following commands creates a new directory in the Windows Command Prompt? ❍ A.) ❍ A. exFAT ❍ D. HPFS ❍ C. A customer’s computer is using FAT32. ❍ C. ❍ B.

❍ C. ❍ D.* c:\test /E xcopy *. B.* c:\test /S /T Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 155 . NTFS supports file encryption. The device is disabled. Which of the following is not an advantage of NTFS over FAT32? ❍ A.* c:\test /T /S xcopy *. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ D.134 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check 23. What does this tell you? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 setupact. ❍ B.log 25.) ❍ A. ❍ D. The device’s driver has not been installed. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 155 NTFS supports larger file sizes. What is the RAM limitation of Windows Vista? ❍ A. ❍ B. Which log file contains information about Windows 7/Vista setup errors? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ B. The device is in queue to be deleted.xml setuplog.* c:\test /S xcopy *. ❍ D. Which of the following switches (options) copy all files. 28. 27. Recovery Console Advanced Boot Options System Recovery Options Detailed Answer: 155 setuperr. and subfolders. A customer’s Device Manager shows an arrow pointing down over one of the devices. Detailed Answer: 154 WinRE 24. Quick Answer: 150 xcopy *. folders. ❍ D. NTFS supports more file formats. The device is not recognized.txt 32 GB Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 155 64 GB 128 GB 192 GB 26. ❍ B. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 155 A. ❍ C.log unattend. ❍ C. including empty subfolders in the TEST folder? ❍ A. What is Windows 7’s recovery environment known as? (Select the two best answers. NTFS supports larger volumes.

Run the System Restore program from the System Tools menu ❍ D. what must you do? ❍ ❍ ❍ A. What did he forget to do? (Select the three best answers. Which of the following can you not do from the Printer Properties screen? ❍ A. Run the Disk Cleanup program from the System Tools menu 32. Windows Vista Business ❍ E. However. Windows 7 Starter B. Set up the drive in the BIOS 30. Run NTBackup from the Control Panel C.) ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 155 A. Detailed Answer: 155 Modify spool settings Add ports Pause printing Enable sharing 33. If it’s set up properly. ❍ C. Which of the following Windows editions do not include Aero? (Select the two best answers. Partition the drive ❍ C. Windows XP Professional ❍ D. To create a restore point in Windows 7. A co-worker just installed a second hard disk in his Windows 7 computer. Quick Answer: 150 Application log System log Security log Maintenance log Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 155 . ❍ B. You are setting up auditing on a Windows Vista Business computer. Initialize the drive ❍ E. ❍ D. which log should have entries? ❍ A.) Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 155 ❍ A.220-802 Practice Exam A 135 ✓ Quick Check 29. Run FDISK ❍ D. ❍ C. Format the drive ❍ B. he does not see the disk in Windows Explorer. ❍ B. Windows 7 Ultimate ❍ C. ❍ D. Run Disk Defragmenter from the MMC Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 155 B. Windows Vista Home 31.

❍ B. ❍ C. Which component of Windows 7/Vista enables users to perform common tasks as non-administrators and. USMT ❍ B. Which type of virus propagates itself by tunneling through the Internet and networks? ❍ A. When you connect to a website to make a purchase by credit card. Detailed Answer: 156 Macro Phishing Trojan Worm 35. ❍ C. Look for the protocol HTTPS in the address or URL bar Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 156 .136 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check Domain 2. Look for the padlock (in the locked position) toward the top or bottom of the screen ❍ B. What are two ways you can tell whether a site is secured? (Select the two best answers. ❍ B.) ❍ A. ❍ D. or use Run As? ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 156 A. What can you do to secure your WAP/router? (Select all that apply. you want to make sure the website is secure. ❍ D. Look for the padlock (in the unlocked position) toward the top or bottom of the screen ❍ C. UAC ❍ C. as administrators without having to switch users. USB ❍ D. when necessary.0: Security 34. log off. VNC 36. Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 156 Change the default SSID name Turn off SSID broadcasting Enable DHCP Disable DHCP 37. Look for the protocol HTTP in the address or URL bar ❍ D.) ❍ A.

❍ D. Detailed Answer: 156 Firewall software 39. Spoofing 42. Biometrics Detailed Answer: 157 Smart card Barcode reader SSID 43. Which of these is the most secure password? ❍ A. Which type of software helps protect against viruses that are attached to e-mail? ❍ A. Where are software-based firewalls usually located? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. Which of these is an example of social engineering? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 150 marquisdesod Marqu1sDeS0d MarquisDeSod Marqu1s_DeS0d Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 157 .220-802 Practice Exam A 137 ✓ Quick Check 38. Antivirus software Windows Defender Hardware firewall Asking for a username and password over the phone Detailed Answer: 157 Hacking into a router A virus On routers Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 157 On servers On clients On every computer 41. Making data appear as if it is coming from somewhere other than its original source is known as what? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Using someone else’s unsecured wireless network 40. ❍ D. A fingerprint reader is which type of security technology? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ D. Cracking ❍ D. Hacking B. Phishing C. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 157 A. ❍ C.

Which term refers to when people are manipulated into giving access to network resources? ❍ A. Which shortcut key combination immediately locks Windows? ❍ A. Ctrl+Alt+Del Windows+M Windows+L Detailed Answer: 157 FTP VLAN HTTP FAT Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 157 FAT16 NTFS FAT32 47. ❍ D. How secure is the customer’s data? Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 158 . WPA2 C. Detailed Answer: 157 Windows+R 45. ❍ C. ❍ B. Which is the most secure file system in Windows? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ D. faster hard drive. ❍ B. WEP B. ❍ B. You are required to set up a secure connection between two offices over the Internet. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 158 A. ❍ C. A customer’s Windows Vista computer needs a new larger. Another technician in your company installs the new drive and then formats the old drive before delivering it to you for disposal. Which of the following is the most secure for your wireless network? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 VPN 46. TKIP ❍ D. Which technology should you select? ❍ A.138 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check 44. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 158 Hacking Social engineering Phishing Cracking 49. ❍ D. WPA 48. ❍ C.

Which of the following is a common local security policy? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 Smart card 52. ❍ C. ❍ C. Which protocol encrypts transactions through a website? ❍ A. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 158 Grayware 51. ❍ C. Completely unsecure Very unsecure Secure Completely secured 50. ❍ B. Which of the following can a limited account not perform? ❍ A. Which type of malicious software types will create multiple popups on a computer? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ B. Spyware Worms Adware NTFS Encrypted passwords HTTP Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 158 SSL Putty Kerberos Use of RAID Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 158 Password length Router passwords Use of a password to log in 54. Detailed Answer: 158 Strong passwords 53.220-802 Practice Exam A 139 ✓ Quick Check ❍ A. Quick Answer: 150 Connect to the Internet with a browser Send e-mail with Outlook Log on to Instant Messenger Install programs Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 158 . Which of the following offers hardware authentication? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 159 Phenom II 58. Core i5 ARM FX Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 159 Standard A USB Mini-A USB Standard B USB Micro-B USB 59. A co-worker downloads a game that ends up stealing information from the computer system. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 Mouse Display Keyboard Wireless network adapter Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 159 . ❍ B. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 158 Worm Spam Trojan Spyware Domain 3. ❍ C. Which of the following does a laptop have. ❍ D. Windows Mobile 57. Which of the following is a common charging port on an Android smartphone? ❍ A. iOS ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ B.0: Mobile Devices 56. ❍ D. ❍ C. Which of the following is an open-source operating system? ❍ ❍ A. ❍ C. What is a common CPU for a tablet computer? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D.140 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check 55. Android Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 159 B. What is this? ❍ A. yet a tablet does not? ❍ A. Windows CE ❍ D.

Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 159 A. You need to locate a mobile device that was stolen. GSM Bluetooth Wi-Fi Fiber optic Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 159 . ❍ D.) ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Lock Rotation 62. Word docs ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ D. E-mail ❍ D. ❍ B. App Store Google Play iTunes Gyroscope Detailed Answer: 159 Accelerometers Geotracking Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 159 GPS Screen orientation Passcode locks Gmail 63. Which of the following makes use of the X. Which kinds of data would you synchronize on a smartphone? (Select the two best answers. Where can you obtain applications for mobile devices? (Select all that apply. and Z axes? ❍ A. Y. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. Contacts B. Detailed Answer: 159 Android Market 61. ❍ D.220-802 Practice Exam A 141 ✓ Quick Check 60. ❍ B.) ❍ A.) ❍ A. ❍ C. Which of the following are wireless connections to the Internet that you would commonly make use of on a smartphone? (Select the two best answers. Databases 64. Which technology can aid in this? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C.

What is the second step of the A+ troubleshooting methodology? ❍ ❍ A. Check whether the monitor is connected to the computer ❍ B. Document 67. What should you check first? ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 160 A. Establish a probable cause ❍ C. What should you do first before making any changes? ❍ A. and then select Safe Mode Press F1 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 160 Back up the important data Reinstall the operating system Open the laptop and analyze the components inside Modify the Registry 69. Test the theory ❍ D. When you examine the computer. Now the customer’s system gets onto the Internet normally. a user informs you that the computer is not working. and then select Safe Mode 68.142 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check Domain 4. ❍ B. What should you do next? ❍ A. ❍ B. Press F6 Press Ctrl. How should he boot his Windows XP system to bypass the video driver? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ B. you notice that nothing is on the display. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 160 Press F8. Identify the problem Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 160 B. ❍ D. A user hands you her laptop in the hopes that you can repair it. Reinstall the video driver 66. Check whether the computer is plugged in ❍ D. Quick Answer: 150 Bill the customer Move on to the next computer Document your solution Run Disk Defrag Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 160 . ❍ C. You successfully modified the Registry on a customer’s PC. At the beginning of the workday.0: Troubleshooting 65. ❍ D. Bob is having an issue with his display. Check whether the monitor is on ❍ C. He guesses that a problem exists with the video driver.

There is a corrupt MBR. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 160 MSCONFIG. ❍ C.220-802 Practice Exam A 143 ✓ Quick Check 70.” Where should you go to clear his Error log? ❍ A. Establish a new theory ❍ D. Which of these is part of step five of the CompTIA A+ troubleshooting process? ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 160 A. Which tool should you use to do this? ❍ A. ❍ D. The customer also tells you that there are numbers counting upward when the computer beeps and then freezes. nothing is coming up on the monitor. The video card is not properly seated. 73. Detailed Answer: 160 The monitor is not on. A customer reports that when his computer is turned on the screen is blank except for some text and a flashing cursor. The monitor is not connected to the PC. Quick Answer: 150 Device Manager System Information Recovery Console Event Viewer Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 161 . Which of the following is the most likely cause of this problem? ❍ A. ❍ B. Which of the following would not be a reason for this? ❍ A. Identify the problem ❍ B. ❍ B. Jake’s Windows Vista computer has several programs running in the system tray that take up a lot of memory and processing power. ❍ C. ❍ D.EXE IPCONFIG /RELEASE Task Manager 74. ❍ C. He would like you to turn them off permanently. Upon closer inspection. ❍ B. 71. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 160 Computer has faulty memory. The PC is not connected to the AC outlet. The OS is corrupted. you can hear the hard drive spinning. however. Implement preventative measures 72. You start a new computer and nothing seems to happen. Document findings ❍ C. Buzz gets an error that says “Error log full. ❍ D. ❍ D. The computer is attempting to boot off of the network.EXE SYSEDIT.

A customer is trying to use a laptop with a video projector and cannot get the projector to display the computer screen.0. The computer cannot access the POP3 server. ❍ C. The computer cannot access the WINS server. ❍ D. Joey runs the command ipconfig and sees that the IP address his computer is using is 169. Replace the video cable to the projector B. ❍ B. ❍ D. What can he conclude from this? ❍ A. ❍ B.0. ❍ B.68. ❍ D. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 150 PING 127. Chkdsk Scandisk SFC Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 161 The computer cannot access the DHCP server.1 PING 1.0. ❍ D.0.0. Check the power to the projector 77. 79. What would you need to access to boot the computer into Safe Mode? ❍ A.144 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check 75. Joey’s computer was working fine for weeks.1 PING 10.254.50. ❍ C. Put a new bulb in the projector ❍ D. and suddenly it cannot connect to the Internet.127 PING \\localhost Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 161 .0. The computer cannot access the DNS server. Toggle the function key for the display C. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 161 WinRE Recovery Console Advanced Boot Options System Restore 76. Which of the following commands pings the loopback address? ❍ A. Which tool checks protected system files? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 161 Xcopy 78. Which of the following should you attempt first? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 161 A. ❍ C.

❍ B. Detailed Answer: 161 Use the right type of paper. Clear the paper path.) ❍ A. How can a paper jam be resolved? (Select all that apply. ❍ B. Speaker connector is in the wrong jack. ❍ B. Partition the drive ❍ C. however. she cannot get any sound from the speakers. Quick Answer: 150 Speaker power is not plugged in. Check for a damaged primary corona wire. Mary installed a new sound card and speakers. ❍ C. ❍ D.220-802 Practice Exam A 145 ✓ Quick Check 80. 83. After installing a new hard drive on a Windows computer. ❍ D. Sound card is plugged into the wrong slot. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 162 Transfer corona wire Primary corona wire Pickup rollers Photosensitive drum 84. Check for damaged rollers. ❍ C. Power has been verified and the battery is fully charged. Copy system files 82. ❍ C. ❍ C. A laptop with an external USB hard drive and an external monitor is not booting from the internal drive. ❍ D. the laptop appears to be stopping after the POST. Windows does not show the format option in Disk Management. What could the problem be? (Select all that apply. Run CHKDSK ❍ B. What could cause a ghosted image on the paper outputted by a laser printer? ❍ A. Len tries to format the drive.) ❍ A. What did Len forget to do first? ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 161 A. Defragment the drive ❍ D. Sound card driver is not installed. However. Which of the following will aid you while troubleshooting? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 161 Turn off the external monitor Disconnect the external monitor Remove the laptop battery Format the external USB hard drive 81. Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 162 . ❍ D.

The device isn’t on the hardware compatibility list.” What is the most likely problem? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 150 Quick Answer: 150 Detailed Answer: 162 A. ❍ B. The DHCP server is down. ❍ B. ❍ D. The hard drive driver is not installed. Virus in the MBR. The hard drive is not jumpered properly. THE ADDS server is down. Detailed Answer: 162 BIOS needs to be flashed to the latest version. The device is is down. ❍ D. You can ping the IP address 63.73. ❍ Just yesterday the laptop was able to connect to wireless networks. C. The wireless card firmware requires an update. The DNS server is down. Quick Answer: 150 Davidprowse. 86.25. is 63. the computer you are working on displays a blue screen of death (BSOD) when rebooting.11 n/g card is unable to connect to any wireless networks. What does this tell you? ❍ A. ❍ C.25. The IP address of Davidprowse. What is the most likely cause? ❍ A. ❍ D. 88. What is the most likely the cause? ❍ A. Ray’s computer is running Windows. ❍ B. The device is infected with malware. There is no active partition. Which of the following are possible causes? (Select the two best answers. Incompatible hardware device. Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 163 . press any key to reboot. you get a message stating “No OS present.) ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 162 The wireless card drivers are not installed. B. ❍ C. you notice that the NIC has a black exclamation point.146 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check 85. A laptop with an integrated 802. ❍ C. The wireless hardware switch is turned off. In the Device Manager.148. ❍ D. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 162 The device is disabled. The hard drive is not getting power. After you install Windows. IRQ conflict. When you reboot a computer.73 but cannot ping Davidprowse. The wireless card is disabled in bios. 87. ❍ C.

❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ B. Whether the CPU is seated properly ❍ B. Whether it is the correct CPU for the motherboard ❍ D. Identify the problem Verify a full system functionality Document findings actions and outcomes Detailed Answer: 163 Startup repair Complete PC Restore Recovery Console Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 163 Identify the problem Establish a theory of probable cause Establish a plan of action Document findings 93. ❍ D. ❍ C. What is the first thing to check? ❍ Quick Answer: 151 System Restore 92. Which command displays a network interface card’s MAC address? ❍ A. The version of Windows installed 94. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. it recognizes it as a generic CPU. ❍ D. A newly built computer runs through the POST. but it doesn’t recognize the specific CPU that was just installed. ❍ C. In which troubleshooting step should you perform backups? ❍ A. What is the fourth step of the CompTIA 6-step troubleshooting process? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 151 Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 163 A. Instead.220-802 Practice Exam A 147 ✓ Quick Check 90. Which Windows Vista System Recovery Option attempts to automatically fix problems? ❍ A. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 163 Test the theory to determine cause 91. The version of the firmware for the motherboard ❍ C. Ping Ipconfig/all Ipconfig Ipconfig/release Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 163 .

148 Chapter 7 ✓ Quick Check 95. Download the latest driver for the NIC ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ D. Disk defrag Patch cable Firewall settings Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 163 Registry Event Viewer Windows Update Recovery Console 99. Which utility enables you to troubleshoot an error with a file such as NTOSKRNL. ❍ C. The wireless access point (WAP) is in the basement. ❍ B. What can help you to determine the cause? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 163 NIC driver 98. A computer cannot get on the Internet. ❍ B. A customer reports that print jobs sent to a local printer are printing as blank pieces of paper. Signal strength for a laptop’s wireless connection is low (yellow in color and only one bar). ❍ D. what is the first thing you should check? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 163 Reload the printer drivers Stop and restart the print spooler Replace the printer cable Print and internal test page 96. A blue screen is most often caused by ____________. The laptop is on the first floor of a house. ❍ C. How can the signal strength be improved? (Select the two best answers. ❍ D. ❍ A. ❍ B. Move the WAP from the basement to the first floor ❍ C. Use a WAP signal booster ❍ B.EXE? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ C. Download the latest BIOS for the laptop 97. Quick Answer: 151 Driver failure Memory failure Hard drive failure CD-ROM failure Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 164 . ❍ D.) ❍ Quick Answer: 151 Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 163 A.

Which of the following is the next step? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ B. Run the installer as an administrator Contact the program’s manufacturer Reinstall Windows XP on the computer Upgrade to Windows 7 Quick Answer: 151 Detailed Answer: 164 . A technician is installing a program on a Windows 7 computer and the installation fails. ❍ D.220-802 Practice Exam A 149 ✓ Quick Check 100.

D 79. B 9. C. B 43. C 18. A 50. B 23. A and D 66. and C 25. A and C 59. A 85. B. A. C 34. and D 3. C 54. C 46. C 69. B 67. D 87. B 31. C 60. D 17. A 41. A. A and C 7. C 57. A 49. A 42. C and D 36. B 80. A 22. D 37. A 13. C 4. and D 27. D 70. B 53. A. and D 65. A 2. C 84. B and C 51. D 73. D 20. A 44. A 71. B 81. D 83. D 26. A and D 52. A 39. A 5. C 29. B 78. B 24. C 32. C 35. A. A and C 6. A 11. C 61. B 47. C 55. D 28. B.150 Chapter 7 Quick-Check Answer Key 1. C. B 64. A 21. A 10. C 62. and F 30. B 45. C 75. D 15. B 82. A 68. C 86. B 19. and D 58. A 16. A and D . D 72. C 33. D 63. B and C 48. B. A. B 40. B. A. C 12. C 38. D 14. A 74. B 76. B. B 8. D 56. B 77.

A 95.220-802 Practice Exam A 88. B 89. A 91. C 151 . B 96. A 90. B 98. A and B 92. C 93. B 99. D 100. C 94. C 97.

deployed as an image. Windows 7 64-bit requires 2 GB of RAM. and more. 4. iOS is the operating system Apple uses on its mobile devices. Answer: D. The original Linux was made for PCs with the goal of being a freely accessible. Answer: C. which are free. Answer: B. The only answer listed that is not an option for installing Windows 7 is CD-ROM. 7. the term was made famous by Apple. less desirable file systems that offer less functionality and less security and access smaller partition sizes. Windows Vista requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM for installation. The Notification Area (also known as the system tray) is the area toward the bottom-right of your screen within the taskbar. Windows 7. systempropertiesadvanced. CDFS is the file system used by an optical disc. 5. The New Technology File System (NTFS) is the default file system used by Windows 7. The MMC (Microsoft Management Console) is a blank shell until you add snap-ins (such as Computer Management or the Performance Monitor) for functionality. It contains the time and any applications (shown as icons) currently running in memory. open-source platform. Android is developed from Linux. Microsoft releases many patches for its operating systems and normally bundles these bug fixes and security patches together as service packs. Windows 7 32-bit requires 1 GB of RAM. Answer: C. that was an easy one…moving on! 2. and Windows 8 are different “versions”.0: Operating Systems 1.exe. If you wish to install Windows 7 by disc. C and F. You don’t add actual files or directories (folders) to . 8. The 64-bit version runs on a 64-bit CPU only. The System Properties dialog box contains configuration tabs for the computer name and network. The 32-bit version can run on a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU. Android is the competitor of iOS and is an opensource operating system used on many other manufacturers’ mobile devices. hardware. New versions of operating systems are just that: Windows Vista. The Start menu gives access to most programs and configurations in Windows. Service packs might include driver updates. system restore. Microsoft recommends 1 GB of RAM. 6. Windows Vista. You can access any of the tabs in that dialog box quickly by going to Start > Run and typing systempropertiescomputername. Answers: C and D.exe as well as applications such as cmd. Windows 7 can be installed over the network. but that is only a small portion of what they do.exe. it would be by DVD-ROM. Answer: C.exe. Service packs are updates. and installed from USB flash drive if you really want to! 3. And they cost money. it contains the critical Windows system files such as ntoskrnl. and Windows 7 are all Microsoft operating systems that you should know for the exam. and so on.152 Chapter 7 Answers and Explanations Domain 1. The System32 folder resides within the Windows folder. Windows Resource Kits are usually a combination of a book and disc that offer advanced technical guidance for the operating system. Answers: A. FAT and FAT32 are older. Okay. Answer: C. Windows XP. Some people refer to each program in the Control Panel as an applet.

11. In Windows XP. right-click Computer and select Manage. unsupported versions of Windows. The Task . and 7. and restart services within Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services.exe is the core operating system file of Windows XP. Windows XP Media Center. Then click the Disk Management icon. but 64 is the bare minimum needed to run the system. 14. If you need to subdivide the hard drive further. the system would crash and the file would have to be replaced or repaired. it can be opened by going to Run and typing msinfo32. or pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting Task Manager. Microsoft recommends more.exe is the default name of the file that starts installations of Windows and many other programs. Msconfig is a utility in Windows that allows you to enable and disable applications and services and boot Windows in different modes. it is the successor to boot. to view all current processes that are running and see how much memory each of them uses. NTdetect. The Task Manager can be opened by right-clicking the Taskbar and selecting Start Task Manager.exe is the Windows boot loader program for Windows 7 and Vista. Disk Cleanup is a built-in Windows program that can remove temporary files and other data that you probably won’t use. ntldr is the first file to be loaded from the hard drive when the computer is started and is known as the boot loader. and formatting of partitions and logical drives. 13. Answer: A. A hard disk can have four primary partitions maximum. Disk Management is a tool found in Computer Management and allows for the creation. Chkdsk is a Command Prompt utility that will search for errors and fix them (with the /F or /R switches). Ntoskrnl. right-click the service in question and configure it as you wish. Answer: A. which is then broken up into logical drives. Disk Administrator is a much older version of this program used in older. Windows will automatically set the partition to active for you. The MMC acts as an index for your programs and remembers the last place you were working (if you save it). deletion. via a click of the Processes tab. From there. Bootmgr is the first file to load in Windows 7/ detects hardware installed on the system. but before installing the OS. Answer: A. and the software environment.msc. Primary partitions are the first partitions created on a disk. Windows XP Home and Professional versions need only 64 MB to be installed. Answer: B. Vista. pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. An OS should always be installed to a primary partition. The System Information tool gives a summary of hardware resources. Boot. The Task Manager enables you. the primary partition should be set to active. It works in conjunction with the Bootmgr file (Windows Boot Manager) to take the place of ntldr. You can also open Services from Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools or by going to the Run prompt and typing services. 12. Answer: B. requires 256 MB of RAM. Answer: A. Answer: C. 10. stop. you add other programs within Windows.ini contains a menu of operating systems that can be selected and booted to. 9. each with its own drive letter. going to Run and typing taskmgr. you can also use an extended partition. The BCD is the Boot Configuration Data store. components. To view this application. If you are installing to a new hard disk.exe is the main system file of Windows—without it. Setup.ini. 15. however. Ntoskrln. You can start. Winload. It reads the BCD and displays an OS menu (if there is more than one OS). Any drive that you click on in Windows that has a drive letter is known as a volume.220-802 Practice Exam A 153 the MMC.

The Windows 7 (and Vista) recovery environment (WinRE) is also known as System Recovery Options. Answer: C. Disk Defragmenter keeps Windows running more efficiently by making the files contiguous. Answer: A. Use the Command Prompt to launch the command IPCONFIG. 20. MD is short for make directory and is the command to use when creating directories in the Command Prompt. or type HELP DIR. By the way. 21. Windows Update is simply located in Start > All Programs. or Classic view. RAM. You can open the Command Prompt in a variety of ways. The MMC is the Microsoft Management Console. DIR HELP would attempt to find the file ‘HELP’ within the current directory. type the command and then /?. 16. lowering the amount of physical work the hard drive has to do. However. System Restore allows you to take a snapshot of the OS. The Task Scheduler (previously Scheduled Tasks). IPCONFIG is a networking command that will display the configuration of your network adapter. which is the index that can store other console windows such as Computer Management. Disk Management is used to partition and format drives. To learn more about any command. right-click it and select Run as Administrator. enables you to set what time you want particular tasks to run. 17. 23. Or. fix file . exFAT (FAT64) is especially designed for flash drives. Performance Monitor analyzes the computer in much more depth than the Task Manager. HPFS is the High Performance File System developed by IBM and is not used by Windows. but that is the default for Windows 7. Answer: B. NFS is the Network File System. Small icons. 18. and the networking connection. You can also access it from the Control Panel if you have the Control Panel configured as Large icons. Depending on the version of Windows.exe or by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories. something you might see in a storage area network. You can open the default Command Prompt by going to Run and typing cmd. Vista. and SD deals with memory cards and is not a valid command in the Command Prompt.154 Chapter 7 Manager is a tool that allows you to see which applications and processes are running and analyze the performance of the CPU. 19. enabling you to revert to older settings if something goes wrong. The Power User group is an older group from the Windows XP days that was carried over to Windows 7/Vista. Answers: B and C. it might be in a slightly different location within All Programs. and especially guest. Check Disk checks the hard drive for errors. you could type CMD in the search field and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. but it has no real power in those operating systems. CD is change directory. Standard user. DIR ? would attempt to find information about ?. and XP. At this point. many commands require you to open the Command Prompt as an administrator. Convert is used to upgrade FAT and FAT32 volumes to NTFS without loss of data. Answers: B and C. to run it as an administrator. that is what the CompTIA A+ objectives calls for you to know: each of the individual programs in the icons view of Control Panel. Both tools can be found in Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. The administrator is the only account level that can install device drivers. accounts cannot install drivers or programs. as the name implies. Answer: A. Answers: A and D. From here you can restore the system. RD is remove directory. Answer: B. 22.

not a hardware limitation. And remember that *. There are some versions of Windows 7 that can access a maximum of 192 GB of RAM. it can easily be enabled by right-clicking it and selecting Enable. If the driver had not been installed. you must go to Disk Management and initialize. and D. /S will copy files. In special cases a hard disk might require special drivers.txt records events that occurred during the text portion installation of Windows XP. supports larger file sizes. Setuplog. There is no queue to be deleted. Even though 64-bit CPUs can address a realistic maximum of 256 terabytes (TB). 31. Disk Cleanup removes unwanted junk from the system such as temporary files. Setupact. and format them. and work in an unprotected Command Prompt. Answer: C. Windows 7/Vista does not have a text portion during installation. The arrow pointing down tells you that the device is disabled in Windows 7 and Vista. 28. System Restore is the tool used to create restore points. NTBackup is the backup program included with Windows XP. directories. Otherwise.220-802 Practice Exam A 155 errors. In Windows 7 it can be found in Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.log contains the events that occurred during the installation. you get the directory structure but no files are copied. Answers: A. Answer: C. Answer: B. Start with this log file when troubleshooting. 26. FDISK is an older DOS command. 25. 24. If the device is not even recognized by Windows. All the others can be modified from the Printer Properties screen. which is available in 7/Vista/XP. 29. Answers: A and C. Aero was released with Windows Vista. so no version of Windows XP had it. In Windows XP it is indicated with a red X. It is also referred to as ABOM. . The Recovery Console is the predecessor of WinRE. All the rest of the listed answers include Aero. software is always far more limited. partition. 32. This is a software limitation. available in Windows XP. Pausing printing in general and pausing individual documents is done by double-clicking on the printer in question and making the modifications from the ensuing window. and 32-bit only. A file size of 0 bytes indicates no errors during installation. B. the device would most likely be sitting in a category called Unknown Devices. 27. and subdirectories.xml is the answer file used by Windows 7/Vista during unattended installations. This is the only listed similarity between the two. Answer: C. Answer: C. 128 GB is the limit of RAM that Windows Vista can access. Advanced Boot Options is the menu that can be accessed by pressing F8. 30. Windows 7 Starter is a very basic. Answer: C. and supports much larger volumes. directories. /E is needed to copy the files. OS. Setuperr. it will not show up on the list or will show up under Unknown Devices. NTFS and FAT32 support the same number of file formats. Be sure to check out the xcopy help file for more on its switches. NTFS has the advantage: it supports file encryption in the form of EFS and BitLocker. For secondary drives. In many cases.* means all the files within a particular directory. Answer: D. If you add /T on to the end.log contains information about setup errors during the installation of Windows 7/Vista. subdirectories. Windows 7 Starter and Windows XP Professional. Unattend. The disk defragmenter is used to fix hard drives that have become slow with fragmentation. including empty subdirectories. Today’s computers’ BIOS should see the drive automatically with no configuration needed. but not empty subdirectories.

B. and D.156 Chapter 7 33. warnings. The System log deals with drivers and system files and so on. log off. If the user is logged in as an administrator. Domain 2. as administrators without having to switch users. which is used to move files and user settings from one system (or systems) to another. Phishing is an attempt to fraudulently acquire information. it’s a type of program that allows a person at a computer to remotely take control of another computer or device. Disabling DHCP and instead using static IP addresses removes one of the types of packets that are broadcast from the WAP. turn off SSID broadcasting so that no one else can find your WAP (with normal means). . The padlock in the locked position tells you that the website is using a secure certificate to protect your session. when necessary. After Auditing is turned on and specific resources are configured for auditing. insecure HTTP port 80. but of course less functional and useful! Other ways to secure the wireless access point include changing the password. which only allows the computers with the MAC addresses you specify access to the wireless network. and informational entries about applications. They are similar to viruses but differ in that they self-replicate. making it more difficult to hack. Worms travel through the Internet and through local area networks (LANs). a pop-up window will appear verifying that the user has administrative privileges before action is taken. purchase items. VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. or do online banking. it is not something that is included in Windows. the user need only click Yes. USB is the Universal Serial Bus and has little to do with this question except to serve to confuse the unwary with another acronym. If the user is not logged on as an administrator. or use Run As. This padlock could be in different locations depending on the web browser used. Macros are viruses that attach to programs like Microsoft Word and Word files. HTTPS opens a secure channel on port 443 as opposed to the default.0: Security 34. often by e-mail or phone. Answers: A. The Application log contains errors. Examples include RealVNC and TightVNC. and initiating MAC filtering. A multifunction network device that acts as both a wireless access point (WAP) and router comes with a standard. USMT stands for User State Migration Tool. you need to check the Event Viewer’s Security log for the entries. It is a good idea to change it. 37. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) also defines that the session is using either the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol or the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Answers: A and D. Answer: C. 36. default SSID name (that everyone knows). Trojans are viruses that look like programs and often seek to gain backdoor access to a system. there are literally hundreds of options. clicking Yes will cause Windows to prompt the user for an administrative username and password. users perform common tasks as nonadministrators and. 35. Answer: B. After PCs and laptops have been associated with the wireless network. A system maintenance log can be used to record routine maintenance procedures. With User Account Control (UAC) enabled. HTTP by itself is enough for regular web sessions when you read documents and so on. These could be successful logons or misfired attempts at deleting files. incorporating strong encryption such as Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2 (WPA2) with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Answer: D. but HTTPS is required when you log in to a site.

Biometrics is the study of recognizing humans. Spoofing is when a malicious user makes web pages. From there. or software-based.) Ctrl+Alt+Del brings up the Windows Security dialog box. . normally run on client computers. Hacking into a router is just that. higher-end routers for larger networks are usually not combined with firewall functionality. and finally special characters. 40. such as the Windows Firewall. by default it is not secure. Social engineering is the practice of obtaining confidential information by manipulating people. A barcode reader is a device that scans codes made up of different-width parallel lines. a capital S. 41. and SSID is a form of device identification that is broadcast from a wireless access point. They could be hardware-based. Windows Defender is free Microsoft software that protects against spyware/malware. such as the ones found in most SOHO multifunction network devices. hacking. and Windows+R brings up the Run prompt. a VLAN is confined within a single office but does offer some security in the form of compartmentalization. data. Hardware-based firewalls are also found in multifunction network devices. This enables a secure connection between two offices using the Internet. It is possible that they will run on servers. A fingerprint reader falls into this category as a biometric device. It utilizes one of two tunneling protocols to make the secure connection: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) or Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). FTP is the File Transfer Protocol. Answer: A. Hacking is a general term that describes an attacker trying to break into a system. such as the Windows Firewall. Antivirus software (such as McAfee or Norton) updates automatically so as to protect you against the latest viruses. but otherwise the servers will usually rely on a hardwarebased network firewall and/or an IDS/IPS solution. VLAN stands for virtual local area network. Fifteen characters or more is an industry standard for highly secure passwords. A password gets more secure as you increase its length and then add capital letters. Plus. numbers. (Unless.220-802 Practice Exam A 157 38. You should install a virtual private network (VPN). Smart cards are often the size of credit cards and store information that is transmitted to a reader. Answer: D. too. 42. an underscore. Answer: D. and a zero. but with an extra step. Answer: C. Note that Marqu1s_DeS0d has a capital M. Answer: D. Using someone else’s network is just plain theft. whether they are attached to e-mails or are lying in wait on removable media. 44. but the router functionality is really just one of the roles of the multifunction network device—separate from the firewall role. 43. 39. Answer: A. a 1 in the place of an I. especially if the server is acting as a network firewall. Phishing is when a person fraudulently attempts to gain confidential information from unsuspecting users. Windows+L automatically and immediately locks the computer. Only the person who locked it or an administrator can unlock it. Answer: A. Cracking is a term that is used to describe breaking passwords. of course. Software-based firewalls. Windows+M minimizes all open applications. 45. Firewalls protect against intrusion but not viruses. The only thing that this password lacks to make it a super password is the length. Answer: B. another user knows your password. Some people might refer to these devices as routers. you can lock the computer. a capital D. And a virus is a program that spreads through computers and networks (if executed by the user) that might or might not cause damage to files and applications. or e-mail appear to be coming from somewhere else.

A worm is a piece of code that infects files and systems. Common local security policies include password length. . which is attempting to break into a system with technology. Answer: B. it is implemented via e-mail or over the phone (vishing). you should consider new hardware and software. Just the use of a password doesn’t constitute a password policy. Spyware is software that tracks a user’s actions on the Internet. NTFS is Windows’ New Technology File System. An example of a password policy would be when an organization mandates that passwords be 15 characters in length with at least 1 capital letter. which you will rarely see. duration. Answer: B. All of the other answers are software related and are logical in their implementations. and cracking. Examples of smart cards include the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card used by U. which is breaking passwords with software. BitLocker. government employees and the Common Access Card (CAC) used by Department of Defense personnel. Answer: D. Answer: B. Kerberos is the protocol used on a domain to encrypt passwords. and 1 special character. Putty is a tool used for secure text-based connections to hosts and does not involve the website. Answer: B. Many tools can recover data from a drive after it is formatted. 53. It should be avoided unless it is the only encryption option you have. it is a deprecated encryption protocol used with WEP and WPA. 47. Grayware is a classification of malware that behaves in an annoying manner but is not necessarily detrimental to the computer system. 52.158 Chapter 7 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used to make connections to websites but is not secure by itself. it selfreplicates and spreads throughout networks on its own. 1 number. It works best with AES. even then. Answer: B. Answer: C. Many companies will low-level format the drive and keep it in storage indefinitely. The replacement is CCMP. FAT is just another name for FAT16. the whole partition) much better than any FAT system does. Phishing is a type of social engineering. without the user’s knowledge. and WEP and takes much longer to crack (if crackable at all). 48. though you might see removable media formatted to this file system. 51. WPA2 is superior to WPA. Compare this to hacking. 50. They are sometimes referred to as tokens and have built-in processors. It secures files and folders (and in fact. Answer: B. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and the newer Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypt the transactions through the website. that would require HTTPS. Smart cards are actual physical cards that you use as authentication tools. Adware creates those pesky pop-up windows.S. HTTP by itself is not secure. Social engineering is when fraudulent individuals try to get information from users through manipulation. All of the listed answers are types of malicious software (malware). EFS. and complexity. FAT32 is also uncommon. TKIP stands for Temporal Key Integrity Protocol. These SSL certificates are often accompanied by the protocol HTTPS. 49. and NTFS permissions are just a few of the advantages of an NTFS partition. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is deprecated (outdated) and is considered insecure. 46.

58. The question did not specify physical or virtual keyboard.220-802 Practice Exam A 159 54. the Y axis (up and down). Answer: D. Answer: A. instead you use your finger(s) or a stylus to tap on the display (known as a touchscreen). Some manufacturers modify the design to create a proprietary micro-B USB port. Limited accounts are used in Windows XP. and the Z axis (back to front). Answer: C. and D. Gmail is a webbased e-mail service by Google. Answer: D. The Global Positioning System (GPS) technology can be instrumental in locating lost or stolen mobile devices. Lock Rotation is a setting (and a switch) on Apple iPad devices that stops the screen from reorienting as you rotate it. A worm is code that infects a system and self-replicates to other systems. C. 57. roll. and it is uncommon for them to use mini-USB ports. The micro-B USB port is a common charging/data port for Android devices. Geotracking is the practice of tracking and recording the location of a mobile device. Answer: C. . Answer: C. Apple users download apps from the App Store or from within iTunes. Be ready for vagaries such as those on the real exam. It is freely downloadable and can be modified by manufacturers of mobile devices to suit their specific hardware. Spam is the abuse of e-mail and the bane of mankind. Tablets and other mobile devices will often use Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) CPUs. The equivalent of this in any Windows system is the standard user account. Answer: A. Android users download applications (apps) from the Android Market (now known as Google Play). This aids in screen orientation on mobile devices. Many devices have this installed. These are designed for simplicity and low-power usage compared to desktop computer CPUs such as the Intel Core i5 and AMD Phenom II and FX CPUs. a company would have to pay a fee for every license of the OS. and yaw.0: Mobile Devices 56. Mobile devices do not use the standard size USB ports that desktop computers do. 62. Part of the point of the limited account is to limit it to doing everyday tasks only and not installing (possibly malicious) programs. The gyroscope adds the measurements of pitch. Domain 3. Accelerometers are combinations of hardware and software that measure velocity on the X axis (left to right). 59. It can be calibrated on Android devices with the G-Sensor calibration tool. Tablets have displays and wireless network adapters. Spyware is software unwittingly downloaded from the Internet that tracks a user’s actions while surfing the Web. Tablets do not have a mouse. (You are being watched!) Screen orientation is how the screen is displayed depending on how you hold the device: vertical or horizontal (or upside down). others rely on geotracking or Wi-Fi hotspot locating techniques. 55. B. which are necessary for today’s mobile games and other apps. It is incorporated into the Android operating system. Passcode locks are sets of numbers that are required to be entered when a mobile device is turned on or taken out of sleep mode. 60. Answers: A. They also have an onscreen keyboard. Android is an open-source OS. Answer: A. 61. Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s two mobile OSes—Windows CE and Windows Mobile—are closedsource. A Trojan is a disguised program that is used to gain access to a computer and either steal information or take control of the computer.

they are often not even run on mobile devices. Documentation is the final step in the troubleshooting process. If the system beeps and freezes during this count-up. e-mail. Bluetooth is used to connect wireless devices to the mobile device—for example. you could check whether the computer is on. Wi-Fi connections also allow connections to the Internet given there is a hotspot available. Databases are not often backed up. (F5 also brings up the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu on some systems. Afterward. and mobile devices do not make use of it. 67. programs. and whether the monitor is plugged into the computer. When you enter Safe mode. 70. 3G. This way. The flashing cursor on the screen tells you that the system is not posting properly. and videos. if your changes affect the functionality of the system. When Windows XP is first starting. so you would have no need to back up Word documents. then the RAM has an issue. which includes several options for Safe mode (among other options). Documentation is last. Answer: A. if the computer and monitor are plugged into the AC outlet. the video driver is bypassed and only a simple VGA driver is loaded. The second step is to establish a theory of probable cause. This is similar to the ABOM in Windows 7/Vista. Answer: A. Reinstalling the video driver is much further down the list. It could also be incompatible with the motherboard. others on your team can do the same. Chances are that the computer has faulty memory or memory that needs to be reseated properly. Fiber optic is not wireless. it is common company policy to document all findings as part of a trouble ticket. You should do this before making any changes to the software or OS and before opening the computer. Answer: A. 66. This comes after identifying the problem and before testing your theory. This helps you to better understand and articulate exactly what the problem (and solution) was.0: Troubleshooting 65. They work the same way Wi-Fi does with PCs and laptops. allowing Bob to troubleshoot his video driver. pictures. Answer: C.160 Chapter 7 63. Answer: B. headsets. The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and the general packet radio service (GPRS) are used to connect to the Internet at 2G. When troubleshooting a computer system. However. music. You are looking for the obvious or most probable cause for the problem. and 4G speeds. but the mobile device might make connections to databases. 69. Answers: A and C. you can consult your documentation for the solution. Answers: A and C. A corrupt MBR would either give a . The numbers counting up are the system checking the RAM. Ctrl brings up a special menu that contains only the Safe mode options (not available in Windows 7/Vista/XP). Some of the things you might synchronize on a smartphone include contacts. Answer: B.) 68. pressing F8 brings up the Windows Advanced Boot Options Menu (ABOM). In addition. mobile devices (as of the writing of this book) do not run Microsoft Office. 64. The fact that the user might not have turned her monitor on when she first came in is a likely scenario. you can always restore the data later. Plus. If you see this problem in the future. always look for the most likely and simplest solutions first. Back up data before making any changes to the computer. Domain 4.

you might try changing the bulb in the projector. those programs will run again. Answer: A. It is replaced by Chkdsk. Answer: D. though you can usually tell if the bulb is working by accessing the menu buttons on the projector. 78. you effectively create a selective startup. Answer: A. Task Manager can turn off programs.1 is the built-in loopback IP address for every computer with TCP/IP installed. including Safe Mode. Answer: D. Know those ABOM options! 76. Answer: D. If you get any address that starts with 169. The Advanced Boot Options menu has many options. By modifying this. 127. All other answers are possible reasons for why nothing is showing up on the display. 77. 79.254. The Event Viewer contains the error logs. so it isn’t a possible reason for why nothing is coming up on the monitor. but just regular files. 73. when the system restarts. Xcopy is used to copy entire directories of information. the DNS server is for resolving domain names to IP addresses. 71. Also. 80. Normally. This menu can be accessed by pressing F8 when the computer first boots up.0. Answer: D. The entire step is “Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventive measures. You might also choose to disconnect the USB hard drive. you will see gray text and a spinning pipe sign as it attempts to find a DHCP server. Chkdsk can check for and repair errors. you could ping any number on the 127 network or ping localhost without the double backslash. 72. DHCP servers will not use this network number. If the computer attempts to boot off of the network. the hard drive will not spin. Answer: B. Answer: C. check all cables and power. External devices and peripherals could cause conflicts in a computer . The other three do not contain error logs. Implement preventative measures as part of step 5 to ensure that the problem will not happen again. Answer: B. they are finite in size. the monitor might not be plugged in. System File Checker (SFC) checks protected system files and replaces incorrect versions. Scandisk is an older command-line scanning tool that today’s versions of Windows don’t use. 74. it means the computer has self-assigned that address. You could either clear the log or increase the size of the log. you would get a message to that effect. and the WINS server is for resolving NETBIOS names to IP addresses. Disconnect the external monitor. If the PC is not connected to the AC outlet. It is known as an APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Addressing). Answer: A. This helps you determine if TCP/IP works on the local computer’s network adapter. if a DHCP server is actually available.0.” It comes just after establishing a plan of action and just before documenting findings. None of the other options check system files. but it doesn’t indicate if you have a working network connection. MSCONFIG can turn programs on and off in the Startup tab. 75. If that doesn’t work. Finally.220-802 Practice Exam A 161 message stating “missing OS” or “the MBR is corrupt”. but only temporarily. Alternatively. Try pressing the video toggle button or combination key on the laptop’s keyboard first. given the question’s scenario. The POP3 server is for incoming mail. If the OS was corrupted. A simple ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew might fix the problem.

or PCIe slots. the BIOS will not recognize it. hard drives do not need drivers to simply be recognized. if you ever remove the sound card when upgrading. then make sure that the wireless adapter is enabled in Windows. 86. which is often a green jack. you would use the standard front speaker jack. However. and if it is wrong. (Word to the wise. The wireless hardware switch (or button) is turned off. B. the latest of which can be found on its website. The drivers and the firmware should not be an issue because the laptop was able to connect yesterday. Formatting the external USB drive will wipe out all data stored on it and probably won’t fix the problem. instead. Answer: C. If it is enabled. If there is only one drive. 85.1 surround sound. it’s quite hard to plug a sound card into a wrong slot. Answers: A and D. If the . Finally. AGP. Ghosted images or blurry marks could be a sign that the drum has some kind of imperfection or is dirty. The speaker out is the one with concentric circles and an arrow pointing out. Removing the battery will only tell you if the system will still work on AC power only. use the manufacturer’s driver. The primary partition must be set to active to boot to the operating system. There are several possible reasons a paper jam might occur. or the rollers could be damaged. Always check that Wi-Fi switch. Copying files can be done only after formatting is complete. Something else not mentioned here is that a second drive would have to be initialized in Windows before use.162 Chapter 7 system that stops it from posting properly and booting. the drive simply won’t be seen by the BIOS. B. CHKDSK has little value on an unformatted drive as it checks files for errors and integrity. you never know what might have happened. Answers: A. You must partition the drive before formatting. Always make sure that the speaker power (if any) is plugged into an AC outlet and that the speakers are on (if they have a power button). and D. Answers: A. the jumper setting probably won’t matter. especially if the image reappears at equal intervals. Always check the hardware on the HCL before performing an install or upgrade. Windows should recognize it and either install a driver through plug-and-play or ask for a driver CD. For example. Another possibility is that the fuser assembly has been damaged and needs to be replaced. if you have a PCI 32bit sound card (a common standard). Finally. Make sure that you plug the speakers into the correct 1/8" RCA jack. Answer: B. Replace the drum (or toner cartridge). When a sound card is first installed. so check those later on in your troubleshooting process. unless the laptop’s BIOS was incorrectly set to boot from the external drive instead of the internal drive. you can then plug that sound card into any of the available PCI slots on your motherboard and it will be recognized. and C. 81. 87. For best results. if the drive does not get power. 83. Answer: D. Always flash the latest BIOS before performing an upgrade or a fresh install. The paper could be stuck somewhere in the paper path. 84. a damaged primary corona wire might cause lines or smearing. in which case. Or you might have 5. Turning off the monitor doesn’t change the fact that it is connected to the laptop’s port. The same holds true for power. and if the external drive had an OS installed to it. Check if the laptop is within range of the wireless access point. Answer: D. Older PCs might need the BIOS to be upgraded before an installation. However. the primary corona wire doesn’t cause paper jams. the paper could be too thick. make sure you put it back in the same slot.) PCI cards will not fit in ISA. 82.

The purpose of a DNS server is to resolve (convert) hostnames and domain names to the IP address. meaning a domain controller. 90. If Davidprowse. Computers normally communicate via IP address. 88. Viruses in the MBR could cause the computer to simply not boot. Plain old IPCONFIG shows only the IP address. Verifying full functionality is step 5. Answer: A. and gateway address. but it is easier for humans to type in names. You should perform backups during the first step: Identify the problem. a blue screen could occur. 92. but they will render the affected devices inoperable. (This can be displayed as a yellow exclamation point in Windows XP. 95. Document findings is step 6. Answer: D. but the Device Manager doesn’t have an icon to tell you that specifically. you cannot ping the corresponding IP address at all. Documenting findings is step 6. including the MAC address.220-802 Practice Exam A 163 CPU or RAM is not compatible or if you have a corrupt driver file. your workstation will probably not have an IP on the network and again will not ping the corresponding IP address. In some cases. Ipconfig/release is used to troubleshoot DHCP-obtained IP addresses.) If the device was disabled. As to the incorrect answers: If the DHCP server is down. meaning from the printer’s onscreen display. Answer: C. normally the operating system does. IRQ conflicts will not cause BSODs. A black exclamation point on a yellow field tells you that the device is in a problem state and is probably malfunctioning. Answer: B. ADDS is Active Directory Directory Services. 89. it would show an arrow pointing down (Windows 7/Vista) or a red X (Windows XP). Identify the problem is step 1. except that in many smaller companies. Testing theories is step 3. the system simply won’t boot. Answer: C. the firmware might not have been written yet to actually work with that processor! 94. 93. 91. Answer: B. Individual devices generally don’t get infected with malware anyway. Windows does not affect the POST at all. Establish a theory of probable cause is step 2. If that doesn’t work. However. Startup repair attempts to fix issues automatically. perhaps the . the Device Manager won’t tell you if a system is infected with malware. which doesn’t have much to do with this. The fourth step of the CompTIA six-step troubleshooting process is: Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution. The idea is that you back up the data before you actually do anything to the computer. You must have the correct firmware to recognize the latest CPUs. IPCONFIG/ALL shows a lot of information. Answer: C. the domain controller and DNS server are one and the same. The blue screen is technically referred to as a Stop Error. The device might need to be replaced or is down. you need to start troubleshooting the printer. subnet mask. you might purchase a motherboard that says it can support a specific new processor. Answer: B. or the firmware might need to be upgraded. Also. This is available in Windows 7/Vista’s WinRE System Recovery Options. If the CPU is not seated properly or if you have an incorrect CPU. First try printing an internal test page. It is often used in conjunction with ipconfig/renew. Ping tests whether other computers are alive on the network. The device might not be on the HCL.

If the spooler stalled. but their drivers might. Answer: B. The Event Viewer logs all errors that occur on a system. then no paper should come out of the printer. Answer: A. but often the cost of a signal booster is the same as buying a newer. Check cables and see whether the power is on for your devices and computers. otherwise known as a stop error) is driver failure. 98. or maybe a corona wire is malfunctioning. If the test page prints fine. 99. Second on the list is memory/processorrelated errors. and so on. 100. the System log would contain the information useful in troubleshooting this error. Signal boosters might also work. electrical interference. Basements are usually the worst place for an access point because of concrete foundations and walls. You must have administrative rights to do so. Hard drives and CD-ROMs themselves should not cause stop errors. Likewise. The easiest and (probably) cheapest way is to move the WAP. Restarting the spooler should not help in this situation. the printer cable should not have to be replaced. 97. Answer: A. new drivers and firmware usually will not help the situation. Particularly. more powerful WAP! Unfortunately. The most common reason for a BSOD (blue screen of death. Answer: C. The simplest solution is often the most common. . Answers: A and B. you can check the printer drivers and other settings at the computer that uses the printer. Programs cannot be installed by standard users or guests.164 Chapter 7 toner cartridge is empty. Run the installer as an administrator. 96.

give yourself a half-hour or so before you begin this one. After the answer key you will find the explanations for all of the answers. which immediately follows the exam. I’ll be blending in some more difficult questions this time. in any order. Unlike the first exam. this one is freestyle. I suggest taking a break between exams. If you didn’t already. The main goal of this practice exam is to make sure you understand all of the concepts before moving on to the next test. Write down your answers and check them against the answer key. go back and study. This next test will take it to the next level and could be considered an intermediate practice test. Good luck! .8 CHAPTER EIGHT 220-802 Practice Exam B The previous 220-802 exam was the introduction. You can expect questions from any of the four domains. then retake exam A until you pass with 90% or higher. If you just completed the first exam. If you didn’t score 90% or higher on exam A. meaning the questions are randomized.

❍ D. Which of the following should you try first? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 189 Identify the problem Establish a theory Establish a plan of action Document findings 2. The customer will be supervising your work. the Windows XP system will not boot. Are there any current backups? Do you want me to shut down the server? Which version of Windows Server is this? Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 189 Access the Recovery Console Boot into Safe mode and roll back the driver Reinstall the operating system Boot into Directory Services Restore mode 5. Which tool would you be using if you were setting the computer to boot with the Selective Startup feature? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 189 A. Msconfig 3. You have been given the task of installing a new hard drive on a server for a customer. ❍ C. ❍ C. What should you ask the customer first? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 189 What is the administrator password? 4.166 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check Practice Questions 1. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 187 Device Manager DxDiag Services. Which tool is used to analyze and diagnose a video card? ❍ A. Safe Mode ❍ D. ❍ D. Recovery Console ❍ C. ❍ B.msc USMT Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 189 . ❍ D. Task Manager B. You just upgraded the president’s computer’s video driver. Now. ❍ B. In which step of the CompTIA A+ troubleshooting process would you question the user? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ C.

and when it first boots you hear some beep codes. ❍ B. Use the parallel port Use the network connection Use the USB connector Use the Ethernet connector Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 190 . 3 times RAM ❍ C. Quick Answer: 187 A. ❍ C. A co-worker needs to print to a printer from a laptop running Windows 7. ❍ D. what are the best devices to examine first? (Select all that apply. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 189 UAC 7. ❍ D. Aero Application dock Sidebar \%systemroot%\Windows Detailed Answer: 190 \%systemroot%\System32 \%systemroot%\System32\Config Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 190 RAM CD-ROM Video card CPU 9. If you don’t have the codes memorized. Which of the following is a feature of Windows 7 but not Windows Vista? ❍ A. The printer has a USB and an Ethernet connector. ❍ D. You just built a PC. The same as the amount of RAM on the system 10. ❍ C.) ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ C. Where is registry hive data stored? ❍ A. 1. ❍ B. ❍ D. 6 times RAM ❍ D.220-802 Practice Exam B 167 ✓ Quick Check 6. What is the default initial size of virtual memory in Windows? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 \%systemroot%\Windows\System32\Config 8. What is the easiest way to connect the printer to the laptop? ❍ A. ❍ B.5 times RAM Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 190 B.

Which type of password should you set in the BIOS? ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 190 A. The drive might become fragmented. The computers need to be accessible by anyone. How can you restart the Print Spooler service? (Select the two best answers. What is a common risk when installing Windows drivers that are unsigned? ❍ A. Currently. ❍ B. so he is asking you to change the drive to NTFS. ❍ C. ❍ D. Physical damage to devices might occur. Enter net stop print spooler and then net start print spooler in the command line ❍ C. the only partition on the drive (C:) is formatted as FAT32. Go to Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services and restart the Print Spooler service 12.) ❍ A. Clinton needs a more secure partition on his hard drive. User ❍ B. ❍ D. What is the proper syntax for this procedure? ❍ A. Supervisor ❍ D. Go to Computer Management > Services and restart the Print Spooler service Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 190 ❍ D. Files might be cross-linked. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 191 .168 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 11. You work in an Internet cafe that has publicly used desktop computers. System stability may be compromised. He cannot lose the data on the drive but must have a higher level of security. ❍ B. Enter net stop spooler and then net start spooler in the command line ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 190 Change C: /FS:NTFS Change C: NTFS /FS Convert C: /FS:NTFS Convert C: NTFS /FS 13. ❍ C. Guest 14. Administrator ❍ C.

220-802 Practice Exam B 169 ✓ Quick Check 15.) ❍ A. ❍ ❍ B. Tom has a 30 GB hard disk partition (known as C:) on a Windows Vista computer. ❍ B. ❍ C.5 GB free space on the partition. He can run DEFRAG. He can run DEFRAG. If you get a Code 1 message about a particular device in the Device Manager.EXE –f in the command line. ❍ B. what should you do? ❍ A. Which of the following utilities can be used to view the startup programs? ❍ A.EXE –A in the command line. Which Windows utility is used to prepare a disk image for duplication across the network? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ D. He has 1. ❍ C. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 191 C. ❍ B. He can run the Disk Defragmenter in Computer Management. ❍ D. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 187 XCOPY SYSPREP Ghost Image Clone Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 191 . Disable the device Update the driver Reinstall the driver Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 191 The brand of access point The wireless standard used The encryption standard used The SSID of the access point 19. 17. Detailed Answer: 191 Close applications and install RAM 18. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 191 Ipconfig Ping Regedit DxDiag 16. ❍ C. ❍ D.EXE –v in the command line. How can he defrag the partition? ❍ A. Which of the following settings must be established if you want to make a secure wireless connection? (Select all that apply. He can run DEFRAG. ❍ C.

❍ C. Computers located in the business office or the classrooms have not had this issue. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 192 DDoS Smurf Session hijacking Malicious software 23. What can be described as a mobile device sharing its Internet connection with other Wi-Fi capable devices? ❍ A. When the wrong processor is installed ❍ B. ❍ D. When the computer was shut down improperly ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. You have had several support requests for one PC located in a school cafeteria kitchen.170 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 20. ❍ B. it is known as which type of attack? ❍ A. When a device is missing drivers ❍ C. ❍ B. In Windows Vista. You have already reseated the PCIe and PCI cards and replaced the hard drive in the PC. ❍ D. when will a computer dump the physical memory? ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 192 A. If a person takes control of a session between a server and a client. When the computer detects a condition from which it cannot recover 22. ❍ D. USB tethering Wi-Fi sharing Internet pass-through Wi-Fi tethering Detailed Answer: 192 . Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 192 bootrec /fixboot bootrec /fixmbr bootrec /rebuildbcd boot\bcd Quick Answer: 187 24. ❍ B. ❍ B. The message “The Windows Boot Configuration Data File Is Missing Required Information” appears on the screen. Which command would you type to repair this issue? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 191 Excessive heat Faulty RAM 240 V outlets Power brownouts 21. ❍ D. What most likely causing the issue? ❍ A.

❍ C. Install antivirus software on the computer before removing the old hard drive 26. Verify full system functionality and. Patch management ❍ D. What is this an example of? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 192 A. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 193 Run the System Restore utility Restore the registry Restart in Safe Mode Run the Recovery Console utility 28. You are utilizing WSUS and are testing new updates on PCs. Question the user and identify user changes 29. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 193 B. Host-based firewall B. actions. if applicable. Which of the following should be performed during a hard drive replacement to best maintain data privacy? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 192 A.220-802 Practice Exam B 171 ✓ Quick Check 25. ❍ B. ❍ B. Virtualization 27. ❍ C. Completely erase the old drive prior to disposal B. implement preventative measures ❍ D. Which tool would you use to back up data on the C: drive in Windows Vista? ❍ A. how do you fix the “NTLDR is missing or corrupt” error? ❍ A. Document findings. Format the new hard drive twice prior to installation C. In Windows XP. NTBackup Backup Status and Configuration Task Manager ASR Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 193 . and outcomes ❍ C. Only use FAT32 file systems when formatting the new drives ❍ D. Application baselining C. ❍ D. Which of the following troubleshooting steps is next after determining the cause? ❍ ❍ A. ❍ D.

❍ D. What is the minimum processor requirement for Windows Vista? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ B.) ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 1 GHz 32. Detailed Answer: 193 233 MHz 31. Quick Answer: 187 8 GB 10 GB 16 GB 20 GB Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 194 . Unattended installation 34. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ C. How much free disk space is required to install Windows 7? (Select the two best answers.172 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 30. Which type of installation are you performing? (Select the best answer. ❍ D. You create an answer file to aid in installing Windows 7. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 194 A.) ❍ A. ❍ C. 20 GB Detailed Answer: 194 2 GB 4 GB 15 GB 35. ❍ D. Multiboot installation ❍ D. Where would you go to find out if the hardware in your system is compatible with Windows 7? ❍ A. How much free disk space is required to install Windows Vista? ❍ A. USB installation C. ❍ C. 133 MHz 800 MHz 1 GHz 800 MHz Detailed Answer: 193 2 GHz 2 GB Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 193 System Tools System Properties Windows Compatibility Center Resource Monitor 33. ❍ D. ❍ B. What is the minimum processor requirement for Windows 7? ❍ A. Disk image installation B. ❍ B.

❍ D. What would resolve this problem? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 194 KVM switch IEEE 1394 connection Docking station Bluetooth adapter 37. Quick Launch B. ❍ B. ❍ C. and scanner at the same time. ❍ D. Which version of Windows 7 does not include Windows XP Mode? ❍ A. Notification Area ❍ D. then right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. ❍ B. Desktop 38. Click Start > All Programs >Accessories.) ❍ A. then right-click Command Prompt and select Run in elevated mode. Home Premium Professional Ultimate Enterprise Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 195 .220-802 Practice Exam B 173 ✓ Quick Check 36. mouse. Click Start and type cmd in the search field. Task bar C. press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. How can the Command Prompt be opened as an administrator (known as elevated mode) in Windows 7/Vista? (Select all that apply. Which component of the Windows GUI includes the clock and other programs that run in the background? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 194 A. 39. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 194 ❍ D. press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. ❍ B. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories. However. the laptop only has two USB ports and the user is unable to connect the keyboard. ❍ C. monitor. and instead of pressing Enter. ❍ C. A user with a laptop frequently goes into the office to work. and instead of pressing Enter. Click Start and type cmd in Run prompt.

You print an image to your printer. Quick Answer: 187 A. ❍ C. ❍ B. but the page shows a ghosted image. What should you do first if a printer fails to print very large documents but still prints smaller documents without a problem? ❍ A. ❍ B. What should you recommend the user do? ❍ ❍ Detailed Answer: 195 Replace the communications cable 43. There’s an incorrect driver. Tell the user to add the senders to the junk e-mail sender list ❍ C.174 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 40. ❍ C. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 187 Check if the correct type of paper is being used 42. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ B. Business Ultimate Enterprise Change the toner cartridges Add memory to the printer Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 195 The drum needs replacing. Detailed Answer: 195 Home Premium 41. The printer is offline. ❍ D. ❍ C. Tell the user to reply to all spam and opt out of future e-mails Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 195 . There’s a dirty primary corona wire. ❍ D. A co-worker notices that the battery light on a laptop is flashing when the laptop is in a docking station. Tell the user to create a new e-mail account B. What could be the problem? ❍ A. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 195 Replace the laptop battery Reinstall the operating system Reseat in the docking station Remove and reseat the battery 44. Tell the user to find a new ISP ❍ D. Which version of Windows Vista does not include remote desktop connection functionality? ❍ A. Which of the following should you try first to fix the problem? ❍ A. One of your customers reports that there is a large amount of spam in her e-mail inbox.

and click the Sharing tab ❍ B. Right-click the printer. Right-click the printer. select Properties. How can you find out which type of connection the printer is using? ❍ A. Right-click the printer. 48. 49. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 196 Check if the heat sink is secure. ❍ B. Check the BIOS temperature threshold. In Windows Vista. where can devices like the display and hard drives be configured to turn off after a certain amount of time? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 195 Power plans Display Properties Computer Management Power Options Properties window 46. and click the Ports tab 47. and click the Advanced tab ❍ C. Which programs can you use to test your RAM? (Select the two best answers. Your customer is having problems printing from an application.) ❍ A. It verifies the connectivity and illuminates possible application problems. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ C. It clears the print queue and resets the printer memory. ❍ B. The output of the test page allows you to initiate diagnostic routines on the printer. Why should a test page be used to troubleshoot the issue? ❍ ❍ A. Right-click the printer. Check if the RAM needs to be reseated. and click the Separator Page button Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 196 ❍ D. select Properties. It allows you to see the quality of the printer output. A computer’s CPU overheats and shuts down the system intermittently. select Properties. What should you check to fix the problem? (Select the two best answers. You attempt to send a test page to the printer. select Properties. ❍ B.) ❍ A. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 196 B.220-802 Practice Exam B 175 ✓ Quick Check 45. ❍ D. Check if the fan is connected. Quick Answer: 187 Task Manager System Information Chkdsk CPU-Z Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 196 .

The drive’s SATA data connector is loose. Which of the following will not secure a functioning computer workstation? ❍ A. A tablet device is having trouble accessing the wireless network.176 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 50. ❍ D. Power cycle the device B. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 197 Setting a strong password Changing default usernames Disabling the guest account Sanitizing the hard drive 53. ❍ D. B. he notices that the signal strength on the laptop is poor and only connects at 11 Mbps. The wireless antennas on the router need to be replaced. 54. The user moved the laptop next to the WAP and is still experiencing the same issue. Local Security Policy B. The drive is fragmented. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 196 The drive needs to be initialized. Which utility enables you to implement auditing on a single Windows computer? ❍ ❍ A. The cable modem is faulty. A user’s hard drive seems very slow in its reaction time when opening applications. ❍ B. The laptop is connecting to the incorrect wireless network. Check if the SSID was correct ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. What could be causing this? ❍ A. ❍ D. After connecting a laptop to the wireless network. Which of the following is most likely the cause? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 197 A. What should you do to troubleshoot the problem? (Select the three best answers. Group Policy Editor Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 197 .11n router. The router’s wireless card drivers are faulty. Set up a static IP ❍ E. Forget the network and reconnect to it 52.) ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 196 A. A user recently purchased a new wireless 802. The temporary files need to be deleted. Use GPRS instead C. 51.

Allows the OS to talk to the device 57. ❍ D. Modifies applications Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 197 B. ❍ B.) ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 197 Create policies Ntbootdd.msc 55. ❍ C. ❍ B.) ❍ A. ❍ C. Improves device performance ❍ D. Works with memory more efficiently ❍ C. Which of the following are types of social engineering? (Select the two best answers. ❍ D. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 187 Malware Shoulder surfing Tailgating Rootkits Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 198 . ADDS ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 197 NTLDR Boot. Where are restore points stored after they are created? ❍ A.sys 56.ini Ntdetect. what should you do next? (Select the two best answers. Connect to WLANs Enable the Windows Firewall Run Windows Update The Recycler folder Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 198 The System32 folder The %systemroot% folder The System Volume Information folder 59. ❍ C. Which file contains ARC paths like the one shown here: default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS? ❍ A. What does a device driver do? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 A. ❍ D. ❍ D. Services. ❍ C.220-802 Practice Exam B 177 ✓ Quick Check ❍ C. After installing Windows 7 successfully. ❍ B.

❍ C. Thermal compound ❍ B. you set up a wireless access point/router for a small business that is a customer of yours. A burning smell comes from the computer. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 198 A. ❍ C. Which of the following is the best way to ensure that a hard drive is secure for disposal? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ B. Print server Print pooling Print spooler Detailed Answer: 198 Format the drive FDISK the drive multiple times Convert the drive to NTFS Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 198 Supervisor Administrator Power User Backup operator 63. This is the service that controls the printing of documents in a Windows computer. ❍ B. Configure the wireless access point to use WPA Configure MS-CHAP on the WAP/router Disable SSID broadcasting Move the WAP/router to another corner of the office Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 198 . ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 198 Printer 61. the customer calls and complains that Internet access is getting slower and slower. Which user group permission level has the highest amount of access on a Windows computer? ❍ A. ❍ B. What is the most likely source? ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Magnetically erase the drive 62. AC outlet 64. ❍ A. Now. ❍ D. ❍ C. You then guess that neighboring companies are using the service connection. As you look at the WAP/router. Keyboard ❍ C. A month ago.178 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 60. How can you restrict their access to your customer’s wireless connection? (Select the two best answers. ❍ D. you notice that it was reset at some point and is now set for open access. Power supply ❍ D.) ❍ A.

A first-level help desk support technician receives a call from a customer and works with the customer to resolve the call for several minutes unsuccessfully. Explain to the customer that he will receive a callback when someone more qualified is available ❍ ❍ B. There is too much voltage to the floppy.) ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 199 A. Detailed Answer: 199 Replace the inverter Reinstall the video drivers Boot into Safe mode Check whether the laptop is in Standby or Hibernate mode 67. The BIOS needs to be reconfigured. A customer complains that there is nothing showing on the display of his laptop. Escalate the call to another technician Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 199 C. ❍ B. Which of the following should the technician do next? ❍ A. What does this mean? ❍ A. USB hub ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ B. CPU ❍ D. RAM ❍ E. The floppy drive has failed. Explain to the customer that the problem cannot be resolved and end the call ❍ D. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 199 . You just installed a new floppy drive into a computer you use for testing. What should you attempt first on the computer? ❍ A. When the computer boots.220-802 Practice Exam B 179 ✓ Quick Check 65. ❍ D. you notice that the light for the floppy stays on. Which of the two following components can affect the POST from completing successfully? (Select the two best answers. Hard drive B. ❍ C. CD-ROM 68. ❍ D. The cable is connected backward. Continue working with the customer until the problem is resolved 66.

you are given an opportunity to load alternative third-party drivers. Megan’s laptop runs perfectly when at work. 20 or fewer ❍ D. Configure a static IP address in the Alternate Configuration tab of the user’s TCP/IP properties and enable DHCP in the General tab Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 200 . During an installation of Windows 7. Tell Megan to configure the alternate configuration tab of TCP/IP properties ❍ D. Tell Megan to get a wireless cellular card and service B. What should you do to fix the problem? ❍ ❍ ❍ Detailed Answer: 200 That there is power to the hard drive 72. That there is no controller cable connected to the drive That the CD-ROM is jumpered correctly That the hard drive driver is installed Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 200 Spanned volume RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 73. ❍ C. A computer in a Windows workgroup can have how many concurrent connections? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 200 A.180 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 69. Detailed Answer: 199 CD-ROM SCSI drive USB mouse BIOS 70. You get a message upon booting the system that says “No Hard Disk. the company uses static IP addresses for all computers. ❍ C. ❍ D. 15 or fewer C.) ❍ A. Internally. ❍ D. Which device are you most likely loading drivers for? ❍ A. it cannot get on the Internet. Quick Answer: 187 A. but when she takes it on the road. 10 or fewer B. 25 or fewer 71.” What should you check? (Select the two best answers. ❍ D.) ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ B. Which of the following disk arrays provides for fault tolerance? (Select the two best answers. ❍ B. Tell Megan to use DHCP C.

❍ D. ❍ D. Files on the system drive can be secured. Before implementing a solution to a problem. Which power-saving mode enables for the best power savings. Alters the actions of a command. Is used in application icons C. When using the command-line. B. ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 200 Ipconfig 75. ❍ C. and storage is more efficient on the system drive. ❍ D. ❍ B.220-802 Practice Exam B 181 ✓ Quick Check 74. Which command will show you the current network sessions from a PC to the Internet? ❍ A. Enables the command to work across any operating system ❍ ❍ B. such as widening or narrowing the function of the command Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 201 . which of the following should be done? ❍ A. Larger logical drives can be made on the data drive. John’s computer has two hard drives. The cluster size is larger. Changes the core behavior of a command. and storage is more efficient on the system drive. a switch ______. Ping Netstat Nbtstat Detailed Answer: 200 Perform a system backup Test the solution Document the solution Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 200 Standby Suspend Hibernate Shutdown 77. The cluster size is smaller. Which two of the following statements are true? (Select the two best answers. The first is the system drive and is formatted as NTFS. ❍ B. The second is the data drive and is formatted as FAT32. each 300 GB. while still allowing the session to be reactivated later? ❍ A. forcing the command to perform unrelated actions ❍ D. ❍ D. 78. C. ❍ C. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 187 Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 201 A.) ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 187 Determine what has changed 76. ❍ C.

❍ B. Perform a factory restore 81. when the computer starts. ❍ C. You need to view any application errors that have occurred today. ❍ C. Delete all viruses from the floppy disk Delete all viruses from the boot sector Delete all viruses from the CD-ROM Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 201 Event Viewer Local Security Policy Msconfig SFC /SCANNOW 83. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ D. Boot using Last Known Good configuration Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 201 C. Which of the following commands can help you modify the startup environment? ❍ A. To connect a Bluetooth headset to a smartphone. In the Recovery Console. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 201 Delete all viruses from the hard drive 82. Quick Answer: 187 Msconfig Ipconfig Boot Config Editor Registry Editor Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 201 . what will the command fixmbr do? ❍ A. A co-worker was installing a new program when the computer suddenly restarted. ❍ D. ❍ B. Now. ❍ C.182 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 79. what do you need to do? (Select the two best answers. Reinstall the OS ❍ ❍ B. Which tool should you use? ❍ A. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 201 Pair the device to the phone Install Bluetooth drivers Enter a passcode Disable Wi-Fi 80.) ❍ A. it gets partially through the boot process and then reboots. ❍ D. Boot into Safe Mode and perform a Windows System Restore ❍ D. Which of the following is the quickest method to get the computer running without losing any of the user’s data? ❍ A.

❍ B. Which of the following log files would reference third-party software error messages? ❍ A. ❍ D. Tracert Ipconfig Net Application log Setuperr. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 201 Ping 85. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 187 Security log 86. ❍ C. Which troubleshooting command enables you to determine connectivity problems on a Windows XP computer that cannot connect to the Internet? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 202 . ❍ C. ❍ C. The TCP/IP protocol is not functioning. What does this most likely indicate? ❍ A. The Ethernet cable needs to be replaced. ❍ B. ❍ B. you receive no response. You are troubleshooting a co-worker’s computer. Quick Answer: 187 The LAN is unresponsive. and she can’t get it to stop. ❍ B. She has tried to delete the job by double-clicking the printer and deleting the print job. The DHCP server is down. ❍ D. When you ping the loopback address.220-802 Practice Exam B 183 ✓ Quick Check 84. You need to find out which router within the nine steps between you and another computer has failed. ❍ C. ❍ D. Which tool should you use? ❍ A.log Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 202 Clear the print spooler Unplug the printer Reset the printer Turn off the printer Quick Answer: 187 Detailed Answer: 202 ipconfig /release ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /all ipconfig /renew 88. ❍ B. ❍ D. What is the best way to stop the printer? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 202 System log 87. Mary’s printer is printing hundreds of pages.

❍ D. Move Copy Dir Edit Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 203 . and the system won’t boot. A customer uses an unencrypted wireless network.) ❍ ❍ A.” ❍ C. You have connected several Bluetooth devices together in an ad-hoc network. data loss might occur.184 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 89. What can you do to fix the problem? (Select the two best answers. Detailed Answer: 202 LAN WAN PAN MAN 90. “I need to restore the system. Enable encryption on the router and the clients ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ D. Change the share-level permissions on the shared folder 92.” ❍ D. ❍ C. ❍ C. Which of these commands makes a duplicate of a file? ❍ A. A customer is having difficulties with his hard drive. “I need to format the hard drive and reload the software. “I need to FDISK the computer. ❍ B. ❍ B. “I need to rebuild the computer.” B. Encrypt the disk that has the share using EFS (Encrypting File System) ❍ D. ❍ B.” 93. Which of the following provides the lowest level of wireless security protection? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 188 Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 202 Disable the SSID broadcast Use RADIUS Use WPA2 Enable WEP on the wireless access point 91. The customer complains that files sometimes appear and disappear from the shared folder. Increase the level of security on the NTFS folder by changing the permissions Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 202 B. ❍ D. You discover that the operating system has to be reloaded. Which type of network have you created? ❍ A. One of the users has shared a folder for access by any computer. What is the best way to explain this to the customer? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 203 A.

❍ C. ❍ C. Which of the following is the correct sequence to install a keyboard layout in Windows 7? ❍ ❍ A. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 188 A. Windows 7 was installed on a computer with two hard drives: a C: drive and a D: drive. Which tool in Windows enables a user to easily see how much memory a particular process uses? ❍ A. Start > Control Panel> Display ❍ C. The Windows Vista sidebar contains _____________. ❍ D. Defrag the D: drive ❍ D.220-802 Practice Exam B 185 ✓ Quick Check 94. What should you attempt? (Select the two best answers. and it works normally. How can you resolve the problem? ❍ ❍ Detailed Answer: 203 Widgets 97. Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 203 Verify that WLAN is enabled Check if you are in range Unpair the devices Turn Bluetooth off and on 95. ❍ D. Decrease the paging file size Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 203 . Gadgets Bracelets Icons Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 203 System Information Tool Registry Task Manager Performance Console 98. ❍ B. ❍ A. Windows is installed to C:. Reinstall Windows on the D: drive rather than on the C: drive ❍ C.) ❍ A. Start > Control Panel> Region and Language> Change Keyboard 96. ❍ B. Move the paging file to the D: drive B. Start > Control Panel> Languages and Region> Personalization Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 203 B. ❍ B. Start > Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages > Change Keyboard ❍ D. You are troubleshooting a Bluetooth connection that is malfunctioning. The user of this computer complains that his applications are disk intensive and that they slow down the computer. ❍ C.

What should you do to ensure that the problem has been resolved? ❍ A. Replace the cable with a straight-through cable ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 203 Print a test page from all paper trays Reset the printer’s configuration settings Fill the trays with paper Print a calibration page 100. ❍ B. What should you do? ❍ Quick Answer: 188 A. ❍ C. Upon inspection of the patch cable.186 Chapter 8 ✓ Quick Check 99. Another technician supposedly just connected it to the LAN with a patch cable. you find that each plug is wired differently. ❍ D. You have installed a new maintenance kit for a laser printer with multiple trays that were having paper jam issues. You are troubleshooting a computer that is having trouble connecting to the network. Replace the cable with a cross-over cable ❍ C. Replace the cable with a 568B to 568A cable Quick Answer: 188 Detailed Answer: 204 . Replace the cable with a rolled cable ❍ D.

A and C 77. B 82. A 69. C 59. C 57. C 61. D 81. B 32. C 39. A 25. C 65. C 46. D 36. C 187 . B 11. B 33. A and D 20. A 83. C and D 10. D 50. D 56. C and D 86. A 49. D 16. B 60. A and D 40. A 74. A 4. D 63. B and C 2. C and D 64. B 45. C 79. B 48. C 35. B 84.220-802 Practice Exam B Quick-Check Answer Key 1. C 66. A 26. C 52. C 17. A 29. D 53. C and E 80. D 3. A. B 23. A 54. D 87. A and C 67. A 68. A 38. D 75. B 12. A and C 37. A 13. C 72. A and B 14. D 31. A 71. B 8. C 51. A and C 7. B 73. D 62. D 85. B 34. C 76. C 19. A and D 78. A and C 22. C 41. B 58. A 30. B 5. C 55. B 27. A 43. D 9. C and D 15. D 70. C 42. B 18. C 28. C 24. C 44. C 6. D 21. C and D 47.

A 89. B 98.188 Chapter 8 88. A and C 96. D 97. A 92. A 90. B and D 99. B 91. D 93. C 100. A . C 94. A 95.

it’s step 3: Test the theory to determine cause. Answer: B. so that you can troubleshoot why devices have failed. The application dock is an enhanced version of the taskbar. It is also instrumental when dealing with viruses. Finally. but not in all cases. By rolling back the driver (which is done in the Device Manager) while in Safe Mode. you can have the customer give you the password to log in (or let the customer log in) and find out which version of Windows Server is running. . and outcomes. you can fix system file issues and repair the MBR and boot sector. implement preventive measures. actions. The DxDiag utility is used to analyze a video card and check if drivers are digitally signed. The sidebar is available only in Vista. The Device Manager is used to install drivers for devices. Next. You can also click and drag applications to and from the dock and close apps if you wish. Safe Mode is one of the options in the Advanced Boot Options Menu (ABOM). The application dock in Windows 7 is not available in Vista. Docking applications is fairly standard practice nowadays. Always check whether there are backups and physically inspect and verify the backup before changing out any drives. However. even if the application is hanging or frozen. Answer: B. Answer: B. if you have a video running in IE or are downloading something). With this. Services. Once the backup has been taken care of. 4. Making sure that a backup is available is the first order of business. a command-line tool used to migrate user files and settings from one or more computers. if applicable. and several other operating system manufacturers have similar functionality. Reinstalling the OS would wipe the partition of the president’s data (and probably wipe you of your job). It starts the computer with a basic set of drivers. The Recovery Console will not help you with drivers. It can be accessed by going to Run and typing dxdiag. Afterward. User Account Control (UAC) and Aero have been available since Windows Vista. And after that is step 4: Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution. it houses gadgets. The Recovery Console is the command-line repair environment in Windows XP. Note that Last Known Good configuration would probably be able to help you. You would question the user during step 1 of the CompTIA A+ troubleshooting process: Identify the problem. The Task Manager gives you a snapshot of your system’s performance and allows you to shut down applications (tasks) or processes. 6. you can go back in time to the old working video driver. Also during that step you would identify user changes and perform backups. 2.msc is the console window where you can start and stop and enable/disable services such as the Print Spooler. 5. 3. From here. you can still use gadgets in Windows 7—no sidebar is necessary. Directory Services Restore mode (although listed in the Advanced Startup Options) is only for Windows Server domain controllers. Answer: C. you can hover over applications that are running in the taskbar and view their current statuses (for example. Answer: A. step 6: Document findings. Msconfig enables you to modify the startup selection. you move on to step 2: Establish a theory of probable cause. You can boot the computer in different modes with Msconfig. Answer: D. You can also enable and disable services and applications. USMT stands for User State Migration Tool. Next is step 5: Verify full system functionality and.220-802 Practice Exam B 189 Answers and Explanations 1.

Answer: C. From there you can start.sys) is 1. allowing for a higher level of data security. These are the most common culprits of beep codes during the POST.exe) and opening the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree. The user password is what acts as a safeguard from anyone getting into the operating system. Remember that %systemroot% is a variable. That standard’s connection name is IEEE 1284. Other hive information is stored in the user profile folders. the printer would have to be configured for the network. and DEFAULT. as is guest. You can also configure Windows to automatically manage the paging file size. this service is simply known as Spooler. SECURITY. This will usually be Windows (for Windows 7/Vista/XP).5 times that amount. Administrator is an account type in the operating system. enable. and then the laptop would have to connect to the printer over the network.msc. If the laptop is the only system that will use the printer. for example. and disable services. This way. if a user has 1 GB of RAM (1024 MB). This means enabling the guest account and setting that one as the default login. It takes the place of whatever folder contains the operating system. 9. the initial virtual memory file (pagefile. the supervisor password is important to thwart end users from accessing the BIOS (and possibly changing important settings such as the boot sequence). including user and supervisor. 10. the path to the Registry hives would be C:\Windows\System32\Config. users won’t have the ability to install programs or make changes on the computer. It is common to have an unseated RAM stick or video card. Answer: A. you might not even get any beep codes at all. The parallel port (such as LPT1) is the older way of connecting to printers. Maximum size is set to 3 times RAM. SYSTEM. stop. Type net stop spooler and net start spooler to restart the service. The computers’ operating systems should be configured for guests. By default. In Computer Management. Answer: C. So. The BIOS has several password types. In the command line. you should still set a complex password on those computers and change it every month or sooner. . The supervisor password is the password needed to actually access the BIOS. If the CPU is not installed properly. Answer: D. These are accessed and configured by opening the Registry Editor (Run > regedit. Use the USB connector.190 Chapter 8 7. if you were to run a default installation of Windows 7. What if there is no network? And even if there is. Or you could open the Run prompt and type services. For example. the Print Spooler service is found in Services and Applications > Services. The proper syntax is convert volume /FS:NTFS. Answer: C. However. Because these computers can be used by anyone. Yes. By far this is the easiest method. Answers: A and C. Windows (when first installed) analyzes the amount of RAM in the computer and sets the hard drive’s initial virtual memory size to 1. the printer has an Ethernet connection as well (that is the network connection). virtually no PCs or laptops have these anymore. And the CD-ROM’s functionality has little bearing on the POST. 8. 13.5 GB (1536 MB) and the maximum file size is 3 GB (3072 MB). 11. The convert command turns a FAT32 drive into a NTFS drive without data loss. the user password is not necessary. Answer: A and D. USB becomes much easier. The main hives are SAM. SOFTWARE. Windows will sense the USB connection and attempt to install the print driver automatically (though you should still install the latest proper driver from the printer manufacturer’s website). but that will require you to connect it to the network. However. 12.

Answer: C and D. Reinstalling the same driver will not fix the problem. consider disabling the SSID for increased security. Another common code. The –a switch gives analysis only and does not perform any defragmentation. However. Computers in environments such as these are often prone to dirt collecting inside the CPU fans and other devices inside the case. A Code 1 message means that a device is not configured correctly. Regedit can be used to view startup programs. SYSPREP preps the system to be moved as an image file. Closing an application won’t affect the conditions of a device in the Device Manager. and down arrows. Excessive heat is the most likely cause of the problem.) The –v switch gives you verbose (or wordy) output. you can also find out programs that run from Startup by going to Start > All Programs > Startup. Ping is used to test if other computers on the network can respond to TCP/IP packets of information. On another. More information on Device Manager codes can be found at the following link: http://support. and the encryption takes care of the “secure” portion. To make a secure connection.11n or g).com/kb/943104. it will just maintain the status quo. SYSPREP is one of the utilities built in to Windows for image deployment over the network. 17. too) but not from one system to another.exe –f. This is the executable that opens the Registry Editor. There are several other subkeys. Answer: C. Answer: C. but the brand of access point isn’t really helpful. WEP or WPA). Ghost and Image Clone are third-party offerings. you can force a defrag on a partition even if you don’t have enough free space by using the –f switch in the command line. By installing a driver that is not signed by Microsoft. and you’ll be left to troubleshoot further. Ipconfig shows the network configuration of all network adapters. simpler note. XCOPY copies entire directories (in the same physical order. A common place to find some of the startup programs is the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Answer: B. Usually this means that the driver should be updated. Knowing the wireless standard being used can help you verify whether your computer is compatible (802. mostly within the CurrentVersion.220-802 Practice Exam B 191 14. you first need to know the service set identifier (SSID) of the AP and then the encryption being used (for example. 16. One of the keys to a properly running computer is a clean Device Manger. Answer: B. question marks. 19. means the device cannot start. again. After all computers are connected. . free of all exclamation points. Disabling the device is a neat way of sweeping the problem under the rug. thus proving they are functional. This could be an unfortunate result of ovens and other equipment. Answer: A. DxDiag is used to analyze video cards and the version of DirectX that is running. 15. 18. Faulty RAM wouldn’t cause hard drives to fail or un-seat expansion cards. the solution is usually to update the driver. Code 10. that also house startup program information. It is extremely uncommon for a driver to cause physical damage to a device. (-f is not necessary in Windows 7. You need to have 15 percent free space on your partition to defrag it in the Disk Defragmenter GUI-based utility. Use defrag. 20. Answer: A. The driver has no effect on files or drive fragmentation. The SSID takes care of the “connection” portion. you are risking instability of the operating system.

24. Boot\bcd is where the boot configuration store is located. you usually see some type of critical or stop error. Answer: C. Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is an example of Microsoft patch management software. Bootrec /fixmbr rewrites the master boot record in 7/Vista. Answer: C. Answer: D. 240 V outlets are most likely going to be found in this environment. Shutting down the computer improperly just means that the computer recognizes this upon the next reboot and asks whether you want to go into Safe Mode. The physical dump writes the contents of memory (when the computer failed) to a file on the hard disk. 23. It is a waste of time to install AV software on a drive before removing it. Answer: A. However. 22. you can probably not get the system to boot at all. you must restart the computer to get back into the operating system (unless it is configured to do so automatically. Wi-Fi tethering is when a mobile device shares its Internet connection (effectively becoming its own hotspot) with other Wi-Fi capable devices. Answer: D. but a failed driver might. DDoS is a distributed denial-of-service attack. making use of the PC’s Internet connection— basically the reverse of USB tethering. Power brownouts could cause failures of the power supply. If the wrong processor is installed. 21. Other Microsoft examples include the System Center Configuration Manager (SSCM) and its predecessor Systems Management Center (SMS). 25. spyware. in Europe. 26. Bootrec /fixboot is one of the methods you can try to repair bootmgr. If the computer fails and cannot recover. Wi-Fi sharing is not a typically used term. There are various software packages you can use to perform patch management. USB tethering is when a mobile device shares its Internet connection with a PC or laptop via USB. in the United States the computer should be connected to a 120 V outlet. A Smurf attack is a type of denial-of-service attack that relies on the use of many ping echoes. examples include viruses. and Trojans. Internet pass-through is when a mobile device connects to a PC via USB. Session hijacking is when an unwanted mediator takes control of the session between a client and a server (for example. The computer should be changed to 240 V only if it is brought to another country—for example. and auditing stages. the computers are often unknowingly part of a botnet. It includes the planning. Bootrec /rebuildbcd attempts to rebuild the boot configuration store. Patch management is the patching of many systems from a central location. but there are plenty . an FTP or HTTP session). implementing. but the computer shouldn’t use those. The reason for the physical dump of memory is for later debugging. At this point. Malicious software is any compromising code or software that can damage a computer’s files. which is the default setting in Windows 7/Vista). AV software should be loaded up when the new drive is installed. an attack perpetuated by hundreds or thousands of computers in an effort to take down a single server. but would not cause the adapter cards to be un-seated. Missing drivers will not cause this error.192 Chapter 8 The cards probably moved around due to thermal expansion and contraction. testing. and maybe even the hard drive. The drive should be completely erased with bit-level erasure software. Answer: C.exe in Windows 7/Vista. Formatting is not enough. as data remanence (residue) is left on the drive from which files can be reconstructed by smart people with some smart software.

It requires a floppy disk for the ASR information in addition to the backup media. Answer: B. 1 GHz is the recommended minimum for Windows Vista but not the bare minimum required.exe /cmdcons where x is the CD-ROM drive. The recovery console can also be installed to the Windows XP computer’s hard drive by accessing the CD and typing x:\i386\winnt32. A host-based firewall is a software firewall that is loaded on a computer to stop attackers from intruding on a network. It is the successor to the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). If the NTLDR is missing or corrupt. and applications. You also won’t be able to restore the registry. and so forth). actions. 28. Windows Vista’s Backup Status and Configuration utility enables a user to back up files or the entire PC. Windows 7 requires a minimum processor frequency of 1 GHz. It is step four of the six-step CompTIA A+ troubleshooting process. Answer: C. System Restore is used in Windows 7/Vista/XP to create restore points. 32. but that doesn’t matter because the registry does not have a copy of NTLDR. RAM. and network card. The Windows 7 successor to this is Backup and Restore. Answer: B. Virtualization is when an operating system is installed to a single file on a computer. Answer: C. processes. Question the user and identify user changes is part of the first step: Identify the problem. we are dependent on the NTLDR file to get into the OS. It takes the place of Windows XP’s NTBackup. The Recovery Console is a special recovery tool that is run by booting off of the Windows XP CD. an option in Windows XP’s NTBackup that enables you to back up and restore the system state (user accounts. if applicable. settings. The Windows Compatibility Center is a website (http://www. Document findings. implement preventative measures is the fifth step. and outcomes is the sixth and last step. 27. 31. Windows Vista requires 800 MHz. Answer: C. you can copy the NTLDR file (from the CD x:\I386) to the root of the hard drive. Often. it allows you to stop services. again. snapshots in time that allow you to revert the system back to an earlier configuration. ASR stands for Automated System Recovery. Verify full system functionality and. Other ways to see if your system meets the hardware compatibility requirements are to use the System Information tool in Windows or third-party downloadable analysis tools. 2 GB is the minimum RAM requirement for 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Windows Vista requires a minimum processor frequency of 800 MHz. 2 GHz is not a valid answer for Windows as of the writing of this book. Finally. 30. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution is the next step after determining the cause. or more specifically: Test the theory to determine cause. When it is running. it runs virtually on top of another OS. Answer: D. restarting in Safe Mode won’t work. As for the incorrect answers: System Tools .220-802 Practice Exam B 193 of third-party offerings as well. and the unsupported Windows 2000 requires only 133 MHz. boot files. whereas Windows XP requires 233 MHz. Application baselining is the performance measurements of an application over that has a hardware section which can tell you if your hardware is compatible. The Task Manager is a tool that gives real-time performance statistics of the CPU. you won’t be able to get to the System Restore utility in Windows 29.

mouse. It could get a little confusing. but it’s the scanner that is causing the need for extra ports. An unattended installation of Windows 7 requires an answer file. The desktop is the area of the GUI that has a wallpaper or background. Scanners often connect via USB and not Bluetooth.iso file to the USB flash drive (if the drive is big enough) and obtain the USB/DVD download tool from the Microsoft website. The monitor will connect to either a VGA or DVI port. Programs can be run in elevated mode (as an administrator) in Windows 7/Vista by right-clicking the program and selecting Run as Administrator or by using the search field to run the program and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just Enter. Windows 7 32-bit installations require a minimum of 16 GB free space. Windows Vista installations require a minimum of 15 GB free space on a 20 GB partition. The Taskbar consists of programs that are currently running (and the Windows 7 application dock). but Windows Vista installs require 15 GB free space. and scanner all use USB. but not for scanners. The Notification Area (also known as the System Tray or systray) includes the clock and programs that run behind the scenes without user intervention. Answer: C. One or both of these could possibly be unattended installations. the Quick Launch. Unattended installations can be done locally or as part of a network installation using Windows Deployment Services (Server 2008) or Remote Installation Services (Server 2003). Disk image installations use third-party programs such as Ghost or work with a System Restore image created within Windows. IEEE 1394 connections are great solutions for external hard drives and audio/video devices. and display. 64-bit installations require 20 GB free space. A multiboot installation means that more than one operating system are being installed to the same drive. Answers: A and C.194 Chapter 8 is a folder within Start > Accessories that has components such as the Control Panel. Remember that with multiboot installs. 36. and mobile). The Quick Launch area houses shortcuts to files and applications. and the Notification Area. Answer: D. although some users refer to the entire display as the desktop. 33. Another solution would be a USB hub (perhaps a cheaper one at that. Disk Cleanup. Answers: C and D. 38. . The important amount to remember for the exam is the free space necessary. Answer: D. mouse. 35. If the keyboard. each OS should inhabit its own primary partition. the Start button.xml) can be created by using the Windows System Image Manager (SIM) program. 34. a utility that charts the performance of the computer’s components. Answer: C. though most laptops and docking stations will have a secondary video port. then the laptop doesn’t have enough USB ports and the docking station will resolve the problem. 37. but try to remember: Windows 7 32-bit installs require 16 GB free space. The docking station will allow the user to connect more USB devices. which isn’t mentioned in the scenario. This file (normally named unattend. and the Resource Monitor. Local installation from USB is possible if you copy the Windows 7 . KVM switches are used to control two or more computers from a single group of devices: keyboard. Bluetooth adapters can be used for keyboards and mice.

resulting in a blinking battery light telling you the laptop is not charging properly (or at all). Answer: A. Never tell a user to reply to spam.220-802 Practice Exam B 195 39. Any further spam can then be sent to the junk e-mail sender list. Disk Management. no pages would print at all. Spam e-mails should be sent to the spam folder and never replied to—unless you want ten times the amount of spam. but it could be an issue if the entry rollers are grabbing more than one piece of paper at a time. Windows 7 Home Premium is the only answer listed that does not include Windows XP Mode. Answer: A. Large documents. Finding a new ISP is overreacting a bit. you won’t be able to print to the printer. This will block that sender’s e-mail address (or the entire domain can be blocked). 43. To turn off devices after a specified period of time in Windows 7/Vista. especially ones with graphics. 41. A ghosted image or one that seems to repeat usually means the drum (or the entire toner cartridge including the drum) needs to be replaced. Do this before you attempt to reseat or replace the battery. require more memory to print. Answer: A. and creating a new one can result in a lot of work for the user. smearing. the operating system does not have an effect on the blinking battery light. Answer: D. that would indicate that the pound size of the paper is too thin. access Control Panel > Power Options. If the communications cable was faulty. Users need their e-mail accounts. and Services. Answer: B. Then click Change Plan Settings for the appropriate power plan. Windows Vista Home Premium is the only answer listed that does not include Remote Desktop. another option is to increase the level of security on the spam filter within the e-mail program. Display Properties allows you to modify things such as screen resolution. The paper won’t have an effect on large documents. This tool allows you to take control of remote Windows systems on the network. An incorrect driver will often result in a garbage printout (garbled characters) that is quite unreadable (unless you know garbage printout language). A printer’s memory can be upgraded in a similar manner to a PC’s. Add memory to the printer. 45. This is a hardware issue. This can be done in Windows XP from the Power Options Properties window in the Power Schemes tab. However. allows a person to work in a replica of the Windows XP environment. Answer: A. it includes the Event Viewer. . you would probably get a message on the printer’s display warning of a bad connection. A dirty primary corona wire will often result in lines or smearing. This mode. 44. or faded ink. 42. if installed by downloading additional components from the Microsoft website. If the printer is offline. Answer: C. You should recommend that the user add the senders to the junk e-mail sender list. If a toner cartridge begins to fail. plus the user has no idea if one ISP will be better at stopping spam than another. Computer Management is the most used console window in Windows 7/Vista. you will see white lines. this could take a lot of time. the laptop probably doesn’t have a sturdy connection. You should first attempt reseating the laptop in the docking station. 40.

it might have to be initialized. Answer: C. therefore. The Sharing tab allows you to share a locally connected (or remotely controlled) printer on the network. You can try power cycling the device. not the RAM. if the device supports the . checking if the SSID was correct. Answers: A. If a drive is not seen by Windows. They can be removed with the Disk Cleanup program or with third-party applications. Answer: C. System Information will give you information about RAM—for example. Now. Answers: A and C. but the system should not automatically shut down. this can happen when you add a second drive to a system that already has Windows installed. 48. you could increase the threshold. Use the Task Manager or CPU-Z to test RAM. COM. 50. then you will have to take the heat sink off and inspect it. CPU-Z is an excellent third-party tool that can be used to test RAM. Answers: A and D. The Ports tab is where you can find how the printer is connected to the computer. The threshold is there to protect the CPU. It’s a good idea to log when you apply thermal compound because if you remove the heat sink. Chkdsk tests the hard drive. You should also check if the device is within range of the wireless access point. you will need to reapply thermal compound before reinstalling it. Also make sure that thermal compound was applied to the heat sink. You should analyze and defragment the drive and run an AV sweep of the system. the drive should not be able to access applications. The test page will verify connectivity and give you insight as to possible application problems at the computer that is attempting to print. 49. how much and what kind—but it is a static utility and has no testing ability. causing the system to shut down. not to initiate diagnostic routines. which would fix the problem temporarily but could cause permanent damage to the CPU. but there are other third-party tools available as well. and E. 47. If you didn’t log that you did this in writing somewhere. it’s the computer and the application that you are troubleshooting. The BIOS temperature threshold is what tripped. Printing a test page does not clear the print queue or reset printer memory. C. Test pages are used to make sure the computer can print properly to the printer. 51. In fact. If the RAM needed to be reseated. This is why it is very slow in its reaction time. The Advanced tab has options such as print spooling and printer pooling. USB. The Separator page button allows you to configure a page that is inserted after every print job. Those would be initiated from the built-in display and menu on the printer. or TCP/IP port. and forgetting the network and then reconnecting to it. Either of these could cause the CPU to overheat. Surplus temporary files might slow down the login process but shouldn’t slow the hard drive when opening applications. The drive is fragmented. “BIOS temperature threshold” is not the best answer. If the hard drive’s SATA data connector were loose. Answer: D. you would probably get a message that says “Missing OS” or something to that effect.196 Chapter 8 46. You should make sure that the heat sink is secure and that the fan is connected. This would have to be done at the printer and/or at the computer controlling the printer. It’s also possible that the OS is infected with a virus. you might get one of several errors or beeps. In Windows you could also use the Performance Monitor to test how well RAM responds to things such as opening applications and working with media files. In this case you aren’t worried about the quality of the printer output. This can be an LTP.

In Windows XP. Ntdetect. 56. this is one of the things you should check in the Advanced settings of the device. it is important to enable the Windows Firewall or make sure that a third-party firewall is installed and running properly. Setting strong passwords. Some versions of Windows have the Local Group Policy editor. As to the incorrect answers: Using the cellular GPRS connection is not a valid option when troubleshooting the Wi-Fi connection. A router (wireless access point) won’t have a wireless card such as the ones in a PC or laptop.ini contains all the ARC paths. This is done with the Local Security Policy. changing default usernames. To protect the computer. and try enabling best Wi-Fi performance if the device offers it. Sanitizing the hard drive will not secure a computer workstation. Setting up a static IP on a mobile device is usually not a good idea and not necessary—in fact. The Group Policy Editor and ADDS are used by Windows Servers in a domain environment. The same goes for the wireless antennae. and connect to the new searches for basic hardware on the system. The cable modem isn’t a part of the equation in this scenario. 55. you can implement auditing only locally. They are the ones who developed the device. We are only interested in connecting to the wireless network to start.11n router. however. It simplifies programming by using high-level application code. 54. Answer: B. It will. where auditing can also be turned on. you can power cycle the Wi-Fi program. Because there is only one computer. it could prevent the device from connecting to all wireless networks except the one that uses that IP network number. forget the current wireless network. Furthermore. services can be turned on and off and enabled and disabled from here. Answers: C and D.msc will open the Services console window. and if Internet pass-through or other Internet sharing technologies aren’t conflicting. If typed in the Run prompt. Answer: A. which contain the path to the operating system through the hardware and the software. 53. It is not recommended to connect to WLANs (wireless networks) before running Windows Update and enabling the firewall. Device drivers are the connection between the operating system and the device itself. but the computer workstation won’t be functional anymore. Boot. services.220-802 Practice Exam B 197 necessary encryption.sys is necessary if Windows XP is to boot off of a SCSI drive. After a routine installation of Windows. Answer: D. Windows Update will download the latest security patches for Windows. Answer: D. NTLDR is the boot loader file in Windows XP. It is a program that makes the interaction between the two run efficiently. and disabling the guest account are all ways of securing a computer workstation. The best device drivers come from the manufacturer of the device. . 52. Also. 57. so it stands to reason that their code would be the most thoroughly tested and debugged. The laptop is probably connecting to a different wireless network either in the home next door or an adjacent business—one without encryption it would seem. Ntbootdd. this first Windows update could be time-consuming. Verify the SSID name of the 802. we don’t know if the device is faulty yet because the laptop never connected to it. check if any Wi-Fi sleep is enabled. Answer: B. prevent anyone from accessing data on the drive. If a static IP is applied to the Wi-Fi adapter.

it only rewrites data in the master boot record and partition table. Answer: A. Answers: A and C. the other takes over. Backup operators have access to tape backups and backup programs. Print pooling is when two or more printers are grouped together so that a user’s document will print faster: if one printer is occupied. Either way. It is a type of malicious software abbreviated as malware. but only if the drive is electromagnetic! Formatting the drive is not enough due to the data residue that is left behind. in fact. it has a “burn-in” period of 24–48 working hours. 63. 59. 61. or does fail. Answer: C. To view this folder. if this does occur. The print spooler controls the queue and the printing of documents. show hidden files and folders. Power users can install software but do not have access to all data by default in Windows XP.198 Chapter 8 58. The AC outlet could possibly be the cause of a burning smell and that would be bad news—turn off the circuit breaker immediately. the AC outlet is not part of the computer. however. and then assign permissions to the account that wants to view that folder. you could restore them. A print server is a device that controls one or more printers. The data remains. Shoulder surfing and tailgating are both types of social engineering. Converting the drive from FAT to NTFS (with the convert command) keeps the data intact. you must log on as an administrator. some type of encryption protocol is necessary. This will not remove all data either. A rootkit is a program that is designed to gain administrator level access to a computer. when the power supply is about to fail. The printer is the physical printing device. Supervisor is something you would see in the BIOS or in other operating systems besides Microsoft Windows. 60. Answer: D. A shoulder surfer is someone who attempts to view information on a person’s desk or display without the person’s knowledge. usually without his knowledge. Answer: D. they are considered a legacy group in Windows 7/Vista and are treated the same as standard users. Administrators can have access to everything. Magnetically erase the drive. 64. The keyboard should not present a burning smell no matter how fast you type on it. it is stored in the System Volume Information folder. any security settings that you originally set up are most likely gone. Tailgating is when a person attempts to gain access to a secure area by following closely on the heels of another employee. Answer: B. This passphrase/key should be kept . Answers: B and C. it is usually connected to the network. The power supply is the most likely source of a burning smell: When the power supply is brand new. If the WAP/router was reset. After a restore point is made. It is possible but unlikely that the thermal compound will cause a burning smell. it could burn up the motor that drives the fan. However. The passphrase or network key generated by the WAP/router needs to be installed on each client before it can be recognized on the network. it will be much less noticeable and more chemical in nature. 62. Microsoft also refers to the print driver software as the printer. Degaussing the drive is an excellent way to remove all traces of data. however. If you backed up the settings previously. FDISK is an older DOS-based command that is used to remove or create partitions on a disk.

Hard drive failure might be recorded by the BIOS and POST but won’t stop the BIOS from attempting to boot. Route the call to the next level tech and wish the customer good luck. it has probably been rendered useless. 67. If the floppy drive failed. In Windows XP you have to press F6 during the text portion of the installation. but. Too much voltage could cause the floppy drive to fail. The computer might need a special keystroke. so know your floppy technology. (Remember that when you take the real exams.220-802 Practice Exam B 199 secret. If a floppy disk were in the drive. Answers: C and D. SCSI hard drives and RAID controllers will need special drivers during the installation process of Windows if they are not recognized automatically. Answer: B. and older computers in general. CD-ROM drives will not affect the POST either. Your time. Answer: D. Answer: B. The BIOS need be reconfigured only if the floppy drive was not recognized or was disabled. Remember. the light will stay on and the drive will not function. Optical drives and USB devices do not require third-party drivers. Good help desks are set up in such a way so someone is always available. but the real problem to investigate would be why the drive received too much power. disable SSID broadcasting so that no one else can “see” the router (without more advanced software). and the customer can approach and solve the problem efficiently. but in Windows 7/Vista you just click the option for loading third-party drivers. The following items can cause the POST to fail: CPU. is very valuable. a press of the power button. They won’t affect the boot process unless there is a disk in the drive and the CD-ROM drive was first in the BIOS boot order. A USB hub is a peripheral device that doesn’t affect the POST. 69. The SCSI hard drive is the most likely answer. 65. 68. should be attempted in that order—after checking the power state. and video card. they are still on the CompTIA objectives. motherboard. Escalate. and replacing the inverter are all quite timeconsuming. reinstalling video drivers. The power supply would have to be troubleshot carefully. or at the least would not read disks properly. Answer: B. In technology there is always someone who knows more than you about a specific subject. Plus. This is exactly why help desks are configured in groups: Level 1. RAM. quick solutions first because they are usually the culprits. so that you. which it won’t be able to do and will promptly display a message stating “Missing OS” or something similar. 66. If the controller cable to the floppy is connected backward.) Don’t try to fix the problem regardless of the time necessary. of course. and the customer’s time. Every problem can be resolved! It’s just a matter of knowledge and persistence. After all the clients have been associated with the WAP/router. but you might find them in testing environments. Those are considered the big four (to check) when it comes to troubleshooting POST issues. or just a little more time to come out of Hibernation mode. check the simple. the light probably wouldn’t turn on at all. Floppy drives are older devices that you don’t find on a typical computer anymore. . The tech should escalate the call to another technician. scenarios where older programs on floppy disks are used. and the masters (Level 3) and possibly beyond! Don’t try to be a superhuman. it is firmware. if necessary. Booting into Safe Mode. The BIOS doesn’t use a driver. your organization. Level 2.

. the Alternate Configuration tab will need to be configured as a “User Configured” static IP address. and those are less common than SATA drives. In the uncommon case. RAID 0 is striping only. Any Windows computer in a Windows workgroup can have 10 maximum concurrent connections to it over the network. Determining what has changed is also part of step 1. IP address. and a spanned volume is one that stores data on two or more drives. only IDE CD-ROM drives require jumpers. At that point. the hard drive might be bad (although it does happen). In order to connect to the internal company network. Shutdown is great for power savings. Answer: C and D. Hibernate mode saves all the contents of RAM (as hiberfil. 75. you must press the power button. and port of the local and remote computers. Ipconfig shows the network card’s configuration.sys in the root of C:) and then shuts the system down so that it is using virtually no power. Documenting the solution is part of step 6: Document findings. Answer: D. Netstat shows the network statistics of a computer. This solution enables Megan to connect to networks while on the road by obtaining IP addresses automatically and allows her to connect to the internal company network with the static IP address. The CD-ROM should not have any bearing on this. Answers: A and B. If you need more than that. This displays protocol statistics and name tables. RAID 5 (striping with parity) provides fault tolerance by keeping a compressed copy of the data (in the form of parity) on each of the disks other than where the original data is stored. if a network cable was unplugged or a disc is stuck in the DVD-ROM drive. Answer: B. It displays the network connections by name. But setting the network adapter to obtain an IP address automatically is not enough. the entire session is loaded from RAM and you can continue on with the session. you should perform a backup. 71. Testing the solution is part of step 5: Verify full system functionality. There are versions of Microsoft’s Small Business Server that allow maximums of 25 concurrent connections and 75 connections. It’s not always necessary—for example. and although these power modes use less power than the computer being powered on. As a technician. you will want to consider a Microsoft Domain. 72. plus. altogether they end up using much more power than Hibernate mode does. but the session is lost when the computer is shut down. To reactivate the system. Answer: A. 73. then you require the full version of Windows Server. Standby and suspend modes turn off the hard drive and display and throttle down the CPU and RAM. The issue is that she needs to obtain an IP address through DHCP when on the road. But if you need to make changes to the OS. 76. Answer: C. 74. but they still use power. Most of the time you should perform a backup of data before making changes to a system or implementing a solution. but as whole files. If you get a message stating that there is no hard disk. Ping tests if a computer is alive on the network. you should fix the problem. chances are that one of the connections is missing or loose. It is part of step 1 of the six-step troubleshooting process: Identify the problem. If you need more. Answer: C. RAID 1 (mirroring) provides fault tolerance by copying information to two drives.200 Chapter 8 70. Megan shouldn’t do anything. not as stripes of data. Nbtstat stands for NetBIOS over TCP/IP statistics.

If not. Watson also shows many of the application errors that occur. The Event Viewer contains the log files of all the errors that occur on the machine. try a factory restore or reinstall the OS. The Registry Editor allows you to make changes to Windows by accessing various hives of information and individual entries. Answer: A. that didn’t work. 80. A switch (aka option) alters the action of the command but not by forcing it to perform unrelated actions. SFC /SCANNOW is a command run in the Command Prompt (as an administrator only) that scans the integrity of the protected system files and repairs them if possible. You might need to modify this if you are trying to dual-boot a computer. you would go to the Application log. To delete viruses from any disk or disc. NTFS partitions are therefore more efficient (when installed correctly) than FAT32 partitions. Msconfig enables you to boot the computer in different modes and enable/disable services and applications. Use the tracert (traceroute) command. In the old days (although still usable today with a DOS boot disk). 81. Answer: D. you could try booting into Safe Mode (also in the ABOM) and perform a System Restore (or restore from the DVD WinRE). so “work across any operating system” wouldn’t make sense in this scenario. This will revert the system back to the last known good as long as someone has not logged in successfully to the computer. Answer: B. 82. you would need to use antivirus scanning software. however. You will know if one has failed because the trace will either stop working or you will see asterisks instead of . 84. Fixmbr in Windows XP rewrites a new Master Boot Record (MBR) to the primary hard disk. you might have to update Bluetooth on the device or update the device’s OS. The switch will work only at the current time within the operating system you are currently using. if necessary. This will identify all the routers along the way between you and the final destination. Answers: A and C. which will show errors concerning the OS and drivers. and sometimes one must be disabled to use the other. To connect a Bluetooth headset to a smartphone. whereas FAT32 cannot. Most mobile devices have Bluetooth installed and will usually recognize devices automatically. Answers: A and D. The MSCONFIG. NTFS can create larger partitions (or logical drives) than FAT32 in general. After you have exhausted all possibilities. 79. 83.220-802 Practice Exam B 201 77. Answer: B. Ipconfig displays all network adapters’ settings. Switches are not used in application icons. you must pair the device to the phone. You should boot the system to the Advanced Boot Options Menu (ABOM) and select Last Known Good Configuration.EXE utility enables you to modify the startup environment via the General and Startup tabs. 78. then. Disabling Wi-Fi is not necessary. killing all boot sector viruses. In this case. the DOS equivalent of this was fdisk /mbr. If. however. The Boot Config Editor is BCDEdit. On Windows XP. which would display directory contents by the page. NTFS can use NTFS file-level security. Local Security Policy is where you can set up auditing and create password policies for the computer. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been known to have conflicts. it is used to modify the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store. Dr. They are used within commands—for example. Answer: A. Another common log is the System log. NTFS cluster sizes are smaller than FAT32 clusters. dir /p. Answer: C. you enter a passcode into the phone to use the device.

clear the printer spooler. drivers. 85. Answer: D. Any attacker with two bits of knowledge can scan for other things the wireless access point broadcasts. 90. ipconfig /all gives the most information about the network connection. however. A personal area network (PAN) is a network of small computers. and the Ethernet cable do not play into the scenario. WPA2 is very secure. it is stored in %windir%\Panther and is not within the Event Viewer. which stops the print spooler service. make it WPA2. DHCP servers. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is very common when creating a cable-free type of PAN known as a wireless PAN or WPAN. The system log shows events concerning system files. It deals with the computer internally and doesn’t even need a LAN. Ad-hoc means that there is no wireless access point controlling the network. Answer: C. but it only keeps out the average user. Use WPA or WPA2 on the router (and clients) to deny wardrivers and other stragglers access to the customer’s network. and mobile devices. This removes any possible name resolution that might try to occur in Windows. Setuperr. Answer: C. A metropolitan area network (MAN) connects two or more LANs in a smaller geographic area—for example. A local area network (LAN) is a network that is inhabited by PCs.log is a log file that is created during the installation of Windows. A similar option to this is the command pathping. RADIUS is an external method of authenticating users. everything connects to a central connecting device such as a switch (or a SOHO router). it often requires a Windows Server. Many networking issues can be analyzed and troubleshot from this command. it doesn’t show anything in-between. two buildings. if you had one security option you could enable.202 Chapter 8 ping times. The net command has many uses—for example. Interestingly. so the LAN. Answers: A and C. 87. Answer: A. ipconfig displays the configurations for each network adapter. 89. If it is created. net stop spooler. You can ping the local computer with the commands ping loopback and ping localhost. Increase the level of NTFS security by changing the permissions in the Security tab of the shared folder. ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew are for releasing and renewing DHCP addresses. You would do this by stopping the Print Spooler service in Computer Management (or in the command prompt by entering net stop spooler) and then deleting the files in the path C:\Windows\System32\Spool\ Printers. 88. EFS isn’t . Answer: C. 91. The application log in the Event Viewer will display errors concerning Windows applications as well as third-party applications.0. and other similar devices. Pinging the loopback address doesn’t make use of the network. the best option is to ping the actual loopback IP address by typing ping 127. Instead. Try not to turn off the printer unless absolutely necessary. ipconfig /flushdns purges the DNS resolver cache. and operating system functionality.1.0. Disabling the SSID broadcast is a security precaution. using WEP is considered more secure than not using it and disabling the SSID. 86. smartphones. Ping by itself only tests the final destination. A wide area network (WAN) connects two or more LANs over a large geographic area. Answer: A. The security log shows auditing events. laptops. Pinging the loopback address should return results even if you are not physically connected to the network.

Answer: A. Answer: A. Answers: B and D. 97. Do not use acronyms or jargon. In this case. such as in this example. Here’s the deal: Share-level permissions are rarely modified. a key step. Bracelets belong on people. Also try power cycling the Bluetooth program. not on computer screens. By moving the paging file (or swap file. Answer: A. The registry stores all of the settings of Windows and is modified with the Registry Editor. Edit enables you to create and edit text files. Class 2 devices are limited to 10 meters. In addition to those correct answers. restarting the device. attempting to forget the device. Dir gives you the contents of a specific folder. Defragging the C: drive would help if that is where the OS and applications are. 98. Icons are files or programs on the desktop. Widgets are the same types of small applications but are usually web-based. but you can still make use of Gadgets. so that is where the bulk of your time configuring permissions will go. Check if you are within range. 94. 96. especially when unnecessary. Reinstalling Windows is a huge process that you should avoid at all costs. and make sure the customer is fully aware of the situation. you can try charging the device. Answer: B. the range of Bluetooth devices is limited—for example. Start > Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages > Change Keyboard is the correct sequence. working with a known good Bluetooth device. Performance Console can graph the performance of the different components in the computer and. Resetting configuration settings might cause the printer to print in a way that is . can do the same thing as the Task Manager in this scenario. aka virtual memory) to the D: drive.” The job actually isn’t complete until you have tested the solution. NTFS permissions take precedence and are more configurable. 99. if configured properly. This can be done on the Processes tab. Windows 7 doesn’t use the Sidebar. Answer: C. but not as easily. but defragging the D: drive will not speed up the applications. Copy is used to make a duplicate of the file in another location. System Information gives you information about the hardware and software of the computer. Always explain specifically and exactly what you must do and what the ramifications are. Answer: B. 92.220-802 Practice Exam B 203 necessary if you set up WPA2 on the wireless access point. Move enables you to take a file and shift it to another location. Always test after a job is “finished. 93. but it is static (text only) and doesn’t change in real-time. You click the Change Keyboard button after accessing the Keyboards and Languages tab. moving it. 95. not Languages and Region. However. you might consider it as well. It is called Region and Language. and reconnecting it. print a test page from each of the paper trays. you are freeing up C: to deal with those disk-intensive programs. The sidebar in Windows Vista contains gadgets that offer specialized information like weather and traffic. The Display option has no settings for keyboards. and adding RAM are all ways to make applications run faster. The Task Manager enables a user to see the amount of memory and % of processing power a particular process uses in real-time. Answer: D. Decreasing the page file size never helps. but if you are dealing in seriously confidential information. increasing the size.

204 Chapter 8 undesirable to customers. Normally. It is used to connect a computer to another computer or a switch to another switch. but that also does not resolve any problems—unless the problem was printer calibration! 100. . but it is a nice thing to do. Filling the trays with paper won’t really prove anything. a computer will connect to a switch (or to an RJ45 jack) with a straight-through cable. This could be what the other technician mistakenly installed. but it would be easier to use a patch cable tester. A rolled cable is one that allows connectivity from a computer’s serial port to the console port of a router. Each of these cables uses RJ45 plugs so they can be somewhat difficult to differentiate between. You can see this if you look carefully at the plugs on each end. in this scenario you are maintaining the printer. usually adhering to the 568B standard. Don’t change settings unless you are asked to do so by the customer or if something fails. This cable is wired the same way on each end. Always carry an extra straight-through cable with you! A cross-over cable is wired differently on each end—568B on one end and 568A on the other. Answer: A. Printing a calibration page is standard practice whenever installing or performing maintenance to a printer. remember. The patch cable should be wired the same on both ends.

Write down your answers and check them against the answer key. If you just completed the second exam.9 CHAPTER NINE 220-802 Practice Exam C Let’s turn up the heat a bit more. Good luck! . I suggest taking a break between exams. in any order. The previous 220-802 exam was the intermediate test. This exam is freestyle. If you didn’t already. Be ready for questions with longer. If you didn’t score 90% or higher on exam B. which immediately follows the exam. then retake exam B until you pass with 90% or higher. go back and study. give yourself a halfhour or so before you begin this one. more in-depth scenarios and more complex answers. A large percentage of the questions will have a higher difficult rating. After the answer key you will find the explanations for all of the answers. You can expect questions from any of the four domains. This next test could be considered an advanced practice test. meaning the questions are randomized.

Motherboard ❍ B. right-click the new printer. Power supply ❍ G. ❍ B. What protects confidential information from being disclosed publicly? ❍ A. when he tries to print from Microsoft Word. What should you tell him? ❍ A. replacing his older one. ❍ C. DVD-ROM ❍ E. RAM ❍ C. ❍ D. CPU ❍ F. right-click the new printer. However. Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 230 Classification Social engineering RAS Hard drive wipe 3.) Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 230 ❍ A. Open the Printers folder. Select the new printer from the list every time a document is printed ❍ C. and then select Properties > Security Tab > Make This the Default Printer ❍ D.206 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check Practice Questions 1. A customer brings in a computer that doesn’t display anything when it is turned on. Video card ❍ H. Which of the following could possibly cause this problem? (Select all that apply. and then print the file with the new printer selected ❍ B. Your co-worker just installed a new printer. the old printer comes up in the print window. You verify that the computer and monitor are receiving power and that the monitor is securely connected to the computer’s only video port. SATA data cable 2. Open the Printers folder. Save the print job by printing to file. and then click Set as Default Printer Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 230 . Hard drive ❍ D.

❍ B. A co-worker maps a network drive for a user. ❍ C. ❍ C. Select the drive letter needed to connect each time the co-worker logs on ❍ C. but after rebooting. ❍ B. HKEY_USERS HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Detailed Answer: 231 Device Manager Msconfig Windows Explorer Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 231 Format the partition Partition the drive Configure Windows settings Load RAID drivers 7. ❍ D. Use the net use command instead 8. Based on the physical hardware address of the client’s network device. ❍ C.220-802 Practice Exam C 207 ✓ Quick Check 4. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 231 A. Check the Folder connection when mapping the drive ❍ D. Programs that run when Windows starts are stored in which of the following registry hives? ❍ A. ❍ D. Which of the following steps should be taken to ensure that the drive remains mapped? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Internet Explorer 6. Check Reconnect at Logon when mapping the drive B. Detailed Answer: 230 HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG 5. the drive is not seen within Windows Explorer. ❍ B. Typically. Which of the following steps is performed first when running a clean install of Windows 7 Professional on a new hard drive? ❍ A. WPA key DHCP settings MAC filtering SSID broadcast Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 231 . ❍ B. which Windows tool enables you to configure a SOHO router? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ C. which of the following is commonly used to restrict access to a network? ❍ A.

The computer is plugged into a power strip with another computer. A switch that is not plugged into a server ❍ B. While troubleshooting a network problem. Which of the following is most likely the cause? (Select the two best answers. The computer supposedly worked fine the day before. The user can send e-mail but cannot receive it. ❍ B. ❍ D. The user is required to connect to an IMAP server. A user with an Android phone is attempting to get e-mail to work properly. ❍ E. She asks you to help. ❍ C.) ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 232 A.) Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 231 ❍ A. The power cable is unplugged from the computer. The power strip is unplugged. A defective port on the network switch 10. ❍ B. A defective hard drive in the computer ❍ C. What should you do first? ❍ A. The power strip is overloaded. ❍ C. ❍ C. Which port is configured incorrectly? ❍ A. 12.208 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check 9. You are called to a school lab to fix a computer. Tracy cannot connect to the network. but now it does not power on. The monitor is unplugged. Replace the NIC Reconfigure TCP/IP Check for a link light on the NIC Install the latest NIC drivers Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 232 . ❍ D. The other computer works fine. ❍ B. A defective network card in the computer ❍ D. An unplugged server ❍ E. you discover that one set of LED lights on a switch is blinking rapidly even when all other nodes are disconnected. ❍ D. Which of the following could be the problem? (Select the two best answers. The voltage switch on the computer is set incorrectly. Detailed Answer: 231 25 110 143 443 11. as well as an SMTP server that uses SSL.

Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 233 Ipconfig Ping Nslookup Tracert 17. Which of the following commands facilitates viewing the entire path from you to a server on the other side of the country? ❍ A. The PC air intakes are clogged with cement dust. Add the port number and name of the service to the Exceptions list of Windows Firewall ❍ D. Quick Answer: 228 TV tuner Modem Video card Network adapter Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 233 . Detailed Answer: 232 Print driver Print spooler Network adapter Printer 14. ❍ D. Which of the following hardware cards enables the full functionality of the Windows 7 Media Center Live TV option? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. The power supply is underrated for the electrical load of the PC. ❍ D. The CPU heat sink is underrated for the CPU. The room appears to have adequate cooling. Reinstall the latest service pack C. ❍ C. Add the port number to the network firewall 15. Which the following is the most likely problem? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 232 The PC has a virus. ❍ B. 16. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ B. After a lockup it will not reboot immediately. A print job fails to leave the print queue. The PC will boot up but locks up after 5–10 minutes of use. Uninstall the service pack B. the application does not communicate with the server. A customer reports a problem with a PC located in the same room as cement testing equipment. ❍ C. After installing a network application on a computer running Windows. Which of the following actions should be taken first? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 232 A.220-802 Practice Exam C 209 ✓ Quick Check 13. Which of the following services may need to be restarted? ❍ A.

You are contracted to recover data from a laptop. How should you troubleshoot this? (Select the three best answers. ❍ D. Which of the following should you recommend to protect the customer’s computer equipment? ❍ A. Which of the following should be used to eliminate the fluctuations? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 233 A. Make sure that GPS is enabled ❍ E. Check port numbers ❍ D. Multimeter C. Detailed Answer: 233 WEP WPA WPA2 WAP 22. ❍ D. In which two locations might you find irreplaceable. which of the following is required? (Select the two best answers. valuable data? (Select the two best answers. Surge protector ❍ D. ❍ B. Verify Internet access ❍ B. ❍ B. Check for Bluetooth connectivity ❍ C. ❍ D. Gas generator 20. Your co-worker’s iPad is having trouble connecting to e-mail.) Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 234 . ❍ C. Which of the following protocols should you set up for the most secure wireless connection? ❍ A.) ❍ A. ❍ C. When accessing an NTFS shared resource. Verify username/password 21. UPS B.) Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 233 ❍ A.210 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check 18. ❍ B. You observe that the lights in a customer’s building flicker periodically during the course of the day. A friend of yours is experiencing unusual problems with a printer due to voltage fluctuations in the wall outlet. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 233 Power supply UPS Generator Heavy-duty electrical cord 23. Detailed Answer: 233 An active certificate Correct user permissions Local user access Correct share permissions 19.

It blocks computers on the LAN from accessing computers on the Internet.) Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 234 ❍ A. Windows folder ❍ C. B. Ntoskrnl. E-mail ❍ E. Pictures ❍ D. ❍ B. You just installed Microsoft Windows to a computer with three internal SATA hard drives and one external USB hard drive. SATA hard drive 2 contains the user profiles. System32 folder 24. ❍ C. Install a repeater device ❍ C.220-802 Practice Exam C 211 ✓ Quick Check ❍ A. External USB hard drive B. It blocks computers on the Internet from accessing computers on the LAN. Where should you place the page file for maximize performance? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 234 A. Internal SATA hard drive 2 ❍ D. Which utility enables auditing at the local level? ❍ A. It limits users from accessing particular websites. SATA hard drive 1 contains the operating system. Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 234 . Group Policy Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 234 Local Security Policy Active Directory Policy Site Policy 26. ❍ D. Shorten the distance ❍ B. ❍ D. Boost the power ❍ D. Internal SATA hard drive 1 ❍ C. Internal SATA hard drive 3 25. Change the transmission channel 27. SATA hard drive 3 and the external USB hard drive are empty. How does NAT provide additional security for users who are behind a gateway? ❍ ❍ A. ❍ C. Maintain a clear line of sight ❍ E. It sets the hours that users can access the Internet.exe ❍ B. Which of the following can you do to optimize an infrared connection between a laptop and a printer? (Select the two best answers.

29. What should you tell him? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 234 A. The accounting office is adjacent to the building’s mechanical room. Too many USB devices are plugged in. ❍ C. What should you recommend to the customer? ❍ A. A customer plugs in a new USB barcode reader and the computer recognizes it. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 234 Faulty USB cable. What is the most likely reason? ❍ A. A customer has forgotten his password. ❍ B. ❍ C. What can help locate a lost or stolen mobile device? ❍ A. That you need information confirming his identity C. ❍ C. Which the following can be disabled to help prevent access to a wireless network? ❍ A. Passcode GPS Encryption Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 235 UTP Plenum-rated cable 568B Fiber optic 32. One of your customers is having difficulty with two network connections in the accounting office.212 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check 28. through the drop ceiling of the mechanical room. ❍ D. Network cables run from the accounting office. That he shouldn’t do that 30. That he should remember his password B. The operating system needs to be updated. ❍ C. ❍ D. He can no longer access his company e-mail address. That the password will be reset in several minutes ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 235 Auto-erase 31. Quick Answer: 228 MAC filtering SSID broadcast WPA2 passphrase WPA key Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 235 . ❍ B. but the reader is unable to work properly. and into the server room next door. Software drivers need to be updated. ❍ D.

John can’t get any sound out of his laptop’s speakers. B. The volume is turned down. ❍ B. He’s using the wrong version of Windows Media Player. Remove the computer from the floor ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ B. 34. B. he cannot log on to Windows. What is wrong with the laptop? ❍ A. 36. The laptop is on battery power. ❍ D. Michelle’s laptop powers on only when the AC adapter is connected to it. The Caps Lock is on.220-802 Practice Exam C 213 ✓ Quick Check 33. What could be the issue? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 235 A. After booting his laptop. ❍ C. ❍ D. Which of the following commands would be used to set the time on a workstation? ❍ A. The sound driver needs to be installed. Wrong keyboard driver. Jason complains that instead of just letters. Because of this. he is getting numbers and letters when he types in his username. Install a new hard drive ❍ C. How would you remedy the situation? (Select the two best answers. ❍ D. Wipe the computer down with a cloth ❍ E. The computer is located under a desk directly on top of the carpet. Bad keyboard. Detailed Answer: 236 Time Net time Net timer Net time set 37. Quick Answer: 228 Bad transformer Bad AC port on the laptop Bad battery Bad CMOS battery Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 236 .) ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 235 A.) ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 235 A. Clean the inside of the computer 35. Replace the power cord ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C. What are two possible issues that could cause this? (Select the two best answers. C. Numlock is on. A customer reports that a computer is very loud and occasionally turns itself off.

❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ C. Sticky keys C.1. Control Panel > Fonts ❍ D. Quick Answer: 228 Unicode EBCDIC ASCII ITU-T Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 237 . In Windows Vista. ❍ D. ❍ D. Which of the following can be described as removing the limitations of Apple iOS? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 236 Rooting 41. ❍ B.168. Language bar B. ❍ B. Which language support for representing characters is built in to Windows? ❍ A. Arp -a Ping Nbtstat -a Arp 39. Character map 40. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ B. Which of the following built-in applets should a technician use to configure offline files and folders in Windows 7? ❍ A. ❍ D.100 00-1C-C0-09-08-07 ❍ A.214 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check 38. which utility enables you to select and copy characters from any font? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 236 A. ❍ C. Which of the following commands would result in the following output? Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 236 192. Jailbreaking VirusBarrier Super-admin powers Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 236 Microsoft PowerToys USMT Robust file copy Sync Center 42.

❍ C. You suspect the user’s network settings need to be changed. The printer needs a new maintenance kit. Anti-spyware software website C. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 237 Tracert Ipconfig Netdiag Pathping 44. cookies.220-802 Practice Exam C 215 ✓ Quick Check 43. Your company’s network printer is no longer printing. ❍ C. Which is most likely the problem? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ B. Printer is not plugged into the USB port. What is the cause of this? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 237 A. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 228 Delete temporary files. ❍ D. Which of the following will best help prevent future occurrences? ❍ A. ❍ D. 47. 45. Tony’s printer is printing all blank pages. Dirty primary corona. ❍ C. C. ❍ B. All cables and settings are correct. B. A user has just moved to a new office and is unable to access the network. and browser history Defragment the hard drive Install antivirus software that uses manual updates Discuss safer web browsing habits with the customer Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 237 . Toner cartridge needs to be replaced. No power to the transfer corona. The user of a previously infected computer 46. Viruses have been detected and removed on a customer’s computer several times during the course of several weeks. You can ping the gateway but not the printer’s IP. Readme. Which of the following is the best source of information about malicious software detected on a computer? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 237 A. Detailed Answer: 237 The printer memory is full. The printer NIC is faulty. The printer is not running in full duplex.txt file included with the anti-spyware software installation ❍ D. Operating system documentation B. Which of the following commands should you issue on the Windows XP computer to view the network settings? ❍ A.

❍ B. Detailed Answer: 237 Remote Desktop 49. Detailed Answer: 238 C:\Windows\System32\Config 51. ❍ C. which of the following is the default location for the system files of Windows 7? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ B.216 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check 48. ❍ D. You are required to set up a remote backup solution for an Android tablet. Which of the following sends an invitation by e-mail asking for help? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 238 . Quick Answer: 228 C:\Windows 50. but you want to remove all formatting so that it can be pasted cleanly into Word. Hyperthreading has been disabled. ❍ C. The printing subsystem. Which program should you use as an intermediary? ❍ A. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this problem? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ C. The files cannot be stored at any company location. You need to copy and paste information from a web page. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. Which technology should you select? ❍ A. ❍ D. A computer is responding slowly and the Windows Task Manager shows that spoolsv. Service call VNC Remote Assistance C:\System Files C:\Windows\System32 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 238 iCloud Android Cloud backup Microsoft Cloud Local NAS device Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 238 CMD Excel Notepad MMC 52. When performing a clean installation.exe is using 95% of system resources. Quick Answer: 228 Windows update is running. ❍ B. A virus infection has occurred. ❍ B.

Detailed Answer: 239 Metadata 56. ❍ B.220-802 Practice Exam C 217 ✓ Quick Check 53. Which of the following descriptions classifies the protocol IMAP? ❍ ❍ A. What would be your explanation to the user? ❍ A. ❍ D. You observe that the pages have wrinkles and random patterns of missing print. Quick Answer: 228 The CD drive tray is open. From which of the following locations could you disable a hardware component on a laptop in Windows? ❍ A. ❍ B. What is the most likely problem? ❍ Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 239 A. The message states that the BIOS logged a chassis intrusion. The toner cartridge is defective. The fuser needs to be replaced. A malicious individual has hacked the system. ❍ D. An e-mail protocol that allows users to send but not to receive messages Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 239 B. ❍ C. Which of the following is a user-defined collection of folders that acts as logical representations of the user’s content? ❍ A. ❍ B. A protocol that authenticates users who are sending e-mail 54. A user reports that a laser printer is printing poorly. ❍ D. ❍ C. A protocol that allows real-time messaging ❍ C. Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 239 . The CPU is loose. My Documents Libraries Public Documents Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 239 Device Manager Task Manager Computer Services console 57. The corona wire is frayed. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ B. 55. A user asks you to explain a message that comes up on the computer display before the operating system boots. The computer case has been opened. There is high humidity in the room. An e-mail protocol that allows users to selectively download messages ❍ D.

❍ C. Security Center. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ B. Which command-line tool in Windows XP will find all of the unsigned drivers in the computer? ❍ A. ❍ B.) ❍ ❍ ❍ Detailed Answer: 239 The monitor is not functioning.218 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check 58. User Account Control. One student tells you that one of the computers will not boot up and receives an error: no operating system found. Which of the following commands should you use? ❍ A. Pull the battery ❍ D. Initiate a soft reset B. it can be turned off in the services MMC snap in. Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 240 ping –t ipconfig /all nslookup ping –l 60. A customer’s Android smartphone was running a third-party VNC application that froze. What should you do? (Select the two best answers. You are experiencing intermittent connectivity to the website www. ❍ D. 59.davidlprowse. What is the name of this Windows feature. Which of the following is the most likely cause? ❍ A. All of the cables are plugged in securely to the computer. Initiate a hard reset C. ❍ B. ❍ D. Users are reporting to you that a Windows 7 feature asks them for confirmation before running certain applications or when making system changes. Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 240 sigverif dxdiag ping msconfig 62. it can be turned off under Security in the Control Panel. ❍ D. A school classroom is set up with removable drives to train students in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Remove the memory card 61. Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 240 . The lab network is down. The memory is not seated properly. and where should you direct users to turn the functionality off? ❍ A. ❍ B. The removable drive is not and want to check the status of the connectivity to that web server over a span of half an hour. Quick Answer: 228 Quick Answer: 228 Detailed Answer: 240 A.

220-802 Practice Exam C


Quick Check

C. Windows Firewall; it can be turned off under System

❍ D. User Account Control; it can be turned off under User
Accounts in the Control Panel.
63. James is a LAN administrator in charge of printers. Which of the
following should he check first if a Windows user is trying to print
a document and gets the error message “Print sub-system not

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Printer has been added.
Spooler service is running.
Printer has power from the jack.
Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 241

Check the power cable to the hard disk
Check the power supply for proper voltages
Check the BIOS settings for the drive controller
Check the drive cable to make sure it is oriented correctly on both the drive and the board

E. Check the drive jumpers for correct master/slave

65. Your manager’s Windows computer locks up after the graphical
user interface starts to load up. However, the computer will boot
in Safe Mode. When you access the Event Viewer, you see an
entry that states that a driver failed. Which of the following would
help you further diagnose the problem?

Detailed Answer: 240

Correct printer driver is installed.

64. A customer installed a new hard disk on a computer and now cannot boot the machine. You notice that the hard drive LED stays on.
What should you do to troubleshoot this problem? (Select the two
best answers.)

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 241

A. Run sigverif.
B. Enable Boot Logging. Then, in Safe Mode analyze the
ntbtlog.txt file.

❍ C. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.
❍ D. Access Debugging Mode.
66. Which of the following commands would be used to fix errors on
the system disk?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Tracert /w
Chkdsk /F

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 241


Chapter 9

Quick Check

67. A new program is crashing and causing the computer to lock up.
What is the best location to check for further information about
the cause of the crash?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 241

System log
Security log
Application log
Setup log

68. Which of the following versions of Windows 7 can run in
Windows XP mode, join domains, and utilize BitLocker

Quick Answer: 228

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 241

A. Starter
B. Home Premium
C. Ultimate

❍ D. Professional
69. A customer’s computer is running Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit.
The customer would like to upgrade to Windows 7. Which of the
following operating systems can the customer’s computer be
upgraded directly to?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 241


71. You are tasked with disabling services from starting up on a
Windows 7 PC. Which command should you run to bring up
a window to make these changes?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 241

Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

70. You are tasked with copying the entire Users folder and subfolders
to a new computer. Which command should you use?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228


Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 242

220-802 Practice Exam C


Quick Check

72. You replaced two 1 GB DIMMs with two 2 GB DIMMs on a
Windows Vista 32-bit computer. When you reboot the computer,
the BIOS recognizes 4 GB of RAM but the operating system only
shows approximately 3 GB. Which of the following is the most
likely reason for this?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 242

The new RAM is not the correct speed.
Vista only sees 3 GB of RAM.
The new RAM is not the correct type.
There is a memory hole in the BIOS.

73. What is the most important aspect of using offline files on a
networked computer?

A. Size of the computer hard drive

B. Availability of either a CD or DVD-ROM on the

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 242

❍ C. Proximity of the computer to the server
❍ D. File server operating system
74. Which of the following is an executable that checks the integrity of
an NTFS volume in Windows?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 242

\Documents and Settings

76. Jim attempts to plug a scanner into the front USB port of a
Windows computer, but the scanner does not power on. What
should you recommend to Jim?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 242


75. In Windows 7, which of the following folders might be stored in a
hidden partition by default?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228

Use a different USB cable
Run Windows update on the computer
Upgrade the computer’s drivers
Use the onboard USB ports

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 242


Chapter 9

Quick Check

77. One of your customers has a wireless network that is secured
with WEP. The customer wants to improve data encryption so that
the transmission of data has less of a chance of being compromised. Which of the following should you do?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 243

Reconfigure the network to use WPA2
Use MAC address filtering
Modify the WEP key every week
Disable the SSID broadcast

78. Which the following is the difference between a Stop Error (for
example, stop C0098xxxx) and a Dr. Watson error?

A. A Dr. Watson error occurs before the Windows GUI

B. A Stop error is known as a blue screen and causes
complete system failure.

C. A Dr. Watson error is usually related to a damaged
graphics adapter or memory chip.

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 243

❍ D. A Stop error writes the error to a memory dump file
before restoring the system to a working state.
79. One of your co-workers just installed a newer, more powerful
video card in a customer’s computer. The computer powers down
before it completes the boot process. Before the installation, the
computer worked normally. Which of the following is the most
likely cause of a problem?

A. The video card is not compatible with the CPU.

B. The monitor cannot display the higher resolution of
the new video card.

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 243

❍ C. The computer’s RAM needs to be upgraded.
❍ D. The power supply is not providing enough wattage for
the new video card.
80. A customer states that an inkjet printer is printing streaks on documents. What should you do to resolve this issue?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Replace the printer data cable
Use the printer’s clean option
Print a test page from the printer
Reinstall the drivers

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 243

220-802 Practice Exam C


Quick Check

81. Which of the following commands is used to display hidden files?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

dir /o

dir /d
dir /?
Detailed Answer: 243

Run Chkdsk
Run Msconfig
Check the System log
Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 244

The installed application contains a logic bomb.
The installed application is a worm.
The installed application is a Trojan horse.
The installed application included adware.

84. What should you do to prepare a mobile device in case it is stolen
or lost? (Select the three best answers.)

Quick Answer: 228

Go into Safe Mode

83. You get a complaint from a customer that her computer started
receiving pop-up ads after she installed an application within
Windows. What is most likely the problem?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 243

dir /a

82. After installing a new video card, the PC loads Windows and
continuously reboots. What should you do first?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 244

A. Disable Bluetooth
B. Configure remote backup

❍ C. Enable Wi-Fi encryption
❍ D. Enable GPS
❍ E. Enable Wi-Fi tethering
❍ F. Configure a pattern screenlock
85. You want your computer to boot off of the network and have the
ability to be brought out of sleep mode over the network. Which
two technologies should you implement in the BIOS?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

WAP and WPA2
RIS and Magic Packet
Norton Ghost and Unattend.xml

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 244


Chapter 9

Quick Check

86. Two co-workers share the same file inside a folder. User A works
on the file, makes changes, and saves the file. User B then works
on the file, makes changes, and saves the file as well. The next
time User A attempts to open the file, she receives an access
denied error. What could cause this error message?

A. The NTFS permissions were changed on the file to
allow only execute.

B. The file was set with the system and hidden attributes.

Quick Answer: 228
Detailed Answer: 244

C. The file was set to read only by the Accounts
Receivable administrator.

❍ D. The file was moved before being modified and then
moved back to the share.
87. A customer brings in a laptop with a non-functioning LCD screen
that always remains black; however, when you connect the laptop
to an external monitor, the laptop boots to Windows normally.
Which of the following actions should you take first?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Replace the LCD panel with a compatible model
Check the functionality of the LCD cutoff switch
Install a different video card
Quick Answer: 229
Detailed Answer: 245


89. In Windows Vista, which of the following commands should be
used to verify that a previous system shutdown was completed

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Detailed Answer: 244

Replace the inverter

88. You are troubleshooting an issue over the phone and determine
that the user has a faulty hard drive. The only information the user
can give you is that the computer was bought in the late 1990s
and the drive capacity is 40 GB. Which kind of HD should you
bring to the service call?

❍ A.
❍ B.
❍ C.
❍ D.

Quick Answer: 228


Quick Answer: 229
Detailed Answer: 245

Quick Answer: 229 Quick Answer: 229 Detailed Answer: 245 The printer is low on toner. ❍ B. Use WPA2 ❍ C. ❍ D.) Quick Answer: 229 Detailed Answer: 245 ❍ A. ❍ B. 802. ❍ C. ❍ D. 94. Your boss asks you to install a new wireless network. 92. You successfully ping the printer’s IP address. Install a signal booster 93.11n access points are available. ❍ D. He tries to connect to an access point but doesn’t see any access points in the wireless configuration manager. Broadcast the SSID ❍ D. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 229 PowerShell Command Prompt Command-line Windows Script Host Quick Answer: 229 Detailed Answer: 246 .) ❍ A.) ❍ A. Which of the following should you implement on the wireless network to help prevent unauthorized access? (Select the two best answers. Detailed Answer: 245 The access points are out of range. Why are none of the access points listed? (Select the best answer. ❍ C. ❍ B. The access points cannot accept any more connections. ❍ C. A customer tells you that a networked printer is not printing documents. The gateway address on the printer is incorrect. Logging on to a network with a username and password is an example of what? ❍ A.220-802 Practice Exam C 225 ✓ Quick Check 90. No IEEE 802. What is the problem? (Select the two best answers. ❍ Detailed Answer: 245 Authorization Identification Identity proofing Authentication 91. which of the following enables administrators to perform administrative tasks that integrate scripts over a network? ❍ A.11n wireless network adapter in a desktop computer. E. Use MAC filtering ❍ E. The spooler is not functioning. ❍ C. The printer is out of paper.11n is not supported on the network. Install additional wireless access points ❍ B. ❍ B. The network cable is unplugged. Ray installs a new 802. In Windows 7.

Which of the following can be used to kill a running process? ❍ A. ❍ C. There are no wireless signals available. ❍ B. Which kind of threat is this an example of? ❍ A. Which of the following tools should you use in Windows 7 to migrate user files and settings for multiple computers? ❍ A. What is the most likely cause of the problem? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ B.226 Chapter 9 ✓ Quick Check 95. Detailed Answer: 246 Files and Settings Transfer Wizard 96. ❍ D. 99. Which of the following file systems is suited specifically for USB flash drives? ❍ A. A program has been detected collecting information such as the computer name and IP address and sending that information to a specific IP address on the Internet. ❍ B. ❍ B. The software drivers were not installed. ❍ D. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 229 Spyware Virus Rootkit Spam Quick Answer: 229 Detailed Answer: 247 . Quick Answer: 229 Computer Management 97. ❍ B. Windows Easy Transfer User State Migration Tool Profile Transfer Tool Task Manager Tasklist Quick Answer: 229 Detailed Answer: 246 FAT32 FAT64 NTFS FAT16 Quick Answer: 229 Detailed Answer: 246 The new network card was not seated properly. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ C. Detailed Answer: 246 Control Panel 98. After performing the replacement tasks. the laptop cannot locate any wireless signals. The antenna leads were not reconnected. You have been asked to replace the wireless network adapter in a laptop. ❍ C.

You are required to stop the Windows Firewall service. Quick Answer: 229 Detailed Answer: 247 .msc And that wraps up Exam C.exe ❍ G. Take a nice long break before moving on to the fourth and final 220-802 exam. With Gpedit. With the net stop mpssvc command ❍ C. In Services. Within the Task Manager ❍ E. How can you accomplish this? (Select the three best answers.) ❍ A.220-802 Practice Exam C 227 ✓ Quick Check 100. In Performance Monitor ❍ B. In System Information ❍ F. Within Msconfig ❍ D.

C 33. A and D 62. A 20. A 18. B 44. D 32. B 69. A 16. A 34. A 25. D 76. A. C and E 38. D 5. D 26. C 10. A and C 3. D 75. C and D 52. B 23. D 29. B 15. C 28. C 66. B 56. C 43. B and D 47. B 61. D 78. B. A 73. C 6. C 11. A 83. C 80. C 39. A and D 55. D 45. A 13. B 8. D 35. B 58. D 86. B 72. A 36. A 48. B. A 46. A. C. and G 30. B 24. A 67. D 70. D. A 31. D 19. A and E 63. D 60. A 71. B 87. A 85. C 84. B 51. C 57. D 81. A 2. C . A 4. E. D 53. A 65. C 12. C 37. D 68. D 77. and F 27. and E 49. C 64. C 41. D 9. B 74. B 54. B 79. C 50. A and D 40. B 42. B 82. C 14.228 Chapter 9 Quick-Check Answer Key 1. B 17. C 59. B 21. D and E 7. D 22.

A 92. A 99. A 98. B. D 89. B 100. B and D 97. B 94. D. C and E 96.220-802 Practice Exam C 88. and G 229 . B 93. D 95. C 91. A 90.

and you would see some HDD LED activity. The scenario said that the computer was receiving power. If the SATA data cable is disconnected (and that was the only problem). and top secret. Wiping a hard drive is vague. The DVD-ROM drive won’t cause a no display issue because it is a secondary device. Answers: A. at the beginning of this process. The most common is the video card. nothing would happen when you press the computer’s power on button. and then when the system attempted to boot to the hard drive. the system would POST (and most likely record a HDD error). degauss the drive. and G. everything is hooked up properly. The classification of data helps prevent confidential information from being publicly disclosed. an organization might opt to use a VPN or RADIUS server. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is the registry hive that stores information about the programs Windows runs when it starts. 4. you would get a “missing OS” error or similar message. secret. If the computer is receiving power. Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into giving classified information. you would get video. As for the incorrect answers: The hard drive won’t even be accessed if the system’s RAM. This might help you troubleshoot the problem. and RAM. or CPU fails because the system won’t even POST. If the power supply fails. B. so properly disposing of a single hard drive doesn’t protect any and all confidential information from being publicly disclosed. Answer: C. you are determining who has access to it. then you need to consider what I like to call the big four: motherboard. and there is no display. These are the four components of the computer that could cause a no display issue. E. Some organizations will have a classification scheme for their data. You might also see a question with the option to click File (or Printer). Now. 2. By classifying data.230 Chapter 9 Answers and Explanations 1. motherboard. but without video. The thing is that data is always stored somewhere on a server or NAS device. This is usually done simply by right-clicking the printer and selecting Set as default printer. There will be little to no activity on the HDD LED. video card. The actual hives are stored in . such as normal. some systems will not boot. Policies are implemented to make top secret data the most secure on the network. you should inquire with the customer as to when this computer failed and if anything was modified on the system of late. or destroy it to make sure that no one can access the data. lack of video will cause the system to stop at POST. Then check if the RAM and then the CPU are properly installed and compatible. if the video card failed. The power supply is not the cause of the problem in this case. Answer: D. However. A remote access server (RAS) allows users to connect remotely to the network. You should also check if that card works in one of your test systems. Finally. You need to perform bit-level erasure with third-party software. then that is not enough to protect confidential information. To protect the connection (and data that passes through it). You would question the user during step 1 of the CompTIA A+ troubleshooting process: Identify the problem. check the motherboard if necessary. CPU. Of course. This is generally done on a need-to-know basis. Unused printer drivers for older printers should be removed when the older printers are replaced. How is it being wiped? If it is being formatted. or both. the system might still boot. check if that is seated properly into the expansion slot. 3. Answer: A. This is if you double-clicked the printer to open it and then selected the first menu. You want to set a new default printer in the OS because he has installed a new printer.

nor does the hard disk. Port 110 is the POP3 e-mail port. Rapidly blinking LED lights might lead you to believe that the computer’s network card (NIC) or the port on the switch is faulty. another port that is used for SMTP is 587. it is based on the physical Media Access Control (MAC) address of the computer’s network adapter. That of course is optional. But it’s okay to call HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and the other HKEYs hives. Msconfig is used to modify how the computer boots and to enable/disable programs and services. and other IP data such as gateway address and DNS server address. 8. The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) receives e-mail and uses port 143. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT contains information about registered applications and file associations. but that would be strange and rare. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG contains data that generated when the system boots. What should have been port 143 was probably configured incorrectly if the person can send but not receive e-mail. 6. The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive is the one you will access the most often. MAC filtering is used to restrict computers from connecting to a network. HKEY_USERS stores the information for each user profile. The Device Manager is where you enable and disable devices and install. The SSID broadcast is the name of the wireless network. in that order. Answer: A. 7. but not in this question’s scenario. Answer: A. and lots more from here. If only one computer is connected to the switch. Once Windows knows which hard drive to install to. Answer: C. 10. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) uses port 25 by default to send mail but will use port 443 if SSL or TLS security is implemented. it could have been disabled. but that will simply open an IE (or other browser) tab. This is done by adding /persistent:yes to the command syntax. Windows should recognize it automatically. or RAID controllers. Most technicians do it. partitioning. It’s sometimes referred to as romming into the router because the configuration program is stored in the ROM chip of the router. By the way. Although Windows has the Reconnect at Logon check box selected by default. Mobile devices such as . its key code is required to gain access to the network. However. and then configuration of settings can commence. This is done to avoid being blocked by ISPs and to reduce spam. update. You can type the IP address of the router into the Windows Explorer address bar.220-802 Practice Exam C 231 \%windir%\System32\Config. the GUI of the OS. Internet Explorer (or any other web browser) is normally used to configure a router. It works with wired or wireless connections. Answers: C and E. then formatting. The server doesn’t have anything to do with this. there shouldn’t be much activity. Answer: D. POP3 also is used to receive e-mail. SCSI drives. 5. Answer: C. as broadcast out over radio waves by the WAP. The first thing you need to supply is the driver for any special SATA drives. be sure to make persistent connections. If you have a typical SATA drive. to be handed out to clients. 9. it could be that the person is sending a lot of data to himself while you are testing the network. If you do choose to use the net use command. nothing is permanently stored. WPA is used to encrypt the wireless session between a computer and the wireless access point (WAP). DHCP settings simply allow a specific range of IP addresses. You can configure advanced settings for TCP/IP. and roll back drivers for devices. and you might see them referred to that way on the exam as well.

By default. That’s why the system won’t reboot immediately because the CPU needs some time to cool down. 14. install drivers (from the manufacturer’s website. cool air from entering the PC and cause the CPU to overheat. RealVNC is normally port 5900 for incoming connections. 11.” You can access this in Windows XP by going to Local Area Connection Properties > Advanced tab. any Windows OS after and including Windows XP SP2 enables the Windows Firewall automatically and won’t allow inbound connections from the server to the network application. If the second computer works fine. test the patch cable. Adding the port number and name of service to the Windows Firewall Exceptions list is the correct answer. you should clean out the inside of the system and vacuum out the exhaust of the power supply (without opening the power supply of course). press the reset switch on the power strip. it would cause intermittent shutdowns. there would probably be other indicators of a virus. and finally replace the NIC. 13. . but if it does. Nothing in the scenario would lead you to believe that the computer uses so many powerful components as to make the power supply underrated. This tells you whether there is physical connectivity. Companies often buy computers from popular manufacturers such as Dell and HP. The CPU heat sink could be an issue and could cause the same results. you can. If you decide to add a port. but it won’t cause the computer to not power on. This can be done in the Services console window or in the Command Prompt with the net stop spooler and net start spooler commands. reconfigure TCP/IP. Answers: A and D. or anywhere else where services can be started and stopped such as the Task Manager.232 Chapter 9 Android phones can be a little more difficult to configure e-mail on. then that tells you the power strip is plugged in. Check the basics first! Make sure the power cable wasn’t disconnected from the computer. The monitor being unplugged could be a separate problem. Start with the physical! Check for a link light first. 15. If the PC had a virus. but you would be able to reboot the computer right away. This will stop fresh. you need to make an “exception. in order. You should install a filter in front of the PC air intake and instruct the customer to clean the filter often. Uninstalling and reinstalling the SP will not help this particular situation. as compared to PCs. While you are working on the computer. But I’m going to pontificate more as I usually do. but not lockups. Answer: B. Answer: B. that was an easy one. Don’t think too hard when you actually do receive an easier question. if necessary. Plus. these computer manufacturers spend a lot of time designing their heat sink/fan combinations to work with the CPU. Okay. If the power supply was underrated. 12. use the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security: Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools. Kids like to play tricks on lab computers! A standard power strip should not overload with just two computers connected to it. mind you). and verify that the voltage switch is in the correct position. The PC air intakes are probably clogged with cement dust. but it is less likely. Then. For example. Answer: C. Therefore. but the real exam will have a couple easy ones thrown in as well. you need to know the port number of the application. Be sure to work with mobile devices and go through the steps of setting up e-mail on both Android and iOS. Answer: C. The print spooler needs to be restarted on the computer that started the print job or the computer that controls the printer. that might cause it to lock up or shut down. In Windows 7/Vista.

20. The TV tuner is used to enable the Live TV option in Windows 7 Media Center. as long as you are within close proximity to a metropolitan area. A modem is used to make dial-up connections to the Internet. ping tests your network connection against other hosts. 22. The computer will have a power supply already. This is due to cable company regulations. 18. Answer: D. Then check that the e-mail settings were entered properly. WPA2 is more secure than all the rest. The network adapter (also known as a network card or NIC) is used to connect to the LAN. Then the NTFS file-level “user” permissions must also be set. and any security settings. unless the share-level access is set to deny. The share-level permissions must first be set to enable access to the user. Bluetooth can be off while e-mail is being used. Tell the customer to use a UPS. including port numbers. 17. Answer: B. C. Answer: C. and that’s what you have to assume when taking the exam.220-802 Practice Exam C 233 16. Answers: B and D. dirty power. TV tuners are also becoming more popular when used with over-the-air signals including HD. username/password. As for the incorrect answers: a multimeter is what you would have used to figure out that the AC outlet was providing dirty power. brownouts. ipconfig displays basic information about your network connection. Use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to provide clean power and eliminate the voltage fluctuations—with the stipulation that the printer is not a laser printer! If it’s a laser printer. Video cards display video signal to a monitor or TV. it will only protect against surges and spikes. 21. The question did not specify that this was a laser printer. This is usually the toughest part to configure on an HTPC. but it will be less likely. and E. and blackouts. don’t mix them up! WEP is deprecated and should be avoided unless it is the only option available. HTPCs will have a video card with an HDMI output. GPS tracks where a mobile device is located. A gas generator is a ridiculous option that would actually work in this scenario. that person does so over the network to a remote computer. That is because of the load the laser printer puts on the device it plugs into. A similar command that gives slightly less information is pathping. tracert (short for trace route) can show the entire path between you and a final destination. it is not wise to keep a gas generator in the house. A generator is a bit much for the computer in this scenario. and it too can be turned off when accessing e-mail. nslookup enables you to look up name servers and run several commands when connected in the NSLOOKUP shell. Answer: A. server names. This will protect against power fluctuations. and most friends of mine have inkjets. but it might be . First make sure that the iPad has a connection to the Internet. However. It’s not outside the realm of possibility. However. WAP is actually short for wireless access point. Local user access is somewhat vague but doesn’t apply here because when a user connects to a shared resource. thereby allowing you to configure and modify a name server. plus it will cost the friend more in money and maintenance as compared to a UPS. The best wireless encryption method on most SOHO wireless access points is WPA2 with AES. Certificates are normally used in Internet or VPN sessions. Answer: A. A surge protector will not condition the voltage that is coming from the AC outlet. connect it to its own line conditioner. displaying every router (or hop) in between. these take precedence over share-level. 19. Answers: A. often.

This is why Bluetooth or other wireless methods are usually preferred. SATA hard drive 3 is a better option than the external USB hard drive for a variety of reasons: it will probably be faster. . but it will be less likely that you will change the channel or boost the power. it will have less latency. The A+ exam does not test you on your knowledge of domain controllers and their security policies. Answer: B. Use Internal SATA hard drive 3 for the page file. Telling the person not to do that or that the person should simply remember the password is just rude. you should replace it immediately. and in general. internal drives will perform more efficiently than external drives. If the computer doesn’t have one. That is the best answer. Answer: C. It enables the outside sources to “see” the public IP but not the internal private IPs. it should be reset immediately. Answers: C and D. 26. Most IR devices’ power cannot be boosted. In the instance of barcode readers. it is all the more important to get the driver from the creator of the device. 24. passwords cannot be reset by the user or by the systems admin. Because each user on the LAN has his own internal private IP address. Repeaters are used in networking as a method of extending a wired or wireless LAN. You might need to do so just as a matter of organizational policy. If the page file was on either of the other SATA drives. The rest of the answers mention things that can be restored or reinstalled from the operating system disc. If the password could be reset and you are allowed to do so. You should try shortening the distance between the laptop and the printer and make sure that the infrared (IR) ports on each device can see each other. Answer: D. and definitely irreplaceable. In many cases. the only one that deals with the local level is Local Security Settings. All the others require at least one domain controller on the network. if there is no backup. 27.234 Chapter 9 necessary for the building. but you should know some of the terms in order to compare them to security options on the local computer. 28. 23. IR can be difficult to work with due to the short range and need for line of sight. though an OS update might find a compatible driver. If the computer was able to recognize the device. Answers: A and D. you will maximize performance of the system. it doesn’t work perfectly all the time. Pictures and e-mail are possibly valuable. this is a heavy-duty electrical cord. Some IR devices’ transmission frequency can be changed. Answer: B. you will often have to download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website. Answer: B. users are safe from external public IPs. By separating the page file from the operating system and the user profiles. Of all the answers. it’s tough to have too many USB devices! 29. With peripherals such as these. 25. Network Address Translation (NAT) translates all those internal IPs into one external public Internet IP for communication with outside sources. Though USB is famous for recognizing devices and installing drivers automatically. The Local Security Policy can be accessed from Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools. the constant accessing of the page file would slow down the OS performance or would slow down the access of user files. you need to verify the identity of the person first. Computers normally connect with an IEC power cable. If that is the case. Let’s face it—at 127 devices maximum. you can rule out faulty USB cables or too many USB devices being plugged in.

Answers: A and E. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can be prevented with STP or fiber-optic cables. and use compressed air and a vacuum. Plenum-rated cable is used in areas where sprinklers cannot get to. there was probably a lot of dust and dirt in one or more of the fans. it will ask to update itself from the Internet. resulting in the computer turning itself off. Answer: D.220-802 Practice Exam C 235 30. So. but also the Numlock. There are plenty of third-party programs that allow the user to track the device. If Windows Media Player doesn’t recognize a file format. static electricity could be generated when a person touches the power button of the computer. . Of the listed answers. you could rerun the cables through a metal conduit or reroute the cables around the mechanical room. That should fix the problem of noise. 31. not only do you have to watch out for the Caps Lock when logging on. 33. Chances are in this scenario that the mechanical room’s contents are causing interference on the network cables. Combine this with the computer lying on a carpet. Answer: B. Another option would be shielded twisted pair (STP). you should get the sound driver from the manufacturer’s website. but you could always swap it with another one to be sure. and it could cause the computer to short out and shut down. The power cord most likely isn’t the problem here. On a slightly different topic. Windows Media is built in to Windows. But only do this when all computers have been connected. you would get no response or only a partial response from it. and you wouldn’t wipe down the inside of the computer. Encryption protects the data in the case that the user no longer has possession of it. It has a coating that makes it burn much more slowly. To aid in preventing access to a wireless network. probably what the customer is using currently as it is the most common. Proper sound drivers are needed to drive the sound in the system. UTP is unshielded twisted pair. they will have to connect manually or the SSID will have to be reenabled. it won’t keep smart attackers out of your network. Some of the letters on the keyboard of a laptop are shared by numbers (which are only accessible when the Numlock is on). If the keyboard were bad. it’s best to keep the computer off of the floor for a variety of reasons. Many laptops have a nearly hidden volume knob. you should recommend fiber-optic cables. While this is an okay security method. 35. remove the computer from the floor. If more computers need to be connected later. MAC filtering and WPA2 encryption will do a much better job at that than disabling the SSID. 32. Auto-erase is used to wipe the contents of the device if lost or stolen. Passcodes are used to secure the device in the event that it is stolen or lost. Furthermore. take the computer outside and clean it by removing the biggest dust bunnies (which you will undoubtedly find). A clogged CPU fan can also cause the CPU to overheat. GPS can help to locate a stolen or lost mobile device. Wiping down the outside of a computer with a cloth won’t do much to fix the situation. disable the SSID. Answer: C. Whether the laptop is on battery power does not affect the speakers by default. Answers: A and D. 34. First. 568B is the most common network cabling wiring standard. Answer: C. Second. If the device is off. you have to search for it. the program will display the last known good location. So. as long as it is on and has GPS installed and functioning. Keyboards are automatically recognized by Windows 7/Vista/XP. It will play most types of music and sounds without an update. Though Windows will attempt to install a Microsoft driver. A new hard drive isn’t necessary unless you find that it is malfunctioning.

38. It allows you to set up synchronization partnerships with external devices and enables you to manage offline files. use the time command. date. The Language Bar automatically appears when you use handwriting recognition or speech recognition. and the Power Calculator. Answer: C. It enables a user to gain root access to the system and download previously unavailable applications. and MAC address. The net time command is needed if you want to synchronize the local computer’s time to another system or just find out the time on a remote system. Answer: A. Nbtstat –a. but it should work fine on battery power (until the battery fully discharges. Arp –a does exactly this. 41. it was developed in response to a particularly nasty jailbreak. To open it in Windows 7 or Vista. That and a bad AC port would cause the laptop to fail when plugged into the AC adapter. will show the NetBIOS name table for the local machine or for a remote computer. but it could show more. 40. The command-line–based User State Migration Tool (USMT) is used to move files and user settings from multiple computers at once. VirusBarrier is the first AV software designed for iOS. Super-admin powers is just a colorful term for what you get when you root or jailbreak a mobile device.236 Chapter 9 36. Microsoft PowerToys is a group of applications that can be downloaded from Microsoft as an add-on to Windows XP. Control Panel > Fonts opens the Fonts folder where you can add or remove text fonts. Both of these are not recommended. ping tests a connection to another computer’s IP address. Jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations of an Apple device’s iOS. the individual icons within the Control Panel are referred to as applets. In this scenario there was only one computer that the local system has connected to recently. Quite often. If you are just setting the time on the computer. A bad CMOS battery will cause the time. Answer: D. go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. It can be configured within Region and Languages. it can be turned on by rapidly pressing the Shift key five times and agreeing Yes. Rooting is similar. The command also enables you to create a permanent or static connection to another system via MAC address and corresponding IP address. net timer is not a valid command. HTML Slide Show Wizard. A bad transformer means that the AC adapter would need to be replaced. 37. Sticky keys is a feature that helps users with physical disabilities. that is). It displays core services running on a computer such as the workstation and server services. It displays these computers formatted as IP. Robust file copy is a Command Prompt tool (Robocopy) that is . it gives administrative capabilities to users of Android-based devices. Apps include CD Slide Show Generator. The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) command allows you to see which computers your IP address and corresponding MAC address have connected to recently. along with a computer name or IP address. and passwords to be reset in the BIOS. Answer: B. Arp by itself shows the help file for the command. Answer: A. If the laptop gets power when plugged in but won’t work when disconnected from AC power. Answer: D. most likely unauthorized by Apple. The net time command uses the /set option if you wish to synchronize time to another computer. Time can also be set in Windows within the Notification Area. The Character Map enables you to copy characters from any font type. The Sync Center is located directly within the Control Panel. the battery must be dead or defective. Those connections listed are considered to be “dynamic” because they are temporary. 39.

47. Answer: B. Answer: A. an anti-malware solution. Defragmenting the hard drive will help the drive and the OS to perform better but won’t help in the malware department. It’s possible that a printer could need a new maintenance kit. and so on. you should school the user on safer web browsing habits such as being very careful when clicking on links brought up by search engines. but it should be set to update automatically every day. the best place to find information about spyware. The computer should have an antivirus solution or. Be careful not to confuse duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper) with full-duplex networking (transmission of data in both directions simultaneously). This could indicate that the toner cartridge needs to be replaced. Because it happens often. at which point the printer needs more than maintenance—it needs repair. but the scenario tells us that you can’t ping the printer’s IP address. For in-depth analysis. 45. Deleting temporary files won’t stop the user from visiting the same websites that probably caused the problem in the first place. If the transfer corona wire is not getting power. 43. tracert displays the route from the local computer to a remote destination. ASCII and EBCDIC are different types of character encoding sets in the English language only. phishing filters can be enabled. it shouldn’t output any pages because the print job will never reach the printer. pathping is a limited version of tracert. better yet. Never trust in what a user has to say about malware. 46. which is a telling sign. the OS documents and the anti-spyware readme. Also. use ipconfig /all. add-ons can be installed to a web browser for increased protection. Answer: A. the paper will not get the positive voltage needed to attract the toner and the pages will come out of the printer with nothing on them. ITU-T deals with standards for telecommunications. not clicking on pop-up windows. Operating system documentation will usually not have this kind of information. you might see lines or smearing in the text. This is often . Answer: D. These invitations could be to ask for help or to offer help. A message should display on the Windows screen concerning this as well. it could cause the printer to stop printing. Answer: D. 48. If the printer is not plugged into the USB port. The network interface card (NIC) must be faulty if everything else checks out. If the primary corona wire is dirty. the browser can be updated. and being conservative about the websites that are accessed. a virus. it is the successor to Xcopy. though Xcopy is still available in Windows 7 and older OSes. but it would stop printing only if something failed. In addition. Answer: B. 44. Unicode is the code used to represent characters among multiple computers’ language platforms. Because of this. ipconfig is the ultimate command to quickly display the network configuration information. Connections can be made by sending Remote Assistance invitations by e-mail (Outlook) or via instant messaging (Windows Messenger also known simply as Messenger). 42. The user is not the person who would remove it—a technician would.txt file will be outdated soon after they are written.220-802 Practice Exam C 237 used to move large amounts of data. Answer: D. or other malware is at a place that can be updated often and easily: the anti-malware company’s website. If the printer’s memory was full. netdiag is an older command used in Windows XP (and earlier OSes) that helps to isolate networking and connectivity problems. New malicious software (malware) is always being created.

Also. all formatting will have been removed. Answer: C. This is a utility in Windows that enables you to work with several console windows within the same program. Then restart the computer.exe. 50. CMD. or more specifically cmd. However. That is.238 Chapter 9 implemented in help desk scenarios in which a user invites a technician to take control of his computer so that it can be repaired. There are several third-party VNC companies that offer free software. The MMC is the Microsoft Management Console. On the server side Microsoft also refers to Remote Desktop as Terminal Services. The Microsoft Cloud has the same types of features in a variety of solutions. Notepad is also a great tool for web developers (using HTML) and system administrators (when creating batch files and other configuration files). It’s effectively a virtual service call. Use Notepad.exe service in the Task Manger or in the Command Prompt with the taskkill command. The default folder location for Windows 7 system files is C:\Windows\ System32. it enables control of a computer remotely. unless you were to create it yourself. The X: is a variable meaning whichever drive is installed to. It is also possible that a virus has compromised the system. There are several other third-party solutions available as well. If the Windows update was running. . There are viruses that are also called spoolsv. 49. the system may have to be repaired. Answer: B. Text and other information can be copied from a web page. The printing subsystem is most likely failing for one of a variety of reasons. Windows Vista and XP also use this folder for system files. %windir% is a variable referring to the name of the main installation folder (usually Windows). Collectively the client software is also referred to as Microsoft Terminal Services Client (MSTSC). is the executable that opens the Microsoft Command Prompt. %windir% is also expressed sometimes as %systemroot%. The first solution is to end the spoolsv. It is a text-based editor that applies virtually no formatting. 51. Virtual network computing (VNC) is very similar to Remote Desktop. Excel is a program by Microsoft that enables you to create and modify spreadsheets. You might also see this referred to as X:\%windir%\System32 or simply \%windir%\System32. The technician doesn’t need to come physically to the user’s desk. C:\Windows\System32\Config is where the registry hives are stored. where the OS is installed to (though it will also inhabit subfolders). Answer: D. 52. it saves the last place you were working. apps. and then copied again and pasted into Word. Answer: D. that would be a different story.exe is the executable. There is no C:\System Files folder. if the C: is the drive being installed to. A company-based local network-attached storage (NAS) device would go against what you have been asked to do in the scenario. pasted to a Notepad document. and so on. C:\Windows is the systemroot. If the NAS was on the Internet or part of a cloud. restored. iCloud is the Apple solution for file backup. it should not take up that many resources—not nearly so. but instead connects remotely. or modified in the registry (which could be an in-depth process). You would use the Android Cloud backup solution so that files can be backed up to a location outside the company. Microsoft doesn’t refer to its software as VNC though. a quick sweep of the system folders with AV software should uncover this…hopefully. this can be done only if the computer to be controlled has the Remote Desktop feature turned on. Mstsc. you can also take control of a computer without an invitation (and if you are an administrator or a user with permissions).exe. If that doesn’t work.

files. either you would get blank printouts or there would be lines or smears. 54. Use the Task Manager to analyze basic system performance and stop processes. As a PC technician. Answer: B. the computer would not boot and there would be nothing to display. or attempted to hack. but there wouldn’t be any page wrinkles. Use the Services console (services. IMAP.220-802 Practice Exam C 239 the executable for that is wuauclt. Real-time messaging can be accomplished by using instant messaging and chat programs. Removable drives are common in schools and labs. Answer: D. Libraries are commonly known as metafolders. this is not necessarily the case. If the CPU was loose. Answer: B.msc) to stop and start and enable/disable services. 57. Random patterns of missing print further indicate that the fuser is not working properly. For example. each with a different hard drive and a different OS. regardless of whether it is a laptop or a PC. When the drive tray is inserted into the frame. The most likely reason the computer won’t boot and presents the no OS error is that the removable drive is not locked. 56. which allows an e-mail client to access e-mail on a remote mail server. High humidity could cause the separation pads or rollers to fail. If the toner cartridge was defective. Answer: A. However. they are logical representations of a user’s content. If the transfer corona wire is defective. like POP3. although you should check just to make sure. you should check the computer inside and out for any possible tampering. The fuser usually needs to be replaced every 200. one library in Windows 7 is called Documents. allows users to download or receive messages. 58. authenticates the user. Some BIOS programs have the capability to detect this. This allows multiple users to manage the same mailbox. A frame is installed to a 5 1/4" bay and connected to the motherboard via SATA or IDE the way a hard drive normally would be. So. The Documents library includes two default locations: My Documents and Public Documents. This is a security feature that informs the user of a possible breach. The BIOS program will not detect if the CD-ROM drive is open. but again not for sending e-mail—just when receiving e-mail. 55. like POP3. Then. Hyperthreading can be disabled in the BIOS on some systems. Use the Device manager to disable a component in Windows. it might result in blank paper. it must be locked. If you note toner not being fused to the paper. Damage to the primary corona wire can also result in black lines or smearing. Generally the e-mail client software will leave the messages on the server until the user specifically deletes them. a protocol such as SMTP would be used to send mail. though. 53. then that is the last clue.exe. It is possible that a malicious individual has hacked. The wrinkled pages are the number one indicator that the fuser needs to be replaced. IMAP is the Internet Message Access Protocol. This should have no effect on the ability of the system to multitask. and other computers. and multiple processes should be able to run simultaneously without a problem. the system. it is common to forget to . IMAP. Answer: C. but it does not send messages. Use Computer (My Computer in Windows XP) to view folders. the user can selectively download messages. Answer: A. swappable trays are inserted into the frame.000 pages or so on a laser printer. A chassis intrusion means that the computer case has been opened.

it most likely means the spooler has stalled. ping –l is a four-packet ping. If the printer has not been added. If you receive error messages and are troubleshooting. If you get a message on the screen. but the –l parameter enables you to modify the size of the packet being sent. Answer: D. Msconfig (the Microsoft System Configuration Utility) is a tool used to troubleshoot the startup process of Windows. 61. If it isn’t locked. unsigned drivers will be displayed. 59. 63. remove the battery so that the device will have its power supply cut. run this command from the Run prompt. If you can’t shut down the application in the Running Services area. If the wrong printer driver was installed. but seeing as how many devices store the memory card under the battery. received. pressing the power button doesn’t do anything. The sigverif. only users that have administrative rights should even be permitted to turn this off. Replace the battery and reboot the phone! Don’t do a hard reset unless it is absolutely necessary. ping –t is a continuous ping. ipconfig /all displays the configuration of your network adapter. you would get a message in the POST or a series of beeps. this could indirectly fix the problem. It is used to test the functionality of audio and video devices. If the printer is not getting power. If. On an Android device this is simply pressing and holding the power button. User Account Control (UAC) is the portion of Windows that asks for confirmation of administrative rights before allowing a user to make system changes or run certain applications. either the user would get a message stating that the printer is not available or the document would print but the information would be garbled. 62. so have no fear—the lab network is probably not down. This can be turned back on within the Services section of Computer Management or by issuing the command net start spooler in the Command Prompt. If a “print sub-system not available” message or similar message appears. It will ping the web server with ICMP echo packets until you manually stop the operation.exe tool can be used to check for unsigned drivers within your operating system. Answer: A. the user would most likely get a message stating that the printer is not available. When you do so. You can stop the operation by pressing Ctrl+C on the keyboard. Answer: A. No operating system or missing OS messages happen before the computer can connect to the network. and lost. as well as the total packets that were sent. Answers: A and C. and then restarting it after a few seconds. however. It can be disabled within the User Accounts applet within the Control Panel by clicking the Change User Account Control Settings link.240 Chapter 9 lock one or two. nslookup enables you to find out a domain’s corresponding IP address. as well as carry out other name server configurations. and therefore should not get an error message. Removing the memory card in of itself won’t fix the problem. . Unsigned drivers are drivers that have not been verified by Microsoft. the user would not be able to print any documents to any printers. If the memory needed to be reseated. the data port will not connect properly and the OS will not boot. This list is also stored in a file called sigverif. dxdiag is short for DirectX diagnostics. Answer: C. then try initiating a soft reset first. this will clear it and return it to factory condition.txt within the %systemroot%. ping is used to test whether or not another host is on the network. When the check is finished. On an Android-based device. an average of the ping results will be displayed. shutting it down. 60. then you know the monitor is working. But beware.

the other drive (which probably contains data) should be set to slave. and utilize BitLocker encryption. The setup log stores information of events that occurred during the installation of Windows. Afterwards. system files. Diskpart is the command-line tool that enables you to make changes to the operating system’s partition table. The main drive with the OS should be set to master. It cannot be upgraded to any other version of Windows 7. Windows 7 Enterprise can also run BitLocker. Windows 7 Ultimate can run in Windows XP mode. and stop errors. Boot Logging can be enabled from the Windows Advanced Boot Options Menu (ABOM). This is designed to copy entire folders (and all of their subfolders) to a new location. it is generally the fourth option. you know that the drive is getting power. Answer: D. it is the equivalent of the cut in cut-and-paste operations. 67. As a rule. On older IDE connections you need to make sure that the data cable is oriented properly on each drive and the motherboard (or controller card). Answer: C. join domains. Sigverif is a program that can be run in Windows that verifies whether drivers have been signed by Microsoft. Windows 7 Professional cannot utilize BitLocker encryption. The move command does just that. Another option is Robocopy. Older BIOS systems allowed you to modify master and slave settings. Answer: C. but checks for disk integrity. but newer systems rely on the jumper settings. although it was not one of the listed answers. you might use this to help fix the issue. The security log contains information regarding auditing events. Use Xcopy. Also. If the LED light is on. 70. the hard drive LED could stay on constantly indicating a problem.txt. not all versions of Windows offer this—for example. The system log contains information about drivers. Answer: A. It does not fix all errors. 66. Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement is another ABOM option. Answer: B. Microsoft recommends using Robocopy on newer Windows operating systems. you can access the system by booting into Safe Mode. still newer systems rely on newer technologies such as SATA! 65. but it is not as well-suited to copying large amounts of data as Xcopy or Robocopy are. Answer: C. 32-bit versions of Windows cannot be directly upgraded to 64-bit versions of Windows. Once this is enabled. .220-802 Practice Exam C 241 64. the system will automatically create a file called ntbtlog. once again from the ABOM. so nothing in the power subsystem should be troubleshot. but not to diagnose the problem. The application log is the location for all events concerning Windows applications and third-party programs. Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. Edit is a program in the Command Prompt that allows you to create and modify text files. but in this scenario you don’t necessarily need to debug the system. 68. bad sectors. 69. Copy is the original command for copying data from one location to another. If either of these is incorrect. but not application crashes. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Chkdsk /F allows you to fix errors on a disk. On a side note. Starter and Home Premium can do none of these. and similar issues. make sure that the drives are jumpered correctly. Answers: D and E. Debugging Mode is another ABOM option. but rather repair the individual driver that failed to load up. Tracert /w analyzes the path to another computer with a specific timeout per reply. the successor to Xcopy. Xcopy copies files and directory trees.

76. It’s a quick temporary fix but should work because they are hardwired to the board. This is because the offline files are stored locally. Msconfig is the only option listed where you can disable services. But when using offline files. Tell the customer to use the onboard ports. Autochk cannot run within the command-line. does not use IP addresses. it is a file. This means the ports that are integrated directly to the motherboard on the back of the computer. which can locate and repair errors on the disk. which is separate from the C drive. which is the Windows loader program. As long as the client computer can use offline files (7/Vista/XP). That is because these operating systems reserve the remainder for devices in what is known as memory-mapped I/O (MMIO). and has open files.242 Chapter 9 71. If the volume to be checked is “dirty”. it scans the integrity of protected system files and repairs problems if necessary. It enables a Windows operating system to revert core system settings to their original state. The Windows folder is where the operating system is installed to. Answer: A. if a system hangs. the network doesn’t really play into the offline files on the local computer. and Windows NT. Answer: D. and 3. Answer: A. This protocol is outdated and is not often found in networks. Answer: B. Yes. The front USB plugs . It stands for NetBIOS Extended User Interface. Msconfig runs in a Window. 74. it should be able to sync them up with any Windows Server. Windows Vista 32-bit (and Windows XP 32-bit) systems and applications can only use 3. Chkdsk cannot gain exclusive access to the volume. The convert command is used to change a FAT partition to NTFS without loss of data. not a folder. GPupdate can update user and computer policy settings on the local computer or on remote computers. Autochk is similar to chkdsk but autochk runs during system bootup (after a cold boot). Optical discs are not necessary for offline files to be used. those files are considered to be dirty. For example. but not within system files. The \Boot folder can be located in a hidden partition (100 MB in size). Regedit. by default. Msconfig can also be used to modify how the system boots and to enable/disable applications.12 GB of RAM. 75. Autochk will be initiated if: 1. deprecated versions of Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 95/98. 73. So the proximity to the server and the type of OS on the file server isn’t as important. Bootmgr is the Windows Boot Manager. SFC is the System File Checker. it is also known by the variable %systemroot% or %WINDIR% and is located in the C: drive by default. and therefore the volume that houses them is also dirty. whereas the rest of the answers run as text in the command-line.exe is the executable in Windows that opens the Registry Editor. The key in the question is the phrase “bring up a window”. 2. Though the computer is on the network. Contrast this with Chkdsk. If you try to run chkdsk on the boot volume. Although Windows Vista 32-bit can technically address 4 GB of RAM.exe is an executable (and system process) that checks the integrity of an NTFS volume in Windows. NetBEUI is a network protocol used by older. Answer: C. The most important factor is the size of the hard drive. 72. whereas chkdsk will run in the command-line or in the Recovery Console. and if possible. and is checked by autochk after a hard reset otherwise known as a cold boot. it is all done locally. It uses computer names to identify other computers on the network. and therefore is not routable to other networks. Autochk. \Documents and Settings is also located in C: by default. the computer will synchronize files and needs to have proper access to the network and the file server when it does so. Answer: B.

and don’t forget to download the correct driver for your particular operating system. and you will need to roll back the driver and locate. If the clean option doesn’t work. dir /o deals with various sort orders of files— for example. If the back USB ports don’t work. Msconfig is used to boot the computer in different ways. you can try physically removing the cartridge. try updating drivers and Windows. If the monitor could not display the higher resolution. 82. Software shouldn’t affect the USB device getting power. Answer: A. Use the printer’s built-in clean option. Answer: B. Disabling the SSID broadcast will deter new computers from making initial connections to the wireless access point. Cleaning the cartridges is necessary every once in a while so they don’t get clogged. bad drivers would cause the printer to print garbled text. Chkdsk will check the integrity of files and fix them if necessary. A faulty data cable would probably cause complete print failure. They are a complete system failure that cannot be recovered from and the system has to be rebooted. after that. Printing a test page will result in the same document streaks. Answer: A. the operating system would still boot but you would probably see garbled information on the screen. it is not possible in this scenario because the system won’t boot into . Answer: D. Because a video card comes with its own RAM. then you could try a different USB cable. it would be wise to use a strong WEP key and modify it often. 79. the computer’s RAM usually does not need to be upgraded. and cleaning the cartridge nozzle with a Q-Tip. Stop errors are also known as blue screens (BSODs). dir /d sorts files by column in wide format. They are due to an application or system file failing but do not cause the entire system to crash. Watson errors (common to Windows XP) occur while the OS is running. they probably were never connected to the motherboard properly. download. Try accessing Safe Mode first and see if the problem continues. Specifically. Answer: B. 80. Now.220-802 Practice Exam C 243 are part of the computer case. you should also check if the USB scanner needs to be plugged into an AC outlet. Answer: B. Dr. alphabetical. but it will filter out unwanted computers when they attempt to connect to the wireless access point. Streaks on documents are not caused by faulty data cables or bad drivers. Remember to get your drivers from the manufacturer’s website. While you normally could select Safe Boot in Msconfig. dir /ah can be used to show hidden files only. dir /a can be used to display hidden files. Today’s video cards can be very powerful and might require a more powerful power supply than is in the computer currently. It probably won’t. and install the correct one. it should power up. MAC address filtering will not increase the level of data encryption. WEP is a deprecated wireless encryption protocol and should be updated to a newer and more powerful protocol if at all possible. 81. dir /? displays the help file for the dir command. Video cards need to be compatible with the motherboard. If this is not possible. The best solution is to upgrade the wireless network from WEP to WPA2. sparingly using a solution of 50% water/50% isopropyl alcohol. If it has a proper USB connection. if Windows doesn’t recognize it. or at least WPA. 77. 78. not necessarily with the CPU. This might be accessible from the display on the printer or from within the printer’s software in Windows. But.

then User A should have been able to open the file. However. To allow the computer to be brought out of sleep mode by another system on the network. 87. so the permissions don’t change. but it won’t explain much except that the system shut down improperly and rebooted continuously. it takes on the permissions of the folder it is moved into. You could check the System log while in Safe Mode. Norton Ghost is used to create or install images of operating systems. worms.244 Chapter 9 Windows properly. The other half of this solution (not mentioned in the answers) is remote wipe. RIS is Remote Installation Services and is used on Windows Server 2003 to deploy installations of Windows to remote computers. and F. While pop-up ads are not necessarily harmful to a computer. but it is configured in Windows. Second. However. WAP stands for wireless access point. Answer: D. you will need to configure Wake-on-LAN (WOL) in the BIOS. The LCD cutoff switch turns off the monitor when the laptop is closed. and then moved it back to the original location. and because they require a lot of time and effort to replace. . First off. the file’s copy always takes on the permissions of the parent regardless of where that copy is placed. User A should still be able to open the file. A Magic Packet is a special packet sent to a computer to wake it up. a PIN. the application probably included adware. it retains permissions. But. Unattend. Check the functionality of the LCD cutoff switch first before opening the laptop and replacing parts. Although the LCD panel and inverter could possibly fail. If a computer starts receiving pop-up advertisements after an application has been installed. Third.xml is the answer file created for unattended installations of Windows over the network. and logic bombs) will usually be more serious and affect the computer adversely. Accounts Receivable might or might not set a file to read-only. A strong password is usually the best form of screenlock and will be the hardest to crack. and you know the data was backed up at some point. a laptop’s video card is the least common component to fail. Enable GPS on the device so that it can be tracked if it is lost or stolen. Generally. Answers: B. This way. you should configure some kind of remote backup. Answer: C. they should be checked afterwards. the other answers (including Trojan horse. It doesn’t make a difference how Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are configured. although it can be replaced on some laptops. or a password. it is less common. Whenever a file is moved to another partition or volume. If the file was set with the hidden attribute. these are prone to failure. 84. then User A should not have been able to see the file. Tricky. configure a screenlock of some sort. you have the confidential data backed up outside of the device at another location. 83. you will have to enable the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) network adapter. Answer: C. Answer: D. On to the incorrect answers: If NTFS permissions were changed to allow execute. if the file had been moved within the volume. As for copying. the permissions would have been retained. 86. Remember this: If the file is moved within the same volume. PXE and WOL. made the changes (which is possible since User B is the one who moved it). trigger a remote wipe to remove all data from the device. Most likely User B moved the file to another location outside of the current partition. if the device is compromised. Once you are positive that the device is stolen or lost. D. They won’t help to protect confidential data. if a file is moved to another volume. 85. WPA2 is the Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2 encryption used on a WAP. To configure the BIOS to boot off of the network. be it a pattern that is drawn on the display. but in read-only mode. the file takes on the permissions of the parent folder.

11b.11g or even 802. Generally. but that’s remote. Even if 802. Chkdsk checks the integrity of the disk. You can’t even be sure that the computer will have USB ports. If the spooler is not functioning. Answer: B and D. Most likely the access points are out of range. unless you also brought a SATA controller card. 89. SFC scans the integrity of all protected system files and can replace them with the correct versions if necessary.11n access points are available. If you brought a SATA drive. You should bring a PATA (IDE) drive. Answer: D. Answer: A. Chkntfs can check to see if a previous system shutdown completed successfully. but if this one did. Additional wireless access points and signal boosters would increase the chances of unauthorized access. they would probably be very slow version 1 USB ports—not quite feasible for a hard drive. you would get weak print or completely blank pages. the computer will not be able to see any access points in the wireless configuration manager. you would have nothing to plug it into.). 802. Identification is when a person is in a state of being identified. 90. If the drive is okay and the system did complete the shut down successfully. Using MAC filtering will filter out unwanted computers by checking their MAC addresses when the computers first try to connect. If the printer was low on toner. 91. Ipconfig displays the configuration of your network adapters. you wouldn’t be able to ping the printer. Answer: B. If Ray is outside this range. you should restart the spooler service in the Services console window or in the Command Prompt with the net stop spooler and net start spooler commands. Indicators include the age of the computer and the capacity of the drive. 92. The printer could simply be out of paper. you’ll get a message such as “C: is not dirty. and if it does. the spooler could be malfunctioning. Broadcasting the SSID also increases the chance of unauthorized access because any wireless device will see the name of your network. you will get a message telling of the error.220-802 Practice Exam C 245 88. If Ray installed an 802. When all wireless devices have made their initial connections to the wireless access point. It is unlikely that no 802. helping to reduce unauthorized access. The gateway address is used so that the printer can communicate with computers beyond the LAN.” Otherwise. consider disabling the SSID broadcast.11n WAP around. If the network cable was unplugged. 93. fill all trays and suggest that the user check the trays every couple days or so. C:).11n wasn’t supported. Or. Printers don’t always use gateway addresses. Identity proofing is an initial validation of an identity. but that would be an extra expense for the customer.11n wireless network adapter. you ensure a high level of encryption.). then he must know that there is an 802. he should still be . you would check this on the system drive (for example. If the printer is out of paper. By using WPA2 (the strongest type of encryption on most wireless access points). Authorization to specific resources cannot be accomplished without previous authentication. Answer: B. Solid-state drives are typically SATA and are out of the question. Chances are this older computer currently is using an IDE drive and only has connections for IDE. an 802. It’s a possibility that none exist. Answers: C and E. and outdoor range is 250 meters (820 ft.11n indoor range is 70 meters (230 ft.11n network adapter can downgrade to 802. Authentication is when a person’s identity is confirmed or verified through the use of a specific system. it wouldn’t affect your ability to connect to it (as long as it was on the LAN). Regardless. so it should still be able to connect.

you would wonder why Windows failed to find it automatically. It is also used to end applications that lock up and it analyzes the performance of the system. but exFAT was developed specifically for USB flash drives and is the better solution if you have an operating system that will support it. It is less likely that the card was not inserted properly. Wireless network adapters for laptops have antennae that are removable. unless you disregard that message (or install the wrong driver). Answer: C. It is the successor to FAT32 and can format media that is larger than 32 GB with a single partition. the drivers shouldn’t be an issue. Answer: A. but not for multiple computers. The Control Panel lists all of the configuration applets available in Windows such as Power Options. first find out the name of the process and/or process ID (PID) with tasklist. The PowerShell is the successor to the Windows Script Host (WSH). and settings. It is a combination of the Command Prompt and a scripting language. The Command Prompt is Windows’ version of a command-line. tasklist is a command in Windows that displays a list of the processes that are running. Windows 7 employs additional features such as AES encryption support and shadow copying of volumes of information. User Accounts.246 Chapter 9 able to see other slower wireless access points in the wireless configuration manager. music. If Windows doesn’t install it automatically. photos. 96. such as Windows 7. Computer Management is the main configuration console window. and Windows Defender. . which is common for laptops and which is why it is common for the antenna to be forgotten. it contains the Device Manager. The laptop wireless network adapter isn’t a card like in a PC. and Services among other things. and then use the taskkill command to end the process. The User State Migration Tool (USMT) is a command-line tool that can be used to migrate user files and settings for one or more computers in Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista. It could connect to USB or to a PC Card or ExpressCard slot. or not connected securely. It is always more likely that something was not installed properly at the local computer. if it was not connected properly. Answer: B. 97. So. and Windows Vista with SP1. The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard is an older version of Windows Easy Transfer that is used with Windows XP and other older operating systems. Windows Server 2008. 94. 95. he would again at least see them in the wireless configuration manager program. Answer: D. The most likely answer is that the antenna leads were not connected. but they couldn’t accept any more connections. it would ask for a driver. FAT64 (also known as exFAT) is suited specifically for USB flash drives and many other mobile storage solutions. Windows Easy Transfer enables you to copy files. 98. plus. NTFS can be a good solution for USB flash drives. Finally. Answer: A. That answer doesn’t explain why he can’t see them. This way the antennae don’t get damaged in transit. Older file systems such as FAT32 and FAT16 are very limited as to the partition size. if there were access points. It is rare that no wireless signals are available. The Windows 7 PowerShell enables administrators to perform administrative tasks that integrate scripts and executables and can be run over a network. To kill a process in the Command Prompt. The Task Manager can end (or “kill”) a running process. Event Viewer. It is not as functional as the PowerShell.

This can be done by typing services. A rootkit is software designed to gain administrator-level control over a computer system without being detected. Performance Monitor. But in the Task Manager you have to know the executable name of the service. A virus is code that runs on the computer without the user’s knowledge. Answer: A.msc at the Run prompt. Spyware is a type of malicious software that is usually downloaded unwittingly by a user or is installed by third-party software. Answers: B. and G. The name of the Windows Firewall service is mpssvc. You can also stop services in the Task Manager by accessing the Services tab and right-clicking the service in question. the third way (of the listed answers) is to use the net stop mpssvc command in the Command Prompt. .220-802 Practice Exam C 247 99. So. It collects information about the user and the user’s computer without the user’s consent. Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems such as e-mail. 100. D. You can stop a service in a variety of ways. and GPedit do not allow you to stop services. it infects a computer when the code is accessed and executed. System Information. The easiest and most common is to go to the Services console window.

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then retake exam C until you pass with 90% or higher. If you didn’t already. Write down your answers and check them against the answer key. more in-depth scenarios and more complex answers. in any order. I once again suggest taking a break between exams. If you just completed the third exam.10 CHAPTER TEN 220-802 Practice Exam D Ready for a hundred more? This final practice exam will be similar to Exam C in difficulty. But just for the heck of it. If you didn’t score 90% or higher on exam C. This exam is freestyle. which immediately follows the exam. go back and study. Be ready for questions with longer. give yourself a full hour at least before you begin this one. You can expect questions from any of the four domains. After the answer key you will find the explanations for all of the answers. I might throw in a few extra doozies. Good luck! . In this exam I assume that you have a fair understanding of acronyms and basic concepts and do not explain those within the explanations. meaning the questions are randomized.

Type 1 Virtual PC Windows XP Mode WWAN Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 279 WiMAX VPN WLAN 3.250 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check Practice Questions 1. The current user temporary folder will be open. Which type of device uses an MOV to protect equipment? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 277 Power strip Power supply Surge suppressor Multimeter Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 279 . Which of the following technologies would benefit from the use of QoS? ❍ A. Which of the following relies on PPTP to create a secure tunnel? ❍ A. Applications will be deleted in the %temp% folder. ❍ B. ❍ C. The operating system’s temporary folder will be open. Which type of hypervisor runs operating systems on bare metal? ❍ A. ❍ D. Applications located in the %temp% folder will be executed. ❍ B. ❍ B. ❍ C. A customer has a home office. Detailed Answer: 279 SSID Instant messaging E-mail VoIP 5. 4. Which of the following will occur if %temp% is executed from Run? ❍ Detailed Answer: 279 Type 2 2. Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 279 A. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ D. ❍ C.

Where can a user’s Desktop folder be found in Windows Vista by default? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ C. Which of the following is the best solution for repairing a hard drive when a computer displays an “NTLDR is missing error” upon booting? ❍ A. Detailed Answer: 280 Recovery Console with the fixmbr command 9. You need to locate bad sectors and recover information. Power users C. ❍ D. ❍ B.* Attrib + A+ *. Detailed Answer: 279 Attrib – RV *. ❍ C. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 277 C:\Users\%username%\desktop C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\desktop C:\System Volume Information\%username%\desktop C:\Users\System32\%username%\desktop Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 280 . Recovery Console with the fixboot command Recovery Console with the chkdsk command Recovery Console with the bootcfg /rebuild command Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 280 Chkdsk C: /R Chkdsk C: /F Chkdsk C: /C Chkdsk C: /I 10.220-802 Practice Exam D 251 ✓ Quick Check 6. ❍ C.* Attrib – A+H *. ❍ B.* 7. ❍ D. ❍ D. Which group is best to assign to a home user to prevent software installation? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 279 A. Ray used file properties to hide files in his folder and now needs to get the files back. which of the following combination of parameters will make the files viewable once again? ❍ A. A Windows PC is not booting correctly. Using a command-line tool. Remote Desktop users ❍ D. Which command is best? ❍ A. ❍ B. Administrators B. Users 8.* Attrib –H *.

252 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 11. Set the new printer as the default printer 14. What should the technician do next? ❍ A. ❍ D. A few customers at the office report that the speed of the Internet has drastically decreased since a recent network hardware refresh by another technician. Everyone else in the workgroup can print to the new printer. A message appears in Windows that says the device can perform faster. While the technician configures the WAP. Change the user’s password and permissions ❍ D. The cellular repeater installed is interfering with the network speed. The external hard drive is using FireWire. Which of the following can fix the problem for the user? (Select the two best answers. ❍ B. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 280 Install the latest WAP firmware Install the latest wireless network adapter drivers Install the latest WAP drivers Install the latest wireless network adapter firmware 13.) ❍ Detailed Answer: 280 The DHCP server is not working correctly. and the user can still automatically send print jobs to the old printer. ❍ C. Add the new printer to the user’s computer ❍ B. Clear the print queue on the new printer ❍ C. he notices that WPA2 is not listed as an option. Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 280 A. ❍ D.0. The external hard drive is using USB 2. The computer has USB 2. ❍ B. You plug in an external hard drive. ❍ D.0 ports. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 281 . Everything was fine until a week ago. ❍ C. The firewall was not turned back on. You are called to an office that had a gigabit Ethernet LAN installed six months ago. ❍ C. The computer has USB 3. What could be attributed to the problem? ❍ A. A technician is setting up a SOHO and has configured the wireless network adapter on a laptop with WPA2. A user who is part of a workgroup reports that she cannot print to a new printer.0 ports. 12. The switches are configured for 100 Mbps. ❍ B. What could cause this message? ❍ A.

What would improve the performance of the system? ❍ A. Your customer tells you that when trying to synchronize a smartphone via Bluetooth to Windows. Warped keyboard ❍ F.220-802 Practice Exam D 253 ✓ Quick Check 15. Deny read access to the Accounting folder for any group that Bill is a member of Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 281 ❍ D. Reformat the drive with FAT32 Install a PATA drive and format it as FAT32 Install a SATA drive and format it as NTFS Install a PATA drive and format it as NTFS Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 281 . ❍ B. a “no Bluetooth device” error message appears on the smartphone. How can you stop Bill from having read access to the folder without impacting any other users on the network? ❍ A. ❍ D. Deny read access to the Accounting folder for Bill through local access security ❍ C. The hard drive is faulty.) Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 281 ❍ A. ❍ B. Stuck keys ❍ B. Loose connection ❍ D. She is currently using an IDE hard drive formatted with NTFS. ❍ C. A BIOS setting is incorrect. Your organization has an Active Directory domain. What are three possible reasons that a laptop’s keyboard would stop functioning? (Select the three best answers. Bad inverter ❍ C. should not have read access to a folder named Accounting. Bill. Faulty touchpad ❍ E. ❍ C. 16. Deny read access to the Accounting folder for Bill through shared access security 17. on a partition formatted as NTFS. A customer tells you that her computer is taking a long time to save large files. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 281 The 802. Discharged battery 18. The computer has a Bluetooth card installed. The Accounting folder is shared on a network server.11 card is disabled. One of the users. Which of the following is the most likely cause? ❍ A. ❍ D. A microwave is interfering with the signal. Remove Bill from all domain groups that have access to the Accounting folder ❍ B.

Event Viewer Disk Management Disk Administrator DiskPart 20. Examine the following figure. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ D. Which of the following is the correct path if you wanted to disable a service in Windows 7? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 281 Which portion of Computer Management is being displayed in the figure? ❍ A. ❍ B. What should you do first before removing a paper jam? ❍ A. ❍ D. ❍ C. Then answer the question that follows. ❍ D.254 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 19. Detailed Answer: 282 Msconfig > Settings > Services System Settings > Tools > Services Control Panel > Services Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services 21. Quick Answer: 277 Turn the printer off Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 282 Open all the doors in the printer Clear the print queue Take the printer offline 22. Which of the following programs in Windows 7 saves problem descriptions and solutions? Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 282 .

What should be done first? ❍ A. Hibernate mode ❍ F. ❍ C. ❍ D. AC adapter ❍ D. Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 282 A. Watson Problem Reports and Solutions Action Center Performance Monitor 23. ❍ D. A PC’s monitor has no display after a power failure. Perform a BIOS flash Reinstall the OS Upgrade the smartcard reader firmware Replace the smartcard reader Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 282 . ❍ C. ❍ B. Power LED B. A co-worker tells you that a work PC has become infected with a virus. ❍ B. Inverter ❍ E. The LED light on the monitor is on. and it works without any problems.220-802 Practice Exam D 255 ✓ Quick Check ❍ A.) ❍ ❍ ❍ Detailed Answer: 282 Power cycle the PC 24. Power button 26. ❍ C. What will most likely fix the problem? ❍ A. A customer reports to you that a newly issued smartcard does not work in a laptop. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ D. Power cycle the peripherals Power cycle the UPS Power cycle the breaker switches Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 282 Check for system security patches Perform an antivirus program scan Boot the PC into Safe Mode Remove the PC from the network 25. Dr. Function key ❍ G. ❍ C. Sound port C. What should you do first? ❍ A. You try your smartcard in the laptop. What are things you should check when a laptop fails to turn on? (Select the four best answers. ❍ B.

But the Windows Experience Index is still at 3.0Video3D3.2. Which of the following can the technician do to improve the performance index? ❍ A. Xcopy 30. A Windows 7 computer has an Experience Index of 3. ❍ B. ❍ C.256 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 27. Detailed Answer: 283 Copy /Z Xcopy Copy /Y Copy /A 29. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 283 . ❍ D.8CPU2. Double the RAM again Upgrade the CPU to 3 GHz Increase the resolution on the screen Upgrade the video card 28. System Protection ❍ D. NTbackup B.8.4GHz4.2. Then answer the question that follows. Which of the following commands enables you to copy a file without prompts? ❍ A.6Video3D3.8.8CPU2. Task Manger ❍ C. ❍ C.4GHz4. ❍ B. Which of the following is the best Windows 7 utility to back up important system files without requiring external storage? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 283 A. The technician upgrades the memory to 2 GB and gets the following results: Performance index RAM2GB5. ❍ D. The technician discovers that the computer has the following: Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 283 Performance index RAM1GB4. Examine the following Windows 7 figure.

Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 283 . What should you do to resolve the issue? ❍ A. it does not recognize the new memory. The video controller is defective. Device Manager—I/O setting of IEEE 1394 controller ❍ D. ❍ D. What is the most likely cause? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 277 The display panel is defective. ❍ C. the lines appear and disappear again. System Properties—I/O setting of IEEE 1394 controller 31. A customer states that the LCD display on a laptop has intermittent lines on the screen. ❍ B. You notice that when the display is moved. ❍ D. System Information—I/O setting of IEEE 1394 controller ❍ C. A computer just had a memory upgrade installed. The display cable is loose. ❍ C. Upon booting the computer.220-802 Practice Exam D 257 ✓ Quick Check Which window are we looking at. even though it is listed as being compatible on the manufacturer’s website. There’s a damaged hinge. Detailed Answer: 283 BIOS update Adjust jumper settings OS Update New CMOS battery 32. WinMSD—I/O setting of IEEE 1394 controller B. and what is highlighted? ❍ ❍ A. ❍ B.

Reseat the memory 35. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 284 . ❍ C. *. You are tasked with mapping a drive within the Command Prompt to a share named AlbaLonga on a server named Romulus. Your boss wants to encrypt a hard drive that will be storing critical data. Detailed Answer: 283 BitLocker PKI TPM Kerberos 34. What is the first thing you should try to appease Dave? ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 284 A. ❍ B.CFG C. ❍ B. Which encryption technique should you suggest? ❍ A. Close the lid and reopen it ❍ C. Memory was added to a workstation. The second memory stick was smaller than the first. *.com/AlbaLonga Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 284 A. Plug in the external power supply ❍ D. ❍ D. *. ❍ B. it reports memory errors. The new memory was installed in the second bank and runs at a lower speed than bank one.258 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 33. Dave reports that when a laptop’s power button is pushed there is no response. The second memory stick was larger than the first.SYS D. *.EXE 37.INI B. Which of the following file extensions will start the program installation process in Windows? ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 277 A. ❍ C. A different brand of memory was installed into bank two. Replace the battery ❍ B. http://Romulus. What is the most likely cause? ❍ Detailed Answer: 284 net use //AlbaLonga/Romulus 36. When the computer was booted. What is the correct syntax? ❍ net use \\Romulus\AlbaLonga ipp://Romulus. ❍ D. Your boss needs to be able to drag and drop folders onto the volume and have them be encrypted in real-time. ❍ C. ❍ D.

Research malware types 40. Examine the following figure. ❍ D. The heat sink failed. ❍ B. What are we looking at in the figure? ❍ A. The computer seems to work properly but isn’t making any noise. Detailed Answer: 284 The case fan stopped working. ❍ D. Roll back drivers ❍ D. Identify the malware C. ❍ C. Then answer the question that follows. ❍ C. One of your department’s computers is constantly overheating. What has most likely happened? ❍ A. System Recover Options Recovery Console ABOM MSCONFIG Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 285 . Run a System Restore B. 39. What should you do first? ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 285 A. The CPU failed. Your boss asks you to troubleshoot a computer with a virus.220-802 Practice Exam D 259 ✓ Quick Check 38. The power supply failed. ❍ B.

The printer will print at a decreased resolution (DPI). Detailed Answer: 285 . A marketing employee commonly sends large print jobs to a printer. ❍ B. The toner cartridge is defective. Read Only Change Full Control No Access Quick Answer: 277 42. User A attempts to access files on a UNC path: \\server\fileshare. Quick Answer: 277 43. What is the most likely result? ❍ ❍ Detailed Answer: 285 A. A customer has installed a PostScript driver for a printer that actually only supports PCL. The printer paper tray is not big enough. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ D. The printer will print garbage or unreadable characters. ❍ B. User A is part of the Users Group on a Windows 7 Ultimate computer. Fileshare has the following share permissions: Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 285 Administrators—Full Control Users—Read Only Guests—No Access However. The printer will process PostScript in the correct way. ❍ D. ❍ D. The printer needs updated drivers.260 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 41. The employee tells you that during the jobs the printer spontaneously pauses and resumes several times. The printer is overheating. the directory on the hard drive where the share is located has the following permissions: Administrators—Full Control Users—Change Guests—No Access Which level of access will the account User A have? ❍ A. B. The printer will not print at all. ❍ C. What is the most likely cause? ❍ A.

Your boss wants to implement BitLocker on yet a second laptop for traveling purposes. C. It pings 10. and now the computer will not boot.1 1. ❍ D. ❍ B. It pings 10.500 times.1 with four 1. Examine the following figure. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 286 Enable TPM in the BIOS Disable UAC Defrag the hard drive Convert the file system to NTFS 45.254.1 continuously until stopped.1 at 1500 MB/s.254.500-byte packets of data.220-802 Practice Exam D 261 ✓ Quick Check 44. SATA Drive 0 failed.254. Then answer the question that follows. ❍ D. What would most likely fix the problem by allowing the computer to boot again? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 286 What does the –l switch accomplish in the figure? ❍ A. ❍ D. It pings 10. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ ❍ B. 46. What should you perform before implementing BitLocker? ❍ A. ❍ C.254. It pings 10. A computer has a RAID 1 array.254. Replace SATA Drive 1 Mark SATA Drive 1 as active Replace SATA Drive 0 Reboot and select LKG from the ABOM Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 286 .254.254.254.

What is an advantage of Xcopy over Copy? ❍ A. Examine the following figure. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 287 . ❍ C. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 286 Reboot the laptop Plug in an external mouse Use an external monitor Disable the touchpad 50. What can resolve this? ❍ A. ❍ C. Replace Convert REM The ability to copy files off of a mapped network drive Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 286 The ability to copy NTFS permissions The ability to copy files and decrypt them The ability to copy entire folder structures 49. One of your customers reports to you that when typing on the laptop keyboard. One of your customers has a defective disk. ❍ B. ❍ C. Then answer the question that follows. the mouse pointer scrolls across the screen. ❍ D. Which command can be used to extract readable information? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ B.262 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 47. Detailed Answer: 286 Recover 48.

In Windows 7. Which one of the following is fault tolerant. ❍ B. ❍ B. RAID 1 ❍ C. ❍ D. ❍ D. which path would a user with the account name Charlie go to in order to view his pictures? ❍ A. RAID 5 ❍ D. RAID 0 ❍ B. What is the easiest solution? ❍ A. mirrors a hard drive. ❍ D. ❍ C. and allows for disk duplexing? ❍ Detailed Answer: 287 Use the Microsoft Support website 52. You are happily working in Windows when you stumble across a dialog box with some unfamiliar terms. An office laser printer is printing lighter in random areas of each page.220-802 Practice Exam D 263 ✓ Quick Check Which command was issued in the figure? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ B. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 287 A. ❍ C. RAID 6 54. ❍ D. What can you do to quickly provide more information? ❍ A. ❍ B. Alternate-click and select “More Information” Alternate-click and select “What’s This?” Press F1 and search for the term Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 287 Clean the fuser area Clean the drum with a computer vacuum Use compressed air on the pickup assembly Replace the toner cartridge 53. C:\Documents and Settings\Charlie\ Pictures C:\Users\Charlie\Libraries\My Pictures C:\Users\Charlie\My Pictures C:\ Documents and Settings\Charlie\My Documents\My Pictures Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 287 . netstat netstat -n nbtstat nbtstat -n 51.

each of which has EFS functioning. ❍ C. You have been asked to move data from one laptop to another. What should you do to help the situation? ❍ A. RJ11 connections do not support full-duplex. ❍ D. ❍ D. right-click Computer. Ethernet supports pulse dialing. Examine the following figure. Detailed Answer: 287 Upgrade the drivers Reinstall the OS Replace the hard drive Reinstall the game 57. ❍ B. ❍ C. Your friend is playing the latest first-person game on a PC.264 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 55. 58. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 287 How would you navigate to the application in the figure? ❍ A. Which should you perform first? Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 288 . ❍ D. Phone line voltages can damage Ethernet equipment. Start > Run > Console1 Start. but the screen is pausing during game play. Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 288 PSTN networks are not Ethernet based. ❍ B. Then answer the question that follows. What is the most important reason not to plug an RJ11 phone line into an RJ45 port on a computer? ❍ A. select Manage Start > Run > Computer Management Start > Run > MMC 56. not tone dialing. ❍ C. Your friend has a high-end graphics card and the maximum memory for the motherboard. ❍ B.

Give the user of the second laptop administrator privileges ❍ B. netstat ❍ D. nbtstat –A and <03> 61. A customer’s laptop goes into standby mode unexpectedly. ❍ D.5 and which ID number is the Server service? ❍ A. Power supply ❍ B.1. Circuit breaker 62. netstat ❍ B. Which command would you use on your local computer to find out if the Server service is running on 192. Disable networking ❍ D. 24-pin power connector ❍ C. A technician you work with just finished installing AV software on a PC.168. netstat ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 288 –a and <00> –a and <00> –A and <20> –A and <20> –A and <03> F. neither your computer nor any of the other systems can access that Windows 7 Ultimate computer. What is the most likely hardware component that is causing the issue? ❍ A. ❍ C.168. LCD cutoff switch Hard drive SATA controller Video card Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 289 . Convert the partition to FAT32 59. ❍ D. though. Detailed Answer: 288 Update the AV signatures Remove infected files Run a full scan Quarantine infected files 60. Export the user’s certificate ❍ C.5 on the network serves the bulk of the data to the rest of the six computers within a HomeGroup. What should the technician do next? ❍ A.1. nbtstat ❍ E. nbtstat ❍ C.220-802 Practice Exam D 265 ✓ Quick Check ❍ A. Which of the following should you test first? Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 288 ❍ A. ❍ B. AC outlet ❍ E. IEC cable ❍ D. You are troubleshooting what you believe to be a power issue. ❍ C. ❍ B. Suddenly. A Windows 7 Ultimate computer using IP address 192.

❍ D. This type of malware appears to perform desired functions but is actually performing malicious functions behind the scenes. What has most likely failed? ❍ A. C. ❍ D. The person tells you that video works fine. ❍ B. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 289 . ❍ C.266 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 63. ❍ B. Check the file owner Check the file version Check the hash key Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 289 DNS DHCP Network switch Patch panel 65. Detailed Answer: 289 Check the creation date 64. What is the best option as far as increasing signal strength? ❍ ❍ A. Install a wireless repeater at the far end of the house ❍ C. ❍ A. but audio does not. The HDMI cable is too long. No matter how many ipconfig/release and ipconfig/ renew commands you issue. ❍ C. The laptop needs an HDMI application installed. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 289 Virus Trojan Spyware Rootkit 66. ❍ B. How can you confirm that a new virus definition is authentic? ❍ A. Install a second wired router at the far end of the house ❍ D. One of your customers has a wireless router installed in a home office. Install a high gain antenna focused toward the office wall Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 289 B. The HDMI audio service has not been selected. The customer complains of issues with signal strength at the opposite end of the house. ❍ D. What is the most likely cause? ❍ ❍ ❍ A. Run Cat 5e cable to all of the rooms that have poor signal strength 67. B. A client is attempting to connect a laptop to a TV using an HDMI connector. the computer you are troubleshooting can only obtain an APIPA address. The speakers are not compatible with the digital connection.

using individual Control Panel icons. ❍ C. ❍ B. Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers > right-click the printer and select Properties > Ports ❍ D. What should you do to make the disk usable? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 290 In Windows 7. Run > type systempropertiesprotection.exe ❍ D.) ❍ A.220-802 Practice Exam D 267 ✓ Quick Check 68. How can you reach the System Restore utility in Windows 7? (Select the two best answers. Start > right-click Computer > Properties > click the System protection link ❍ ❍ B. The Device Management utility lists a disk as “Foreign”. Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers > right-click the printer and select Printer Properties > Advanced . Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers > right-click the printer and select Properties > Ports ❍ C. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 290 Convert the disk to basic Convert the disk to dynamic Import the disk Set the disk to active 69. Then answer the question that follows. Start > right-click Computer > Properties > click the Advanced system settings link 70. Examine the following figure. how would you navigate to the dialog box in the figure? ❍ A. Start > Control Panel > Printers > right-click the printer and select Properties > Advanced ❍ B. Start > right-click Computer > Advanced Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 290 C.

❍ B. Reset the wireless card. 72.268 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 71.22-M 75. ❍ D. You are tasked with accessing a wireless SOHO. Authentication can be something a user knows such as a smart card. ❍ D. The SSID you require does not appear when you scan for wireless networks. What should you do to access the wireless network? ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 290 A. ❍ D. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 290 Power phishing 74. Authentication can be something a user does such as a PIN or password. Authentication can be something a user has such as signature. Authentication can be something a user is such as a fingerprint. ❍ C. ❍ C. ❍ B. This type of data purging standard requires seven full passes or rewrites with bit-level erasure software. Change the MAC address on the router ❍ D. This is a type of phishing attack that is directed at the CEO of an organization. ❍ C. Vishing Whaling Spear phishing Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 290 Magnetic degausser Low-level format Peter Gutman security method DoD 5220. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 290 ❍ D. 73. Which policy will you configure? ❍ A. Enter the SSID manually ❍ B. ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ A. Change the SSID on the router ❍ C. You are required to implement an organizational policy that states user passwords can’t be used twice in a row. Which of the following statements is true? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 277 Minimum password length Enforce password history Minimum password age Complexity requirements Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 291 . ❍ C.

❍ B. Bad power supply ❍ D. Resolution was set too high. Bad CD-ROM 78. The technician determines that the system is using an onboard graphics controller. However. What is the most likely cause? ❍ A. Which kind of network topology did you just create? (Select the best. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 291 Star Hybrid star Star-bus Hierarchical star 79. Windows boots and works fine. You install a fiber-based backbone switch that connects three different departments’ LAN switches. ❍ D. A customer tells you that the computer runs fine for a few minutes but then freezes. ❍ E. most specific answer. ❍ C. ❍ C. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 291 . Power supply failed. Detailed Answer: 291 CD-ROM drive is faulty.) ❍ A. A user states that the computer monitor is suddenly displaying garbled images and strange colors and leaving cursor trails. ❍ D. Bad fan ❍ B. The only problem is the grinding that sets your teeth on edge. Memory is not seated properly. What is the most likely cause of the display problem? ❍ A. ❍ C. ❍ B. Bad HD ❍ C.220-802 Practice Exam D 269 ✓ Quick Check 76. Fragmented hard drive. ❍ D. ❍ B. What is the most likely cause? ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 291 A. Defective RAM. Fans are failing. Outdated firmware. you are a master tech!) One of them starts making a loud grinding sound immediately when you power on the computer. 77. Defective power supply. (Of course you do. You have several computers at your workstation.

Then answer the question that follows.270 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 80. Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Enable WPA2 Passcode 81. ❍ D. Examine the following figure. Settings > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode On ❍ D. when running the Chkdsk command? ❍ A. ❍ C. Chkdsk /V Chkdsk /F Chkdsk /I Chkdsk /R Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 292 . Which of the following switches skips the process that compares directory entries to the file record segments corresponding to those entries. How would you navigate to this screen? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 291 The figure shows the option to set a Passcode in the iOS of an iPad2. Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode On ❍ B. ❍ B. Settings > General > Turn Passcode On ❍ C.

The system already runs Windows 7. the service starts up again. ❍ C. The new hard drive does not appear in Windows Explorer. Quick Answer: 277 Task Scheduler System Configuration System Properties Local Security Policy Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 292 . but when the computer reboots. ❍ D. Reboot the computer B. The Windows Firewall appears to be causing communications to fail within a certain gaming application even though you set up an exception for the program. Of the following. What should you perform next so that the drive will be recognized by the operating system? ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 292 A. A customer has a computer running Windows 7 Ultimate. ❍ B. ❍ B. which tool should you use to disable the Windows Firewall service? ❍ A. Configure the drive in the BIOS ❍ D. Assign a drive letter to the hard drive in Disk Management ❍ E. Initialize and format the hard drive in Disk Management ❍ C. You are working on a computer in which you just installed a new hard drive. ❍ C. Which utility displays important messages about solving issues in Windows 7? ❍ A. ❍ D. Detailed Answer: 292 Task Manager Windows Defender Action Center Problem Reports and Solutions 84. Set the drive to active 83.220-802 Practice Exam D 271 ✓ Quick Check 82. You stop the Windows Firewall.

Then answer the question that follows. An attacker is constantly trying to hack into one of your customer’s SOHO networks. Install a firewall ❍ E. ❍ C. Disconnect the Internet connection ❍ D. Disable the SSID broadcast ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ B. and which hard drive folder is it pointing to? ❍ A. most practical way to protect the network from intrusion? ❍ A. Install an IDS Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 292 .272 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 85. What is the easiest. Install an antivirus server application ❍ C. Examine the following figure. F: and GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD Windows 7 DVD and the Data folder F: and the DVD drive Data folder and GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD 86. What is the actual mounted volume. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 292 The figure shows a mounted volume.

The fuser is too hot. Detailed Answer: 293 The fuser is not getting hot enough. A PCIe card used in a PCI slot will function normally. The customer needs the images to rotate quickly and smoothly. and how long will a full charge last for on the average? ❍ A. ❍ C. 90. ❍ D. What is the most likely reason? ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ B. ❍ ❍ B. ❍ D. ❍ C. The toner cartridge is low. A PCIe card cannot be used in a PCI slot.) ❍ A. Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 293 C. 89. A PCIe card used in a PCI slot will function properly with a firmware upgrade. ❍ B.220-802 Practice Exam D 273 ✓ Quick Check 87. A CAD/CAM workstation running AutoCAD is displaying rotating 3D images very slowly. ❍ D.5 hours Lithium—10 hours 16 v—5 hours Lithium-ion polymer—10 hours Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 293 . ❍ C. A PCIe card used in a PCI slot will function at PCI speeds. Which kind of battery would you find in an iPad. Quick Answer: 277 Detailed Answer: 293 CPU RAM Video card Hard drive 88. Quick Answer: 278 NiCd—2. What will happen if a PCIe video card is used in a PCI slot? ❍ A. One of your customers reports that a laser printer is printing out blurry and smudged pages. The toner cartridge is leaking. What should you upgrade on the computer? (Select the best answer.

Examine the following figure.exe > Advanced > Change Computer Name 92.) ❍ A. Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 293 Ping 127. The network cables are plugged in. ❍ C. and the computer’s network card is functioning properly. How do you navigate to this window? (Select the two best answers.exe > Change ❍ D. You look at the switch and notice that all lights are on and not flashing.274 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 91. ❍ B. Then answer the question that follows.1 Replace the switch’s uplink cable Reboot the computer Power cycle the switch 93. select Properties > Change Computer Name ❍ C. Which main command should you utilize in the batch file? Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 294 . Start > right-click Computer. Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 293 The figure shows the Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box in Windows 7. Start > right-click Computer. ❍ D.0. select Properties > Computer Name tab > Change ❍ B.0. Run > systempropertiescomputername. What can you do to solve this problem? ❍ A. You want the batch file to turn off the computer after a certain amount of time. One of your customers reports that a computer has no access to the network. Run > systempropertiescomputername. You have a Windows 7 Ultimate computer that you wish to write a batch file for.

❍ C. ❍ D.220-802 Practice Exam D 275 ✓ Quick Check ❍ A. ❍ B. ❍ D. Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 294 The figure shows the list of shares on a Windows 7 computer. Which switch of the Robocopy command will copy subdirectories but skip empty ones? ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 294 A. ❍ B. ❍ C. ❍ D. C:\Windows C:\Windows\System32 C:\Windows\System32\spool\print$ C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers 96. You need to list all the network shares for a local computer within the Command Prompt. /S D. Net view Net use Net share Net statistics Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 294 . Taskkill Down Kill Shutdown 94. ❍ B. Which command will do this for you? ❍ A. What is the path of the print$ share? ❍ A. /B C. /E B. ❍ C. Examine the following figure. Then answer the question that follows. /DCOPY:T 95.

The customer keeps referring to Gingerbread in excited tones but isn’t making much sense. One of your technicians notices that a printer is jamming just above the printer tray. ❍ D. You are now a manager of a technical services team. ❍ D. Microsoft Windows CE ❍ B. Which OS is the customer referring to? ❍ Quick Answer: 278 Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 294 A. Detailed Answer: 294 arp –a netsh firewall show logging netsh firewall show state ipconfig /all 100. you made it. Apple iOS version 5 ❍ C. You have some DLLs and ActiveX controls that need to be troubleshot. ❍ B. Detailed Answer: 294 Clean the feeder rollers Clean the pickup rollers Replace the fuser Replace the drum 98.276 Chapter 10 ✓ Quick Check 97. ❍ D. Check your answers and read through the explanations carefully! Quick Answer: 278 Detailed Answer: 294 . ❍ C. Congratulations. ❍ C. What should the technician do first to resolve the issue? ❍ A. ❍ B. Blackberry OS 99. A customer is frantic because a mobile device’s operating system has crashed. Which command can manipulate these? ❍ A. Quick Answer: 278 Regedit Regsvr32 ODBC32 Regedt32 Well. Android version 2 ❍ D. Which of the following will allow you to show the configuration? ❍ A. You need to find out which ports are open in the Windows Firewall on a Windows XP computer. ❍ C. ❍ B.

C 24. C 16. C 34. D 21. D 53. B 77. B 87. A 73. A 38. A and D 42. C 69. D 66. A 50. B 14. B 44. A 20. C. C 32. D 35. B 59. A and C 12. B 22. D 36. A 67. E. B 48. D 13. D 10. B 79. D 6. A. C 277 . A 39.220-802 Practice Exam D Quick-Check Answer Key 1. B 37. D 45. A 60. C 74. B 71. D 65. C 11. C 83. A 5. A 70. D 78. A 30. D 17. C 19. B 68. A 52. A 9. D 72. C 31. C 4. D 61. B 82. D 56. A 85. A 2. C 64. C 57. C 43. C 86. C 63. D 29. D 3. C 47. A. C 55. C 80. D 49. A 15. D 81. D 33. and E 46. B 28. C 40. C 51. A 23. and G 54. C 26. C. B 25. A 62. B 18. A 76. B 7. B 8. A 41. B 75. B 27. C 58. D 84.

C 89. B 93. A 94. C 99.278 Chapter 10 88. A and C 96. D 100. B 91. D 98. A 92. B . D 97. D 95. C 90.

These do not run nearly as fast as type 1 hypervisors and so are used for limited purposes. which is the capability to provide different priorities to different applications. 5. Using a minus sign will remove the attribute. they would not benefit from the use of QoS. Answer: D. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a streaming telephony application. Attrib –H *. Answer: A. Since the files were already hidden. QoS stands for Quality of Service. 2. Answer: C.220-802 Practice Exam D 279 Answers and Explanations 1. WWAN is another name for cellular Internet access. Streaming applications such as VoIP and online games can benefit from QoS. This is required for true virtualization workstations. The SSID is the name or identifier of a wireless network. and H = Hidden. For example. though the device might have trip functionality and have to be reset in the case of an electrical problem. Windows XP Mode (which runs in a Virtual PC window within Windows 7). It runs directly on the host computer’s hardware. WLAN is the wireless LAN that is created when you implement a wireless access point or create an ad-hoc network of devices. Answer: C. Nothing will be added or changed. . we needed to use the minus sign to remove the attribute and be able to view the files. in a lab environment—the type 2 hypervisor would probably be fine. while a plus sign will add the attribute. in Windows 7 this would show the C:\Users\ %username%\AppData\Local\Temp folder. Power strips do not have these and do not protect against surges and spikes. therefore. The operating system’s temporary folder is located at C:\Windows\Temp. Virtual private networks (VPNs) rely on a tunneling protocol such as PPTP or L2TP to create a secure connection between a network and a remote computer or group of computers. they do not have MOVs. Answer: C. wireless Internet service used over large geographic areas.* means all the files with all extensions within that particular directory. A surge suppressor (or surge protector) uses metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) to protect against surges and spikes. and VirtualBox. 4. A = Archive. Check out the attrib command in the Command Prompt for yourself by typing attrib /?. 6. For example. Type 2 hypervisors run within another operating system. Simply the folder will be displayed in a Windows Explorer window. Answer: D. The attrib command allows you to work with four different file attributes that I like to refer to as RASH. Power supplies are located within the computer. it should run in a type 1 hypervisor. Typing %temp% in the Run prompt will display a folder with the current user’s temporary files. A multimeter is used to test outlets and wires.* will unhide all of the files in the folder. or native hypervisor. WiMAX is a fast. and Citrix XenServer. Ray is always doing interesting things in my books. R stands for Read-only. *. Most manufacturers recommend that after several years of use you replace them. if a company wanted to run Windows Server 2008 in a virtual environment but have it be an actual server on the network. Instant messaging and e-mail are not streaming applications. Examples include Microsoft Hyper-V. 3. S = System. VMware ESX. Examples of this include Microsoft Virtual PC. It guarantees network bandwidth for real-time streaming of the media applications such as VoIP. They protect each outlet and port on the device. but they do not last forever. But if you are learning how to use Windows Vista— for example. An MOV can also be tested by a multimeter by testing its resistance. The Type 1 hypervisor is the bare metal.

ini file. Answer: A. Regardless. /F fixes errors but doesn’t locate bad sectors and recover the information from them. Answer: A. Remote Desktop users can remote into other machines in order to control them from another location. not the Users folder. Since the LAN is supposed to be a gigabit Ethernet network. there will be no . it can be rewritten to the hard disk by issuing the fixboot command while in the Recovery Console. Answer: D. The Recovery Console is a system recovery tool used in Windows XP. The technician should install the latest firmware to the WAP. If the printer has not yet been installed. yet everyone else can print to it. The chkdsk command will check the integrity of the disk. Chkdsk /R will locate bad sectors and recover the information from them. Now in Vista/7 the Documents and Settings folder is protected. In fact. Answer: C. In a standard Windows 7/Vista configuration. if the firewall was off. It’s the WAP we are concerned with. This folder will be located within the user profile folder. The switches could have been inadvertently reconfigured to 100 Mbps speed during the recent network hardware refresh. Administrators have full control over a system. though it would be quite insecure. Answers: A and D. Power users in Windows XP were able to install programs but are not allowed in Windows 7 or Vista. Windows XP used Documents and Settings as the main user folder. wireless network adapters don’t need firmware (usually) because they use drivers. NTLDR can also be manually copied from the CD-ROM disc if necessary. 13. If the NTLDR file has been damaged or is missing. The switches should be reconfigured for 1000 Mbps at full-duplex mode if possible. Every user profile gets a Desktop folder by default. 12. the Documents and Settings and System Volume Information folders will be hidden and access will be denied. The standard user cannot install software or make changes to the system without knowing an administrative login. you should check if the printer is installed on that user’s computer and if it is set as the default printer. DHCP servers don’t have anything to do with the speed of the network or speed of Internet connections. Answer: A. But the network adapter is fine because it is already configured with WPA2. The fixmbr command will rewrite the master boot record of the hard drive. but Windows Vista/7 changed that by creating a junction from that folder to the Users folder. 9. WAPs don’t require drivers. /C and /I skip certain checks of the volume (in this case C:). Nowhere in the scenario is a cellular repeater mentioned. it should be running at 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps). the firmware has all the code they require. Answer: B. The System32 folder is inside the Windows folder. 11. If the network speed is reduced down to 10%. which ultimately reduces the time it takes to check the volume. On the other hand.280 Chapter 10 7. There are a lot of different commands that can be issued in this mode. 8. Neither does the firewall. everything will look slower to the customer. but you have limited access to the Users folder. network performance would probably increase when connecting to the Internet. we want it to use the best wireless encryption possible. Bootcfg /rebuild can be used to scan for the operating system installations and rebuild that information into the boot. which is shown in the answer as a variable %username%. a cellular repeater would not interfere with a wireless LAN and definitely wouldn’t interfere with a wired Ethernet network. If a user cannot print to a brand-new printer. 10.

it is also possible that the card has an incorrect driver installed in Windows.0 device. 802. they are completely different standards and ports. and security auditing events. you will probably impact other users on the network negatively. then the next thing to check would be if the print queue has failed. and NTFS is going to be more efficient than FAT32. A faulty touchpad is another problem altogether. Answer: D. Though it is possible for a microwave or other wireless device to interfere with Bluetooth. The best option in this scenario would be to deny read access to the Accounting folder for Bill through shared access security. Answer: C. it is the less likely answer. You could also check the print spooler. You would not use local access security because the folder is shared from a network server within your Active Directory domain.0 speeds (5. you wouldn’t want to downgrade the new drive to FAT32. if you remove Bill from all domain groups that have access to the accounting folder. Microwaves are usually not located near a person’s computer. 16. A discharged battery would cause the laptop to simply shut off (if using battery power only). A keyboard could stop functioning due to stuck keys from overuse or liquid spill. if the customer is already using NTFS.0 speed. In some cases. Chances are that a computer BIOS setting is incorrect. Answer: B. Bill will probably lose access to other folders as well. C. Also. Plus. Windows can’t run at those speeds without a driver update or other upgrade software-wise. Answer: B. and E. The Disk Management component of Computer Management is being displayed in the figure. 19. USB wouldn’t even be a concern. Disabling the WLAN card will not affect this scenario. The card either is not being recognized in the BIOS or is not enabled. not Bluetooth. A drive plugged into a FireWire port wouldn’t get the message listed in the question. DiskPart is the command-line tool used to create and modify partitions on the hard drive. 14. and you would just barely be able to see the display. loose ribbon cable connection. This message appears when a device is connected to a USB port. Windows notifies you that the device can run faster than it currently is. Of course. It’s possible that the external hard drive is compatible with USB 3. If you deny read access to the accounting folder for any group that Bill is a member of. Answer: C. and a warped keyboard caused by damage from heavy items. if the printer has been installed. Disk Administrator is the predecessor to Disk Management in the old Windows NT days. environmental conditions. 18. 17. Answers: A. the message wouldn’t appear because everything already runs at USB 2.220-802 Practice Exam D 281 print queue to clear. or misuse.0. SATA drives are faster than PATA (IDE) drives. You can tell because it shows each disk and the volumes within each disk. but the system is not capable of USB 3. but nothing dealing with Bluetooth devices.11 refers to WLAN (Wi-Fi). The Event Viewer houses log information for the system. you would see other indications such as lockups or failure to boot. A bad inverter would cause the backlight to fail. If the drive was FireWire (IEEE 1394). If the external hard drive was a USB 2. If the hard drive was faulty. If the user was able to print to an older printer that was also shared by other users in the workgroup. then you should not have to change the user’s password or permissions. applications. However. .0 Gbps). 15. the touchpad and the keyboard are separate devices on the laptop.

it needs to be shut down to be safe. you should also check if the battery is connected properly and charged. Finally. disconnecting their AC power (if they have that). try disconnecting the peripherals from the PC. Could be that the user simply wasn’t pressing the power button! If it blinks slowly once in a while the laptop might be in a sleep state. as well as the successor to the older Dr. Of course. Answer: C. 21. you should check the UPS battery. if it is. In this scenario it could be that power went out for 5 minutes. First thing: remove the PC from the network so that the virus (if there is one) doesn’t spread to other systems! Then you can safely go about troubleshooting that system by performing an AV scan while in Safe Mode and checking for system security updates. you know it is getting power and so the UPS does not need to be power cycled. check if it is the right adapter. If the monitor has a LED light.282 Chapter 10 20. If you power cycle the PC and there is still nothing on the display. 23. you should wait for about 10 or 15 minutes so that the fuser can cool off. If there is no AC adapter available. Answers: A. Answer: C. such as in the Task Manager or in the Command Prompt. Newer smartcards with more intelligence are constantly being developed. but you should know the Control Panel paths for the exam. A smartcard is an intelligent card that authenticates a user. there are lots of ways to shut off services. The Action Center could be considered the successor to the Problem Reports and Solutions of Windows Vista. First. Check the power LED on the laptop first and see what it is doing. Taking the printer offline is not enough. Answer: D. Services cannot be accessed directly from Control Panel. and G. Make sure the AC adapter is getting power. try upgrading the smartcard reader firmware. Finally. try power cycling the PC. Really. Make sure the user keeps the AC adapter on hand at all times. In addition. what percentage of the processor is used. Watson in Windows XP. These newer cards might not be readable by a smartcard reader until it is updated. know as many of them as you can. the power button might be faulty. However. 22. You should always turn the printer off and unplug it before putting your hands inside it! Plus. and rebooting the PC. Then check the power light on the AC adapter. When power returned. System Settings > Tools > Services is also an invalid path. the monitor was still on (thus the LED) but the computer remained off (thus nothing on the display). Check if the system is in hibernate mode by pressing and holding the power button. 25. Answer: A. if there was a 5-minute power loss and the UPS didn’t keep the PC running. The print queue will be cleared on most printers when you turn them off. If there is a power failure. Answer: D. The path Msconfig > Settings > Services is not valid because there is no Settings option. E. Peripherals should have no bearing on this scenario unless they also plug in. 26. in this case you are just turning the computer on. this is done in the archived messages section. 24. Answer: A. The Action Center in Windows 7 can save problem descriptions and solutions. there are lots of other ways to get to the Services console window. Turning the breaker switches for the circuit on and off is always fun but would simply cut power to the AC outlets temporarily. In rarer cases you might have to replace the smartcard . The correct path is Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. so make sure it isn’t loose. Performance Monitor is a program that tracks how much of your device’s resources are being utilized—for example. C. Open the doors after you have turned the printer off.

27. Answer: D. Xcopy is used to copy entire directory trees. Reinstalling the OS should be avoided at all costs. This is common with laptops as they are constantly being moved around and jostled. It requires a trusted platform module (TPM) on the motherboard or an encrypted USB flash drive. It does this by creating restore points. Answer: A. Most of today’s motherboards don’t have jumper settings for RAM. You’ll note that there is a number after each component. they are automatically stored in the system volume. stop services. Answer: D. but it might be necessary if the laptop has a very old version of Windows. System Information can be accessed from Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools or by accessing Run and typing msinfo32.8. External storage is not necessary for these. So. support BitLocker when used in this manner. If the computer needed a new CMOS battery. Copy /A allows you to indicate an ASCII text file to copy. which only needs to be configured if a person forgot a password. 29. 33. . Upgrade the video card. You should update the BIOS. BitLocker is a type of WDE: whole-disk encryption. Increasing the resolution on the screen won’t have an effect. you would know because the time in the BIOS would reset to an earlier date. ribbon cables like to come loose! Remember to consider loose connections before guessing at defective parts. no OS updates are required to make RAM recognizable to the system. 28. A BIOS flash should be necessary only if the smartcard reader is not recognized. The BIOS will have a problem recognizing the RAM far before the OS starts up. Video: 3. Copy /Y suppresses prompting of overwrite confirmations. Copy /Z copies networked files in restartable mode. In this case that is the video card. It encrypts all of the contents that are created on it or copied to it in real-time. NTbackup is the Windows XP backup program. A defective display or defective video controller would probably cause a complete lack of video. the lowest common denominator should be upgraded. it probably won’t recognize newer memory modules.2. 32. and connect it securely on each end. Remove the keyboard (or disassemble the display). The figure displays the System Information window with the IEEE 1394 (and I/O setting) highlighted.0. the only jumper you will often find is the BIOS configuration jumper. The Task Manager is used to view system performance. or it will cause the index for video to go down. and CPU: 4. Answer: C. and Windows Vista Ultimate and Enterprise. locate the ribbon cable. In fact. and kill processes. After the RAM upgrade those numbers are RAM: 5. Intermittent lines are a good indicator that the video cable is loose (or possibly damaged). System Protection is a feature that creates and saves data about the computer’s system files and settings. Other lesser versions of Windows are compatible with BitLocker To Go for reading encrypted documents. Answer: A. 30. Only Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise. The video score is the index. If it hasn’t been updated in a while.220-802 Practice Exam D 283 reader. Answer: B. Answer: C. A damaged hinge would prevent the laptop from closing properly. 31. The Windows Experience Index is based on the lowest component score. Xcopy is used to easily copy entire directories of data to another location.

The universal naming convention (UNC) for mapping drives is \\servername\sharename.INI files are initialization files—for example. if that doesn’t work. to start Microsoft Word. you will probably get memory errors during POST. Heat sinks . You shouldn’t have to reseat the memory unless you get an error message during the POST. But it isn’t worth the chance. .SYS files are system files—for example.exe extensions. in which case you would have to replace the entire power supply. For example. pagefile. These might list commands and parameters for a program. net use F: \\Romulus\AlbaLonga or something to that effect). So. Often. Always check to see if it can be charged and if it holds a charge. and so on.dll and .EXE refers to any file with the . the share name is AlbaLonga.davidlprowse.SYS extension was used extensively back in the days of DOS. it means that the hot air is not exhausting out of the case—the number one offender is the case fan. the power supply fan could have failed (less likely). Note the backslashes in use here. causing the laptop to be quite unresponsive when pressing the power button. . Romulus. server1 would be the server name (or hostname) of the address server1. it is usually started with a file that has a . 35. the AC outlet you are connecting to. This lessens the lifespan of the battery. their laptops are constantly being used at a low percentage of charge. and as long as it is not dual-channel memory. .ini file which has the list of operating systems that can be booted to. And if the system is making little noise. Answer: D.exe. Also. Window XP’s boot.CFG files can be manipulated in Notepad because they are text based (but not text or . Answer: D. Recommend to laptop users that they carry a spare battery in the laptop bag.txt files). You would probably want a persistent connection using a drive letter (such as F:). checking the type of power adapter being used. You should plug in the external power supply. For multiple memory sticks to be compatible. However. The case fan is the most likely culprit of the listed answers. You know that Dave— sometimes he forgets to plug in the power adapter and then the battery goes dead. Some users neglect to charge their batteries. you can guess that a fan has failed (although they are making quieter and quieter fans). . they need to run at the same speed.sys. Answer: something that a server name would be part of— for example. The IPP protocol is used to make connections to printers and is often used with IP addresses. The correct syntax is net use \\Romulus\AlbaLonga. the server name is Romulus. *.com is a domain name. but newer versions of Windows tend to have system files with . you can move on to checking the battery.EXE is short for executable. the winword. The . This is a quick and cheap fix luckily. 38. If the computer is overheating. When you want to run a program. sometimes you will find the battery does need to be replaced. However.EXE extension. Answer: A. . the most common is setup. And for installing programs.INI and . You might be able to get away with one stick being one step slower. not server names. Remember the golden rule: Make sure it’s plugged in! Do that first and you will save yourself a lot of hours of your life. or if the second stick is not compatible with the motherboard.EXE extension. The server name is Romulus.CFG is short for configuration file. It’s possible to connect to servers and shares with HTTP but not map a drive to them. If the sticks are not compatible. and instead. 37.exe executable is initiated. so you might append that to net use (for example. if the motherboard supports it. 36. Answer: C.284 Chapter 10 34. when you do plug in the AC adapter.

220-802 Practice Exam D


are passive and usually don’t fail; it is more likely that the CPU fan would fail. If the
CPU itself failed, it could be because of overheating, but that would cause the system
to stop working, which is contrary to the scenario in the question.
39. Answer: B. The first thing you should do is identify the malware. (BTW, if the computer is on the network, disconnect it first.) Then, you can research that malware and any
possible cures by searching the Internet and accessing your AV provider’s website.
Rolling back drivers should not be necessary, especially if you find it necessary to run
a System Restore at some point.
40. Answer: C. We are looking at the Advanced Boot Options Menu (ABOM) screen. This
is the screen that comes up if you press F8 while Windows is booting, and it’s how
you would access Safe Mode and a host of other booting options. The System
Recovery Options (WinRE) can be accessed by booting to the Windows 7/Vista DVD
and selecting Repair. The Recovery Console is the repair environment for Windows
XP; it is also accessed from the Windows disc. Msconfig is a program within
Windows that allows you to modify the way the system boots, disable programs, and
disable services.
41. Answer: A. User A will end up having the Read-Only level of access to the share.
Generally, a user gets the more restrictive level of access. The only thing that is different between the share’s permissions and the parent directory’s permissions is the level
of control for the Users group. Normally, a share will obtain its permissions from the
parent folder. That is, unless that option is un-checkmarked in the properties of the
folder; then, the folder can be reconfigured for whatever permissions an admin wants
to set for it. That must be what happened in the scenario. Administrators get Full
Control access to almost everything by default. And Guests get No Access to just
about everything by default. So the only possibilities for this question were Change
and Read Only. Again, in general, the typical user account will receive the more restrictive level of permissions.
42. Answer: B. Most likely, the printer will print garbage or unreadable characters (known
as garbled characters). If you install an incorrect driver for a printer, you risk a
garbage printout. You would know if this was the case immediately when trying to
print a test page. The incorrect driver could be a printer driver for another printer or
one that is PostScript when it should be Printer Command Language (PCL). This won’t
stop the printer from printing, but you may not like what you see (unless you are into
gibberish). The DPI of the printer will not change. A DPI such as 600 cannot be
decreased to 300 DPI unless you set that in the printer’s Properties sheet in Windows
or on the display on the printer. And it can only be increased in the same manner, and
only if the printer supports it.
43. Answer: D. The printer is probably overheating during these long jobs. Perhaps the
fuser is nearing replacement time. The fuser can run as hot as 400° Fahrenheit (204°
Celsius), and some printers will pause printing when that temperature threshold is
tripped. Once the temperature goes back below the threshold, the printer will begin
printing again. If the toner cartridge was defective, you would get blank paper, lighter
printing, or paper with lines or smears. As long as there is paper in the tray, the large
print job will continue to print (if within operating temperature parameters). Updated
drivers are only necessary when the printer will not print the data on the page correctly. Pausing the job in this scenario is not causing any print errors; it’s just taking
longer to complete.


Chapter 10

44. Answer: A. Before implementing the BitLocker solution in Windows, you should
enable the trusted platform module (TPM) in the BIOS. This is the chip on the motherboard that includes the encryption code. UAC is User Account Control, a separate
security option in Windows 7/Vista that checks if users have administrative permissions before allowing them to carry out administrative tasks. Defragmenting the hard
drive is not necessary, but it can’t hurt to at least analyze the drive and see if it needs
to be defragged. Defragging a drive that requires it can increase performance.
BitLocker works on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT partitions, so no need to convert
the file system.
45. Answer: C. The –l switch in this scenario is pinging the host at with
four individual 1500-byte packets of data. –l allows you to change the size of the
packet that is sent; it is 32 bytes by default. You can see that the figure only shows
four pings total. A continuous ping would keep going until you stop it by pressing Ctrl
+ C on the keyboard or closing the Command Prompt; that would be performed with
the –t switch. A specific amount of pings can be controlled with the –n switch. It is
1500 bytes per packet, not 1500 MB/s, which would be a far greater amount and not
one that can be configured with the ping command.
46. Answer: B. You would mark SATA Drive 1 as active. If you cannot access Disk
Management, you would have to do it by booting the system with WinRE (System
Recovery Options), accessing the Command Prompt; executing the Diskpart command; and typing the commands select disk 1, select partition 1, and
active. A RAID 1 array is a mirroring array with two drives. The second drive keeps
an exact copy of the first drive in real-time. If Drive 1 doesn’t take over automatically
when Drive 0 fails, you will have to set it to active. Remember that a partition with an
operating system must be set to active; otherwise, the computer will not be able to
boot to the partition. Replacing Drive 1 is not necessary as it did not fail. Replacing
Drive 0 is inevitable if you want to re-create the mirror, but not necessary if you just
want to get the system to boot for now. Rebooting to the Last Known Good
Configuration will not help; that only reverts system changes back to when the last
successful login occurred. It won’t fix the failed drive.
47. Answer: A. The Recover command can recover readable information from a bad or
defective disk. The disk should be slaved to a working computer to get back the data.
The Replace command will replace source and destination files but not recover lost
information. Convert changes a file system from FAT to NTFS without losing data.
REM records comments in a batch file (.bat) or within config.sys, a root file not
typically used in Windows.
48. Answer: B. Xcopy can copy NTFS permissions. Normally, when a file is copied—
for example, in Windows Explorer—the file loses its permissions and takes on the
permissions of the new parent folder. That is also the case with the Copy command.
Xcopy and Robocopy can be used to transcend this rule. Both Xcopy and Copy
can copy files off of a mapped network drive and can copy entire folder structures, but
neither can copy files while decrypting them.
49. Answer: D. The person’s arm or sleeve is probably brushing up against the touchpad,
causing the mouse pointer to move. By disabling the touchpad in the Device Manager
or elsewhere, you eliminate the chance of that, but the user also loses that functionality. Rebooting the laptop will have the same effect and is not necessary. Using an

220-802 Practice Exam D


external mouse alone will not fix the problem; even if there is an external mouse, the
touchpad can still be used, unless it is disabled. An external monitor will not help you
fix the touchpad issue, but it might be a nice addition to a laptop. In fact, many users
who have laptops in an office also use them at home. At the office, and perhaps at
home as well, it is best to set them up with a docking station, external keyboard, external mouse, and monitor. It usually results in greater productivity.
50. Answer: B. The netstat –n command was issued in the Command Prompt in the
figure. –n shows information in numerical format: IP addresses and port numbers
instead of computer names and protocol names. netstat by itself would show the
same information but by name. Note that the command in the figure only shows TCP
sessions. To show both TCP and UDP sessions, use netstat –a. To show both but
in numerical format, use netstat –an. nbtstat displays TCP/IP statistics as they
relate to NetBIOS over TCP/IP connections. nbtstat –n lists local NetBIOS names.
51. Answer: C. Try alternate-clicking and selecting “What’s This?” Alternate-click means
you are using the secondary mouse button; for right-handed folk this would be a rightclick. You could also use the Microsoft Support website or press F1 to search for information within Windows, but they would both take longer. There is no “More
Information” option when you alternate-click.
52. Answer: D. If the printer is printing lighter in some areas, it is a good indicator that the
toner cartridge needs replacement. The fuser need only be cleaned if you see smudges
or streaks (you should also check the maintenance schedule and see if it should be
replaced). You might clean parts of the printer with a computer vacuum if there was a
toner spill (making sure to turn off the printer first), but the drum might be within the
toner cartridge, making that impossible. Compressed air is also sometimes used on
rollers and separator pads, but it is not usually recommended because it can blow
excess toner all over the place—have that computer vacuum handy.
53. Answer: B. RAID 1 is mirroring, but if you were to incorporate a separate hard disk controller for each drive, you would then have disk duplexing as well. RAID 1 is fault tolerant because a copy of all data goes to both disks in the mirror. RAID 0 is data striping
and has no fault tolerant mechanism. RAID 5 and 6 are both types of striping with parity
which are fault tolerant, but only RAID 1 offers disk mirroring with duplexing.
54. Answer: C. The path C:\Users\Charlie\My Pictures is where the pictures would be
stored. Documents and Settings was used by Windows XP, but as of Vista was redirected (via a junction) to the Users folder. It is possible to access Libraries in Windows
7, but it is a bit easier than the answer listed. Go to Windows Explorer, and then go to
Libraries > Pictures > My Pictures.
55. Answer: D. The figure shows the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). You can tell
because it is given the default name “Console1” and has multiple other console windows within it, including Computer Management. This is accessed by clicking Start,
going to Run, and typing MMC. But when it is first opened, it will not be populated
with any snap-ins.
56. Answer: A. If you see video issues such as pausing during game play, upgrade the
video drivers. Make sure that you download the latest video driver from the manufacturer’s website. Gamers cannot rely on Microsoft drivers, especially FPS gamers!
Sometimes reinstalling a game is necessary but shouldn’t be in this scenario.


Chapter 10

Replacing the hard drive and reinstalling the OS are drastic and unnecessary measures
for this problem.
57. Answer: C. Phone lines can carry as much as 80 volts (when they ring), which could
possibly damage network interface cards on a computer and other Ethernet networking equipment, so they should be plugged into modems only. Ethernet often uses plus
and minus 5 V signals unless you use Power over Ethernet (PoE), which incorporates
regular Ethernet but also sends power over the unused wires on the network cable. It’s
true; the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is not Ethernet-based. But that
only means that a phone line will not work with a standard Ethernet network adapter.
Ethernet doesn’t support pulse dialing or tone dialing. RJ11 connections are indeed
full-duplex; you can talk and listen when having a conversation at the same time.
58. Answer: B. The first thing you should do is export the user’s certificate from the first
laptop to the second laptop. This can be done by clicking Start and typing certmgr.msc
in the Search box; then locate and export the correct Personal Certificate. The
Certificates console window can also be added to an MMC. The Encrypting File System
(EFS) is the standard single-file encryption method for Windows 7/Vista (if the version
supports it). Files encrypted with EFS are then displayed as green in color within
Windows Explorer. Networking need not be disabled, and we aren’t sure which user is
being referred to in the answers, but if the certificate has been exported, that user
should be able to read the files. Partitions can be converted from FAT32 to NTFS but
not vice versa.
59. Answer: A. The technician should update the antivirus (AV) software immediately after
installing it and set it to automatically check for updates every day. If the PC was
infected, and the scenario makes no mention of this, the technician should have
already removed the system from the network, ran a full scan, and quarantined infected files—in that order. Any other viruses that eluded quarantine would be researched
on the AV manufacturer’s website.
60. Answer: D. Use the nbtstat –A command. This allows you to check the name table
of the remote computer by connecting to it with an IP address. –a connects by computer name (though an IP address can still work if proper resolution methods are
available on your network). Note that the options for nbtstat are case sensitive.
<20> is the number associated with the server service, the service that allows the
Windows 7 Ultimate computer (IP address to serve data to other systems on the network. If it was functioning, you would see it listed along with the
Workstation service <00> and perhaps the Messenger service <03>. However, if the
server service was not running, you wouldn’t even be able to connect to the Windows
7 Ultimate computer at all—not with nbtstat, by ping, or any other method, until
the problem is repaired. That one might have been considered a “doozie”.
61. Answer: C. Check the IEC cable first if you sense that there is a power issue. That is
the power cable for the computer; make sure it is connected to the computer and to
the AC outlet. Next, check the AC wall outlet. Use a receptacle tester or your trusty
multimeter to make sure the AC outlet is wired properly and supplying the correct voltage. If that is fine, you can check the power supply and the 24-pin power connector.
Only check the circuit breaker if the power has been cut to an area of the building, and
only if you have access to the electrical panels.

220-802 Practice Exam D


62. Answer: A. The LCD cutoff switch is normally enabled when you close a laptop. The
default action in Windows is to put the laptop to sleep if it senses that the LCD cutoff
switch has been engaged (laptop has been closed). If the laptop goes into standby
mode unexpectedly without closing the laptop, you will have to repair or replace the
LCD cutoff switch mechanism. The hard drive, SATA controller, and video card are put
to sleep when the laptop goes to sleep but should not cause the computer to sleep
63. Answer: D. Check the hash key of the virus definition you downloaded against the
location that you downloaded from. Other properties of the definition (or signature) file
(such as the file owner, creation date, and file version) can all be spoofed. The difference is that the hash key is mathematically contrived and must match the key from the
download point.
64. Answer: B. If the computer keeps obtaining an APIPA address (an IP address that
starts with 169.254), then the DHCP server has most likely failed. Of course, you
should check if the computer’s patch cable is connected and that the network adapter
has a link light. If so, then you can rule out the network switch and the patch panel.
DNS resolves hostnames to IP address and isn’t part of DHCP.
65. Answer: B. A Trojan appears to perform desired functions but is actually performing
malicious functions behind the scenes. Trojans are used to access a computer through
a backdoor and take control of it. They are the bane of web servers as well. Remote
Access Trojans (RATs) are used to take control of Windows clients without the users
knowing. A virus is code that runs on a computer without the user’s knowledge,
infecting files when it is executed. Spyware is malicious software that is unwittingly
downloaded and installed. It is usually employed to track the surfing activities of a
user. A rootkit is software that is designed to gain administrator-level control over a
66. Answer: A. Installing a wireless repeater to increase the distance of the wireless network is the easiest and cheapest solution. Of course, you should first ask if the customer would mind moving the wireless access point to the center of the home, thus
giving broader and more uniform coverage. Running cable is time-consuming, is
expensive for the customer, and can be difficult in some houses. Though a second
wired router would work, it is a more expensive solution (plus the cabling) than a simple wireless repeater. Plus, it would have to be configured properly. High-gain antennae are usually used outdoors (or in outer space) for long-distance transmissions.
They have too much power to be placed inside a home and are an excessive solution.
67. Answer: D. On the laptop, enable the HDMI audio service to send audio signal along
the HDMI cable to the TV. On DVRs, HDMI is set to transmit video and audio by
default. However, on some laptops, the audio software might be set to HDMI video
only by default, expecting you to be doing presentations or other things where audio is
not required. You can usually change this by right-clicking the sound icon in the
Notification Area, selecting Playback Devices, and then selecting the HDMI sound
device. Drivers might also be necessary. There is no maximum specified length of an
HDMI cable, and the question does not tell us the length, but standard cables are
either 5 meters or 15 meters long. If the laptop has an HDMI output, you should be
able to modify it in Windows. If the HDMI output is part of a USB device, PC Card, or


Chapter 10

ExpressCard, make sure you have installed the latest drivers for the device. The speakers don’t come into play here. If the TV with the HDMI output has speakers, those
speakers should work.
68. Answer: C. Foreign disks that are installed in a computer show up in the Disk
Management utility as foreign. They need to be imported by right-clicking them and
running through the import procedure. No need to convert them from basic to dynamic unless you decide later that you want to create special arrays of disks or expand/
contract the size of partitions. Set a disk to active if it has an OS and you wish to make
it bootable.
69. Answers: A and C. The correct navigational path to the System Restore configuration
utility in Windows 7 is Start > right-click Computer > Properties > click the System
protection link. That displays the System Properties dialog box System Protection tab.
But you gotta love the other method: Run > type systempropertiesprotect
ion.exe. Without touching the mouse, you can bring up the same dialog box:
Windows + R > type systempropertiesprotection.exe. Fun! Anyway, Start > right-click
Computer > Advanced is not a valid path. Start > right-click Computer > Properties >
click the Advanced system settings link is valid, but it brings you to the Advanced tab
of the System Properties dialog box.
70. Answer: D. The figure is showing the Advanced tab of a Lexmark Pro900 printer in
Windows 7. It was accessed by navigating to Start > Control Panel > Devices and
Printers > right-click the printer and select Printer Properties > Advanced tab. When
you right-click on some printers, you need to select Properties instead of Printer
Properties; otherwise, the navigation is the same. The Ports tab displays the physical
or logical port being used by the printer and allows you to add, remove, and configure
ports and enable printer pooling between two or more printers.
71. Answer: B. Authentication can be carried out by utilizing something a user is, such as
a fingerprint; something a user knows, such as a password or PIN; something a user
has, such as a smart card or token; and something a user does, such as a signature or
speaking words.
72. Answer: A. If you can’t find the SSID by scanning for it, enter it manually in your
wireless configuration software. You will also need to know the channel being used
and the type of encryption as well as the key. If you were to change the SSID on the
router, the rest of the clients wouldn’t be able to connect, and you still wouldn’t be
able to scan for it because SSID broadcasting has obviously been turned off as a security precaution in the question’s scenario. MAC addresses are burned into the network
adapter of the router; they are usually not modified. Resetting the wireless card is
rather vague. You could disable it and re-enable it, but you would be left with the
same problem. Know how to manually enter a wireless configuration in Windows!
73. Answer: C. Whaling is when phishing attacks are directed at CEOs and other powerful
entities in an organization. It is a type of spear phishing—a directed phishing attack.
Whereas most phishing attacks are performed via e-mail, vishing is carried out over
the phone.
74. Answer: D. The DoD 5220.22-M standard specifies that a hard drive be properly
purged with bit-level erasure software that does 7 complete passes. Compare this to
the Peter Gutman security method, which requires 35 passes! A magnetic degausser

First. If the power supply was bad. special characters (such as ! or #). You should configure the Enforce password history policy and set it to a number higher than zero. Simple Passcode is enabled. 78. lowercase characters. What the customer meant is that the computer locked up. forces a user to select a password that meets 3 of the following 5 categories: uppercase characters. try cleaning and reseating the RAM. Defective RAM is the most likely perpetrator in this case. Answer: A. The key in the question is the shared video memory. and if that doesn’t work. Then replace the RAM as a last resort. . but the A+ exam will not go into that kind of depth. The path is Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode On. and Unicode characters (not often implemented). Note: SCSI drives make a grinding sound all the time. By default. Answer: C. as shown in the figure within the question.220-802 Practice Exam D 291 is not software at all. you wouldn’t be able to listen to the B-52’s (in the case that you wanted to). when a user is prompted to change her password every 42 days (which is the default minimum password age). Answer: B. it wouldn’t lock up. That means that the video controller relies on the motherboard’s RAM memory modules. Complexity requirements policy. If the power supply failed. The grinding will most likely come from a dirty/dusty or failing power supply fan or CPU fan. The backbone switch is at the top of the hierarchy. 80. but the CD-ROM driver could cause a stop error if it failed. make sure they are compatible with the motherboard and with each other (if there is more than one). Minimum password length is the policy that states how many characters a password must be at minimum. you would definitely have problems in Windows. Password policies can be accessed in Windows 7 within the Local Security Policy window > Security Settings > Account Policies > Password Policy. If the hard drive was grinding that badly. you add a top level of super speed. the system wouldn’t boot. but a device that uses a magnetic or electromagnetic pulse to remove all data from a magnetic disk. Star-bus is when two star networks’ switches are connected with a single bus connection. 75. the system would turn off. but data can still be reconstructed from data residue (data remanence). This way. video will fail. 77. If the memory was not seated properly. The power supply can run without its fan. that user will not be able to use the same password. it is normal for them. Answer: A. There are several technical reasons for this. If the CD-ROM was bad. but to be full-on secure many organizations require 15 minimum. Low-level formatting can be accomplished by some BIOS programs and third-party utilities. numbers. The CD-ROM won’t cause the system to lock up. if enabled. If they fail. the system would probably not get past the POST and you would either hear beep codes or see an onscreen message to that effect. By taking three current star topologies and connecting them all to a backbone switch. the screen would be completely unreadable. Most likely a fan is failing somewhere—either the CPU fan or a case fan— causing the computer to overheat and then ironically to “freeze” as the customer put it. Answer: D. you probably wouldn’t even see the cursor. You just created a hierarchical star topology. This can be disabled on the same Passcode Lock screen. 76. Both hierarchical star and star-bus are hybrid topologies. A bad fan is the most likely cause. 79. Eight is a decent setting. Answer: B. If the resolution was set too high.

or redirecting to. a cute way to open Msconfig is to Press Start and type sys in the search box. The Action Center in Windows 7 displays important messages about solving issues and security concerns. the attacker could be trying to connect directly through the Internet connection. 86. /F fixes errors on the disk. Use the System Configuration tool (Msconfig. Do this in the Services tab. An intrusion-detection system (IDS) is usually more elaborate and costs more money. Of course. but that won’t help Windows see the drive. but any hacker worth his or her salt will get right past that. (Some devices combine IDS and firewall technologies. 82. And the Task Manager can stop them. but it would help to prevent network intrusion. You can configure the drive in the BIOS to a certain extent. If you need to stop and disable a service. This way. Windows Defender is Microsoft’s free anti-malware tool. but usually not SOHO multifunction network devices. It is pointing to. Chkdsk /I performs a less vigorous check of index entries. 85. As to the incorrect answers: The Task Scheduler is used to set a time when particular applications and processes will run. that is the name of the Windows 7 64-bit DVD. 84. That is because Msconfig can disable them but not stop them (plus a restart is required for most Msconfig actions). Answer: C. BTW. which can be easily shared.) Disabling the SSID will help to discourage the average user from accessing the wireless network. When you add a second drive to a system that already has Windows installed. We can tell because the Target is GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD. he will see the contents of the Windows 7 DVD. No need to set the drive to active because this drive does not have an OS to be booted to. This is the successor to the Windows Vista Problem Reports and Solutions utility. System Properties is the dialog box where you can change the name of the computer. /V (short for verbose) displays the full path and name of every file on the disk. it just has to be enabled. plus. and that’s one of the reasons an attacker keeps trying to get into the network. Antivirus software. Usually these are enabled by default. Rebooting the computer will not help the system see the drive. chances are the network is controlled by a multifunction network device that already acts as a switch and a router and probably has built-in firewall technology. you will probably have to initialize the drive and format it in the Disk Management utility. you can also disable services in the Services console window. does not . The most practical way to prevent intrusion to the network is to install a firewall. 83. Disk Management will ask you to assign a drive letter. regardless of where it is installed. /R locates bad sectors and recovers readable information. configure System Restore. In fact. Answer: B. When you format the drive. and set up Remote Desktop. The Task Manager gives you some basic real-time performance data about the PC and can be used to stop processes. but perhaps someone inadvertently disabled it. Local Security Policy is where password and auditing policies can be configured.292 Chapter 10 81. Answer: C. if this is a SOHO network. Answer: B. It just happens to be sitting in a DVD-ROM drive named F:. the Services console window is your best bet.exe) to disable the service. Answer: B. The Windows 7 DVD has been mounted. Answer: D. the Data folder on the hard drive (as you can see from the title of the window). if a person clicks on the Data folder. This makes it possible to implement advanced networking and security techniques in conjunction with the DVD via the Data folder. It can be used only on NTFS partitions. but not disable them.

You can’t put a PCI Express (PCIe) card in a PCI slot! That’s all there is to it. . 91. let it cool. Answer: D. 89.220-802 Practice Exam D 293 repel attackers. You can navigate to the window in the figure by going to Start > right-click Computer. that means check the connections. If the toner cartridge was leaking.exe. Nothing has been mentioned about the Internet (or other networks). Answer: B. A card from one expansion bus cannot be used in another.0. Not a good compromise. but none of the employees would be able to use the Internet. 92. Answers: A and C. that means power cycling the device (and checking connections). The video card will most likely be the lowest.000 pages of print before it needs to be replaced: a good time to install a maintenance kit. The fuser lasts for about 200. Images that do not display properly are usually due to a subpar video card. If the lights are on and not blinking. it would appear that the switch crashed and needs that reboot! A ping of 127. If the fuser was too hot. the print would become weaker. and finally clicking the Change button. The iPad uses a 3. Rebooting the computer should not be necessary because we again determined that the network card is functioning properly. for networks. That’s how you know the network card appears to be functioning properly. it locates and quarantines malware. you might see a lot of toner within the printer that needs to be cleaned properly with a computer vacuum. so that is the second thing you should check. Blurry and smudged pages tend to indicate that the fuser is not getting hot enough. View the Windows Experience Index details to find out what has the lowest score and go from there. typing systempropertiescomputername. Remember to start with the simple. Answer: C. it could cause the paper to become singed and could be a safety hazard.7-volt battery. and then replace the fuser. For PCs. However. 87. but they have all given way to lithium-ion. Disconnecting the Internet connection would work—the hacker wouldn’t be able to get in. CAD/CAM workstations often require video cards that can cost thousands of dollars. select Properties > Computer Name tab > Change or by accessing Run. x4 slot. so there is no reason to think that the switch’s uplink cable needs replacement. 88. On the average it lasts for 10 hours of use. A 16volt battery would be ridiculous and inefficient. if you had a PCIe x1 video card. If the toner cartridge is low. It is a step above a standard lithium-ion in that it uses a flexible material that can be shaped into just about anything the manufacturer wants. not to mention a real challenge to fit in the device. as long as it has enough to run Windows and the AutoCAD software. RAM is not as important to the CAD/CAM workstation. you could install that to a x1 slot. The video card should be your first stop on the upgrade express train. or x16 slot. The hard drive doesn’t play much of a factor while the CAD software is running. Answer: D. The CPU will also play into this. CAD/CAM workstations require a powerful video card. Always read the directions carefully and set up massive ESD prevention techniques prior to installing a card this expensive.1 was probably already done in this scenario. iPads and other mobile devices use the lithium-ion polymer battery for its lasting power and its flexibility during manufacturing. unplug it. turn off the printer. In any case when you need to maintenance the fuser. Answer: A. especially when rendering images. 90. Nickelcadmium (NiCd) batteries were used in laptops during the 1990s and early millennium.0.

down is not a command in Windows. arp–a will show a table of hosts that the local computer has connected to in recent history. 100. The technician should clean the pickup rollers. it’s a folder you might want to access as an administrator over the network. but it has been used by other operating system manufactures to initiate a shutdown. and Blackberry OS don’t use such descriptive names. The default path of the print$ administrative share in Windows 7 is C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers. Gingerbread is the name of Android version 2. Windows CE. but in the rare case. netsh firewall show state is a command that can be run in the Command Prompt that will display any currently open ports. /DCOPY:T also copies timestamps of files and folders. 97. its maximum file size. A fuser issue would cause a jam up toward the end of the printing path. Version 3 is Honeycomb. /B copies files in backup mode. The net view command will list all of the shares on the computer within the Command Prompt. and version 4 is Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). but you should know what the . the share is hidden as an administrative share by adding a $ to the end of the sharename. simply replace the toner cartridge. kill is the older Windows NT predecessor to the taskkill command. Unregistering requires the /u parameter. net share allows you to create shares within the Command Prompt. Other commands can also show open ports such as netstat –a. 99. /E copies all subdirectories. The successor to netsh firewall in Windows 7/Vista is netsh advfirewall firewall. taskkill ends processes from the Command Prompt. The drum (or toner cartridge) will usually not cause a paper jam. 98. you would type regsvr32 sample. Answer: D. Answer: B. The Regsvr32 command in the Command Prompt is used to manipulate ActiveX controls and DLLs. Apple iOS. use the /t xxx switch. to register a sample ActiveX control.bat) or beyond. 95. Answer: C. the share itself has to have the $ to make it hidden. Answer: C. 96.294 Chapter 10 93. Answer: C. Answer: B. including empty ones. If they are dirty or oily. For example. You can have a folder name with a $ on the end. it displays the IP address and MAC address of those remote computers. net statistics displays information about the server or workstation services. /S will copy subdirectories but will skip any empty ones. Answer: A. So.ocx. The columns were dragged to the left to hide the entire folder path. The feeder rollers would cause a jam further in the printer. This leans more toward the programming side of things. ipconfig /all displays the configuration of your network adapters. 94. they could cause a paper jam directly behind or above the paper tray. To set a shutdown to occur after a specific time period. but that doesn’t make it an administrative share. netsh firewall show logging will display the location of the firewall log. This is an important folder because it contains drivers for different types of printers. Use the shutdown command! It works in the Command Prompt and also works programmatically within batch files (. and whether any packets were dropped. However. net use enables you to map network drives to remote shares. Answer: D.

ODBC32 is not a command in Windows. it is an interface used within the C programming language to access database management systems. ODBC is short for Open DataBase Connectivity.exe and Regedt32 bring up the Registry Editor application in Windows 7/Vista. Regedit.220-802 Practice Exam D command does. 295 .

This page intentionally left blank .

0 Troubleshooting 36% Total 100% As you could see while taking the exams.1 220-802 Domains Domain Percentage of Exam 1. We’ll discuss that in the next chapter. let’s do a little review of the 220-802 domains. and give you some test-taking tips. . Review of the Domains Remember that the 220-802 is divided into the four domains. troubleshooting questions are the bulk of what you will see on the exam and are more difficult than the questions from the other domains. That is a feat in itself. You have to place yourself within the scenario and imagine that you are actually fixing hardware and software problems step-bystep.1.0 Security 22% 3.0 Operating Systems 33% 2.0 Mobile Devices 9% 4. shown in Table 11. TABLE 11. Now that you have completed the four practice exams. But the real test is yet to come.11 CHAPTER ELEVEN Review of the 220-802 Exam Great work! You have completed all four hundred 220-802 practice questions. talk about your next steps.

contact me at my website so that I can help you understand them. But I still recommend going back through all of the questions and making sure there are no questions. Retake that exam until you get 100% then additional study is probably necessary. that still leaves a third of the test unaccounted for. Here are a few great ways to study further: . So. If there are. you will have all the tools you need to rule the exam. is ambiguous or vague. Security and Mobile Devices become the pivotal domains: without them you could be in trouble. say. and study all of the objectives.davidlprowse. or doesn’t appear to be technically study them hard. Think it through carefully before you do so. with them. If something really just doesn’t make sense. so this will take a while. If any questions give you difficulty.298 Chapter 11 Even if you are a solid troubleshooter and really know your Windows operating systems.comptia. Many of questions are written in an ambiguous manner to replicate what you will see on the real exam. even though it is over a decade old. be ready for any question from any domain. If there are any items in the objectives that you are unsure about.comptia. Review What You Know At this point you should be pretty well versed when it comes to the 220-802 exam. or explanations you are unclear about. Download the A+ 220-802 objectives—You can get these from www. . answers. That’s where the test will trip you up. and gives that extra boost for the exam. Or you might see more questions on Windows security. . and I will do my best to clarify. There are 20 pages of objectives. Take the CompTIA A+ Practice Exam—This can also be found at www. This helps to make you think a bit harder and aids in committing everything to memory. Take the exams in flash card mode—Use a piece of paper to cover up the answers as you take the exams. Window XP than the next person. To reduce your risk. Because it is randomized. But it really helps to close any gaps in your knowledge. concepts. though. feel free to contact me at my website (www. . It differs from person to person. one person may see more questions on. Everyone who takes the exam gets a different group of questions. Go through them one by one and checkmark each item that you are confident in.

So take it slow. or other tidbit of information that could cost you the correct answer. Chances are you will have time left over at the end. They accept payment by major credit card for the exam fee. phrase. you will probably end up with time left over. but it bears repeating. Don’t over-study the day before the exam . use the time allotted to you to review all of your answers. But try not to overthink! Give it your best shot and be confident in your answers. you either know it or you don’t.vue. Pick a good time for the exam .com. Register at Pearson Vue: www. schedule the exam to commence within a day or two so that you won’t forget what you learned! Registration can be done online. . I’ll expand on these points in the final chapter. Use your gut instinct. . Here are some good general practices for taking the real exams: . Don’t let one question beat you! . Be logical in the face of adversity. So there is no rush. Use the process of elimination. and read everything you see carefully. guess. First-timers will need to create an account with Pearson Vue.Review of the 220-802 Exam 299 More Test-Taking Tips I’ve mentioned it several times already. If you finish early. When you are ready. If you know it. Get a good night’s rest . Rushing can cause you to miss some key word. The thing is. If all else fails. . follow these recommendations: . While taking an exam. Eat a decent breakfast . so use it wisely! Make sure that everything you have marked has a proper answer that makes sense to you. Take your time on the exam. Taking the Real Exam Do not register until you are fully prepared.

Show up early . Bring ear plugs . Meet me at the final chapter: Chapter 12. .300 Chapter 11 . Well. Brainstorm before starting the exam . the wrap-up. Take small breaks while taking the exam . that’s about it for the 220-802 portion of this book. Be confident I’ll embellish on these concepts in the final chapter.

com/220-801 This page has information. there are no prerequisites. and updated errata that you should check before taking the exam. Getting Ready and the Exam Preparation Checklist . you can use either chapter for your test preparations. Getting Ready and the Exam Preparation Checklist The CompTIA A+ certification exams can be taken by anyone. although CompTIA recommends one year of prior lab or field experience working with computers. For more information on CompTIA and the A+ Also visit my A+ page: www. . go to: http://www. If you also purchased that book. Beyond the CompTIA A+ Certification NOTE This chapter is very similar to Chapter 19 of the A+ Exam Cram 6th edition (the Exam Cram study guide).12 CHAPTER TWELVE Wrap-Up This chapter provides the following tools and information to help you be successful when preparing for and taking the CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 exams: . Tips for Taking the Real Exam . additions.davidlprowse.

configuring. Complete the Practice Exams in this book. Attend an A+ course. 220-801 Status 220-802 Status . 2. consider an A+ class. go back and study more! If you have any trouble at this stage. place a check in the status column as each item is completed. I don’t recommend taking both exams on the same day. or another study guide of your choice. Go through the checklist twice. Whatever main study guide (or guides) you used. Create your own cheat sheet. Historically. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to take this into the actual testing Chapter 12 To acquire your A+ certification. It is important to be fully prepared for the exam. each of which is 100 questions. once for each exam. consider getting my A+ Exam Cram 6th edition study guide. On the second run-through of this checklist. The checklist is shown in Table 12. my readers and students have benefited greatly from this type of checklist.vue. TABLE 12. you need to pass two exams: 220-801 and 220802.1. 4. so I created a checklist that you can use to make sure you have covered all the bases. Especially if you don’t have the CompTIA recommended experience (12 months). Take the three 220-801 exams. I highly recommend completing each step in order and taking the 220-801 exam first. but instead spacing them a week or so apart. See Table 12.1 Exam Preparation Checklist Step Item Details 1. Review your study guide. You need to register with Pearson Vue to take the exam. For each exam. 3. and especially troubleshooting.2 for an example. and read it very carefully. Do this first with the 220-801 exam and then again with the 220-802 exam. take the four 220-802 exams and review them. These exams are administered by Pearson Vue (www. A hands-on A+ course can do so much for you when it comes to installing. If you score under 90% on any one exam. Although it is possible. The act of writing down important details helps to commit them to memory. and review them carefully. be sure to review those carefully.

Register for the exam. 4. 6. the first step of the six-step troubleshooting process is “Identify the problem. 5. (You will need to create an account in order to sign up for exams. Fill in the appropriate information in the right column. 2. Review practice questions. Good luck! Table 12. The motherboard form factors you should know The three types of DDR and their data transfer rates The EP printing process Six types of expansion busses and their maximum data transfer rates . Do not register until you have completed the previous steps. you shouldn’t register until you are fully prepared. 3.” TABLE 12. Keep reviewing practice questions until the day of the exam.1 303 Continued Step Item Details 220-801 Status 5.2 gives a partial example of a cheat sheet that you can create to aid in your studies. 7. When you are Register at Pearson Vue: www. Take the exam! Checkmark each exam to the right as you pass it.) 6. For example.Wrap-Up TABLE 12. schedule the exam to commence within a couple days so that you won’t forget what you learned! 220-802 Status Registration can be done online.2 Sample Cheat Sheet Concept Fill in the Appropriate Information Here The six-step troubleshooting process 1. They accept payment by major credit card for the exam fee.

Keep in mind that Saturdays can be busy. . I understand that sometimes deadlines have to be set.2 in this fashion on paper. be sure to “mark” them before moving on. schedule a time that works well for you. There will be a small check box that you can select to mark them. feel free to skip this section or use it as a review. Oh. processes. and so on to commit them to memory. Pick a good time for the exam—It would appear that the least amount of people are at test centers on Monday and Friday mornings. but in general.* *Continue Table 12.304 Chapter 12 TABLE 12. When you get to the end of the exam. Things come up in life that can sometimes get in the way of your study time. Consider scheduling during these times. and don’t schedule the exam until you are ready. and the following points have served me well: General Practices for Taking Exams . The exam is conducted on a computer and is mostly multiple-choice. step-by-steps. there will be an item review section that shows you any questions that you did not answer and any that you marked. For other readers who have taken exams before. when you don’t have to worry about anything else. Tips for Taking the Real Exam Some of you readers will be new to exams. Keep in mind that most exams can be cancelled as long as you give 24 hours notice (check that time frame when registering to be sure). Feel free to mark any other questions that you have answered but are not completely sure about.2 Continued Concept Fill in the Appropriate Information Here Windows 7/Vista startup files Windows XP startup files Etc. This section is for you. If you do so. The following list includes tips and tricks that I have learned over the years. don’t register for the exam until you feel confident you can pass. I’ve taken at least 20 certification exams in the past decade. You have the option to skip questions. Otherwise. The key is to write down various technologies.

. especially if it is a morning exam. . and be escorted to your seat. . You don’t want to have to worry about getting lost or being late. This will ensure you know exactly where you are going on the day of the exam. it . . too. Stress and fear are the mind killers. Turn your cell phone or smartphone off when you get to the test center. Brainstorm before starting the exam—Write down as much as you can remember from the cheat sheets before starting the exam. It’s not a good idea to go into overload the day before the exam. Work on reducing any types of stress the day of and the day before the exam. Too much caffeine for a person who is not used to it can be detrimental to the thinking process. Show up early—I recommend that you show up 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time. don’t overdo it. NOTE If you are a first-time test-taker. sign forms. Earplugs help to block out any unwanted noise that might show up. but in general. they’ll check that. Just watch out for the coffee and tea. This is important. you need to show ID. Eat a decent breakfast—Eating is good! Breakfast is number two when it comes to getting your mind ready for an exam. give yourself plenty of time. I recommend you perform a trial run and drive to the testing center a few days before your exam. Have two forms of ID (signed) ready for the administrator of the test center. By the way. a loud test-taker next to you. Bring earplugs—You never know when you will get a loud testing cen- ter or. . get your personal belongings situated. and make sure you know where you are going. The testing center is obligated to give you something to write on. Don’t over-study the day before the exam—Some people like to study hard the day before. Get a good night’s rest—A good night’s sleep (7–9 hours) before the day of the exam is probably the best way to get your mind ready for an exam. My recommendations are to study off the Cram Sheet and your own cheat sheets.Wrap-Up 305 . some don’t. worse yet. Just be ready to show your earplugs to the test administrator. you really do need extra time because when you get to the testing center. make use of it! By getting all the memorization out of your head and on “paper” first.

first eliminate any answers that are definitely incorrect. . Smart Methods for Difficult Questions . But really. Remove the test from your mind during these breaks. It’s really amazing how the mindset can make or break you. It takes only half a minute. It’s almost a Zen type of thing. when I have applied this technique properly. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended that you not only know the correct answers to the practice exams’ questions. These things alone should build confidence. You have to answer 100 questions while staring at a screen for an hour. the character Sherlock Holmes said it best: “When you have . The testing center should give you something to write on. Be confident—You have studied hard. You might be surprised how often this works. Take small breaks while taking the exam—Exams can be brutal. For example. there is no disputing this! That’s the mentality you must have. but for me. these older. I have gotten a few perfect scores. I recommend small breaks and breathing techniques. Sometimes these screens are old and have seen better days. if you can logically eliminate anything that is incorrect. that’s another matter. but it can really help to get your brain refocused. gone through the practice exams. holding each one for 5 seconds and releasing each one slowly. Think about nothing while doing so. To sum it up. and created your cheat sheet. flickering monitors can cause a strain on your eyes. You’ve done everything you can to prep. after going through every 25 questions or so. Think of it this way: you are great…I am great…(to quote Dr. But really. you just have to be confident for no reason whatsoever. close your eyes and slowly take a few deep breaths. I put paper in quotation marks because it might not be paper. Daystrom). Even if you aren’t sure about the correct answer. Acting that way to others…well. Use the process of elimination—If you are not sure about an answer. . it could be a mini dry erase board or something similar. So build that inner confidence and your mindset should be complete.306 Chapter 12 clears the brain somewhat so that it can tackle the questions. use it by writing down the letters of the answers that are incorrect to keep track. then the answer will become apparent. but also know why the wrong answers are wrong. You are not being pretentious about this if you think it to yourself.

but from a scientific standpoint. it happens to everyone. Write out as much as you can. . you might read a question and instinctively know the answer. and when you have gone through all the other techniques mentioned. even if you can’t explain why. Really think through step-by-step what is happening in the scenario. even though the test question requires you to select only one answer. you should be well prepared and you should have plenty of time to go through all of the exam questions with time to spare to return to the ones you skipped and marked. and why they would be bringing up this topic. . Also. with these exams you either know it or you don’t. however improbable. . sometimes this is all you have left. vague or strange as it might appear. A question might seem confusing or appear not to make sense. The more you can visualize the scenario. whatever remains. The thing is. think logically. . If you have gone through this book thoroughly. logical guess. Use your gut instinct—Sometimes a person taking a test just doesn’t know the answer. how many answers you get right after that is irrelevant. Some test-takers write down their gut instinct answer before delving into the question and then compare their thoughtful answer with their gut instinct answer. the brain gets sluggish. the better you will be able to figure out which of the two answers is the best one. guess—Remember that the exams might not be perfect. Try to imagine what the test is after. Tap into this ability. this method can be invaluable. When you spend too much time on one question. you must imagine the scenario that the question is a part of. must be the truth. Leave questions like this until the end. Remember that the goal is only to pass the exams. Don’t let one question beat you!—Don’t let yourself get stuck on one question.” There’s more to it. Sometimes you need to slow down. Real exams do not rely on trick questions. make an educated. If you have read through the question and all the answers and used the process of elimination. In some scenarios. Be logical in the face of adversity—The most difficult questions are when two answers appear to be correct. . and really compare the two possible correct answers. If all else fails. Skip it and return to it later.Wrap-Up 307 eliminated the impossible. chances are you are not going to get a perfect score. And don’t worry too much about it. of course.

A person who passes the A+ exams will be certified for three years. Please let me know when you pass your exams. I would love to hear from you! Also. you must enroll in the CompTIA Continuing Education Program. David L. For more information on this policy. This program has an annual fee and requires that you obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that count toward the recertification.308 Chapter 12 Wrapping Up the Exam . But try not to overthink! Give it your best shot and be confident in your answers. To maintain the certification beyond that time. Prowse .org/getCertified/stayCertified. see the following link: http://certification.davidlprowse. use the time allotted to you to review the answers. Chances are you will have time left over at the end. 2011. so use it wisely! Make sure that everything you have marked has a proper answer that makes sense to you. remember that I am available to answer any of your questions about this book via my website at www. Sincerely.aspx Final Note: I wish you the best of luck on your exams and in your IT career Review all of your answers—If you finish early.comptia. Beyond the CompTIA A+ Exam CompTIA started a new policy on January 1.