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2014~2015 Volktek Product Catalog


Managed Layer 2 Access Ethernet Switch
8-port 10/100Base-TX, 1-slot Fixed Gigabit,
1-slot 100FX/Gigabit Multi-rate Gigabit SFP



Quality of Service

Power Input


As an ideal replacement solution for NSH-5509, the MEN-4210 is an entry level access switch designed to deliver power and reliability in one cost-effective
equipment, a scalable and future-proof network solution to fit the requirements of home and small businesses. Providing the ideal combination of affordability
and excellent switching capabilities, the MEN-4210 helps you create an efficient network at relatively cost effective. Built with powerful chipset and richly
equipped with much improved software features, the switch delivers maximum performance and enables service providers to operate their network more
Designed with 8 downlink copper ports that deliver 10/100Mbps speeds, the MEN-4210 is a perfect effective cost solution for service providers who want to
offer high-value Ethernet services for low density subscriber base with medium ARPU. Equipped with 1-Multirate SFP and 1-Gigabit SFP uplinks, the MEN-4210
provides deployment flexibility catering to the needs of growing networks. Service providers using the switch can initially use 100Mbps uplink and later simply
change SFP modules to provide Gigabit uplinks, and fulfil their subscribers’ demands for higher bandwidth.
Features Highlight

Unparalleled Network Performance
Excessive and unnecessary inbound unicast, multicast or broadcast traffic on physical interfaces can degrade your network performance and can even
result in complete loss of network service. Storm control and traffic monitor features of the MEN-4210 enables ISPs to effectively monitor and limit
incoming traffic to prevent disruption of LAN ports. In addition, Loop detection on the switch identifies loops in the network and disables the relevant
ports to avoid loop storms, preventing LAN degradation and achieving maximum network performance. These features along with auto-recovery timer
deliver robotic methods to control your network automatically.

Stable and Reliable Device Operations
Abnormal power supply puts extra strain on the components of the switch, wearing it down over time and resulting in increased network downtime.
Built with increased level of power supply protection, the MEN-4210 features OCP, OVP and Surge protection to ensure stable and reliable device
operations. Surge protector function on each copper port and protects the ports as well as device from surges entering through LAN cables. Even in
unstable power conditions, these features of the switch prevent sudden network downtime protecting your infrastructure investments and avoiding
unnecessary operational expenditure.

Comprehensive QoS Mechanisms to Assign Priority
Network applications need different levels of services delivered to them reliably without any transmission delays and interruptions. The MEN-4210 has
comprehensive QoS mechanisms that assign priority to applications and send only specific dedicated traffic to them. In addition, bandwidth management functions of the switch allocate greater bandwidth for mission-critical communications. With increased control, administrators can prevent
unpredictable errors and utilize the bandwidth more effectively.

Enhanced Control and Security
Built with enhanced defence mechanisms, the MEN-4210 delivers robust security. Port security limits only hosts using secure MAC addresses to
communicate with the switch, while port isolation secures certain ports and prevents unnecessary inter-vlan communication between ports. Other
security mechanisms such as DHCP snooping offers a convenient central management solution to uniquely identify, locate and manage the task of
assigning IP addresses to every subscriber and ARP inspection provides users with validate access on a more secure network.

Efficient Network Monitoring and Management Tools
The MEN-4210 features SNMP, an industry standard management protocol, enables administrators to centrally manage and monitor the
network, and easily but quickly identify issues that impact network performance. Supported by SNMP traps, the switch allows administrators to
monitor unsolicited SNMP trap messages and maintain a helpful network status data for managing a healthy network. And in the event of
network malfunction, Email alarm feature of the switch sends email alerts to notify administrator regarding real time network problems. These
efficient features speed up and simplify network monitoring and troubleshooting, reducing operational head burden.

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port-based/tag-based and VLAN stacking.vo l k te k . c o m Access Level MEN-4210: 8-port 10/100Base-TX. allows ISPs to provide certain services for such as per port per VLAN. the switch expands VLAN space. ISPs using MEN-4210 can provide services with extra security and separation fulfilling the requirements of their subscribers in a network. quick and easy-to-deploy solution Extensive software features for reliable data transmissions Perfect for Low ARPU RJ-45 100 Mbps Fiber 1000 Mbps Fiber Broadband Network MEN-5314 MEN-5314 MEN-6332 MEN-4210 MEN-4210 MEN-4210 Apartment / Condominium Town House Villa Aggregation Level MEN-6332: 24-slot Fast Ethernet SFP. 2-slot Gigabit Multi-rate SFP Managed L2 Aggregation Switch 2 w w w. Thereby.1Q) packets and producing ‘double-tagged’ frames. per service per VLAN for their specific subscribers without overlapping VLAN IDs and without mixing the traffic from different customers.1Q tag to already tagged (802. 4 Gigabit Combo ports Managed L3 Aggregation Switch Aggregation Level MEN-5314: 12-slot Fast Ethernet SFP. 1-slot Gigabit SFP. per user per VLAN.2014~2015 Volktek Product Catalog Features Highlight Fine-grained Service Management VLAN functions of the MEN-4210. By simply adding a layer of IEEE 802. 1-slot 100-FX/Gigabit SFP Managed Access Switch . Application High-quality Data services in a small but powerful package Simple.

1 100FX/Gigabit SFP Switch. Managed L2 8-port 10/100. Dimension 3 w w w. 500m 1000Base-SX 1. 3.2kg 268x44x128mm (WxHxD) Ordering Information MEN-4210 MEN-4210G MEN-4210DG FPM-107 FPM-107-30 GBM-132 GBM-104 GBM-104-2 GBM-104-10 GBM-123 Managed L2 8-port 10/100. c o m .3 IEEE 802.vo l k te k .3V. Multi-mode SFP. status.880 pps to 10 Mbps ports 148. 1 Gigabit SPF.16Mpps 16K 8Mbit 10K 0°C~50°C -20°C~70°C 10 to 80% RH (non-condensing) 5 to 90% RH (non-condensing) 1.3z IEEE 802. 2.25G. 3. 1 Gigabit SPF. statistics Maximum Distances Copper Console SFP Performance Throughput Switch Fabric L2 Forwarding MAC Table Size Packet buffer size Jumbo Frame Size Standards User Security MAC Filtering Port Isolation Static MAC forwarding Port Security ACL (L2/L3/L4) BPDU Guard/Filter DHCP Snooping 802. 10Km 1000Base-LX Bi-di Single Mode SFP Module. AC.1Q Tag-based VLAN Port-based VLAN Active VLAN Support 4K 8 Hardware Queues SP/WRR Storm Control Rate Limiting 802.3 10Base-T 100Base-TX/FX 1000Base-SX/LX/LHX Flow Control Link Aggregation STP RSTP CoS Prioritization VLAN Tagging Port Authentication N-way Auto Negotiation Input Voltage 100~240V AC. 1310nm.25G. 9) Port Mirroring Private MIB Firmware Upgradeable Configuration Backup/Restore Port configuration.25G.3ad IEEE 802. 1 100FX/Gigabit SFP Switch.2014~2015 Volktek Product Catalog Specifications Features Network Function LACP Support/Static Link Trunking STP/RSTP Loop Detection/Autorecovery timer Traffic Monitor/Autorecovery timer VLAN Stacking (Q in Q) Network Storm Protection IGMP Snooping SFP DDMI support on port 10 Network Management Local Console Telnet and CLI Web-based GUI SNMP v1/v2c SNMP Trap RMON (1.3x IEEE 802. 2Km 1000Base-LX 1. 10Km *Specifications subject to change without notice. AC. Single mode SFP. 20Km 1000Base-SX 1.000 pps to 1000 Mbps ports 5. w/ DC Power Supply 100Base-FX Multi-mode SFP. 1 100FX/Gigabit SFP Switch. 1 Gigabit SPF.1q IEEE 802.1p IEEE 802.3u IEEE 802.1p/DSCP/ToS Support Management VLAN Power Consumption Interface 8 x 10/100Mbps (RJ-45) 1 x Fixed GbE SFP slot 1 x Multi-rate GbE SFP slot 1 x RJ-45 Console Ports Mechanical and Environment Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Humidity Storage Humidity Weight Dimensions 100 m 15 m Up to 110 Km 14.1w IEEE 802.6Gbps 4.488.1x Support ARP Inspection HDoS IEEE 802. w/Built-in Battery Charge Managed L2 8-port 10/100.800 pps to 100 Mbps ports 1.1x IEEE 802. 30Km 100Base-FX Bi-di Single Mode SFP Module.1d IEEE 802. 15V DC optional 12VDC Battery Back-up 14W (w/o Battery) Power Traffic Management and QoS 802. 2Km 100Base-FX Single mode SFP. Multi-mode.