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License on Catalyst 2900/3500/3700


These are the 3 feature sets available on 3K platform of switches
LAN Base: Enterprise access Layer 2 switching features.
IP Base: Enterprise access Layer 3 switching features.
IP Services: Advanced Layer 3 switching (IPv4 and IPv6) features
(IP Services has all the feature sets that Advipservices had; advipservices is End Of

3560-E and 3750-E Series support the IP Base and IP Services feature sets.
3560-X and 3750-X Series support the LAN Base, IP Base, and IP Services
feature sets.

The software licenses are not affected by Cisco IOS software upgrades. A software
license applies only to a specific feature set. A switch can have more than one software
license, but you can enable only one license at a time.


Software Activation is a feature that is preinstalled on the switch, which allows
you to install the software license for a feature set.
This Software Activation License is unique to a specific device. In other words,
licenses are locked to the switch’s unique device identifier(UDI).
A unique device identifier is made up of two components: the product ID (PID)
and serial number (SN). Serial number is an 11-digit number that uniquely

identifies a device. The product ID identifies the type of device. This information
can be found using the “show license udi” command on the switch CLI. So when
you request for a license on the switch, the first thing that you need to have is this
“UDI” of the device.
Switch# show license udi
Device# PID SN UDI
*2 WS-C3750E-48PD-S CAT1033R1XU WS-C3750E-48PD-S:CAT1033R1XU
5 WS-C3750E-48PD-S CAT1033R1KF WS-C3750E-48PD-S:CAT1033R1KF

License Types Available on the ISR G2
Permanent Licenses
Permanent licenses are valid for the life of the device on which it is installed. Some
examples of permanent licenses are IOS Technology Packages (IPB, UC, SEC, DATA),
Feature Licenses such as SSL VPN etc.
Temporary License
A temporary software license is limited to a usage period (around 60 days). After the
usage period expires, the switch continues to use the temporary software license until it
is restarted. Before it restarts, warning messages state the switch is running the feature
set without a valid license. After the switch restarts, the switch uses a valid software
license based on the hierarchy (ipservices>ipbase>lanbase). If the switch does not have
a valid license, it uses the IP base software license.
Switch#show license
Index 1 Feature: ipservices
Period left: 8 weeks 4 days <<<<<<< Limited usage period
License Type: Evaluation
License State: Active, Not in Use, EULA not accepted
License Priority: None
License Count: Non-Counted
Index 2 Feature: ipbase
Period left: Life time
License Type: Permanent
License State: Active, In Use

License Priority: Medium
License Count: Non-Counted
Feature Licenses
Some individual features can be enabled or disabled by license keys. These features
check for their licenses before enabling themselves. A feature license will typically have a
prerequisite before it will function such as a requirement for a Universal Communication
license before a CUBE feature license will function. Some examples of feature licenses
are CME, CUBE etc.
There are two types of Feature licenses.
Software Activation Feature Licenses
These are typically upgrades to one or more technology Package Licenses and can be
included on new routers or upgraded through Cisco Software Activation. These licenses
are enforced through Cisco Software Licensing framework.
Right to Use Feature Licenses
These licenses follow the traditional licensing model and do not use Cisco Software
Activation. They can be ordered when the router is initially purchased or at a later date.
Subscription Licenses
Subscription licenses are time-based licenses that require the subscriber to periodically
renew or the license will expire after an agreed-upon time. Some examples of
Subscription license are URL Filtering and IPS.
Counted Licenses
Feature licenses can be either uncounted licenses or counted licenses. Uncounted
licenses do not have any count and simply enable the unrestricted feature on the router
when activated. Counted licenses enable a defined number of uses e.g. CME User

Catalyst 2960 and 2960S switches run one of these images:
1. The LAN base software image: which provides enterprise-class intelligent services
such as ACLs and QoS features. On a Catalyst 2960-S switch, stacking is also


2. The LAN Lite image: This image provides reduced functionality.
Catalyst 2960S image ships with universal image that includes cryptographic
functionality. The software image on the switch is either the LAN base or LAN Lite image,
depending on the switch model.

3560/3750, 3560G/3750G, 3560V2/3750V2
Catalyst 3750 and 3560 switches run feature-specific software releases and do not
support software activation. The Catalyst 3560 switch is supported by either the IP base
image or the IP services image. Hence the show license command doesn’t work.

Catalyst 3750-E and 3560-E switches run the universal software image that has the
Cisco IOS code for multiple feature sets (ipbase & ipservices). To enable a specific
feature set, you must use the software activation feature to install the software license for
that feature set. Catalyst 3750-E and 3560-E switches support either the
noncryptographic or the cryptographic(k9 image) universal software image.
They support two software feature sets: IP Base and IP Services
Beginning with Cisco IOS Release 12.2(46)SE, the switches support these features:

Temporary software licenses
Rehosting a software license
Cisco License Call Home

Note: If the switch is running a software image earlier than Cisco IOS 12.2(46)SE, to run
IP base feature – remove the IP services license from the switch, save the switch running
configuration, and reload the switch. If the switch is running Cisco IOS Release
12.2(46)SE or later, enter the license boot level ip base privileged EXEC command, save
the switch running configuration, and reload the switch.
If all the licenses are installed on the switch, the switch uses the highest license level, the
IP services feature set.


Catalyst 3750-X/3560-X system is also loaded with a universal Cisco IOS Software
image. Universal Cisco IOS Software images contain all Cisco IOS Software features.
The level of Cisco IOS Software functionality available is determined by the combination
of one (or more) licenses installed on the device. They support three software feature
sets: LAN Base, IP Base, and IP Services.
Note: For the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X/3560-X Series, in addition to universalk9 images,
there are also images with the universalk9-npedesignation in the image name. The
reason for this alternate image type is that some countries have import regulations that
require that the device does not support any strong data-plane crypto functionality, such
as IEEE 802.1AE, in any form. To satisfy the import requirements of those countries, this
universal image does not support any strong payload encryption (that is, it is of the
nonpayload encryption type).
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