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UCC-The pioneer of professional civil services training in

Bangalore is the IT hub of India. It is the cradle for many start-ups
and enterprises. However civil services training and preparation
had been more of a philanthrophic/charitable exercise or a
government sponsored initiative. There was dearth of quality
training and guidance for aspirants wanting to compete in state
and national level competitive examinations.

Background: It is this vacuum that Universal Coaching Centre
sought to fill. It has come a long way in giving wings to dreams of
1000s of young men and women who had the will and motivation
but not the required direction to compete at the highest level. It
has more than….. selections to its credit………in different streams.
motivational premises behind establishment of an institute which
most felt was not a sound business idea. “When we started the
institute, there was no emulatory standards for competitive
examinations barring training for CAT/GMAT/SAT etc. There was a
distinct lack of professionalism and institutional support for
youngsters wanting to appear for civil services at state and
national levels. They had no direction and most of the centres
were “tutorials” rather than an organized effort. We also did not
have huge resources like some others to finance this venture. But
this did not deter us. In any case, Profit was never the goal of this
venture. We had limited resources but we had a vision to SERVE
…We did not hesitate to take the uncharted path. We invited top
faculties and specailists from other states and Delhi to groom our
students so that they don’t have to travel to far off places like
Delhi,Hyderabad in search of top-class coaching. We left no stone
unturned in this venture. We started small but made a big impact
in the starting year itself. We produced… from 2000-2005.This
was our seed period. Today, UNIVERSAL COACHING CENTRE is the
desirous of taking up

This explains the huge goodwill and reputation that the institute enjoys among academicians and policy makers.IAS.competitive exams like KAS.IAS -------------IPS--------------central selections --------------KAS selections----------------police ------------Banking and are our real Brand ambassadors” Performance of the Institute: With more than a decade of experience . and other services like Police………. The secret of its success lies in its dedicated and tireless team which is both envied and respected.  Hostel support .. Rural students have greatly benifitted from this initiative. Our students have brought laurels to the state. Even while attracting huge numbers they have been able to maintain quality and provide personalised attention students. Courses offered :  Conventional Class room coaching offering integrated Prelims-cum Mains courses  Interview sessions-Mocks and interaction with experts and successful civil servants  Correspondence Courses/Material support  Weekend classes for working professionals  Special Current Affair Modules  Language sessions  Support forum where students can mail a query or a question and these questions will be answered by the subject experts and faculties through E mail Facilities offered by the institute: The facilities provided by the institute include:  Library with more than… including Kannada. its success rate is phenomenal-consider this –it has created ------------.

This self evaluation tool identifies students weak areas and recommends specific topic or subject revision. students will find each chapter and every topic a pleasurable learning experience}  E. The courses are designed and organised as per expert guidance and are flexible enough to suit trainee / students convenience. They can take chapter wise tests or subject wise tests and view the results instantly. Students will also be able to compare their scores and see their state wide rankings. Students can do a SWOT Analysis for analysing their Strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for learning through evaluation.USP of the Institute-Its training methodology: Its asset is its strong academic network and the USP is the smart examination / career oriented training.maps-With so many images intermixed with text.The preparation is comprehensive and apart from regular class room interaction it involves a multitude of activities.text books and work manuals are there for students to check progress. flowcharts.  Visual oriented content with emphasis on graphs. The training modules have designed after through involvement of faculties having rich experience both in the discipline as well as in the examination so that the study is immersive exercise rather than superficial.  Yoga and motivation sessions  Interaction with successful aspirants and officers Students are encouraged to take up self-appraisal through self assessment tools. This system .  Audio-video recordings of lectures by subject experts supplemented by notes and explanations.

The faculties are     Specifically specialised in the stream of Training / Teaching Are well attuned to the exam / course requirements Have proven expertise in the chosen field Constantly update their material and skill set so as to ‘Adapt and adopt’ to the changing needs Study-material : Special focus has been given by the institute for preparation of study material so that it is:     Lucid and relevant User friendly and contemporary Exam/course oriented and updated Well organised and filtered The material is well researched and prepared as per the current needs. Mr Shetty’s background and exposure to journalism has helped the institute in this regard.Founder/Director “We want to make use of the current technologies and combined with internet. Future initiatives: explains: Shri Upendra Shetty. Governmental recognition and Awards: They have also been empaneled by Ministry of ………and has provided coaching to……………………………………. we want to expand the reach and . The institute also provides background content to institutes based in Delhi and Hyderabad through its channel partners.of constant feedback will help students to overcome any of their shortcomings and perform to their full potential in the final EXAM.

If they ‘Dare to dream’. we are there to help them succeed. The traditional class room has its own charm but our aim is to reach the thousands and lakhs who are deprived of access to quality education /guidance in the competitive stream. Thats our Mission. We want to experiment with live and on-demand lectures for aspirants complete with flexi-tests.We need to Think Globally and Act Locally. .diversity of our academic services. Today internet has brought the world closer.Use –Online to get Frontline. There is a lot of Educational deficit which we want to address. The world is a global village. India with its strong demographic dividend is poised to take-off. We are here to provide direction to those who have dreams but not the means and methods to give wing to their dreams. so that the entire experience is customized yet the rigour is maintained.