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Skill Set Inventory

Data Integration Velocity Methodology
9.x: Expert Certification
About the Informatica Certified Professional (ICP) Program
Informatica certification is a two-stage structure that correlates professional certification with the
“what, why and how” of Informatica implementations:
•Specialist – To achieve Specialist recognition, a candidate must pass a written exam, proctored in
person or via webcam. The Specialist exam validates that the individual understands the product and
can apply the skills and capabilities required to contribute to a project as a full team member.
•Expert – To reach the Expert level an Informatica Certified Specialist must pass Informatica Velocity
Best Practices and Implementation Methodologies Certification. This certification validates that you are
able to lead a project implementation team following our best practices.
Our new exams have been developed to define product competency by job role, where demonstrated
performance and outcomes validate Informatica implementation skills.

About the Data Integration Velocity Methodology Expert Certification
Exam and the Skill Set Inventory
This certification exam is designed to complement the Informatica Certified Professional (ICP) Program.
This exam measures your competency as a member of a data integration project implementation team
on the use and articulation of the Informatica Velocity methodology for data integration.
The skill set inventory is used to guide your preparation before taking the exam. It is an outline of the
technical topics and subject areas that are covered in each exam. The skill set inventory includes test
domain weighting, test objectives and topical content. The topics and concepts are included to clarify
the test objectives.
A candidate for this exam will be tested on their ability to:
 Navigate the Velocity methodology from enterprise strategies, to individual project types, to
discrete tasks and product best practices.
 Describe key areas of the methodology and driving documents, deliverables, accelerators and
 Understand Enterprise Strategies, Competencies, and Project types
 Understand the Velocity Methodology Phases and key steps
 Execute the Design/Build/Test tasks for a generic Data Integration project.
Informatica University

November 3, 2014

and testing. Basic PowerCenter knowledge is required. Employ Velocity product best practices for mapping design. You will learn how to use the Informatica Velocity Methodology elements to guide successful data integration project implementations throughout the full lifecycle to include: The use of the work breakdown structure to outline all implementation activities including project phases.  Leverage Velocity product best practices for architecture and configuration. Incorrect distractors are given as possible correct answers so that those without the required skills and experience may wrongly select that choice. Informatica University November 3.X You are given 60 minutes to complete the exam. A passing grade of 70% is needed to achieve recognition of Velocity for Data Integration Version 9. sub-phases. development. Training Prerequisites The skills and knowledge areas measured by this exam are focused Velocity Methodology as published by Informatica and available as a link on the Informatica support or communities website. You will score the question correctly if your response accurately completes the statement or answers the question. The suggested training prerequisites for this certification level are the completion of the following Informatica course(s): Data Integration: Velocity Methodology (onDemand eLearning) This training is available for NO cost to you. Test formats used in this exam are: Multiple Choice: Select one option that best answers the question or completes the statement Exam Policy • If you do not pass on your 1st attempt. and tasks for each type of data management. Exam Test Domains The test domains and the extent to which they are represented are equally weighted. you must wait 2 weeks to take the exam again.  Methodology Overview and Concepts  Methodology Phase Concepts  Use and deployment  Best practices for Data Integration Exam Format        You may select from one or more response offerings to answer a question. 2014 . Logins to either the Informatica “My Support” or Communities Website is required to access the Informatica Velocity Methodology.

• You may take the exam up to 3 times in one year from the date of your 1st exam attempt Test Topics The exam will contain 40 questions comprised of topics that span across the sections listed below. 2014 .           Methodology Overview and Concepts Enterprise Strategies Enterprise Competencies Project Types Methodology Methodology Phase Concepts Number of phases and tasks completed in each phase Use and deployment Recommend use of Velocity for data integration and deployment Best practices for Data Integration Informatica University November 3. In order to ensure that you are prepared for the test. review the subtopics associated with each section.