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Smeengs is one product among others from Sound well as solo proprietor. It is
therefore based in dealing with printing and supplying exams to different
English medium schools. Smeengs has been operating since 2013 to date. It
was once named joint exams and currently known as Smeengs with the effect
from July 2014.
Smeengs mission targets in helping meet clients needs as far as standards and
goals are concerned but also expanding network countrywide so as to reach
every demanding customer, thereby maximizing utilities as well as countries.
Smeengs so far has managed to lay down different strategies on how to
accomplish its mission. The following are some of the strategies mentioned.
1.Through supplying Ready Smeengs exams
These are exams prepared made ready from Smeengs for its customers. They
are sold either as a set or in series at all times depending with customers
need. This being Smeengs targeted product, here a lot of energy is needed as I
use few resources i have in delivering. Realize that here i higher temporarily
teachers who prepare these exams I also have to find
at least typist who is capable and personally do the marketing as an individual.

2.Through conducting joint exams

With this very product Smeengs aims to conduct joint exams to all members of
Smeengs as for any client is allowed for membership after having registered,
Joint exams targets all interested members who wishes to involve in joints
exam, these joint exams are prepared to help evaluate and standardize
performance among Smeengs members only here also resources are involved.

3.Regional past exam/mock
These past paper is made readily available at any one time clients demands
after mixing different questions from different regions. Which is either can be
sold with Sound well logo or its original logos.

Smeengs status so far is pleasing despite lots challenges encountering just
assumed as load blocks on the ways of the journey. The biggest motivation and
energy gained each day is the positive response always received, wherever i
have passed and this in return has kept me energetic/passion wanting to do
something big and nice to the society. Therefore response received from our
clients is enough to show where Smeengs may head if much effort is involved
and that it is in a better position as i may comment.
Like mentioned early setbacks has been encountered all along, of which has
always drugged this whole project behind at large. The following are the main
challenges encountered.

Labor involves both machines as labor and human labour these are all essential
in running this project, in running Smeengs machines are need mostly an these
machines includes computers photocopy machines, printers among others.
While human labors skilled lab ours are needed rather than hiring temporary
human lab ours I need to make them permanent for Smeengs and these people
as follows Teachers/ Editors, Typist and more sales men, by making these
available I have no doubt that this project will meet its goals.
2. TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is also another challenge that still facing
Smeeng.Sales men will always depend on how faster the field is covered. For
instance five schools might be covered per day but only one sales can be made.
Therefore means of transport contributes to the sales made or network
expanded. This time the market couldnt be expanded or open to more new
customers because of transport means . It was hard to open enough to new
customers with the means of transport used. This is due to the fact that most
schools are located in most areas where vehicles are limited to go.

Currently i share my friends office where all typesetting are done but am
aiming in setting well clear office where all operations will be carried out, I am
also looking forward in establishing a permanent stuff at the workplace and
conducive environment. Hence this environment will enable us create more
opportunities for more than ten people this is due to due to fact that more
creative ideas will be involved so to expand Smeengs. To the same
environment other related products in series are still to come for Smeengs that
also aims to create more opportunities i.e. students magazines that will be sold
cheaply to students that aims in mentoring and guide them of their behaviors
while in and out of schools. through these Smeengs will go far with the aim of
maximizing all utilities