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Requirements for the Bar Examinations

new applicants or bar repeaters), printed on 8x13 SIZED BOND PAPER.

other radio or stereo equipment. 1968) 3. communication gadgets or any other electronic device is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Upon arrival at the examination compound in the morning of each examination day. and 12:00 P. October 1. 7.. 6.. For an easy and orderly location of your assigned building and room. Always bring with you your Notice of Admission. You are required to come early.M. 5. seventy-five percent (75%) of the said fee may be applied to a future Bar Examinations. (Res.M. consult the bulletin boards along the ground corridors and on the floor to which you are assigned for your room assignment. on examination days and close at 7:30 A.M. afterwhich no one will be allowed to enter without permission from the Chairman. No refund of the examination fee will be allowed. Bringing of deadly weapons. tape recorders. cellphones. whether or not your petition to take the Bar Examinations is approved. In case you are unable to take the examinations.M. 2. Gates open at 5:00 A. which shall serve as your pass to the examination compound/room. Failure to take the test in any subject will bar you from taking the rest of the examinations. you are .RULES ON THE CONDUCT OF THE BAR EXAMINATIONS 1. and 1:30 P. cameras. 4.

As mandated by the De la Salle University Administration SMOKING is STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere within the premises even in open spaces.M. 11.M. Affix your CUSTOMARY SIGNATURE on the second line. You will be allowed to enter your room before the start of the examination upon submission of your Notice of Admission to the headwatcher. A name card will be given to you by the headwatcher which should be STRICTLY ACCOMPLISHED in the following manner and order: 1. 3. Attend to your personal needs before the FIRST BELL. 2. but you have to conduct yourself properly by avoiding loud discussions and conversations. Eating is however allowed in the following areas: a) gazebo area. . At the sound of the FIRST BELL (7:45 A. 8. An examinee will be considered cheating if caught with notes or “codigos” during the examination. INDICATE THE SCHOOL where you finished your law course at the bottom of the card. 9. PRINT your complete name as follows – family name. given name and middle name – on the first line. no examinee will be allowed to leave the room. and 1:45 P. you are required to proceed to your room assignment and not to wander around. When you arrive at the examination area. b) pebble wash area. 10.). All books and notes should then be placed in front of the room.required to wear your color-coded Identification Card at all times. Eating inside the classrooms and anywhere inside the examination buildings is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. and c) Chess Plaza.

and 2:00 P. There will still be one (1) set of questionnaire and notebook per Bar subject but the same shall be divided into said Part I and Part II. after the headwatcher has signed at the back thereof . Affix your RIGHT THUMBMARK on the space provided therefor. 12. 14. namely: Part I and Part II.M. blue-black or black ink should be used during examinations.4. 13. each Bar subject is now divided into two (2) parts.). INSERT the name card into the envelope. simply draw a line across the word or words you want to change. Only fountain pens and sign pens in permanent blue. Variation in the color of ink and the style of your handwriting should be avoided. Examinees may start writing their answers for each part beginning on the page of the notebook where the words “Begin Answering on this Page” appear. 6.M. In correcting a mistake in your answer. Ask the headwatcher to SEAL THE ENVELOPE. which is attached to the examination notebook. 1161 (Re: Proposed Reforms in the Bar Examinations). and. Begin answering at the sound of the SECOND BELL (8:00 A. Per SC Resolution dated 3 February 2009 in Bar Matter No. He/she has the discretion on which part to answer first. 15. DO NOT ERASE OR TEAR OFF ANY PAGE OF THE NOTEBOOK. 5. Anyone caught answering before the Second Bell will be dealt with accordingly. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE NOTEBOOK OR MAKE ANY UNNECESSARY MARKING OR USE ANY .

The THIRD BELL signifies that only five (5) minutes are left before the end of the examination. submit your notebook together with the questionnaire. 17. you may use the back pages commencing on the first leaf and so on. Your Notice of Admission will be retained by the headwatcher at the end of the last examination. B.IMPERTINENT EXPRESSION which may be construed as a means of identifying your notebook. etc. When you finish answering or at the sound of the FOURTH BELL (12:00 NOON and 5:00 P. ask for your Notice of Admission from the headwatcher who shall accomplish the certification at the back thereof. Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises. ANY VIOLATION OF THE FOREGOING RULES WILL BE CONSIDERED SUFFICIENT CAUSE EXAMINATION EXAMINATIONS. 16. unless particular names are called for. After every examination and before leaving the room.M. 18... Write your answers on one side of the paper only – on the face and not on the back page. 20. In case all the front pages have been consumed. 21.e. as the case may be. C. i.). AND FOR THE NULLIFICATION DISQUALIFICATION FROM OF FUTURE YOUR BAR . 19. Names of persons should be represented by letters of the alphabet such as A.