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Naval Vaswani

C-103, Naz plaza, Saddar Karachi
Cell: (+92) 300-2237927 , Email:
To pursue my professional career with a dynamic organization at Senior Management level and grow
with the growth of organization by capitalizing upon my skills, strengths, abilities and experience

Visionary, committed, dynamic & accomplished professional with 15+ years of diversified
professional experience and qualification of MBAs and Engineering
Pro-active thinker, Solution-driven, focused on achieving results in competitive environments
demanding continuous improvement and achieving organizational efficiencies
Strong Analytical, Planning, Problem Solving and Organizational skills , excellent Customer
relations, Sales and Marketing skills with strong business & commercial acumen
Strong business acumen & experience with drive and commitment to exceed targets, business
Plan, go-to-market plans, good in Contract Negotiation & Management, excellent negotiator,
presenter and trainer
Extensive & diversified experience of Customer Care, Sales, distribution, vendor & supply chain,
technical Management, trainings, team building, strategic and business plans execution

 Country General Manager- American Flex -Pakistan
March 2014- till date
Focus Areas & Summary of accomplishment
• Customer services–Improved Service delivery for warranties, Repairs & return.
• Business Development, Sales & Marketing -Initiated the project for Customer intimacy, quality
services through Team development & Motivation , conducted sales analytics and initiated the
project of corporate Branding, Product promotions and retail sales
• Streamlined Supply Chain & Inventory management
• Process Improvement- Conducted Gap Analysis, developed SOPs & SLAs
• HRD & Employee engagement: Developed the JDs, KPIs, set Targets and system for monitoring
& rewarding achievements, employee engagement ,trainings &recreational Events, get-together
• Automation: Initiated a project of IT For business, software for inventory, sales etc is installed
and revamping of web portal, social media buzz creation , email & SMSs alerts etc are under way
• Development of retail network
 Manager HRBP , Administration and Services
May 2012 to Jan , 2014
PTCL-Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
 Business Analysis; Conducted Performance analysis of business at region/zone- Periodically
• Process Improvement: Redesigned, developed & implemented support services processes/ SOPs
standards and monitoring mechanism, regional inventory Management process
 Customer Service- Planned, established and implemented Employee Facilitation Centre and Help
Desk- first even project in the company of one window solution for 4000+ staff at 70+ locations
 HR Planning: Conducted work Load Analysis, manpower rationalization/optimization for Sales,
Operations and revenue collection departments at Karachi, developed HR Calculator which was
adopted countrywide
 Capacity Development: Conducted TNA, Trainings & workshops for Customer care & Service
uplifting , motivation, Soft skills, management, Operations, Technical tools, Leadership/ Strategy
 Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition: Successfully planned & conducted the employer
branding activities for acquisition of talent at 04 technical universities and 06 business schools
• Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)-Developed a proposal and Policy document for Health, Safety
& Environment (HSE) for Karachi
• Optimization of resources and SOPSs for services to the internal customers including fleet, space,
IT, medical etc
• Recreational Events at BZ South: Successfully arranged several employee engagement activities
like Fungalas, Sports events, get-togethers etc. at BZ South

Atomized EVO services 6. Conducted Gap Analysis and taken action for service improvement • Conducted Trainings for Customer care. PTA. 2011. customer churn. 08 supervisors/managers • Team Development : Formed & developed teams for operational success. Worked closely with different functions for services improvement • Service Audit & Mystery Shopping: Regularly visited customer care centers physically. Soft skills.June 30. churn. developed& executed BTL campaigns at Business Zone south.Upgraded 07 customer care into flagship customer care centers • Capacity Development : Planned. Trainings .  General: Sales Generation & Management and Periodic sales Analysis  Conducted Trainings for Customer care. Launched EVO wireless internet 4. Product demand. Manager Customer Care & Business Development July 2011 to May 2012 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Summary of accomplishment & Focus Areas • Business Development: Won orders of bulk business of around 25K+ PSTN and 6K+ Broadband connections. Soft skills. market research . service quality. established mini service centers at offices of KCCI. arranged mystery shopping to audit the service delivery & ensure the compliance of SOPs and polices • Customer Satisfaction Survey: Conducted several satisfaction survey (CSI) • Monitor customer services processes and quality and redefine processes to facilitate consumers • Gap Analysis . complaints. taken initiatives of uplifting the services at customer care touch points by focusing on People. Monitoring . Planned executed and developed the sales structure for direct sales & Marketing 2. SITE. designing . Arranged BTL activities. KATI. Interviews & Hiring of staff on 3rd party outsourced BPOs and coordinated with Distributors and channel partners  Worked for opening of 100 customer centers in city. vendors. Conducted analysis for revenue collections. Developed and presented the plan  Conducted Trainings for Customer care. and Acquired and developed 03 New Channel partners • Won several corporate account like ICAP. Processes . 2011 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Summary of accomplishment & Focus Areas • Customer Services Centers Management: Successfully managed 25 customer centers in Karachi. Developed retail sales network of 350 retails shops 5. field drive tests of company’s products  Performance: Star Performer and Star Team Lead for direct sales  Operational Excellence: Designed. BTL activities and sales camps • Target Achievements: Achieved the sales orders of more than 14K from the 03 Exchange areas • Institutionalizing the Success: The project adopted companywide in whole country • Capacity development of teams by trainings etc  Manager Commercial May 2009 to August 2010 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Summary of accomplishment & Focus Areas  Initiatives: 1. Relationship building with trade & industrial associations  Successfully managed a team of more than 350 people and activities in sales and service  Surveys & Feedbacks: Conducted different surveys on customer satisfaction. NKATI etc  Conducted Sales Analysis. channel partners and franchise network owners  Senior Manager Customer Care & Sales Jan 01. developing and implementation of Direct sales at BZ Karachi Including JDs. new business and closures. vendors and partners . FBAIT. incentives etc for teams • Operation Management : Managing Direct field sales team of 120 sales agents. ABAD (Association of Builders & Developers) etc  Corporate Customer care: Liaison with trade & industrial associations for timely and quality services. Processes and Physical outlook . and sales for 100+ staff. and sales  Project Manager Sep 2010-Dec 2010 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Accomplishment • Vision & Leadership: Founding thought leader and Team Lead for Planning . sales and technical tools for teams. designed and conducted capacity building training for Customer care teams on soft skills and ICT tools upto Manager Level for customer centric culture • Customer services analysis. touch points. KPIs . Designed and developed Telesales department 3. conducted trainings • Timely Service Delivery: Coordinated with Operational departments for timely service provision • Conducted several road shows. Soft skills.

International Transmission & Maintenance Center. Project Management Institute –PMI Karachi 5. traffic analysis . Appreciations .2008  PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS 2. routers etc and supply systems of WAN Equipment  HONORS & AWARDS FOR PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE 1. Capacity utilization analysis . Service Quality Checker-International Service 7. Best sales Manager Karachi 2009 10.Highest Sales 2009 9. increased the student’s intake by 62%  Imparted trainings on various subjetcs  Member Syllabus committee (Skill Development Council & Sindh Board of Technical Education)  Editor Monthly Mag: Arranged several workshops. trend analysis for services breakdowns. Harvard Business Review-Advisory Council Member . Director . Technical support to sales Team.  Manager Operations & Faculty member Feb 2000-Nov 2002 Lincoln Institute of Computer & Management Sciences Summary of accomplishment & Focus Areas  Successfully managed the center .Jan 1999 Responsibilities:  R&M of LAN. Radio Modems. Performance appreciation . Nominated for Presidential award for 2008 11. Appreciation – Process innovation “One windows 2. Exhibition of company products at Different roadshows  Trainee Engineer. 2002.SZATEL Data Com August 1998.Improved services by collaboration.Zone 2010 8. 2014) 1. Champion of Operational excellence & Optimization 4. Optimization Excellence award 2013 2013 5. Judge and Trainer Check 9. Manager Customer Care Centre Jan 2008. Pakistan Engineering Council 6. TiE & INJAZ Pakistan-Mentor . Conducted customer satisfaction survey  Achievement : Best Service Centre in South for consecutive 12 Months and earned Star Performer and Best Customer Care Manager for consecutive 12 months  Closely working with different functions for services delivery & improvement  Assistant Divisional Engineer Dec 09. Strategic unit formation for data solution center-Help Desk 2013” management & decision making 2013 3. SHRM Forum Pakistan-Management Lead 4.Jan 2000 Marketing & Technical Support Executive Summary of accomplishment & Focus Areas : Marketing of company Products. Professionals Forum Pakistan. Star Performer at Customer care center for consecutively 12 Months. International & Domestic Satellite earth stations.April 30. IT Projects competition. Appreciation certificate -Business development 2011 7. Sport gala etc. WAN.President 8. Operation and maintenance of International Gateway exchange. Board of Directors LUMS ALUMNI 2014 3. capital projects.Jan 2008 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Summary of accomplishment & Focus Areas • Successfully Managed Telecom Projects • Delivery of quality services to corporate customers • Management . Organizer-International Service Excellence & CEM Conference ( Nov 14.Designing & successfully execution of customer services as One Stop Shop 2. Member. team building & proactive planning 3. Operation & Maintenance of Telecom Installation • Management. International submarine Optical Fiber cables (SEMEWE3 & SEMEWE-4) •Coordination with vendors for installation and maintenance • Periodical reports generations. Appreciation certificate -Bulk Business 2012 6.  Sunrise Systems Pvt Limited ( LG Electronics) Feb 1999. 2009 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Summary of accomplishment & Focus Areas  Initiatives: 1.

One day on Uplifting services by Ron Kauf Singapore 9. 06 Days Training on CRM (Siebel) by IBM  7. Punjabi. Creative Thinking. One Day workshop on distribution & Supply chain Management by Intel Pakistan 5 Days Conference at UK. Customer Care.ERP system 2. Sales. TRAININGS IMPARTED Current Trainings  National Bank of Pakistan. Organizational Development.Two day training workshop on Career Compass by Dr.Future of Wireless at Cambridge University. 04 days Project Management Workshop PMI Karachi 14. Business modeling  6. Sybrid. Seven moths Trainings on Telecom Networks at Telecom Staff College Haripur  4. Injaz-Aman Foundation. SMEDA. UIT: Services Marketing. Entrepreneurship. Mehran University of Engineering & Technology. Project Management. Creative Leardership-48 Hours training by Dr.  TRAININGS ATTENDED Attended more than 50 trainings and few of them are 01. Corporate Governance. 04 Days SAP . Business Law. Pakistan MS-PhD (Customer experience Management & Service Excellence) SZABIST Karachi  REFERNCES Will be provided when required 2010-2012 2005. MAJU. Jose lous cordeiro 8. Preston University.2007 1993– 1998 In Progress . SZABIST. Urdu & Sindhi– Excellent (Read. (NBP). Motivation. Organization behavior. Aziz Rab sb 12. Suneel Gupta 10. Gujrati and Hindi)  EDUCATION     Master of Business Administration ( MBA) Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Master of Business Administration – ( MBA) (SZABIST) Karachi Bachelor Of Engineering (Electronics). Project Management Institute –PMI Karachi 3. Helix Pharma. One Day Workshop on Emotional Intelligence by Octara  LANGUAGES  English. Cambridge UK 11. Write and speak)  Regional Language – Can Speak and understand ( Siraiki. Rohit Talwar and Dr. Sales Management. Marketing Management . Javed Leghari 13. Uplifting services etc. One day workshop “Managing the Future” by Roger Harip. One day workshop on Debono Thinking Systems -Fostering Creativity & ownership for Business excellence by Dr.