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We devised a best method to cope up with the

material needs of the student keeping the time factor into
consideration. We provide the necessary material prepared all by not only our faculty but also the important
handouts from other coaching centres as well, because
no one is THE BEST in the competitive sector, thus
giving the student the better material to check his skill
and also giving a chance to compare his/her skill with
students of other coaching centres.
* Testing and Evaluation
Two years of arduous preparation boils down
to doing well on that all important day of the exam. The
very nature of these exams instils a lot of pressure in you
and hence it is very important to build the right examination hall temperament so that you can tackle pressure,
surprises and create dynamic exam-management strategies quickly. Hence testing, assessment and frequent
mock examinations form the core of our pedagogy.
Keeping in touch with your parents is always advisable but that should not prevent you in achieving your
goal. Hence we advise you, particularly the HOSTELER, to restrain from the use of phone frequently.
Parents are requested to prepare their wards in such a
Indulging in un-necessary chit-chat, like about
cricket – cinema stars – cinemas – politics – caste feelings is highly discouraged.
The food served in the hostel is highly nourished
keeping the nutritional needs of you since YOU are most
important to us – keeping away all the bad outside tastes
for which you may be used to by now thus maybe causing some inconvenience to your appetite. But, you
should be prepared to eat this hygienic food. Parents
are highly advised not to take your ward to any outside food stalls even during outings given and discuss
with him/her about the ill-effects of eating undernourished, un-hygenic food served outside.

hygenic food served outside.
We wont encourage any sort of bringing electronic
gadgets, jewellery etc.,. by you. If found, they will be
CONFISTICATED and NEVER be given to you or
your parents under any circumstances.
You must keep your class and your sitout place neat and
clean. Who cares better than yourself for your health to
be best ?

There is NO compromise in setting the Question Paper
in lieu with the EXAMINATION standards.
YOU are here to grasp the concepts and apply the inherent essence of that in “one of the toughest examinations
to crack in the world”.
YOU must be self-motivated to attack with the right
strategy to answer the question paper but no loose talk.
YOU are thus expected not to expect any question
from the material given or provided to you under any
circumstances like in other coaching colleges. The questions are always questions, try to solve them with utmost
faith and trust.


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Srungeri Colony,
Kothapet, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500 035
Phone: 8143662012
Fax: 555-555-5555

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The Time Table is set thus. but in creating a passion for scientific discovery and logical thinking. speed reading etc. We won’t encourage the deceiving tactics like giving important questions and making you to recite or cramming them day after day and show you great marks in the week-ends satisfying your parents and your inner feelings and aspirations but. here we encourage you to · do mistakes -. SO We identify you as a UNIQUE individual but not as a student in a group of students like in other routine coaching institutes.Instead of going through several books. intelligent guessing. the problem of managing IIT JEE or MEDICAL preparation along with school studies has become more acute.Immediately after the classes. prepare a detailed notes irrespective of what others wrote. Our course have special focus on the above. A few minutes of classroom coaching here is equivalent to hours and hours of study work. Our course benefits you all in synchronized study. The course should have a time plan to itself. which would help you succeed in all aspects of life. ** You want to correlate and comprehend your abilities. during the study hour sessions. but the best part – the notes you write in the class. Instead. teaching is not merely a profession. Having a course material with a lot of problems is of no use unless we know the time to be spent on it. here we give utmost importance to the time to study and understand the subject than to go on lecturing from morning to evening. ** YOU ARE WELL-DISCIPLINED. · You should learn the requisite concepts · You have to profile yourself · You have to identify your weakness and strengths and also identify misconceptions WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT FROM US ? CERTAINLY NO MIRACLES Why anybody give a “Rank Guarantee” to you when you yourself have the ability of Guaranteeing a Rank for yourself ? We believe strongly that everything lies in the way how you strive to achieve your goal. Strategies on solving objective type problems We devised some tested methods of attempting objective type problems. we are strongly against to this attitude. . modulating the speed. Difficult concepts are presented in such a form that you find them very simple and easy to comprehend. THEN WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE US ? We are Happy that ** You have chosen a better college to achieve your goal. All that you need is the correct guidance needed to achieve your goal. A lot of problems can be solved by elimination of wrong alternatives. You should be willing to try things out and should strictly follow the approach suggested. · ** YOU HAVE THE THREE QUALITIES WE ARE LOOKING FOR ask questions -. This leads to the success in your career. ** You are here to learn and grasp the subject but not to heat to the ever-ending boring lectures. Synchronization with the school syllabus Since most students now have to prepare along with Class XI – XII. we recommend only the Academy books and few other standard books. · Then you have to profile yourself again.thereby you have the opportunity to rectify them and build self-confidence ** YOU ARE PASSIONATE.learning is greatly achieved only through question – answer method · think for oneself -. We expect some minimum qualities from you. So. (I) DETERMINATION (II) DEDICATION (III) DEVOTION WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU ? CERTAINLY NO MIRACLES This course is not a panacea. The biggest problem faced by students is managing time. think what the lecturers taught you. It is a dedication to help you to not only succeed in IIT JEE or MEDICINE and other competitive exams.· You should attack your weakness and prepare a strategy to defend the threats We put our best of the best efforts in realising your determined goal. ** You always compete healthily with your friends to assess yourself and be in competition. Here.