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Aircraft Reliability

Improvement and Maintenance
Cost Optimization
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27 - 31 October 2014, Singapore
About The Trainer
Mr. S.Nadeem Ahmed has 20 years plus of diverse engineering experience in Industrial sectors as a Mechanical
Engineer with Manufacturing and Engineering MRO Industry. For the past 15 years, he has worked with PK
Engineering MRO facility on Maintenance Repair, Overhaul, Testing and Evaluation of Turbo Machinery
including Aero and Aero derivative Gas Turbine Power Plants and has diversified experience on General
Electric, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney Machines. As an international conference speaker & trainer
globally addressing Gas Turbine Power Plants, Rotating equipment, Reliability engineering & lean Six Sigma
topics, he has also trained numerous professionals in the same area within and outside his organization.
Nadeem has also provisioned Process companies (Power Generation, Oil and Gas etc) on Effective Reliability
Improvement Programs, Maintenance Management Strategies, Lean Maintenance and Six Sigma Process
Improvement Strategies integrating the same with reliability solutions. He holds a Masters in Mechanical
Engineering with Major in Thermal Power Systems Engineering, is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt from USA & is well
versed with the Quality, Six Sigma and Power Plant Equipment Reliability Analysis Software’s. He has also conducted training for the
following companies : Lao Airlines, Miat Mongolian Airlines, ST Aerospace Supplies Pte Ltd, Air Niugini Limited, Myanmar
Airways International, Berjaya Air Sdn Bhd and Brunei Department of Civil Aviation.

About The Organizer
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clients, understand their unique business issues and assisting them to deliver the appropriate
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of all maintenance required to be carried out for a safe and economical aircraft operation. components. In addition Aircraft Maintenance cost trends / breakdowns will be discussed in detail.SG . These tasks are normally based upon the Maintenance Review Board Report and the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Planning Recommendation as detailed in the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD). but they need to be integrated to ensure high reliability levels. electrical and communication apparatus. Implementation of such aircraft maintenance program requires the preparation and planning of the maintenance tasks. adjusted and tested as well. Engines RCM based Strategies for critical components . Components. Engines . integration in Heavy Maintenance of airframe . engines. components and structures will be exercised with mini workshop within the sessions.31 October 2014. its systems. Practical exercises on individual critical components will supplement the course. Criticality Analysis Understanding Maintenance Services agreements with OEMs and MROs for higher reliability • • • • Course Benefits • • • Who Should Attend • • • • • • • • • • Airworthiness Inspectors from Civil Aviation Authorities Airline Maintenance Management Personnel Service or Design Engineering Personnel Technical Support Staff MRO Line and Base Maintenance Staff Workshop Personnel Maintenance Planning Personnel Fleet Managers Quality Assurance Personnel Maintenance Program Engineers Reliability Engineers Technical Staff from Leasing Companies • • • Understanding the Operational and Maintenance Philosophy of Aircraft Reliability Improvement strategies or Aircraft systems . reliability and failure analysis of aircraft. including frequencies. RCM based Reliability Strategies . The audiences are requested to bring their laptops to exercise analysis software’s with their own Aircraft / Engine data. while fulfilling the challenges of cost reductions and effective maintenance programs. Case studies with practical examples will complement this course. Singapore This Course is focused on aircraft reliability programs as part of the operator’s maintenance program. Design Philosophy and Applications. Key Learning Outcomes • • • • • • • Aircraft Basics.TUN. instruments. Continuing airworthiness is to be delivered by the aircraft Manufacturer for the establishment of an approved aircraft operator’s aircraft maintenance program and must contain the necessary details. Asset Management Concept as applied to Aircraft. lubricated. and associated systems and installations should be inspected. equipment. the tasks and periods (interval/ frequencies) at which each part of the aircraft. Within a 5-day period you will be provided with guidance for the implementation of RCM based Reliability Programs and you will focus on the monitoring task and the relevance of the efficiency of the Maintenance Program. is of paramount importance. its structure and components will be discussed in detail. Such implementation includes the periods at which items as appropriate should be checked. APU’s. Training Methodology The training will be facilitated using modern techniques supported by case studies from real aviation environment. accessories. in order to fulfill the regulatory requirements and to avoid unnecessary maintenance cost. replenished. In order to establish an operator’s maintenance program. Engines and LRU’s / components. Components & Defining Criticality Maintenance Cost reductions through reliability Improvement Aircraft heavy maintenance integration with reliability Programs.Aircraft Reliability Improvement and Maintenance Cost Optimization 27 . Failures Analysis FMECA for Aircraft Systems . Aircraft Operator reliability Program .Practical management of Aero Engines Components Maintenance Cost optimization for new and aged aircraft Aircraft Risk management in relation to repair and maintenance Warranty and Insurances related to aircraft reliability. Regulatory Authorities and Operators should be on the same level of understanding. Continued compliance with the regulatory requirements.SG ONLINE: WWW. The operator reliability program development and implementation will be discussed in detail. TEL: +65 6376 3179 FAX: +65 6271 9029 EMAIL: AMUTHA@TUN. Aero Engine reliability / Design trends / Up-Gradations in technology ETOPs requirements thorough understanding and integration in Aircraft reliability program. The Analysis tools application to maintenance. cleaned. This course will be focused with RCM based approach . This course will provide an insight into such understandings. Maintenance strategy and various concepts may reduce cost. with emphasis on issues related to maintenance cost analysis.

Monitoring and Control • Lean Maintenance Concepts and integration with existing programs. CMR etc. Philosophy • Fail Safe Design Concept • System Configuration and Redundancy • Non Redundant Single Path System • Redundant Parallel System. Skills. SAP Based • Maintenance Program Implementation and Development (Staggered Implementation Plan . Multiple Path System • Life Cycle Process.31 October 2014. Day 3 Reliability Data Monitoring • Performance Measurement and Parameters • Alert Definitions.) • Operator’s Maintenance Program. Statistics Summary • NFF. Phased Programmes) • Maintenance Task Cards . Day 5 Workshops / Case Studies • FMP . ARB. Failure scenario’s • Unscheduled Removals Data Collection • Prime sources of Information • Data Collection System • Information Sources and Data Collected • Process Flow Diagram • Pilot Reports and Repeaters • Delays and Cancellations • Component Removals and Failures. Delays and Cancellation per 100 Departures • Engine in-flight Shutdowns and Unscheduled Removals • ETOPs requirements • Fleet Corrective Action Status • Active Risk Analysis and Matrix for Aircraft Systems. Comparisons Day 2 Failure Considerations and Reliability Analysis • Definitions. • Discussion on overhaul Scope for Engines / Components. • Technical Delays and Cancellations • Dispatch Reliability. General Requirements • Scheduled Maintenance (Check Intervals. Components and Engines. B747. Maintenance Cost • Direct and Indirect Cost Associated with Aircraft • Maintenance Cost Baselines • Industry values for A380. APD. B777. • Structures Reliability • Upper Control Limits & Establishment • Revision of Control Limits • Examples Maintenance Program Implementation • Source documents (AD. Change Proposals • Cost Analysis • Repair Vs Replacement Decisions Day 4 Practical Workshops / Case Studies • Reliability Improvement (Example) • Reliability Program Development (Complete Exercise ) • Regulatory Requirements for Continued Airworthiness • Continued Airworthiness Management Organizations • Recent reliability related Aviation Incidents. FRCA • MSG. Classification of Failures • Probability (Qualitative and Quantitative) • Safety Objective • RCM Based Strategies . B777. B737. Cannibalization • Service Difficulty / Occurrence Report • Structural Irregularity Report • Types of Data in Aircraft Operation • Data Analysis Techniques. Distribution Fitting for Data’s Reporting Schemes • Data Display and Reporting • Monthly Fleet Reliability Report • Fleet Performance Report.) • Maintenance Task Packaging (Blocked Checks. Thresholds.SG . FHA . Zones. Variations • Critical Failure Report . Material etc.TUN. Statistics.) • Task / Function Codes (ATA Spec 100) • Logistics and Man hour planning aspects (Access Panels. A340 / 330 / 310 etc. Periodic Review. A340 / 330 / 310 etc. Six Sigma Tools • Weibull Analysis . Tool and Equipment. B737.Aircraft Reliability Improvement and Maintenance Cost Optimization 27 .SG ONLINE: WWW. • LTSAs for Wet lease and Dry lease with end acquisitions pitfalls Conclusion TEL: +65 6376 3179 FAX: +65 6271 9029 EMAIL: AMUTHA@TUN. FAA Explanation of Appendix I to AMC • Contents of the Maintenance • Types of Maintenance Strategies • Reliability Programme • Pooling Arrangements FAA Advisory Circular AC 120-79 • Purpose of the advisory circular • EASA Vs FAA Requirements. Sample Checks. Singapore Course Outline Day 1 General Introduction to Reliability • What is Reliability • Asset Management Concept • Regulatory Requirements EASA . B747. Permitted Variation etc. Exceptions • Airplane Alerts . Analysis • Cost Benefit Model. CMMS . MCPH variations Discussions & Understandings • Reliability Analysis of agreements • Maintenance Planning (Case Study) • Maintenance Cost Analysis for • A380. Status.) • Maintenance KPIs . Equalized Programs. SBs. FMECA . MSG-2 Maintenance Process and Decision Logic • MSG-3 Maintenance Tasks and Decision Logic • Failure Effect Categorization • Time-to-Failure. Interval Escalations etc. Amendments. • Maintenance Contracts – Cost Aspects • Maintenance Cost Reporting. Service Experience.

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