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AP BAR 1829
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Res. Ph No. 919866557853
Cell / Mobitel 919989907005
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Bachelor of Commerce from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam in June 1992
Bachelor of Law from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam in June 2003
Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations and Personal Management.

Professional Membership

Advocate in Bar Council of State of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
Member in Visakhapatnam Bar Association ,Visakhapatnam.
Council for M/s Oriental Insurance Company Limited, Hyderabad.
Council for M/s The New India Assurance Co.Ltd, Hyderabad.
Council for State Bank of Hyderabad, Housing Loans Division, Hyderabad
Director M/s Investigators India.Com

Experience Summary

Over 9 plus years of experience in various administrative areas like Liaisoning, Recruitment, HR,
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, I took up Insurance Advocacy as my Profession.
I used to advice the insurance companies in settlement of PA(Personal Accident), MACT(Motor
Accident Tribunal), Medi-Claims(Medical Claims),Theft related to Motor,Marine ,Fire and Misc
Policies with resourceful evidences. Pleases visit my web site investigators

OCT 2004– JAN 07

Title Founder & Executive Director of

Period Oct/2004 - Till Date

Responsibilities • Empanel the company in various Insurance
companies and Banks
• Manage business operations.
• To lead and support and team which provides
documental evidences to suggest the insurance
companies to repudiate claims, ensuring
maximum availability.
• Be responsible for ensuring the exclusion and
conditions of the policies
• Undertake interim and annual assessment
• Establish service standards and procedures to
sustain agreed service levels
• Interface directly with various support areas,
vendor fault tracking, and working with IP
service providers.
• Monitoring Lease line status and follow-up with
Service Provider.
• Configuring Leased Lines using OSPF and RIP
• Configuring and managing VLANs.
The Project The IT Infrastructure at Secretariat includes Andhra
Pradesh Secretariat Campus Area Network (APSCAN)
and Server Farm of 50 IBM/Dell/HP Servers with
different applications like Lotus Domino Server for
mailing and messaging, Domino Doc, CA EMS etc.
APSCAN is one of the largest Campus Area Networks
designed to connect 5000 nodes. Cisco 6509 switches (2
No) are the core switches. The distribution switches are
Cisco 4507R (17 Nos. at each block) and the access is on
catalyst 2950 switches. The distribution switches are
connected on a backbone of 10Gbps. The access
connectivity is on 1GB. The Network and Server
monitoring is done at Secretariat Network Unit using CA
NSM. The Complete Server Monitoring, URL Filtering,
Asset Management, Service Desk are implemented using
IDRBT – INFINET- Indian Financial network is a state
of art technology connecting 19 Regional Offices and 38
RBI locations all over India. This constitutes the
backbone connecting all the banks and financial
institutions over 93 number leased lines
Hardware Cisco 2900/4500/6500 Series Switches
Cisco 2600/7200/7500 Series Router
Tools: Cisco ACS, CA NSM 3.1, CA eTrust NIDS
Tools Cisco ACS, CA NSM 3.1, CA eTrust NIDS
Work Location Hyderabad, India.


Title Service Desk and Enterprise Management Solutions
Period March 2005 – October 2005
Position Process Owner
Client CMC Hyderabad, AP Secretariat, Hyderabad
Responsibilities • Implementation of CA SPSD.
• Configuring Auto-assignments, time shifts, data
• Configuring SLA Levels depending as per the
customers’ contract.
• Configuring Escalation matrix.
• Taking the responsibility and ownership of the
entire process.
• Implementation of CA EMS which includes CA
Network and system management tools, Asset
management, Software Delivery Option, Remote
Control Option, Network Performance Option and
Service Level Management Option.

The Project CA SPSD is an ITIL Complaint Service desk. Since CMC
being a service Organization, we receive complaint
service calls from our customers. Earlier the Call
Dispatch in CMC Hyderabad was implemented on MS
Access. The complaint calls were registered here and then
dispatched manually to the respective support engineers.
This process was tedious and also this resulted sometimes
in lapse, miscommunications and finally delays in
attending the complaint calls. So CA Service Desk which
is ITIL Complaint is implemented in CMC Office.
Customers register complaint calls from the web portal
and the Service desk takes care of the autoassignment,
escalation etc.
Hardware HP Server with Win2K3 and MS SQL 2K
Tools CA Unicenter SPSD, CA EMS
Work Location Hyderabad, India.

Title Presales and Technical Support in Networking Group
Period APRIL 04- APRIL 05
Position Technical Support Executive
Client CMC Vizag
Responsibilities • Provide IT consulting and Network solutions and
proposals to various customers.
• Work Profile includes recommending
Infrastructure Design Models for the Customer
Business Teams to achieve their goals. It includes
gathering the business requirements and work
with the customer and Infrastructure teams and
arrive at a model, co-ordinate with Service
providers and other vendors to get pricing, prepare
total budget for the project,
• LAN and WAN proposals
• Provided Campus LAN solutions for very
important Customers like NSTL, JNTU, AU, SBC
• Server proposals
• Collection and follow-up of outstanding
• Finding Business prospects, proactively meeting
Customers, bring good leads from customers.
• Active participation in tenders.
• Providing Technical Training to Business
development Team
The Project As TSG to Vizag office and BD support provided
solutions for Server Configurations (Both high-end and
mid-range servers) LAN proposals to many Navy
customers, Ship Building Center, DRDO, VSP, HPCL,
NSTL and AU. This includes fiber connectivity between
the units and also the UTP horizontal cabling within the
buildings, Wireless solutions and NMS. The design
solution includes the equipment with specifications and
also the budgetary proposal. My BD support to CMC
Vizag involved active participation in the tenders,
proactively meeting customers, bringing good leads from
customers, providing immediate solutions and proposals
to the customers’ requirements and thereby bringing new
prospects. I introduced new customers like CE, HPCL
MIS, VPT, and Dock Labor Board.
Hardware LAN and WAN Designing
Cisco/Dlink/3 COM/Entrasys Switches and Routers All
RAD/D link/Attrie Modems
Work Location Visakhapatnam, India.
Nov 03- APR 04 CMC LTD
Title Metropolitan Area Network
Period Nov 03- APR 04
Position Team Leader
Client Eastern Naval Command
Responsibilities • Study of all the 54 units, their existing LAN
infrastructure, applications used, bandwidth
requirements, bottlenecks to traffic flow.
• Design and implementation of LAN at each unit.
• Design & Implementation of VLANs at head
• Inter VLAN connectivity.
• Installation of switches and routers.
• Configuring D View and providing training to the
• Implementation of STP on Cisco Switches.
• Coordinating the Optical Fiber Team.
• Providing Training on Metropolitan Area Network
• Preparing the documentation for whole Network
• Responsible for overseeing the Quality procedures
related to the project.

The Project ENC is a defence client requiring more security and fast
backbone network. The Eastern Naval Command head
Quarters is placed in Visakahpatnam. The MAN Network
provided connectivity to 54 Navy units spread across the
city. The nearby units were connected on SMF Fiber and
the farther units were connected over Leased lines with
ISDN backups. This project involved installation of
L3/L2 Switches and implementing VLANs.
Hardware Cisco 4500/3550/2950 & D-link 3324 Sri Layer 3
Cisco 3600/2600 Routers
Work Location Visakhapatnam, India.

Period APR 03 – NOV 03
Position Team Leader
Client Steel Authority of India Limited, AP
Responsibilities • Coordination and end-to-end project management in
• Installation and Configuration of 2600/3600 Routers.
• Design and Implementation of OSPF Areas.
• Implementation of Static Routes between Branches
• Configuring ISDN dialer interfaces as backups for
leased lines.
• Monitoring of leased lines
• Regular follow-ups with service providers

The Project SAIL has automated their process of Steel Stock at the
Business Sales Offices and Business trade Offices. For
this purpose CMC implemented a WAN providing
connectivity between their BSO & BTSO to their Head
Offices all over India.

Hardware Cisco 3600/1700 Series Routers; Cisco 2550 Switches
Work Location Visakhapatnam, India.


Title Campus LAN
Period APR 02 – APR 03
Position Team Leader
Client Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
Responsibilities • Study and Design of Campus Area Network.
• End to End project management.
• Installation & Configuration of Cisco 3600/1700
Series Routers for Internet and Library.
• Installation and Configuration of Cisco Switches.
• Configuration of RAS.
The Project Andhra University Campus LAN consists of total Fiber
connectivity between eight zones, which constitutes of 36
Departments. The core switch Cisco 4507R was placed in
the Computer Center and 72 Cisco 2900 series were used
for Distribution. The VC and other important professors
were connected over RAS.

Hardware Cisco 3600/1700 Series Routers
Cisco 4500/3550/2900 Switches
Work Location Visakhapatnam, India.


Title BOI Multi Branch Banking MBB
Period APR 01 – APR 02
Position Team Leader
Client Bank Of India, AP
Responsibilities • End to End project coordination in AP
• Installation & Configuration of Cisco 3600/1700
Series Routers
• Configuration of Chanalized E1 and 64 KBPS
• Design and Implementation of OSPF Areas, Stub
• Implementation of Static Routes between
• Configuring ISDN dialer interfaces as backups for
leased lines.
• Responsible for overseeing the Quality procedures
related to the project.
• Monitoring of leased lines.
• Regular follow-ups with service providers
• FM support

The Project The Bank of India MBB is a WAN based Intranet
connectivity of all their branches to their Zonal Offices in
India. The total connectivity was for 276 branches in
India. The entire equipment used in this project was
Cisco. The Zonal Offices were connected to IDRBT.
Hardware Cisco 3600/1700 Series Routers
Cisco 2900 Switches
Tools: Cisco Works 2000
Work Location Hyderabad, India.


Title Central Bank of India
Period APR 00 – APR 01
Position Team Leader
Client Central Bank Of India, Visakhapatnam
Responsibilities • Installation & Configuration of Cisco 1700 Series
Routers in AP.
• Design and Implementation of RIP protocols.
• Implementation of Static Routes between
• Monitoring of leased lines
• Regular follow-ups with service providers
• Configuration of VIX cards with FXS ports.

The Project Central Bank WAN constitutes of 150 branches all over India,
connected over 64 KBPS lines.

Hardware Cisco 1700 Series Routers
RAD Modems
Work Location Hyderabad, India.


Period APR 99 – APR 00
Position Team Member
Client Department of Telecom, Visakhapatnam
Responsibilities • Transferring of existing data from old WINIX
servers to latest SCO Servers
• Designing and implementation of IP schemes
• Installation of HP LC 2000/Compaq 1600 Servers
• Installation of Cisco 1700 Routers
• Installation of RAD modems.
• Installation of desktops and network printers

The Project DOTSOFT is Department of Telecom District WAN
Based Intranet Project connecting all the exchanges and
commercial centers with their head quarter server. As part
of this project department of telecom developed their own
software for billing, exchange maintenance, problem
logging and for customer complaints. Implementation
part of this DOTSOFT has been given to CMC. As part of
this the team members involved in installation of Servers,
Desktops, Routers and 64 KBPS Modems and leased
lines etc.

Hardware HP LC 2000, Compaq 3000/1600, Cisco 1700 series
Work Location Hyderabad, India.


Title Annual Maintenance Contract
Period SEP 05 – APR 99
Position Team Member
Client TNPSC, UCO Bank , SBI, Union Bank, Reserve Bank of
Responsibilities • Unix Administration, hardware maintenance, O/S
installation and maintenance, user administration,
file and disk management, print service
management and network file system
• Maintaining and administering the Unix servers at
TNPSC and Banks, which are very critical
systems, on which the employees PF was
The Project General AMC with customers like department of telecom
(Tirupati), TNPSC, UCO Bank , SBI, Union Bank,
Reserve Bank of India-Chennai

Hardware Wipro LAND Mark, Ironics systems, Desktops
Work Location Chennai, India.

Year Title Location Organised by
June 2006 Six Sigma Orientation Program
Hyderabad CMC Ltd
May 2006 Interpersonal Communication Skills
Hyderabad CMC Ltd
April 2006 PIX Firewall Hyderabad CMC Ltd
March 2006 Project Management – 35 hour PDU Hyderabad CMC Ltd
January 2006 CA EMS Hyderabad CMC Ltd
December 2005 Windows 2003 System Hyderabad Zoom Technologies
October 2005 BS 15000 Auditor Certification Hyderabad STQC
June 2005 Cisco Certified Network Hyderabad Zoom Technologies
June 2005 Information Technology Hyderabad HP
Infrastructure Library
June 2004 Cisco Certified Network Associate Hyderabad NIIT
June 2004 TBEM Training Hyderabad CMC Ltd
June 2004 Cisco Product Presales Training Hyderabad Cisco
January 2004 Linux System Administration Hyderabad ESCI
June 2001 Basics of Networking Visakhapatnam CMC Ltd
January 1999 Compaq Server Technology Chennai Compaq
March 1996 VMS Administration Visakhapatnam CMC Ltd
November 1995 Unix System Administration Visakhapatnam CMC Ltd


Date of Birth 27-04-1974


Nationality INDIAN

Marital Status MARRIED

Number of Children TWO
Date of Joining 01-Mar-1995
Experience In 9 Years 4 Months
Others 0 Years 0 Months
Designation Project leader
Location CMC LTD, Hyderabad
Passport No. A3034784


Issued on 06-04-1998

Valid till 05-04-2008

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