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Department of Physics

IIT Kanpur
PHY 102-First Handout
Aug-Dec 2014
Amit Agarwal — Office: FB 386, : amitag, : 6981 (Instructor Incharge)
Rajendra Prasad — Office: FB 373, : rprasad : 7065/7092.
Classes: LEC: MWF 15:00-16:00 L7; TUT: Th 15:00-16:00 L3,L4,L5,L6,L2;
An Introduction to Mechanics, D. Kleppner and R. Kolenkow.
Introduction to Mechanics, M. K. Verma.
Engineering Mechanics, M. K. Harbola.
All these are available in the campus book stores at a reasonable cost.
• A problem set will be given every Friday. You are requested to collect it from the A1
Photocopy & Lamination centre (near Tarun Book store) in the shopping complex.
• We will give 4-8 problems in each set. Since solving problems is an integral part of
the learning process, you are strongly encouraged to solve the problems yourself.
There may be some star marked (difficult) problems for problem solving enthusiasts
at the end.
• It might be helpful to maintain a notebook for working out the problems. However
these problems will not be graded, though you may find similar problems in the
quizzes and exams .
Generally the first four problems will be discussed in the DIPA (Discussion of Illustrative
Problems & Assignments) tutorial session by the following tutors:
Section 1 (L3) : Prof. Rajendra Prasad ; (students - Roll no. 9000 - 14131)
Section 2 (L4) : Prof. Zakir Hussain; (students - Roll no.14132 - 14322)
Section 3 (L5) : Prof. Amit Agarwal; (students - Roll no. 14323 - 14487)
Section 4 (L6) : Prof. Anand Kumar Jha ; (students - Roll no. 14488 - 14664)
Section 5 (L2) : Prof. Uma Divakaran; (students - Roll no. 14665 - 14832)
Marks distribution:
Quiz 1 : 10 (10-15 minutes)
Mid-Sem : 80 (2 hours)
Quiz 2 : 10 (10-15 minutes)
Final Examination: 120 (3 hours)
Total : 220
Policy for leave during the exams/quizes:
All leaves by the students must be sanctioned by the SUGC chairman via the DOAA office,
for this course.
Phy102: Introduction to Mechanics Rajendra Prasad, Amit Agarwal
Phy102 Page 2 of 2 First Handout
• There will be no-makeup exam for the mid-sem or for the quizzes. If we receive
confirmation of someone’s leave for the exam leave via the DOAA office and SUGC
chairman, then his/her case will be considered and marks may be prorated based on
the total score in all the other quizzes and exams.
• There will be a make-up exam (which is generally more difficult) for the final exam if
and only if, there is a medical leave of any student approved by the DOAA and the
SUGC chairman.
Other Details:
• The course material and a discussion forum for PHY 102 will also be hosted on Please sign up at for viewing the
homework’s and announcements and the online discussions-forum. The students,
instructors and tutors of Phy102 will try to answer queries/comments as soon as
• We very strongly encourage you to attend the lectures and DIPA sessions, with the
assurance that you will learn new things, and it will also be useful in scoring marks .
• Please note that marks less that 30% of the total, i.e. marks < 66/220, will most
likely result in a fail grade (E or F).
• Please feel free to visit us in our office or call us if you have any difficulty or feedback
regarding the course.
• We will follow a zero-tolerance policy for academic misconduct. Any academic
wrongdoing (copying, use of unfair means in exams, impersonating etc.) will be dealt
with very strictly. We sincerely hope that such a situation does not arise.