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API 1169 – Pipeline Inspector Program

The API 1169 Pipeline Inspector Certification program has been developed in
cooperation with industry experts in order to establish an industry-wide credential for
pipeline inspection professionals. This program will test applicant’s knowledge in
relevant codes and standards necessary to perform inspection activities during
construction of new onshore pipelines. Qualified individuals should be
knowledgeable about:

 General pipeline construction inspection
 Inspector responsibilities
 Personnel and general pipeline safety
 Environmental and pollution control

The API 1169 certification is valid for a three-year term.

Minimum Qualification Requirements
 The qualification requirements for API 1169 are based on a combination of the
number of years of experience acquired within the last 10 years, plus education,
and in some cases, other certifications.
 Your experience and education should match at least one of the
combinations in any one of the grids below:
Inspection Experience
Non-Inspection Pipeline Experience
General Oil & Gas Industry Experience
Other Heavy Industry Experience

API 1169 Pipeline Inspector Program - Exam Information

1. Questions on the API 1169 examination are derived from the publications listed in
the Publications Effectivity Sheet.
2. Refer to the Body of Knowledge for specific topics included on the exam.
3. Relevant government-issued publications will be available on your computer
monitor during the exam. See the Publications Effectivity Sheet and Body of
Knowledge for a list of those reference documents.
4. There are 100 questions on the exam, and the exam is 3 hours long.
5. The exam will be administered via computer at a Prometric computer testing
6. Papers and books may not be brought into the computer testing centers.

Examination Policies & Notifications
1. API gives each candidate 12 consecutive months to pass an exam. This 12-
month period begins with the first scheduled exam date.
2. If a candidate does not pass the examination on the first attempt, the exam
may be rescheduled within the allowable 12-month period. Reschedule fees apply.
3. If the candidate is unsuccessful within the allotted 12 months, a new application
must be submitted along with a new application fee.
4. Examination scores and results are sent by Prometric to each applicant via e-mail
approximately eight (8) weeks after the exam.
5. If a candidate passes the exam and has no deficiencies in their application, they
will be certified.
6. A paper certificate and wallet card will be mailed out approximately 2-4 weeks
after the results have been received.
7. The term of certification is 3 years.