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Today’s schools are challenged to do more with less.
Despite diminishing budgets, teachers, administrators,
students, and parents all have higher expectations for
secure, innovative 21st-century learning environments.
Partners who recommend Cisco® Services to their edu-
cational customers offer best-in-class services that are
reliable, flexible, and extensible and help schools build
next-generation learning environments.
Cisco Connected Learning solutions allow partners to
offer safe, cost-effective, and engaging learning envi-
ronments, supported by efficient administrative solutions.
As a Cisco partner, you are in an excellent position to
help improve learning outcomes, efficiencies, and return
on investment as the customers’ trusted adviser.
Cisco Services provides partners with flexible options
to work with educational institutions to implement cost-
effective, well-planned, and robust network architectures
for effective learning environments upon which admin-
istrators, staff, researchers, teachers, students, and
parents can rely.
By delivering solutions that integrate Cisco Services,
partners help schools satisfy today’s needs and estab-
lish multiyear plans and platforms that support academic
excellence and facilitate cross-organizational collabora-
tion for years to come.
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Offering a broad solution portfolio and extensive
experience working with educational institutions,
Cisco Services:
• Helps enable rapid deployment of new applications
with minimal disruption
• Offers a manageable migration path
• Helps institutions maintain a persistent focus on
academic achievement and organizational goals
Cisco partners who recommend that their educational
customers implement Cisco Services help schools create
safe, cost-effective, and engaging learning environments
supported by efficient administrative solutions.
By removing barriers to communication, enabling real-time
interactions, and simplifying operations, partners help:
• Establish easy, secure, and ubiquitous access
to media-rich curricula using live streaming or
rebroadcast through next-generation architectures
• Connect administrators, researchers, staff, faculty
members, parents, and students across campus,
between departments, and around the world
• Ensure safer, more secure learning environments
• Improve energy use and create a smarter, greener
By collaboratively delivering Cisco Services, partners
help schools implement and maintain a reliable platform
to support a media-rich, effective, 21st-century learning
environment that meets the needs of teachers, faculty,
and students.
Quick Reference Guide
Cisco Services provide partners with options that help
schools realize and maximize the benefits of next-
generation learning solutions.
Cisco Medianet Readiness Assessment (MRA)
Service for Education
Accelerates smooth deployment of media-rich
applications by helping ensure a video-ready network
Cisco Business Video Services for Education
Services for educational video help converge data,
voice, and IP video to build a highly secure, robust, and
service-ready network. These services give students,
faculty, and administrators the opportunity to collaborate,
teach, and learn more effectively with real-time commu-
nications applications.
Cisco Digital Media Suite Services
Expert help planning for, designing, implementing, and
operating the Cisco Digital Media Suite, a comprehen-
sive offering of social video, digital signage, and IPTV
systems that can help transform how teachers, faculty,
and students communicate and collaborate.
Cisco Unified Communications Services
Successfully plan, design, and deploy a highly
secure, resilient, high-performance Cisco Unified
Communications solution that delivers a robust
rich-media learning experience.
Cisco TelePresence® Services
Create next-generation learning environments with
real-time, in-person meeting experiences that enhance
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the quality of education and engage learners from any-
where across schools, districts, and the world.
Cisco Cloud Enablement Services for Higher Education
Determine if migrating to a cloud model is right for your
school, and learn how you can successfully make the
transition. Accelerate the development and implementa-
tion of a cloud computing solution with a measurable ROI.
Cisco SMARTnet® Service
Expert technical support that offers direct, anytime
access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of
technical resources for rapid issue resolution to enhance
the uptime of critical systems.
Quick Reference Guide
Cisco Smart Care Service
Includes all the benefits of SMARTnet, plus award-
winning proactive diagnostic capabilities and network
management support.
Cisco Services Accelerate Program
Cisco Services for Public Sector: Education
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