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Applications and Services in the Cloud:
Providing Flexibility to Enhance Business
What You Will Learn

Cisco Cloud Applications and Services allow organizations to give users what they need to do business — when,
where, and how they need it. With flexible deployment models that complement on-premises and hybrid options,
Cisco Cloud Applications and Services include hosted applications and the tools service providers and others
need to host applications (Figure 1).
Figure 1.

Cisco Cloud Applications and Services

Challenge: Why Clouds for Service Delivery?
There is a lot of talk about “the cloud” and concepts of magic spaces that hold data and simplify your business.
There also is a lot of talk about everything being new and different. In some ways it is — clouds provide a new
level of flexibility in application and data delivery. Provisioning applications and services from a cloud provides
operational benefits without the capital expenses of on-premises environments.
Cloud momentum is accelerating. The economic and agility benefits of clouds are creating significant change in
the delivery and consumption of IT services, applications, and content. Cisco enables a world of many clouds —
connecting people and organizations within a cloud, between clouds, and beyond the cloud — and unified across
clouds. There are many variations: private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds, as well as communities of
clouds for healthcare, finance, or governments.
As direct consumers of cloud-hosted applications and services from Cisco and our partners, end users get access
to high-performance, enterprise-class applications and services.

© 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.

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“context” as appropriate The critical factor is still about making sure it works and making sure your teams can work. All rights reserved. like many companies. Whether it is an on-premises setup in a data center or a cloud from beyond the boundaries of the organization. back-end. and invisible. partners. you rely on Microsoft desktop productivity applications. on any device. performance. and how you need it. the Cisco WebEx cloud can provide user-availability information directly within Microsoft Office applications. and suppliers ● Shift IT spend from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operating expenses (OpEx) ● Allow organizations to focus on “core” vs. ● Integration: The offerings enable you to continue using existing business applications with the added features of Cisco WebEx cloud services. and resell hosted services. ● Maintenance: The growing portfolio of Cisco WebEx cloud services applications does not require updates to on-premises equipment. they want what works. Page 2 of 7 . which: ● Deliver consistency of service across devices ● Help ensure access to an always-current version ● Support easy service procurement and activation ● Enable rapid deployment at scale ● Are inherently “business-to-business-ready” for customers. © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. and you can minimize time and effort spent in deploying new and upgraded applications while reducing the risks of technology obsolescence. cloud is just another delivery model.and standards-based solutions. provide.Benefits of Cloud Delivery IT focus is shifting to service delivery as content and applications are increasingly being delivered on demand and to mobile users. Cisco WebEx Cloud Services As direct consumers of hosted applications. It should be transparent. and reliability previously possible only through traditional on-premises deployments. at any time with the security. For users. where. It is not about “ripping and replacing” everything. behind the scenes. it is about taking advantage of enhancements that make things easier and improve business processes. ● Interoperability: Cisco offerings help you protect your existing IT investments through interoperability with other premises. enterprise-class collaboration applications directly from the Cisco WebEx cloud. Collaboration Through the Clouds Cisco focuses on delivering a compelling and consistent user experience for every service delivered from the cloud. You can get Cisco WebEx cloud services in two ways: from Cisco or from our partners that build. Organizations can achieve significant benefits by taking advantage of applications and services offered through the cloud. This document is Cisco Public Information. your users get business-critical. Users do not want new and different for the sake of it. These services allow you to get what you need to collaborate — when. If. the users’ only concern is that they can complete their tasks and be assured of a consistent experience. These services can be delivered anywhere.

and mobile phones Hosted by Cisco and our partners Cisco WebEx Telepresence ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ● Indicates who is available and how you can interact with them — message. and ◦ related content Increases productivity and accelerates results with the ability to meet anytime. anytime. social. content creation. meet. visual. hosted by Cisco with live business-class customer support Cisco WebEx Social Combines the power of enterprise social networking. or video Offers a hosted subscription telepresence service for small and medium-sized businesses Allows you to be operational in minutes with simple. In the post-PC era. Building upon Cisco’s end-to-end collaboration architecture and Cisco Validated Designs. Whether from partners or the Cisco WebEx cloud. and online events Hosted by Cisco and our partners Cisco WebEx Connect Allows you to use instant messaging and access presence information from any workspace on any ◦ device ◦ ◦ ◦ ● Delivers a rich. based on: ● A continuously evolving and expanding portfolio of Cisco Collaboration solutions (on demand) ● Architectural blueprints and light-touch services that help ensure security and full management across the collaboration suite © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. ready-to-use service activation Offers unlimited video calling to any standards-based telepresence or video system Implemented and activated by partners. in-person visual experiences. helping people hear and see one another. and real-time communications Instantly share information and knowledge across teams. web meetings. Cisco solutions support flexible cloud delivery models and “bring-your-own-device” models for new levels of freedom and productivity. All rights reserved. you can enjoy more effective meetings. and secure document sharing anywhere. partners build cloud collaboration services that support your business priorities. departments and geographies Enable employees anywhere to quickly find the people and resources they need to get work done Create and capture intellectual capital in one secure. Page 3 of 7 . mail. share ideas and content. Cisco WebEx cloud offerings include the following products and features: ● ® Cisco WebEx Meetings Manages the entire web conferencing lifecycle. supporting prework. pretested Cisco and partner infrastructure solutions. anywhere — even on ◦ mobile devices ◦ ◦ ● Delivers compelling and cost-effective training sessions. Macs. phone.The new collaboration experience is more mobile. and virtual. The applications enable more natural collaboration. tablets. and improve their working relationships and productivity. follow-up. sales presentations. centralized location ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Partner-Hosted Cisco Collaboration Services Cisco enables providers to deliver collaboration services with integrated. This document is Cisco Public Information. and on any device. consistent experience across PCs. demos.

The Cisco SecureX Architecture ™ framework enables organizations to establish and enforce consistent cloud-based security policies. and intrusion-prevention-system (IPS) solutions as well as the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway for Nexus 1000V Series Switch and Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall ● Cloud Security Services: Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO). Page 4 of 7 . video interoperability. and application servers. interactive-voice-response ◦ (IVR) support. In addition. It can also create and enforce security zones so users from different companies can access only their own applications and data. it secures access to applications that reside in the cloud.● A rich media and consistent user experience. The Cisco SecureX Architecture framework provides context-aware policy and enforcement across the entire distributed network environment. and enable greater scalability and improved performance. and advanced media services Enables you to build partner communities for telepresence and standard video ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Security Through the Clouds Cloud computing introduces security risks and concerns around technology and business processes. This document is Cisco Public Information. receive up-todate threat intelligence. All rights reserved. in any consumption model Cisco partners take advantage of the following Cisco solution platforms to create and host collaboration services: ● Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Unified communications and collaboration applications with a cloud-ready virtualization platform under a ◦ centralized management system ◦ ◦ ◦ ● Scalable architecture based on Cisco Validated Designs Provides access to the latest collaboration applications Simplifies support and maintenance Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution for Contact Center Quickly and cost-effectively delivers contact-center solutions to end users Lets you subscribe to the application you need as a service in the cloud Includes 500. Cisco SecureX Architecture also controls access to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications by authenticating users and managing access privileges and controls. supported by the Cisco SecureX Architecture framework. include: ● Secure Cloud Infrastructure: High-end firewall. and Cisco ScanSafe Cloud Web Security © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. VPN. Cisco Cloud Email Security. on any device. data moving to and from applications. anywhere. and more ● Cisco TelePresence Exchange System Is a flexible telepresence and video service-creation platform Provides cloud-based managed and hosted Cisco TelePresence services Supports telepresence.and 1000-agent deployment models Allows you to benefit from fast deployments. with any content. and consistent end-user ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ experiences Includes Computer Telephony Integration Object Server (CTIOS) desktop. flexibility. To succeed with cloud computing. organizations must address these new concerns. operational efficiency. Cisco Cloud Security solutions.

Page 5 of 7 . on any network or device. and scalability. Using advanced transcoding and streaming tools. Cisco Videoscape Cloud Solutions help service providers deliver new cloud content and applications with optimal flexibility. these solutions can efficiently deliver experiences to any screen. third-party applications. which uses an intelligent cloudbased platform with full lifecycle content management to allow service providers to efficiently and cost-effectively manage and publish content over multiple networks to multiple screens. and communications from any source such as live TV. with the best possible video quality for the available bandwidth. Cisco SIO processes this data for threat analysis and correlation — translating into 1 terabyte of overall data inflow — and then converts it into actionable security updates that are pushed to Cisco security devices throughout the day to provide customer networks with critical. and feedback from more than 150 million endpoints and 700. video communications. They can then bundle. enabled in part through the Cisco Developer Community IVT Program. real-time security intelligence and threat protection. monetize. Advanced virtualization and energy-efficiency technologies allow companies to reduce operating costs. even as they reduce the effect on the environment. This document is Cisco Public Information.000 security devices deployed at customer sites and Cisco data centers located throughout the world. and client devices to deliver new video experiences over the Internet. online video. ™ ™ Because Cisco's cloud portfolio is based on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS ). All rights reserved. Cisco Videoscape Cloud Solutions include the Cisco Videoscape Media Suite. and advertising. with daily visibility into more than 100 million email messages. and deliver those unified experiences to any screen. Third-Party Service Delivery The Cisco strategy is to enable customers and partners to deliver cloud applications and services. on-demand content. policy control. and service control (Policy and Charging Rules Function [PCRF]) © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. Cisco TrustSec . and Cisco SaaS Access Control technologies As a critical component of Cisco Cloud Security Services. applications. Cisco has developed a third-party ecosystem of Cisco UCS Certified Cloud Applications and Services. Part of that strategy includes support for third-party cloud services with a broad ecosystem of technology partners and a portfolio of certified enterprise applications and services. This ecosystem addresses a broad range of operating systems and includes industry-leading applications and tools for: ● Systems management ● Service orchestration ● Monitoring and analysis ● Deployment and configuration ● Subscriber data management. velocity.● ™ ® Secure Cloud Access and Communications: Cisco AnyConnect . social media. 30 billion web requests. Cloud Delivery of Video ™ The Cisco Videoscape Mobile Solution is an open platform that uses clouds. Cisco Videoscape Cloud Solutions provide the platform for service providers to converge content. the network. Cisco SIO has visibility into 35 percent of global email traffic.

All rights reserved. Video Delivery. and manage cloud solutions. CA. network. supporting high productivity. further supporting: ● Rapid time to value ● Delivery of new capabilities ● Flexible deployment and scalability models ● Mitigation of technology obsolescence through access to up-to-date applications This comprehensive set of integrated solutions is designed to help companies accelerate cloud success and realize the full value of their cloud implementation. Cisco enables IT to provide services and connect people to collaborate. and Cloud Intelligent Network — into an integrated architecture that helps organizations realize the promise of the world of many clouds. We can help you realize the full value of your collaboration solution across the deployment that is right for your organization. or hybrid). and collaboration application environments. and user satisfaction. Security-as-a-Service.Cisco works to provide fully tested. This integration offers organizations a choice of complete solutions that can dramatically reduce time and complexity of cloud services deployment. VMware. or a hybrid. in which IT becomes IT as a Service (ITaaS). while providing a consistent and desired user experience regardless of delivery method (cloud. Cisco's cloud portfolio is a powerful set of capabilities enabling organizations to build public. Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI). BMC. cost-effectiveness. We live in a world of many clouds. on-premises. and on demand. Whether delivered directly by Cisco or through partners. set up. Cisco complements these solutions and services with a comprehensive portfolio of cloud enablement services to rapidly design. Page 6 of 7 . This document is Cisco Public Information. Infrastructure as a Service. RedHat. and others. and BMC Together we offer a choice of complete solutions that dramatically reduce the time for an enterprise or service provider to deploy cloud services. Why Cisco? The network is the platform for clouds. private. Microsoft. The key to getting the most out of cloud services is to take advantage of flexible deployment options that give you the highest usage of your resources. Cisco simplifies and accelerates the use of cloud services by providing servicedelivery solutions including WebEx Cloud. Cisco uniquely combines the three pillars of cloud computing — Innovative Cloud Applications and Services. Only Cisco uniquely enables this world of many clouds — connecting people and organizations with an assured cloud experience. Examples include: ● FlexPod with NetApp ● Vblock with VCE ● Virtualization with VMware. NetApp. integrating the data center and the network and improving the delivery of cloud services. Cisco provides industry-leading solutions that unify and simplify cloud resources. integrated solutions with industry-leading partners including EMC. RedHat. with professional service and technical support expertise across data center. and in which people can collaborate dynamically and consume content on demand. whether it is in the cloud. Citrix. Cisco and our partners provide a spectrum of industry-leading capabilities. and others. on-premises. © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. Unified Data Center. and hybrid clouds and offer new cloud services and applications dynamically.

● Watch a video about the benefits of the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution at http://www. All rights More Information ● Learn more about Cisco Cloud Applications and Services at ● Learn more about Cisco Cloud Security at http://www. ● The Cisco Collaboration portfolio includes products in four major Printed in USA © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. partners. all designed to improve your organization’s ability to work more effectively with employees. C22-693351-03 03/13 Page 7 of 7 .cisco. and customers. This document is Cisco Public