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Type and Earn !!!

(E-book Project)

Silver Plan Golden Plan
200 300
20 30
Accuracy Needed
70% 70%
No. of Chances
1 3
100/- per page 150/- per page
Contract Period
11 Months 11 Months
5500 (Refundable) 11000 (Refundable)
Service Charge
2000 (Non-refundable) 2000 (Non-refundable)

Payment Terms :

Silver Plan :-
 90.1% to 100% Accuracy:- 20000/- (100 rs. Per page)
 80.1% to 90.0% Accuracy:- 15000/- (75 rs. Per page)
 70.0% to 80.0% Accuracy:- 10000/- (50 rs. Per page)

Golden Plan :-
 Above 70% in first Submission:- 45000/- (150 rs. Per page)
 Above 70% in rework Submission:- 30000/- (100 rs. Per page)
 Above 70% in re-rework Submission:- 15000/- (50 rs. Per page)

Accuracy Parameters :
Type of Error Field % deduction from 100%
Punctuation error In whole 200 or 300 pages 0.3%
Spelling error In whole 200 or 300 pages 0.5%
Word Missing/Extra In whole 200 or 300 pages 0.7%
Space Missing/Extra In whole 200 or 300 pages 0.7%
Enter Missing/Extra In whole 200 or 300 pages 0.9%
Line Missing/Extra In whole 200 or 300 pages 1.0%

Comet Infowave
Pvt. Ltd.

Sample Accuracy Report
Error (Description) Correction Error Type % deduction
736 38 which which, Punctuation error 0.30%
784 43 you you. Punctuation error 0.30%
829 18 ine one Spelling error 0.50%
26 thees these Spelling error 0.50%
53 the lamps the big lamps Word Missing 0.70%
843 17 one thing of one of Extra Word 0.70%
866 26 the thw Spelling error 0.50%
not accepted (2 spaces in
not accepted Extra Space 0.70%
902 49 the, the. Punctuation error 0.30%
63 alotment allotment Spelling error 0.50%
918 3 May31st May 31st Space Missing 0.70%
19 the Manager the manager Punctuation error 0.30%
942 21 Line No 21 Missing
Line No 21
Line Missing 1.00%
69 Extra enter after the line No. 69 No Enter required Extra Enter 0.90%

Total deduction 7.90%

This is a sample accuracy report. In the same way a report will be generated and it will be
forwarded to second party by the first party showing which mistakes are there in which line on
which page number and according to the company’s method of calculating accuracy what type of
error it is and hence how much % is deducted in terms of accuracy.

Briefing the method of calculating accuracy:-
Each punctuation error in the whole work of 300 will deduct 0.30% from 100%. It means that for
an example if total 10 punctuation errors are found in the whole work of 300 pages then accuracy
would be calculated as : 100 - (10 X 0.30) = 100 – 3.0 = 97. Thus the accuracy would be 97%.
Minimum accuracy needed is 70% which means that if we assume that there are no errors in the
whole work except punctuation errors then maximum 100 punctuation errors would be allowed in
whole work.

Qc rule:-
Qc center will check the random pages in the first submission, rework submission as well as re-
rework submission. All the pages won’t be checked and if the accuracy goes below the minimum
accuracy required for qualifying then the Qc centre will not be responsible for the future checking
of the same. Again the business associate needs to check all the pages, correct all the mistakes
provided in the report as well as found by himself/ herself and then submit the work again in
rework or re-rework with improved accuracy.
Sample Image File

Such pages will be given by first party. Page will contain 70 to 75 lines maximum and second party
should complete the files in notepad and as per the technical instructions and submit on or before
the dead line.

Sample Notepad File

And the notepad file should be prepared same as shown without any mistakes…its quite simple.
Just see and type. No need to give trouble to our BRAIN!!!

 Technical Instructions:-

 User is required to make individual notepad files for every image files.
 Every line of the NOTEPAD should match with the corresponding line in the IMAGE; hence
the pages shall automatically match with the IMAGE file pages.
 Everything should be typed with left alignment, whatsoever may be in the image file.
 Latin Characters, if any, shall be typed as normal characters. Ex: “æ” should be typed as “ae”,
“ç” should be typed as “c”, “ê” should be typed as “e”, “á” should be typed as “a” etc.
 Color Text (if found any in the IMAGE file) should be written in BLACK color Text only.
 Always type the text as Regular text. Bold, Italics in NOTEPAD File is not at all required.
 If a word splitted in the IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file.
 If a line ends in IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file.
 User is required to submit all the text files at the time of submission in Fresh work, Rework and
 User is required to submit his/her typed text files only on the time of submission.
 User is required to send his/her notepad files only after doing win-zip/win-rar of the
 User is required to submit text files to E-mail id mentioned in the email only.

 Rejection Criteria:-

 File name of the converted word file does not match with the corresponding image file
 In completed word files found.
 If any third party software used.
 Any third Party Software used including MS –Office, Character Map or any Shortcut Keys.
 Should not type files in MS Word.
 Accent characters found in any file.
 Any images are found in the word document.
 Text is in other than "Times New Roman" font.
 If colored text are found in any word file.
 If hyperlinks are found in any of the word file.
 Any other files are found in the zip folder except the word document like Temporary files
or any other type of file
 If the converted file is not in .txt format or any other extension files found.
 If the completed Job files has not been submitted within the deadline mentioned by the

If any slot is rejected in the first submission or rework submission due to any of the reason
mentioned in the rejection criteria then the second party will not be able to get any further

About Rework and Re-rework:-
Rework and re-rework chance is given when the submitted files are not found accurate in Qc. In
rework or re-rework 3 days time period is given to the user in which the user can check and correct
the mistakes in the files and resubmit it with improved accuracy
Silver Plan
 200 pages
 20 days 1
 70% accuracy



Positive (Above 70%) Negative (Below 70%)

Let us understand how it works…..!!!
 Let us assume you register for Silver Plan.

 You will get 200 pages on your email address within 48 hours which you will have to type and
submit in 20 days of time period. The deadline for the submission would be mentioned in the

 As per deadline mentioned you submit your typed notepad files on 20
day as shown above.

 Your files will be forwarded to the client for the Qc process; which will take about 4-5 working

 As above you get your Accuracy Report on 25
day. There would be two possibilities i.e. either
your accuracy report will be positive (Accuracy above 70%) or your accuracy report will be
negative (Accuracy below 70%).

 If your accuracy report comes positive then you will be paid according to the following slab:
 90.1% to 100% : 20000 (100 rs per page) + 500 (Refund) = 20500 (Total)
 80.1% to 90.0% : 15000 (75 rs per page) + 500 (Refund) = 15500 (Total)
 70.0% to 80.0% : 10000 (50 rs per page) + 500 (Refund) = 10500 (Total)

 If your accuracy comes less than 70% i.e. if your accuracy report comes negative then you will
not be able to receive any payment for your work. You will be refunded 500 rupees from your
deposit and then you will be given the next work for the next month.

 And the same cycle of working will run for the 11 months/projects.
Work is sent
Work is
Accuracy Report
Refund : 500 rupees

90.1% to 100 % : 20000 rupees
80.1% to 90.0 % : 15000 rupees
70.0% to 80.0 % : 10000 rupees

Refund : 500 rupees
Next work given
Golden Plan
 300 pages
 30 days 1
 70% accuracy



Positive (Above 70%) Negative (Below 70%)


Positive (Above 70%) Negative (Below 70%)


Positive (Above 70%) Negative (Below 70%)

Work is sent
Work is
Accuracy Report
Refund : 1000 rupees
Payment : 45000 rupees

Total Payment : 46000 INR
Refund : 1000 rupees
Work returned for

Rework Submitted
Rework Accuracy Report
Refund : 1000 rupees
Payment : 30000 rupees

Total Payment : 31000 INR
Refund : 1000 rupees
Work returned for
Re-rework Accuracy Report
Refund : 1000 rupees
Payment : 15000 rupees

Total Payment : 16000 INR
Refund : 1000
Next work for the
next month given
How to Join ???
You can visit our office and apply for the project. Our executives would be there to assist/inform/guide you to
register for the project.

Registration Centers:

You can apply without visiting our 0ffice by doing the following procedure.
You can pay the fees and the deposit of the respective plans in our bank account also and send us
the cash/cheque deposit slip along with the application form, declaration form and a self- attested
photo identity proof (Voter Id/ Driving License/ Passport).
Banking Details:
To pay through cheque
Comet Infowave Pvt. Ltd.
A/C : 00062560012335
Branch : Mithakali Six Road
IFSC Code: HDFC0000006

To pay cash
Dial 18602330833 to get the banking details of Union bank, State Bank of India, Allahbad bank, Axis
Bank, HDFC bank, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank, Nutan Nagrik Co. Operative Bank, Central Bank of
India, Ratnakar Bank, Punjab National Bank, etc

For any other information dial 18602330833
(Monday to Saturday)
(10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.)

Thank you
Comet InfoWave Pvt. Ltd.
Ahmedabad (Head Office) :
Comet Infowave Pvt. Ltd.
Floor, Viva 3
Opp. Vadilal house,
Nr. Navrangpura Rly Crossing
Ahmedabad - 380009