Cisco Systems CCNP Track


For years the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is regarded by the telecommunication industry as one of the most valued certificates to have. For that reason many telecommunication professionals have certified as CCNP and many more are in the process of certifying as CCNP. Cisco Systems wants the CCNP certificate to hold its value and for that reason requires CCNPs to recertify on a regular basis. For the same reason Cisco Systems has decided that the skills and knowledge required to be CCNP today differ significantly from those that are required and tested in today’s CCNP certification track. As a result, the content of the CCNP track has changed thoroughly. Wireless LAN is added to the BCMSN 3.0 course and exam. IPv6 and Multicast Routing are added to the BSCI 3.0 course and exam.

CCNP Certification Policy No candidate for CCNP will be required to pass more that four exams. The current BCMSN - 642-811, BSCI - 642801, BCRAN - 642-821, CIT - 642-831 and COMPOSITE – 642-891 exams have a last day to register of 15/11/2006 with a last day to complete the exams of 31/12/2006.

Certification holders will continue to re-certify their professional level certifications when they pass any CCIE written exam.

Telindus John Cordier Academy Information Unfortunately Cisco Systems has send us the news of these changes after our schedule was already finished and send to you, our customers, by means of our brochures and web site. Because the new courses differ significantly from the old courses, and because Cisco has given a strict time schedule for migration to the new courses, we were obliged to cancel a number of course sessions to make room for these new courses. In particular the following course sessions have been cancelled: - BCRAN 09-13/10/2006 and 18-22/12/2006 - CIT 23-27/10/2006 and 15-19/01/2007 - CSVPN 06-09/11/2006 and 18-21/12/2006 - QOS 18-22/12/2006

The new BCMSN - 642-812, BSCI - 642-901, ISCW - 642-825, and ONT - 642-845 exams are available 15/08/2006. The new COMPOSITE (642-892) exam will be released in November 2006.

Mixing and Matching replacing BCRAN with ISCW and CIT with ONT will complete CCNP certification. BSCI => BSCI 3.0

BCRAN is removed and replaced by the Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks (ISCW) 1.0 course and exam. This covers Cable and DSL broadband access, basic MPLS/MPLS VPN, and IOS Security features including VPN (IPSec and GRE/IPSEC), Easy VPN, IOS Firewall, IOS IPS, AutoSecure, Role Based CLI. SDM is also featured in the course and in the labs.

BCMSN = BCMSN 3.0 CIT => ONT 1.0 BCRAN => ISCW 1.0

The following courses were added: - BSCI 3.0 27/11-01/12/2006, 11-15/12/2006 and 22-26/01/2007 (previous BSCI sessions are BSCI 2.2 sessions) - BCMSN 3.0 04-08/12/2006 and 2226/01/2007 (previous BSMSN sessions are BCMSN 2.2 sessions) - ISCW 1.0 06-10/11/2006 - ONT 1.0 18-22/12/2006

A candidate has three years from the date the first exam was taken and passed to complete all exams within that track to obtain a certification.

CIT is removed and replaced by the Optimized Converged Cisco Networks (ONT) 1.0 course and exam. This covers VoIP network essentials and VoIP related challenges. To ensure the quality in a converged network, concepts and implementation methods for quality of service (QoS) is covered. Wireless security standards and Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) network is also covered.

CCNP Recertification Policy Effective 18/08/2006, individuals who hold an active CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, CCSP, or CCVP will re-certify their professional level certifications when they pass any (642 exam) Cisco professional level certification exam.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. Please visit the revised schedule on our web site (www.jcacademy. com) or call us (+32 16 38 28 18) when you have further questions.

CCNP Course & Exam Release and EOL Timetable ** Updated ! ** The table below presents the end-of-life (EOL) dates of the old courses and exams and the release date of the new courses and exams.

T +32 (0)16 38 28 18 F +32 (0)16 40 02 54