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Cisco wireless access points- Focus on enterprise

Necessary BYOD
Popularity of wireless devices enable wireless network has been covered to
millions of households. However, in the enterprise, we should make the
deployment of wireless networks to embrace the tide of BY!, especially
when the offices rely on notebook computers, tablet PCs and other office
e"uipments with wireless access capabilities to provide hi#h-speed and stable
wireless network to #reatly increase business efficiency.
$%&-C$P'()*%-C-+, wireless $P -access points. is an enterprise-class
wireless access point desi#ned by Cisco to meet the /01 -small medium
enterprise. wireless network connection. %t can provide broad covera#e and
hi#h performance 2i-Fi to enterprises. $%&-C$P'()*% can inte#rate with
e3istin# networks, so it conforms to the important trend of 4BY!4 in the
5he product provides secure and reliable wireless connection on the basis of
Cisco $ironet e3cellent &F performance. Chips and optimi6ed wireless can
provide powerful mobility e3perience with the help of Cisco Client7ink*.)
technolo#y, which can enhance downward link performance of all the mobile
devices with the use of 8)*.''n technolo#y, e3tendin# battery usin# life of
mobile devices.
Cisco $%&-C$P'()*%-C-+, with Cisco technolo#y has improved the
clients9connection performance on a mi3ed situation. %n rich media
applications, :ideo /tream technolo#y can optimi6e this application. 5his
product is a component of the Cisco ;nified 2ireless network, and can be
e3panded up to '8,))) access points, providin# full 7ayer < mobility around
enterprise campus, branch offices and central remote sites or remote
High-speed ire!ess CISCO AIR-CAP1602"-C-K9
$s the desi#nin# of Cisco $%&-C$P'()*1-C-+, of 8)*.''n has considered
the rapidly #rowin# mobility needs, it can provide entry-level wireless access
points with advanced features for /01 -small and medium enterprises.. By
$%&-C$P'()*1-C-+, wireless access point, customers can moderni6e the
internet to deal with e3plosive demand for more clients, applications and
$%&-C$P'()*1-C-+, can provide efficient wireless covera#e throu#h
/pectrum %ntelli#ence and provide acceleration on clients side for entry-level
networks with mi3ed client base. $%&-C$P'()*1-C-+, 2ireless $ccess
Point also offers at least si3 times throu#hput of the e3istin# 8)*.''a = #
network. <3< multiple input-output -0%0. technolo#y of two spatial streams
is used to provide the 8)*.''n enterprise-class performance, makin# it ideal
for /01 -small and medium enterprises..
$s a part of the Cisco $ironet wireless product portfolio, $%&-C$P'()*1-
C-+, can provide lower cost of ownership on the whole and protectin# the
investment by e3istin# networks inte#ration. 5he entry-level way to 8)*.''n
of Cisco $%&-C$P'()*1-C-+, can increase the network capacity to
accommodate future #rowth, thus e3pandin# the application and e3pansion of
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