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In order to maintain the level of recognition and respect that has been established over the years, policies need to keep
pace with the evolving strength and conditioning and personal training professions.

Changes to the recertification requirements and recertification fees for the 2012-2014 reporting period are listed to below.

RECERTIFICATION FEES – Member vs. Non-Member
Certified Non-NSCA members will pay a non-member recertification fee; Member recertification fees will remain unchanged.

Certification Date
Fee for Each
Credential Held
Fee for Each
Credential Held
Before 2012 6.0 $50 $75
During 2012 4.0 $40 $65
During 2013 2.0 $30 $55
January 1, 2014 to
June 30, 2014
1.0 $20 $45
July 1, 2014 to
December 31, 2014
0 $0 $0

Education Recognition Program - CEUs will no longer be awarded for serving as a Program Director or Certified Sponsor for the
NSCA Education Recognition Program (ERP) colleges and universities.

Hosting NSCA Exams – Hosts of NSCA Certification Exams will be awarded 0.5 CEU per year.

NSCA Quiz CEU Value – Passing an NSCA Online Quiz, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal Quiz and NSCA Webinar Quiz will
now be awarded 0.2 CEUs.

NSCA Committees – Participating in a NSCA recognized committee for one year will be awarded 0.5 CEU per year of involvement.

First Aid/AED Certifications – 0.5 CEUs will be awarded for becoming certified or recertified in First Aid or AED. CEUs will no longer
be awarded for obtaining an EMT certification.

NSCA Online Proficiency Questions CEU Value – Passing NSCA Online Proficiency Questions will now be awarded 0.1 CEU.

NSCA Practice Exam Forms – The NSCA will no longer be awarding CEUs for the submission of NSCA Practice Exam Forms or the
Exercise Technique Manual Comment Form.

Earning a Certification from NCCA-Accredited Organizations - The NSCA will now award 1.0 CEU for earning an Exercise Science
related certification from an organization currently accredited by the NCCA.

NSCA Hot Topic Quiz CEU Value – Passing a NSCA Hot Topic Quiz will now be awarded 0.1 CEU.

The NSCA recently conducted a full scale analysis of the Continuing Education and Recertification Policies and Procedures.
As a result, the NSCA has made the above changes to the 2012-2014 reporting cycle to remain consistent with industry
standards and best practices.

For complete details regarding NSCA CEU requirements, refer to the 2012- 2014 Recertification Policies and Procedures.