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Network security threats are becoming more frequentand alarmingly
expensive. According to technology news Website ZDNet, computer virus
attacks cost global businesses an estimated US$55 billion in damages in
2003up from $20 to $30 billion the previous year. In addition to the
immediate financial loss, these disruptions can seriously damage an
organizations reputation and customer goodwill. And, in certain
industries such as healthcare and finance, network security breaches
can trigger expensive legal consequences because of recent legislation.
Further, as organizations rely more on their networks and add new
applications, their vulnerability increases. Clearly, you can no longer
afford to combat these threats with point security products or reactive
solutions. Today, when Internet worms can spread worldwide in seconds,
you need integrated, end-to-end security solutions that work in concert to
instantaneously identify, stop, and eliminate known and unknown threats
in their tracks while protecting every point of your network, inside and out.
The Cisco Self-Defending Network strategy helps achieve this goal by
providing true, end-to-end security that extends from individual desktops
through the LAN and across the WAN, and integrates it all into a single,
manageable solution.
And, the Cisco IP Network Defender Program makes it even easier for
you to enjoy this comprehensive protection with special pricing incentives,
low-cost financing assistance, complimentary learning credits, and more.
The Cisco IP Network Defender Program enables you to implement a Cisco
Self-Defending Network by choosing from the complete family of Cisco
security solutions, all designed to work together for comprehensive,
in-depth protection.
Defend the Edge
Now, malicious threats from the outside such as worms and virus outbreaks
and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can be quickly identified,
contained, and prevented with Cisco firewalls and intrusion protection systems
(IPSs). These solutions are available as standalone appliances or can be
embedded directly into your network infrastructure with software add-ons
for Cisco routers for a powerful, yet cost-effective single-device solution.
Now, the Cisco

IP Network Defender
Program from Cisco Systems

you to easily and cost-effectively
implement the total protection your
organization needs by providing:
Special savings on comprehensive
Cisco network security solutions
Special pricing on integrated
security bundles for Cisco Catalyst

switches and Cisco routers

Design, planning, and
implementation assistance
Complimentary security
learning credits
Highly affordable financing and
leasing plans
Special pricing on Cisco Technical
Support Services
To defend against increasingly troublesome DDoS assaults, the Cisco
Guard XT provides high-performance attack analysis and mitigation to
protect multiple potential targets, including servers, network and security
devices, and link bandwidth. Complementing the Cisco Guard XT appliance,
the Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector (TAD) XT activates the Guard's on-
demand analysis and protection capability for a specific zone under attack.
Protect the Interior
Today, as networks are used to store and communicate increasingly
valuable or sensitive information, information theft and application abuse by
insiders as well as outsiders are becoming more serious problems.
Cisco firewalls and IPS solutions also combine to create a multilayered
defense that can deter unauthorized personnel from accessing valuable
corporate information and protect mission-critical network resources.
These are offered as integrated hardware modules for Cisco Catalyst 6500
Series switches for implementations at the core of the network, included
as features on Cisco routers and Cisco Catalyst switches, and are also
available as standalone appliances.
Available exclusively from Cisco, the Network Admission Control (NAC)
solution can automatically protect the network from inadvertent infection
by internal and mobile users that knowingly or accidentally attempt to
unleash a virus or worm onto the network.
Guard the Endpoints
A security strategy cannot be effective if the servers, laptops, and desktop
computers are not protected. To counter these threats, the Cisco Security
Agent resides directly on personal computers and servers and extends far
beyond conventional antivirus and personal firewall solutions. It quickly
identifies and prevents malicious behavior before it can occur, mitigating
potential known and even unknown (Day Zero) security risks such as
spyware applications and Internet worms, eliminating the need for
emergency patching.
Manage Trust and Identity
It is vital to secure a network so that only authorized users and devices
can connect to it. Cisco offers a family of products and technologies to
best provide user and device authentication, authorization and auditing
(AAA) services. Identity technologies and standards such as 802.1X, Remote
Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS), and the Extensible Authentication
The IP Network Defender Program
offers special pricing on network
security bundles for Cisco Catalyst
switches and Cisco routers. This
enables you to add firewall and IPS
protection to your LAN and WANs
in a convenient, single box solution
that can be managed centrally,
for reduced cost of ownership.

Protocol (EAP) enforce identity services throughout the network by carrying
authentication information to a Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS),
which offers centralized, policy-based administration and monitoring.
Collectively, these systems verify each user or network device's credentials
and enable you to give users or devices different levels of access and
priority, deny access, or place users into a guest virtual LAN (VLAN).
Secure All Communications
As organizations add new network applications such as voice and video,
network protection becomes even more critical. Cisco virtual private networks
(VPNs) enable confidentiality, integrity, origin authentication, and anti-replay
services to help ensure the validity and privacy of all communications,
including voice, video, and data.
IP Security (IPSec)-based VPNs are an integrated feature on Cisco routers,
Cisco PIX security appliances, and Cisco VPN 3000 Series concentrators.
Integrated IPSec VPN and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) service modules
are also offered on the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches for high-
performance, secure e-commerce traffic communication.
Manage It All
Cisco security management solutions enable you to remotely configure and
conveniently manage thousands of security devices from a central location.
CiscoWorks VPN-Security Management Solution (VMS) provides
enterprise-wide infrastructure and security management, delivering
greater network security through automation that streamlines and
improves the management of remote security appliances. Its Web
interface allows for faster deployments and upgrades and leads to
higher productivity and lower cost of ownership by helping prevent
unnecessary business disruption.
The CiscoWorks Security Information Management Solution (SIMS) collects
and analyzes security events at a central location from IPSs, firewalls, routers,
VPN appliances, and endpoints, including operating systems, applications,
and antivirus devices. This information is correlated statistically, evaluated
according to defined security rules, and presented in real time to administrators
in a format that can be acted upon quickly and accurately.
With the IP Network Defender
Program, you'll enjoy special pricing
incentives when you assemble a
comprehensive network security
solution from the following Cisco
security product families:
Firewall Solutions
Intrusion Prevention System
(IPS) Solutions
Endpoint Protection Solutions
VPN Solutions
DDoS Detection and
Mitigation Solutions
Identity Solutions
Network Security
Management Solutions
Now, it is both easier and more economical to implement a Cisco
integrated network security solution that fits your unique needs, thanks
to the Cisco IP Network Defender Program.
Special Savings on Integrated Security Solutions
You'll enjoy special savings when you assemble an integrated Cisco security
solution. In addition, you can add security cost-effectively to your existing
Cisco network infrastructure with specially priced security services modules,
which are available as hardware and software add-ons for Cisco Catalyst
6500 Series switches and Cisco routers.
Highly Flexible and Affordable Financing Options
Budget constraints shouldn't prevent you from migrating to a more secure
network now. Along with special pricing incentives on Cisco network
security solutions, the Cisco IP Network Defender Program offers low-cost,
highly flexible financing options from Cisco Systems Capital

Corporation. These include:

Cisco Secure LeaseAllows you to defer your monthly payments
for six months on a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease, with terms of
up to 60 months. Rates as low as zero percent are also available
for Cisco Technical and Advanced Services, enabling you to
finance comprehensive protection for one economical and
predictable monthly payment. And, you can upgrade your
Cisco security solution at any time during your lease term.
Interest-free financing for Cisco Security AgentIs available on
qualifying purchases, enabling you to protect each desktop in your
organization for pennies a day and secure each server very cost-
providing vital protection against crippling network
attacks such as My Doom, Code Red, and the SQL-Slammer Worm.
* Monthly price includes 0% financing which is only available for a three-year financing term and is based
on 36-equal payments. Also software pricing does not reflect customer purchase discount. Finance
products available through Cisco Systems Capital to qualified customers in the U.S. are subject to credit
approval, qualification, and appropriate documentation. Other restrictions may apply. Cisco Systems
Capital reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without notice. Financing for
Cisco products and services for this promotion must be greater than US$100,000 and is available only
through Cisco Systems Capital and its federal, state, and local government financial partners, Key Bank
and GSTI. Other options may be available.
Included with the IP Network Defender
Program is the Cisco Capital Secure
Lease, which enables you to defer
payments for up to six months and
finance your Cisco network security
solution for up to 60 months at very
attractive rates.
Design and Implementation Assistance
Comprehensive planning, design, implementation, and network optimization
is provided by Cisco or your authorized Cisco Security Specialized partner.
Up to $3,000 in Complimentary Cisco Learning Credits
The Cisco IP Network Defender Program provides complimentary Cisco
Learning Credits for authorized training from Cisco Learning Partners
who specialize in security courses. The amount varies depending on the
IP Network Defender Program solution you choose. Credits also count
toward individual career certification.
Convenient Access to E-Seminars and Online Library
At no additional cost, e-seminar and online library access enables you
to build your Cisco networking expertise and make the most of your
Cisco network security solution.
Special Pricing on Cisco Technical Support Services
The Cisco IP Network Defender Program includes comprehensive
technical support services at special pricing. These services reduce
operating costs and protect your investment in Cisco products. Cisco

, and Software Application Support, and Software

Application Support plus Upgrades (SAS/SASU) enable you to get
support for Cisco hardware and software products when you
need it, globally, 24 hours a day.
To take advantage of the special pricing and other benefits
offered by the Cisco IP Network Defender Program, visit
Secure Connectivity Solutions
Threat Defense System
Trust and Identity Solutions

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