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April 14th, 2012 in LabSim Go to comments Question: The headquarter office for a cement manufacturer is installing a temporary Catalyst 3550 in an IDF to connect 24 additional users. To prevent network corruption, it is important to have the correct configuration prior to connecting to the production network. It will be necessary to ensure that the switch does not participate in VTP but forwards VTP advertisements that are received on trunk ports. Because of errors that have been experienced on office computers, all nontrunking interfaces should transition immediately to the forwarding state of Spanning tree. Also, configure the user ports (all FastEthernet ports) so that the ports are permanently nontrunking.

Requirements: You will configure FastEthernet ports 0/12 through 0/24 for users who belong to VLAN 20. Also, all VLAN and VTP configurations are to be completed in global configuration mode as VLAN database mode is being deprecated by Cisco. You are required to accomplish the following tasks: 1. Ensure the switch does not participate in VTP but forwards VTP advertisements received on trunk ports. 2. Ensure all non-trunking interfaces (Fa0/1 to Fa0/24) transition immediately to the forwarding state of Spanning-Tree. 3. Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode. 4. Place FastEthernet interfaces 0/12 through 0/24 in VLAN 20. Answer and Explanation: Switch>enable Switch#configure terminal Switch(config)#interface range fa0/1 – 24 Switch(config-if-range)#switchport mode access (Make all FasEthernet interfaces into access mode) Switch(config-if-range)#spanning-tree portfast (Enables the PortFast on interface) Next, we need to assign FastEthernet ports 0/12 through 0/24 to VLAN 20. By default, all ports on the switch are in VLAN 1. To change the VLAN associated with a port, you need to go to each interface (or a range of interfaces) and tell it which VLAN to be a part of. Switch(config-if-range)#interface range fa0/12 – 24 Switch(config-if-range)#switchport access vlan 20 (Make these ports members of vlan 20) Switch(config-if-range)#exit Next we need to make this switch in transparent mode. In this mode, switch doesn’t participate in the VTP domain, but it still forwards VTP advertisements through any configured trunk links. Switch(config)#vtp mode transparent 1/16

com/spanning-tree-lab-sim 2/16 . 5. functionality and configurations are being used in CCNA3 that you should be familiar with. 2012 may you let us know what are the LABs in exam ? 3. 2012 Are these labs still current? 7.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim Switch(config)#exit Switch#copy running-config startup-config (Notice: Many reports said the copy running-config startup-config didn’t work but they still got the full mark) Other lab-sims in this site: LACP with STP Sim MLS and EIGRP Sim VTP Lab 2 VTP Lab AAAdot1x Lab Sim Comments Comment pages « Previous 1 2 44 1. 2012 Maybe it was not included on the pvuoires versions of CCNA. 2012 Interfaces Fa0/13 and Fa0/14 are not in a a specified VLAN. However they are not heavily tested though. 6. Amier October 30th. 2. and as such they do not belong to any single VLAN.certprepare. Prabhjit November 4th. I’m not quiet sure. Lucky December 1st. 2012 Regarding requirement: http://www. Ninik November 24th. not some jokes. 2012 please guys post something positive. Courtney November 24th. 2012 I am not able able to find the link to download this SIM. Anon November 30th. Someone please help me out and let me know where it is. the fact that they are not shown in the VLAN table means that they are most lkleiy set to trunking. Thanks.And yes you can go directly from CCNA1 to CCNA3 (Switching) yet it not advised since there are some routing terms. Prabhjit Singh Bagga 4. Prestley October 20th.

Prabhjit 11. Prabhjit December 19th. Mirza Hamza Babar December 17th.. m waiting fo ur valid dumps… 9. 12. m going to attmpt my paper on 29 or 30 ov ths month.wordpress. plz help me brothers. Thanks.. Are there any other dumps I should look at or is that enough? I saw a couple more dumps like Boomish. 2012 Hello everyone. 2012 can any Body plz provide me Valid dumps of CCNP Switc paper…. command vtp version 2 also should exist. 2012 I’m giving exam on 26th dec . 8.. Marco http://www. Good luck and thanks to certprepare for everything. Also had to create int port-channel 1 and make it a trunk.” I believe that as addition to provided solution. India December 22nd... Saajan but they all looked the same. i will be thankful to you if anyone can send me complete labs with solution. Please let me 10. I also read the Cisco Press books twice. Time allotted was 2 hours but I got done in 1 and half hours. Shyamsrule December 22nd. Rest questions were all from Glop dumps. It was very easy..certprepare.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim “It will be necessary to ensure that the switch does not participate in VTP but forwards VTP advertisements that are received on trunk ports. AAA lab – straight forward (could not save config – copy run start) MLS Eigrp – straight forward (could not save config – copy run start) LACP – STP – Lil tricky. so can some body give me a link for this simulation please. Study dumps very well. then the etherchannel went up. I am taking my CCNP Switch exam this Friday (21st).. MLS EIGRP. I have read the Cisco Press book twice and also read the Glop dumps. 13. mailbomb January 3rd. and LACP – STP. I had 43 questions with 3 labs – 3/16 . 2012 Mizra Hamzara send your email address to me labite80@yahoo. 2013 Hi guys check my page for latest switch dumps and for sure… mailbomb1234. had to delete access vlan from the fa 0/3 and 0/4 and also native vlans. sherif December 18th. 2012 Cleared my CCNP-SWITCH just now with 9xx/1000. help me in labs and i help you guys… contact me at mailbomb1234 at gmail dot com Thank you … 14. Had to add vlan 99 as native for trunk links.

. Sorry 17.massaroni@gmail. 2013 3. << The Running Spanning Tree Is 2013 @Omar “You can configure BPDU Guard as a global default. Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode.. Guess Access Mode Is Enough. omar January 21st.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim January 15th. Switch(Conf)# Vtp version 2 Please Add Them To The Conf. 2013 Why is there ‘no shut’ command to ensure the status of the int range is up? 19. so just do under the interface range fa 0/1 – 24 this command (Spanning-tree bpduguard enable) 21. So If An Edgeport Received a BPDU Will Lose It's Portfast And Become a Normal STP Port…. Cold January 15th. Thanks Alot For The Great Effort u Doing Certprepare :)) Keep IT UP! 16. because this command will be appliyed to all ports on the switch.certprepare. in this lab may be it is gig interface. Neyo January 18th. affecting all switch ports with a single command.blogspot. All ports that have Port-Fast http://www. Ensure the switch does not participate in VTP but forwards VTP advertisements received on trunk ports. 2013 sorry for the poor english. Cold i think you ‘re right but not Switch(conf)# Spanning-tree Portfast bpduguard Default. Cold January 15th. 2013 umm i Guess i Was Rushed With The BPDUGUARD . Switch(conf)# Spanning-tree Portfast bpduguard Default 1. 2013 I am sure you will quickly find out that hands-on real world experience is the best way to prepare CCNA in your head to help you pass your CCNA exam! Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) – Cisco Systems http://cisconetworkingcenter. however at least one port must be set to trunk. 2013 15. Cold January 25th.So i Believe We Should Add BPDU GUARD As i Said Before :D And Plz Somebody Talks 2 Me B4 i Go Crazy :P 4/16 . TPHEUK January 21st. 2013 Hey would someone mind sending me this the packet tracer file for this lab? Thanks! marco. Cold January 15th. Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode.html 20.

The port becomes a normal STP switch port.. 2013 @everyone If running vtp version is 1. The port immediately transitions to the err-disable state. Answer: A D Please Correct Me If Im Wrong. 26. router and Tshoot. 2013 @Cold http://www. 2013 GOD DAMN. then will transparent mode switch forward vtp traffic? I think it has to be version 2 and should we not confirm that the switch is running vtp version 2? 23. Cold February 2nd. My email address is aosadeyemi@gmail. Thanks For Sharing Ur Knowledge 27. 2013 I completely agree with masterdeeno. Seun February 3rd.certprepare. The switch generates a Topology Change Notification (TCN) BPDU. 24. I did CCNA exams last month 7 I’m ready to conquer any CIsco Exams 28. 2013 @cold – permanent non-trunking mode means. Woo January 30th. 5/16 . Julián February 2nd. vtp version 2 command might need to be added. 25. Ion Arion February 5th. Thanks For Sharing & Agreement With Me. B. access port. 2013 Can anyone kindly mail me the sybex material for CCNP Switch. 2013 @masterdeeno & Julián Wat Do u Think Of The Next Question >> What two things will occur when an edge port receives a BPDU? (Choose two) A.. The port immediately transitions to the Forwarding state. that command is for enabling security (guards against superior bpdu) if “user ports (or portfast ports)” are accidentally plugged into another device that sends bpdu. 22.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim enabled also have BPDU Guard automatically enabled. i don’t think you need the bpduguard global command that you mentioned. masterdeeno January 28th. Max January 28th.” Source: PDF Switching Guide That Confirms Only Ports Set To Port-Fast Will b Effected By The Global Command Of BPDU Guard.

B and D. juantron February 22nd. because we don’t know if all devices in the network are v2 capable. 2013 Cold. The answer is request to u all help me out for this…. Regards. then the domain name must match for the advertisment to be forwarded. 30. * VTP transparent mode V1 and V2 act exactly the same in forwarding VTP.html#wp1035121 29. 2013 Hi Friend. 2013 Cold. Julián February 11th. Julián 32.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim You may be right with VTP ver 2. * If domain name is NULL.) 31. 2013 Can anybody help me with valid dumps? am planning to write the CCNP switching exam by the end of this 33. 2013 Julian and Cold – it’s kind of tricky. There are two choices.certprepare. masterdeeno February 20th. edge port receiving bpdu means it’ll undergo normal stp port (D answer is correct). In server and client switches. it will not go in forwarding state immediately (answer A is wrong). Julián February 11th. email address: ajishola_24@yahoo. Also: SW1(config-if)#switchport mode ? access Set trunking mode to ACCESS unconditionally dynamic Set trunking mode to dynamically negotiate access or trunk mode trunk Set trunking mode to TRUNK unconditionally http://www. Regards . V1 and V2 are not interoperable.. having said that.1_13_ea1/configuration/guide/swvtp. 6/16 . then everything is forwarded. i am planing to write CCNP switch exam… so. My previous answer was wrong. You can test this with real switches or by using GNS3. 2013 In this LAB: Note: you don´t need to add vtp version 2 command. * If a domain name is set. VTP operates in version 1. You are wrong. http://www. By default. TCN is generated only when the port is in forwarding state (B is correct – assuming it finished undergoing the port states). Babs February Birendra February 7th.

2013 100% working lab on STP Email : ece124@gmail.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim So you don’t need bpdu guard. There are lots of MCQ questions that are in the certprepare but not included in the latest dump. Adi April 10th. sastre February Thanks in Advance Adi April 10th.. lawkanat May 16th. Are those questions no more included in the exam??? 36. @certprepare.shtml — Please Convince Me With Source Links Thanks For Keeping Up With Me! 37. Because we should check status of trunk interfaces which is connected between switches by using “sh int trunk” command. http://www. can one provide valid Switching dumps please. – Source : http://www.. @ ghost thanks u all @all In vtp lab 1. 2013 Hi. 2013 I am planning to give switching exam. 2013 @masterdeeno i Agree With u :D It’s TRICKY :D. 2013 7/16 . can one provide valid Switching dupms please. 38. << Means Rapid Spanning Tree Running ? Agree With That ??? – An edge port that receives a BPDU immediately loses edge port status and becomes a normal spanning tree port. theghibha May 15th. to think ourselves to work this lab correctly.html? 40. layman May 9th. In The Question >> all nontrunking interfaces should transition immediately to the forwarding state of Spanning tree.i used “pass4sure” dump. You will see nothing on both switches on upper downloaded link pkt file. Cold February 27th. 2013 I am planning to give switching exam. they did not synchronize vtp information.. only switchport mode access. it will not work because although both switches are set to server and client.4shared. I think ghost left some command. 2013 i have completed ccnp switching 642-813 if wanted contact me: theghibha@gmail. But Plz Go On With 41. Even we configure like this. 35.

255.255. Even if the question did not state that we should check this by using “sh vlan” command.0 DLSwitch (config-if)#ex DLSwitch (config)#int vlan 21 DLSwitch (config-if)#no shut DLSwitch (config-if)#ip address 172.16. “sh vtp status”.com this website includes video/onlune study materials . we will not complete without adding switchport to their respective vlan and making them switchport mode access. 2013 Download link for updated ccnp switching 642-813 pass4sure dumpwith 60days update http://exammaterials. 42. Thanks u too.0 DLSwitch (config-if)#ex DLSwitch (config)#ip routing DLSwitch (config)#int fa 0/1(cable between two switches ) DLSwitch (config-if)#no shut DLSwitch (config-if)#no switchport mode access DLSwitch (config-if)#switchport trunk encapsulation dpt1q DLSwitch (config-if)#switchport mode trunk DLSwitch(config)#copy running-config startup-config ALSwitch#conf t ALSwitch(config)#vtp mode client ALSwitch(config)#vtp domain cisco ALSwitch(config)#int fa 0/2 ALSwitch(config-if)#switchport mode access ALSwitch(config-if)#switchport access vlan 20 ALSwitch(config-if)#exit ALSwitch(config)#int fa 0/3 ALSwitch(config-if)#switchport mode access ALSwitch(config-if)#switchport access vlan 21 ALSwitch(config-if)#exit ALSwitch(config)#copy running-config startup-config Now you can ping between two pcs which will make u a complete lab.255. // we don’t need to configure switchport trunk on ALSwitch because it is automatically trunk auto mode. http://www. I hope this will helpful for u all. Moreover my command are here because of certprepare website and ghost’s labs.16. good luck in networking environment. You will not see this in question but you can see this question on the picture. Rob May 8/16 .3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim Moreover.255. They will negotiate themselves.1 255. Here is complete command on both switches and work very well.certprepare.tophonors.1 255. Use thes command on both switches to check status “sh vlan”.132. “sh interfaces trunk” We are now start to configure DLSwitch#conf t DLSwitch(config)#vtp mode server DLSwitch (config)#vtp domain cisco DLSwitch (config)#vlan 20 DLSwitch (config-vlan)#ex DLSwitch (config)#vlan 21 DLSwitch (config-vlan)#ex DLSwitch (config)#int vlan 20 DLSwitch (config-if)#no shut DLSwitch (config-if)#ip address 172.

2013 where i can get switch simulation help plz thank u inadvance 47. 2013 In this sim. vlan 20 may be sent to other domain switches (unwanted side-effect). Skywalker July 21st. 48.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim 43.certprepare. 51. thank u in advance 46. 2013 When the ports fa0/1 -12 are configured for VLAN 20 access the “no shut” command should be issued also. Sinole June 21st. Anonymous June 17th. Also. 2013 Hi guys… can any one explain …2) Ensure all non-trunking interfaces (Fa0/1 to Fa0/24) transition immediately to the forwarding state of Spanning-Tree. 2013 @theghibha plz send me to this email ciscoman00@gmail. 2013 I’m with @Neyo January 18th. 2013 Hi. Anonymous July 23rd. in this sim is it require to enter this command “vtp domain Cisco”??? please reply… 44. There is a new version of GN3 where they have implemeneted cisco switches. 2013 hi. 2013 sinole. lawkanat June 6th. 2013 @GKK@ blr no you don’t need to give vtp domain name because it is neither server mode or client mode. Robin Singla July 24th. When add vlan 20 or add ports to vlan 20. May not lose any point in exam but in real world. if u do vtd mode transperent first then u can’t add any vlan… 49. Anyone has the setup for that or link to download that version of GN3 please mail me at singla. it might matter a lot. 50.robin@gmail. do ‘vtp mode transparent’ at beginning. we need create vlan 20 if it’s not there. GKK@ blr June 6th. The reason is by default vtp is in server mode. sandeep July 9/16 . MR shide June 17th.

Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode. the third requirement says -Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode. adrian August 4th. 2013 @CCNP Wireless check the 4th requirement stating http://www.” Shouldn’t we configure the ports with the command “switchport nonegotiate” to accomplish that? Cheers. The command “switchport nonegotiate” means if both sides are setup with this command the link becomes a trunk without sending any DTP packets (I believe). 55. 2013 Hello all. Anonymous August 1st.” Shouldn’t we configure the ports with the command “3. 53.certprepare. Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode? Cheers. Daniela 54. non-trunking mode means the port/ports never becomes a trunk … so “switchport mode access” is the correct command to use. 2013 A quick one guys… For this question. adrian August 4th. it says “3. 2013 In this lab sim.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim Thanks and Regards. Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode. it says “3. 10/16 . I think you are getting a bit confused. 2013 sorry… disregard the previous one For this question. Robin 52. 57. why you have assign ports 0/12 – 24 to vlan 20? this not mentioned in the question! much appreciate your advice. Daniela August 1st. Is it necessary to add all the remaining ports to access mode as they have not mentioned which of the ports are meant to be trunking. CCNP Wireless August 2nd. Daniela August 1st. 2013 Hi Daniela.

certprepare. but habit http://www. 2013 en cisco write erase reload en cisco show vtp status config t vtp mode transparent vtp domain cisco vtp version 2 end show vtp status !confirm revision 0 !confirm transparent config t default interface range 0/1 – 24 int range fast 0/1 – 24 switchport mode access spanning-tree portfast spanning-tree bpduguard enable switchport nonegotiate no shut !not necessary. so it’s sufficient to the task in the lab. Jeanc August 5th. MEANS (set to portfast) Ensure all FastEthernet interfaces are in a permanent non-trunking mode. 2013 Daniela. Greg August 9th. John Doe August 18th. (MEANS : mode access) there is no bpdu involve. 2013 Ensure all non-trunking interfaces (Fa0/1 to Fa0/24) transition immediately to the forwarding state of Spanning-Tree.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim 11/16 . In combination with “switchport mode trunk” the port will not become a trunk when there is “dynamic-auto” or “dynamic-desireble” on the other side. In both instances a switch don’t send DTP packets on the port. What Anonymous said about “switchport nonegotiate” is completely wrong. Place FastEthernet interfaces 0/12 through 0/24 in VLAN 20. The command “switchport mode access” itself will make the port NEVER become a trunk. Adrian 58. No-negotiation will not change it. some of you are over thinking it 59. Reagards 60. It may be used in combination both with “switchport mode access” and “switchport mode trunk”.

in VTP version 2 or version 3. I haven’t debugged it in a while though so that might not be entirely accurate. 61.” What Greg said is also right.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim int range fast 0/12 – 24 switchport access vlan 20 Cold asked the question of whether you would use BPDU Guard. However you should never have an access port that doesn’t have BPDU Guard on it… ever… never… ever. this must be facilitate by DTP. modify. Jeanc is also 12/16 . Saying the port should be in a non-negotiated state has to do with DTP and the fact that all switchports are in DTP dynamic mode by default and therefore you want to specify that the port is in “switchport mode access. if you don’t know what DTP is you shouldn’t be taking the CCNP test. The reason for this must be that a switchport mode trunk must be able to negotiate a trunk link with an auto or desirable port on the other side. I never use it without portfast.” Cold is right however about VTP Version 2: “VTP transparent switches do not participate in 64. A VTP transparent switch does not advertise its VLAN configuration and does not synchronize its VLAN configuration based on received 63. BIGCELL September 8th. 2013 “”"”"”"Free downloads networking data”"”"” Hi Everybody You can free downloads CCNA. CERT NETWORKS October 3rd. on trunked ports that are hardcoded to a switchport mode trunk. 2013 CCNP Switching latest dumps of pass4sure free downloads at. Keep up the good work …Don’t want Cisco CCNP to turn into the “Paper MCSES ” …. and delete VLANs on a switch in VTP transparent one wants someone who cant really do the job….. The command “switchport nonnegotiate” turns off DTP. http://www. From looking at debug commands as well it appears “switchport mode access” does effectively turn off DTP at any rate so the nonnegotiate command is probably pointless. they appear to still run DTP. The command is not necessary to complete this lab. https://lms. CERT December 31st. Certainly item number 3 which asks confirm the interfaces are in a non-trunking mode has NOTHING to do with 65. CCNP CCIE. MCITP dumps and networking data at… http://www. You can create. However..certnetworks. 2013 Hi Everybobdy Latest dumps of 642-813 of pass4sure can free downloads… http://www.18+ years of experience in this field……Think that’s why they pay you the big bucks 62. YASIR December 4th.certnetworks. I use the command out of habit because I don’t want DTP running on my networking creating any extra overhead and I don’t want any automatic negotiation on my network. 2013 Free downloads CCNP Switching latest DUMPS of pass4sure at…. However for the question it doesn’t specify one way or another. But if I recall correctly debug did show DTP on a hardcoded trunk port. YASIR October 5th. transparent switches do forward VTP advertisements that they receive from other switches through their trunk interfaces. For some strange reason though. 2013 Just found your site…The labs are a little vague…However as someone posted earlier…We want to be professionals and to think about all the things that need to be check makes this lab actually very good. there is no BPDU involved except to make sure you get DHCP to work by forcing a forwarding state by portfast.

In question it is clearly mentioned that vtp should be relayed which were received on trunk interface . Suppose that a switch is connected by mistake to a port where PortFast is enabled. Ravi January 30th...certnetworks. you do not expect to find anything that can cause a bridging loop—especially another switch or device that produces BPDUs. If any BPDU (whether superior to the current root or not) is Key received on a port where BPDU Guard is enabled. At least one trunk port should be there .3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim https://lms. Anonymous February 1st. when I open the file .. An even greater consequence is that the potential now exists for the newly connected device to advertise itself and become the new root bridge. Anonymous January 31st. Shadab 13/16 . packet tracer stops any one having latest tracer 68. 2014 using packet tracer 5 …. hope that answers your question. that port immediately is put into the errdisable state.certprepare. 2014 http://www. Ravi January http://www. 1 .. This lab is just to check your knowledge on VTP modes and access port configurations. 2. 70. Now there is a potential for a bridging loop to form. if you enable PortFast. 2014 hI. Shadab January 31st. on the interface “no shut ” command is missing .com Best regards CERT NETWORKS 66. The BPDU Guard feature was developed to further protect the integrity of switch ports that have PortFast enabled. 2014 Hello Ravi… By the lab statement “Ensure the switch does not participate in VTP but forwards VTP advertisements received on trunk ports” it does not want you to configure the trunk port. It just wants you to configure the switch mode in such “VTP mode” that it does not participate in the VTP server or client domain but it forwards the VTP advertisement received on the trunk ports to other trunk ports. The port is shut down in an error condition and must be either manually re-enabled or automatically recovered through the errdisable timeout function So I think it is totally necesary use ‘spanning-tree bpduguard enable’ command in this lab. 2014 Reference: CCNP SWITCH 642-813 Official Certification Guide By definition. and in configuration there is no trunk port.certnetworks. as there is vlan 1 (default ) and vlan 20 is there pls comment 67..

Joker! February 9th. Ravi.Cross Comment pages « Previous 1 2 44 1. it’s STP. all VLAN and VTP configurations are to be completed in global configuration mode “all VLAN and VTP configurations are to be completed in global configuration mode” shouldn’t we give config#spanning-tree portfast default instead of the interface command under the 1-24 range? Of course this is not VLAN neither VTP configuration. Add a Comment Name http://www. 2014 Bacause spanning-tree portfast command is entered on the interface directly the port will not transition to forward state and not become a normal STP port. Since it asks for Also. 72. 2014 I agree 1000% with Joker… It should be in global configuration mode 75. 2014 Hello again. Anonymous February 2nd. AD March 6th.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim I am in need of dumps for ROUTE/SWITCH/TSHOOT/DESIGN please! thanks in advance!! bdubz9180@gmail. When the global command spanning-tree portfast default was used in stead of direct port config extra bdpu filters or guards are required. Ravi February 6th. jagzeer March 25th. No trackbacks yet. 2014 thanks shadab 71. LACP with STP Sim -> same on this site no need for the ip default gateway command MLS and EIGRP Sim -> same on this site AAAdot1x Lab Sim -> same on this site Thanks to certprepare and Jack. 2014 Took the exam today and got perfect mark 1000/1000 45 questions 8 D&D 3 labs different ip addresses but same procedure copy running-config startup-config is not working on all of the labs tab and ? are working. but I’m just saying… 14/16 .

3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim Submit Comment Subscribe to comments feed VTP Lab AAAdot1x Lab Sim Premium Membership Become a member to interact with all questions and labs! Find out more or Sign In SWITCH 642-813 Exam LabSim STP Hotspot HSRP Hotspot Drag and Drop Questions Drag and Drop Questions 2 Drag and Drop Questions 3 VLAN VTP STP Questions VLAN Questions VLAN Questions 2 VLAN Questions 3 VLAN Trunking Questions VLAN Trunking Questions 2 VLAN Trunking Questions 3 STP Questions STP Questions 2 STP Questions 3 STP Questions 4 STP Questions 5 VTP Questions VTP Questions 2 VLAN Hopping Questions DHCP Spoofing Questions Dynamic ARP Inspection DAI VLAN Access Map Port Security Questions Port Security Questions 2 Private VLAN (PVLAN) EtherChannel Questions 15/16 .certprepare.

certprepare. http://www.1 and CSS 16/16 . Valid XHTML 1.3/26/2014 SWITCH Training » Spanning Tree Lab Sim InterVLAN Routing Voice Support Questions HSRP Questions HSRP Questions 2 HSRP Questions 3 HSRP Questions 4 VRRP Questions GLBP Questions Gateway Redundancy Questions Wireless Questions SWITCH FAQs & Tips Share your SWITCH Experience Network Resources CCNA Website ROUTE Website SWITCH Website TSHOOT Website CCNA Voice Website CCNA Security Website CCNA Wireless Website CCDA Website CCIP Website CCIE Website Support Certprepare Your contribution will help keep this site updated! Top Copyright © 2010-2014 SWITCH Training Privacy Policy.