TCS Fresher Recruitment- An Orientation


TCS Selection Process Initial Screening Online Aptitude Test Interviews Offer 2 .

within the stipulated time as specified by the University/ Institute without any extended education Backlog Criteria • No pending backlogs at the time of appearing for the TCS Selection process • It is mandatory to declare pending backlogs. Course Type • Only Full time courses will be considered 3 . you should have secured minimum 60% aggregate marks in both courses.TCS Eligibility Criteria Marks Criteria • • • • Minimum Aggregate Marks of 60% and above in the first attempt in all academic courses Standard 10th onwards Aggregate of all subjects in all semesters to be considered (All subjects mentioned on the mark sheet) First attempt implies securing 60% and above marks within the normal duration of the course Improvement exam is not first attempt and hence the marks secured in improvement exams should not be considered to calculate aggregate marks. • In case you have done both. Course Duration • Completion of all courses Standard 10th onwards. in the TCS Application Form. if any. 12th and equivalent diploma.

18 years and Maximum Age. will be checked for gaps in education. • Maximum up to 24 months break may be permissible for valid reasons. if any. Relevant document proof.28 years at the time of appearing for the TCS Selection process Gaps/Breaks • It is compulsory to declare gaps/breaks. Previous Unsuccessful Attempt • Candidates who have previously appeared for the TCS Selection process and have not been successful in clearing the same are not eligible to re-apply for next 6 months 4 . • The reason for break in academics should not be extended education. as applicable.TCS Eligibility Criteria Age Criteria • Minimum Age. during your academics and work experience in the TCS Application form.

The sender and receiver in the email should be as given. You are permitted to carry your own scientific calculator too.  Duration: 10 minutes  Total Questions: 1  Question Type. Please avoid guessing.TCS Online Aptitude Test Pattern Verbal Ability  The first section in the TCS Online Aptitude Test is Verbal Ability Analytical Ability  The second and last section of the TCS Online Aptitude Test is Analytical Ability  Duration: 80 minutes  Total Questions: 30  Question Type: Multiple choice-Mix of Logic & Arithmetic type questions  Negative Marking is applicable to this section.Free Text Writing Email writing on the given topic and using the given outline.  Negative Marking is not applicable to this section 5 .  It is possible to skip a question you do not wish to attempt.  An online scientific calculator will be provided on the test screen. - If the outline is not strictly followed or correct English (including spelling and grammar) is not used. the score in this section will be poor. Email must contain a minimum of 50 words or it will not be evaluated at all.

TCS Practice test 6 .Preparing for the Test.

 You are not permitted to talk to neighbours.Important Instructions for Test  Please read all instructions carefully before starting the test.  The test duration for each section is fixed. and the timer will start the moment you see the first question on the screen.  In case you get locked out/ face any technical issues/ require any assistance during the test.  Please refrain from using function keys on your keyboard as it will lock you out of the test. please connect with the coordinators available at examination centre. are permitted inside the examination centre. the left over time will NOT be carried forward to the Analytical Ability section.  The sections are sequential and you cannot come back to the Verbal Ability section once you move to the next section. 7 . This could lead to disqualification from the TCS selection process.  You are permitted to leave the examination centre only after you have submitted your test.  You are permitted to carry only a scientific calculator and pen/pencil for the test. No bags.Verbal and Analytical. If you complete the Verbal Ability section in less than 10 minutes.  There are separate timers for each section. share stationery and so on during the test.  Scores of both Verbal and Analytical Ability Sections will be considered for shortlisting. All rough sheets should be submitted back to the coordinators before leaving the exam centre.  Rough sheets will be provided to you. mobile phones etc.

Sample Test Screens Screen 1-Log In Login ID and Password will be communicated at the examination centre 8 .

Sample Test Screens Screen 2.Instructions Scroll down to read all instructions Read all instructions carefully and click “Next” 9 .

Timer will start only after you have clicked here. 10 .Sample Test Screens Screen 3-To begin the Test To begin the test click on “I am ready to begin”.

click here To view the complete Verbal Ability Question Paper. To clear your complete response. click here. click here To View your Profile.Sample Test Screens Screen 4-Verbal Ability Section Your photograph will appear here Indicates time left for submitting this section Colour indicates status of your response. click here Click “Submit” to exit this section and move to the next section 11 .Refer legend below Type your answer here To revisit Instructions during the test.

click on the relevant button To choose an answer. click here To view the complete Analytical Ability Question Paper. click here Click here to submit 12 and exit the test . click on the corresponding radio button Click here if you wish to come back later to the question for review To clear a selected option. click “Calculator” To navigate to a particular question. move the cursor over section name To use online scientific calculator. click here To save and move to the next question.Sample Test Screens Screen 4-Analytical Ability Section Indicates time left for submitting this section To view a quick snapshot of your response status.

TCS Interview Model Technical Interview • Subject knowledge • Practical applicability of basic concepts • Projects undertaken • Industry Orientation • Industry Trends • Career Goals • Adaptability Management Interview HR Interview • Communication Skills • Attitude • Interpersonal Skills • Openness to learn • Eligibility Check • Certifications • Problem Solving • Culture Fitment 13 .

Quick tips for Interviews  You should have sound knowledge of your core subjects and academic projects. blogs.  Dress well in formal attire to make a positive impression.  Keep yourself abreast of the latest industry and technology trends as well as current affairs. workshops etc.  Be relaxed and composed.  Know the organization you are applying to. contests.  Highlight your achievements. Ask for clarification if you do not understand any question during the interview.  Be active on Campus Commune-TCS’s Professional Network. Be Honest! 14 .  Be sure of all aspects mentioned on your resume. Campus Commune hosts various industry relevant discussion forums.  Do not misrepresent facts. that will help bridge the gap between campus and corporate.

Share. Explore! Campus Commune. It is a single platform connecting you with peers from your and other institutes.Campus Commune.Connect. seniors and industry experts from TCS and eminent faculty across India. Contests and Challenges Blogs Gain the extra mile! Debates Just Ask – Social Q&A Industry Updates Discussion Boards 15 .TCS’s Professional Networking Portal hosts a variety of industry relevant content on a gamified platform.

All the best! 16 .