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ISDS 1100 Syllabus (Fall 2013

Instructor: Camille Plaisance Phone: 225-578-9072 Office Hours: 10:00 – 12:10 M/W or by appt

Office: 2226 Business Education Complex
Course Objective:


This course is designed to teach the student about the use of Information Systems and Decision Sciences (ISDS) in business. Topics will include various MIS topics and new technologies used in business. This course is also designed to teach the student how to use many of the computer resources available at LSU. Emphasis will be placed on Word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel, as these are the tools the student is most likely to utilize throughout his/her career in business.

Course Materials:
This course does not have a book. Instead, there is a custom access code which each student must purchase. The code can be purchased either from local area bookstores or directly online at This code CANNOT be shared with other classmates. The passcode information purchased can only be used by one student. Every student is required to have this information in order to take tests and complete assignments. Without this access code, a student cannot pass this class!

Websites for the class: (Please bookmark on your computer at home) http://

All exams will be computer based. All exams will be held in the Computer Testing Center in Himes Hall. Students are responsible for scheduling ALL of their own exams using the Computer Testing Center website: All students are responsible for making sure they can log into Windows on a campus lab computer using their MyLSU ID and Password prior to each examination. A student must bring a picture ID each time a student attends an exam. All students must have a TIGERMAIL email account. All correspondence for this course will go to a student's LSU email account. Therefore, please do not forward your LSU email to another account. If you require assistance or need to report problems with your LSU email account, please call the LSU ITS Help Desk at 225-578-3375 from 8:00 AM. - 4:30 PM M-F or send email to

Testing Policy:
All tests in this course will approximately be 45 minutes in length. If you are a student receiving extra test time through the Office of Disability Services, it is your responsibility to make your instructor aware of this as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made so that the Office of Disability Services can administer all tests. Please be prepared to show documentation from the Office of Disability Services.

aspx?articleid=6591 . and Grader projects.00 – The phone number is 225-578-5124. Students are required to download the starter file using their own SIMNET ID and password. Website: http://grok. then that student will receive a zero on the test.99 70. If the student name does not match with the time.Academic Dishonesty Policy: Cheating will not be tolerated and suspected violators will be referred to the Dean of Students.00 – 100. an automatic grade of zero will be assigned and discussion with your instructor is required. PATRICK F. Computer Labs: The following labs are available for students to complete their training. Website: http://grok. Please check with the individual lab as necessary for closures. No late completion will be accepted.lsu.lsu. Credit will only be given for work completed by the specified due date and time. All labs will be closed throughout the semester for holidays.00 80.99 60. SIMNET Training: All training are to be completed individually and are due by the date specified. Grading Policy: A 10 point grading scale will be used for the course. If your Grader project file is flagged for an integrity TAYLOR HALL 1302 Lab: Students may use the lab in the middle of Patrick F. All Grader projects will be checked for integrity issues. Website: http://business. The phone number is 225-578-9090. and submit the file using their own SIMNET ID and password.aspx?articleid=6591 MIDDLETON Lab: Students may also use the Middleton Lab in rooms 141 or 241 Middleton Library to complete assignments.aspx.aspx?articleid=6591 STUDENT UNION Students may use the Student Union Lab located in room 358-B to complete assignments. pretests. Students are not allowed to use another student’s file (whole or in part) for ANY portion of the Grader projects. complete the project individually.lsu. Taylor Hall in Room 1302 to complete assignments.lsu.00 – 69. date and location of the test.00 – 89.99 *No rounding of grades in this class. The phone number is 225-578-1975. All work will be completed by the student enrolled in the course and no one else.99 F= 0. BEC lab: Students may use the Business Education Complex PC lab to complete assignments (2510 BEC).edu/itg/Pages/ Website: http://grok. The final grade will be calculated as follows: LearnSmart Modules (5) SIMNET Trainings (4) Word Exam PowerPoint Exam Access Exam Grader Projects (2) Excel Exam Final Exam Total 10% 10% 14% 14% 14% 8% 15% 15% 100% A= B= C= D= 90.00 – 59. All tests are password protected and students are required to sign out on completion of the test. The phone number is 225-578-0044.

students are responsible for giving reasonable advance notification and appropriate documentation of the reason for an absence: http://appl003. a make-up exam will only count for half If you engage in any disruptive behavior. Do not bring any unnecessary personal items to the computer table in the testing facility. No late excuses will be accepted. Do not bring food and drinks into the testing facility. Do not engage in disruptive behavior. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be TURNED OFF and put away. http://www. Without an excuse. Policy for Absences without a valid reason: If you should miss an examination for a reason not stated above or if documentation cannot be provided for the absence.lsu. Bring a picture ID with you to take the test. A student will not be allowed to make up more than one exam unless he/she has university approved excuses WITH DOCUMENTATION for each missed exam.10:00 PM M-F during the regular semester. If you have a university approved excuse with documentation. Do not talk to any students while taking your test.pdf . A makeup can be taken for half credit at the end of the semester. .lsu. Any excuses must be submitted at the time of the make-up. 2. you will not be allowed to return without permission from your or 102 Frey Computing Services Center for walk-in service. A student has missed an examination if he/she does not complete the examination during his/her predetermined time slot. you may make it up for half credit only. Make-Up Policy: A student is allowed to make-up ONE missed examination for ISDS 1100. 4. Any student who shows up more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled exam will not be allowed to take the exam.htm » Participation in varsity athletic competitions or university musical events » Court-imposed legal obligations such as subpoenas or jury duty The student must provide DOCUMENTATION of the reason for absence and should submit this documentation during the make-up exam. Visit the Help Desk online at http://www. If a student misses an exam. It is open 8:00 AM . he/she will have to schedule a makeup exam during the final week of the semester. a make-up exam will be allowed BUT for only Be on time to take your test. 2. Otherwise. Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed to take the exam. According to PS-22. you will be directed to end your testing session and leave the facility. All students will make arrangements with their own instructor to determine a make-up exam date/time. you can make it up for full credit. Do not open another window on your computer screen while taking a test. ISDS 1100 Testing Procedures All skills exams will be administered in the Computer Testing Center in Himes Hall. THINGS NOT TO DO: 1. Make-up Examination Schedule: Make-up exams will only be given during the last week of the semester. Students are responsible for scheduling ALL exam times.asp THINGS TO DO: 1. 3.LSU Help Desk: Contact the LSU Computing Services Help Desk 225-578-3375 for computing questions and problems.nsf/$Reference/D45654A11F8AC79686256C250062AE4D/$File/PS+2 2+revision+8+2007.cae.interfaithcalendar. Valid reasons for missing an examination include: » Illness » Serious family emergency » Special curricular requirements such as field trips » Military obligations » Serious weather conditions such as hurricane » Religious holidays .The calendar of religious holidays that the university uses can be found at http://www.lsu. In this situation.

7. If you do. you will schedule all exams through the Office of Disability Services. LA 70803 Phone: 225/578-5919 TDD: 225/578-2600 Fax: 225/578-4560 E-mail: Do not click on the exit button while taking your test. Contact information for the Office of Disability Services: Office of Disability Services 111A Johnston Hall Baton Rouge.6. your test will be submitted as it is and you will not be allowed to proceed.lsu. Do not violate any rules of the LSU Code of Student Conduct.nsf/index .edu Website: http://appl003. Disability Services: If you are registered with the Office of Disability Services. You must present your instructor with a copy of the documentation from the Office of Disability Services showing what your accommodations are.