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This guide shows you how to program a router

Step 1. Plug in the router and connect to PC only – one lead should be connected to 1 to 4 ports at the back of the router which is a PC connector. Step 2. Go to Start, then Control Panel on computer. Look for Network Connections and Double click on it. Then Right Click on ‘Local Area Connection’ and Enable. Step 3. Open up Internet Explorer – in the address bar - for the Linksys router type and press Enter. Note: Check router documentation for other model’s default ip address Step 4. You will be asked for a username and password, for the Linksys router leave username ‘blank’ and type in the password – admin. Note: For other branded routers the reader should check the documentation for the correct default username, and password for their respective model.


g. Click on Save Settings button. Change the Wireless Network Mode to Mixed Step 8. Step 7. Programs and Accessories then click on WordPad/Note Pad for Customer Information to be added). This takes you to a page with a Continue button on it – Click Continue and you go back to the first page Step 11. 2 . Note: For any computer accessing the Internet via the router make sure the respective connections are set to Obtain their IP Address Automatically and also set the DNS to Obtain Automatically. minimize it. Open up WordPad / Notepad (Go to Start. Your Wireless name e. Your installer will have given you the settings for your router.Step 5. Click into Wireless. Leave Wireless Channel as Enable Step 10. See Page 4 – for Instructions Step 6. Click into Wireless Security Step 12. Customer Name or leave it as Linksys Step 9.

3 . Security Mode – change it to WEP Step 14. please type in a random word. Continue and close Internet Explorer. for demonstration purposes the word blue is used.Step 13. WEP Encryption – 128 bits 26 hex digits Step 16. Click Save Settings. The Default Transmit Key is always 1 Step 15.Then click Generate Step 17. For security reasons. please use a word other than blue . In the passphrase. Copy and Paste the WEP Key into your WordPad/Notepad Step 18.

Go to Start and then click Control Panel. Right Click on Local Area Connection/Wireless Connection and Click Properties Step 5. Step 2. Double Click on Network and Internet Connections Step 3. Double Click on Network Connections Step 4.Instructions for PC and Laptop Connections to Router Windows XP Step 1. Next Page 4 . Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and then Click Properties button.

Step 7. Select to Obtain and IP Address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. 5 . Step 6. Go to Start and then click Control Panel. Go to Network and Sharing Centre Step 3.Step 6. Windows Vista Step 1. Step 4. Go to ‘Manage Network Connections’ on left side menu. Same as Step 6 in Windows XP Instructions. Click OK all the way back to the Desktop. Right Click on Local Area Connection/Wireless Connection and Click Properties Step 5. Step 2. Select Internet Protocol IPV4 and then Click Properties button.