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Mobile: ********** | E-Mail: **********@***** Seeking managerial assignment in Marketing, Sales, Asvertising with a reputed, & growthoriented organisation.

 Result oriented professional with nearly 4 years in Business Development, Marketing, Ke A!!ount Management & "eam Management.  Ke strength in negotiation & Strategy re#uired to closed deals, as well as develop & deliver presentations$ demonstrations.  %urrentl working as Team eader! Sales"  Skilled in developing strong &usiness relationship with !ustomers

#reas o$ strengt%
Strategi! 'lanning - Ke A!!ount Management - Sales & Marketing %ustomer Relationship Management - Business Development - "eam Supervision

&or' E(perience
Since May)** +it% ,ompany *************! Mumbai as Team eader -.i/ision0 ,%ie$ .eli/erables 1  (n!reasing sales with handling an eight mem&er of team.  (dentif ing opportunities & developing new !ustomers through networking, referrals, !ompan lead generation & !old !alling.  Designed presentations & demonstrated the produ!t to !orporate heads.  Motivate sales offi!ers to generate the &usiness.  Maintain good !lient network & relations to in!rease the sales produ!t.  #c%ie/ements:  (n this duration ( a!hieve four time of m target & on!e &een a highest a!hiever of Mum&ai on individual levels.

September)23- #pril)24 +it% **** 5an'! Mumbai as Senior Sales E(ecuti/e  Responsi&le for &usiness development through networking & !old !alls.  Selling saving A!!ounts.  Resolving !ustomer !omplaints & taking !orre!tive measures.

. < .etails  Date of Birth  %onta!t Address  >anguages Known < .orporate 8ostpaid ...'assed with 6A7 2rade8  Ba!helor7s degree from ..  Develop distri&utor*s !hannel..onnection" #im:  Anal 9ing !ustomer &ehavior with regards postpaid sim !ard..... postpaid sim !ard..redentials  MBA in Marketing from ../001Se!ured %2'A34...............September)23 +it% ******* 8o+er ltd" #s a Sales e(ecuti/e  Responsi&le for the &usiness development through distri&utors & !old !alls...  Selling "u&ular Batteries usa&le in Automotives & inverter.....  (dentif ing &arriers to sell !orporate !onne!tion..  +andling !lient as well as distri&utors !omplains.. )niversit ....... 6anuary)27. 9T S'ills  :ell versed with MS .5..... 'referred & (mperia. 8ersonal ....ffi!e & (nternet Appli!ation. 9ndustrial Training September)*2 to No/ember)*2 +it% *************! Mumbai -as part o$ M5# curriculum0 8ro:ect Title: Study on .. +indi .  Stud ing familiarit of ..... s!hool of &usiness in -ul .. < ?nglish.  )pdated the data&ase & feeding the reports of the a!tivities. #cademic ... ...... 'rovide the servi!e of %lassi!.5th April 0=..