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2013 Cisco – Financial Analyst Conference Our Strategy & Opportunity – John Chambers, Chairman and CEO -Reiterated that

the pace of change for technology has sped up -EM is very challenging

-working towards a more recurring revenue model, so they don’t have as many up and down quarters

Issues with Q1 – Three Focus Areas -Emerging markets -Largely economic and should bound back, -5% -Service Providers -Set-top box/SP Video issues, growth -6% -New Products -Will take time to ramp up, -2%

use Cisco to digitize the country .-Focus and solve customers’ top priority and do it in a unique way -Israel.

but it hasn’t -Will update on Security -Collaborations with be a surprised in 2014 -Design product to work together? . it would show here.-If there was issues with Cisco’s main business.

the products have to work together .-End to end solutions is the key here -Security use to be in silos.

-SDN plays to Cisco’s strengths .


and reduce people overhead and software costs -Help customers lower Total cost of operations -Through Webex -Cloud based security offerings -Platform of Meraki -Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud controlled WiFi. Cisco Meraki enterprise networks simply work .Rob Lloyd – President. and security. Secure and scalable. Development and Sales ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) -both physical and vertical overlays -SDN models -Cisco strategy is to integrate hardware and software. routing.

fast -Build inside company’s data center .-Growing private cloud.

SVP. SVP. Development & Chief Architect Frank Calderoni. CFO. broader capabilities Chuck Roberts. SVP. Worldwide Field Operations Soni Jiandani. CFO. EVP -Will be talking about non-GAAP results -Q4 there was a bunch of stock options that were exercised -$2B buyback last quarter -Will see a further decline in the share buyback -Using > 50% of FCF for dividends and share buy back .-Trusted brand -More tools. Marketing David Ward.

-Conservative customer budgets in some parts of the world .

-Minute 191:00 .

-Wireless and SP mobility .

the size of it and the growth opportunity -Includes NDS acquisition -Software is overlap across the different segments .-Components in other aspects of the business -See where it is.


being opportunistic .-Support the buy-back.

secure -It affects in one country. culture.Q&A Moving from a hardware company to a services company. Russia Set-Top Boxes -Doubling down on a CPE to a Cloud based -A little bit of a hit on the top line 235:00 . sales changes. -Have to bring in talent that fits in to what you are doing -Sales transformation that needs to change. working on how they will make this shift NSA -Don’t work with the government. etc.