Packet Tracer Assignment 3 Use CCNA3E_Template_3.

pkt to configure a network that utilizes VLAN’s, VTP and port security. Sequence is vital with this assignment so please follow the instructions. All host IP addresses have been assigned and cables connected to the proper ports. This network includes the following VLANs: Dept IT Sales Marketing Accounting VLAN 99 10 20 30 Ports Address 20-22 /24 5-9 /24 10-14 /24 15-19 /24

The IT VLAN is will be the Management VLAN as well as the Native VLAN on all switches. The router interface should use the first usable host address in each subnet. The last octet of the switch IP address should be 1?0 using the switch number as the middle digit. For example, the switch connected to the router is Sw1, it should be assigned the IP address Configure security on each of the switches. Set the console password to cisco, the telnet password to ciscovty, set the privileged exec mode encrypted password to class. Also add a MOTD banner that includes your name. Disable DNS lookup services and set the display of messages to be synchronous. Program the router with the same security settings defined for the switches. Change the router host name to be your first name. Configure router on a stick capability to allow for inter-VLAN connectivity. Set the domain name to Disable Telnet access to the router and enable only ssh for remote access. Configure a user account for student with the highest privilege level. Set the password for student to ciscossh. Configure VTP: The VTP domain for all switches will be template3. The version used should be 1. Configure Sw1 and Sw3 to be VTP servers. Do not add VLANs to the VTP servers at this time. Configure Sw2, Sw4 and Sw5 to be VTP clients. Configure DTP: On Sw1 and Sw3, configure ports Fa0/1 – Fa0/4 to dynamic desirable. Check the trunk to the router and make sure it negotiates as a trunk – if not, manually configure fa0/1 as a trunk port. Check the native VLAN on trunk ports on all switches and adjust as needed. Configure VLANs: On VTP Server Sw3, add each of the VLANs with names. On each switch add ports to VLANs as described above. Verify communication with hosts on the same VLAN as well as with hosts on other VLANs. Troubleshoot as needed. Configure Sw6 and Sw7.

On Sw3.Configure security on Sw6 and Sw7 as described for the other switches. run the show interface trunk command. run the show port-security command. Copy and paste the output into the text document. On VLAN10_PC1. Sw6 should be configured as a VTP Transparent switch in the template3 domain. nor will VLAN 90 be included on any trunk ports. Add a single VLAN 90 to Sw6 and add ports fa0/5 – fa0/24 to VLAN On Sw6. run the ipconfig command then the ssh –l student 192. run the show vlan command. Copy and paste the output into the text document.160 command.bengen@hawkeyecollege.1 command and login to the router.168. Save text document as lastfirstPT_3. Ports fa0/1 – fa0/4 on both Sw6 and Sw7 should be manually configured to be trunks with native vlan 99.0102 shutdown Create a text document. . Port Security on Sw6: On Sw6. run the ipconfig command then the ping 192.0101 shutdown Fa0/7 1 AAAA. run the show vtp status command. On Sw1. Connect Sw6 fa0/1 to Sw3 fa0/4 using the appropriate cable.168. add ports to VLANs according to the table at the start of the assignment. configure port security on only those ports listed below: Port Max Addresses MAC Assigned Violation Action Fa0/5 1 sticky protect Fa0/6 1 AAAA. Sw7 should be configured as a VTP client in the template3 domain. Copy and paste the output of both commands into the text document. Copy and paste the output into the text document.txt Save packet tracer file as lastfirstPT_3. no router interface configuration is needed for VLAN 90. Copy and paste the output into the text document. Make sure the subject is CCNA3 Packet Tracer #3. On VLAN10_PC1.pkt (Substitute your name for lastfirst in the filename) (Substitute your name for lastfirst in the filename) Email the text document and the packet tracer file as attachments in 1 email to todd.99. On Sw6. Copy and paste the output of both commands into the text document.99. Hosts and servers in the conference room are limited to communicate only with each other – as a result.BBBB. Traffic to and from VLAN 30 on Sw7 should successfully pass through Sw6. Add your name to the top of the text document.BBBB. Once Sw7 has VLAN info from the VTP server. Do not connect Sw6 to Sw3 until Sw7 is configured. Sw6 is configured for Conference Room access.

.Check the Angel calendar to determine the due date.

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