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Course Structure of

Subject: Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (EED 303)

Final Evaluation Scheme
Component Digital Electronics Quiz + Short Quiz 1 (SQ1) Mid- Sem Exam Major-Quiz (MQ) Weightage 6+2=8 30 15
This component has been conducted. This component has been conducted. Total 38 marks of evaluation are conducted till 8 Oct., 2013. Total Marks 40 of Mid. Sem. Exam will be scaled to 30 as per the previously announced weight age.


Yet to be conducted.  MQ on 23 Oct., 2013 (Wednesday)  Syllabus – Timing, Counter and Time Delay, Code Conversion (as per the LAB 4 Week 1 shared contents along with mentioned practice portions) and Topics covered till 11 Oct, 2013 Yet to be conducted on surprise basis. However, actual syllabus will be as per the portions covered in course till the time of announcement of SQ2 Yet to be conducted. (syllabus will be announced later as per the portions covered)  The Lab evaluation will be done through Lab exam (quiz) and/or Lab Performance for which syllabus and other information will be informed later.  There will be no course weight age for mini-projects, however, students are encouraged to start their mini-projects and utilize hardware’s kits/components available in the Lab along with lab space. Instructor recommends this because this exercise will help students to get more hands-on learning.  Instructor/TA will arrange time for student’s projects on student request.

Short Quiz 2 (SQ2)


End-Semester Exam (MS) Lab Exam

25 20


Important Points Regarding Revised Evaluation Plan:

 

Rest of the course structure document remains same as previously shared document at start of the semester. However, coverage of 8051 and 8086 might be limited in scope in comparison to ‘Course Structure Plan’ announced earlier (in detailed course structure shared at start of the semester) and this will depend on the progress in the course. The Main focus will be to introduce important aspect of both 8051 and 8086 in introductory level so that student could start leaning detailed concepts by themselves later.

Due to these reasons.. Since revised evaluation plan is intimated to students well before time therefore. However. .S CHOOL OF E NGINEERING D EPARTMENT OF E LECTRICAL E NGINEERING   The total marks for examination of different components (yet to be conducted) will have same marks weight age as indicated in the table until unless it is specified. we experienced through multiple trials that it’s performance is poor particularly when more than 50-70 students are involved. The initial number of evaluation components are decided keeping in mind that Blackboard Learning Management system will be working and could be utilized efficiently for evaluation purposes. . Conducting those evaluation components in regular class/lab hours effectively reduces the number of teaching/contact hours as well as require much needed support system and raise synchronization due to rooms availability/time table classes etc. it recommended that student should efficiently use the evaluation components (yet to be conducted) to raise their performance level and get good score. the total numbers of evaluation components are reduced (as mentioned in the table above).