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The Smart Alternative to Cisco SMARTnet®

The NetSure™ Advantage:
• Hardware maintenance savings of 50%-90% versus Cisco SMARTnet® • Advanced hardware replacement options (next-businessday, 4-hour, onsite spare, and field support) • Global 24x7 first call access to certified technicians with hands-on networking experience • Multi-generation hardware support, including OEM end-of-life (EoL) equipment • Simple, coterminus contracts and flexible terms • Customer-managed member access to web-based NetSure™ Portal • Multi-vendor contract management tool • Create and track trouble tickets • Serial number search capability

NetSure™ - Providing Complete Network Hardware Protection
NetSure™ offers a complete network coverage solution customized to your network and budget needs. Save as much as 50%-90% on hardware maintenance without compromising your network performance. In an environment where IT managers are constantly challenged to manage network performance, mitigate risks, and manage costs against network threats and load demands, NetSure™ offers a complete network coverage solution to maximize network performance, extend equipment life, and reduce cost without increasing risk. Offering multi-generation support, flexible contracts, and modular pricing, NetSure™ offers a customized and financially manageable solution for firms straining to meet network and budget requirements. Backed by global distribution centers that can reach every major market in 24 hours—with forward stocking locations for 4-hour replacement and an expert technical team with 15+ years of network root cause analysis—NetSure™ guarantees 24x7 global technical support, network monitoring, advanced hardware replacement and onsite technical field support.

We could not afford from Cisco the level of coverage we needed. Until NetSure™, we had not seen an alternative that was attractively priced and suited all of our network maintenance and support needs. Whenever I call the NetSure™ support line, I speak directly with an experienced engineer who’s going to be the one to ultimately help me. And within minutes, we are exchanging emails to help address and solve my problem. The Network Hardware Resale team always goes above and beyond to meet my needs as quickly as possible, and I feel like I’m treated like a king.

- Jim Connolly Manager of IP Network Services, Matrix Telecom, Inc.

Extend Equipment Life
Manufacturers often announce product end-of-life (EoL) long before equipment upgrade or replacement is necessary. NetSure’s full support of current- and previous-generation equipment (for as long as you own it) puts the control of your network refreshes and upgrades back in your hands.

Access In-House Global Network Experts
Our technical support engineering teams based in the U.S., the Netherlands, and Singapore encompass a rare industry balance of expertise and service. Our 15+ years of root cause analysis and resolution identification provides an unparalleled accurate benchmark as the industry’s first predictive key performance metrics and trend modeling, including mean time to failure and early failure predictors, to better protect your network.
:2008 ISO 9001 Certified

Protect Your Edge
High costs of traditional OEM maintenance force many organizations to focus resources only on the core, leaving edge routers and remote offices vulnerable. NetSure™ offers the flexibility to protect your edge while maintaining OEM core network coverage. NetSure’s affordable pricing, global technical support, and quick delivery time allows you to protect your entire network, leaving nothing to chance.

Customize Your Coverage
NetSure™ offers flexible, full coverage customized for your networking needs. With comprehensive contract options and modular pricing structures, NetSure™ enables you to build a network maintenance plan that best fits your budget and network requirements.

Backed by ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 certified quality management systems and hands-on network experience, our Cisco-certified engineering teams offer personalized support 24x7. Accessible by phone and online, our Cisco-certified experts are here to help.

Case Study: NHR & Matrix Telecom, Inc. Solution Snapshot
Customer: Matrix Telecom, Inc., Irving, TX, United States Industry: Telecommunications Solution: • NetSure™ Maintenance Program • Pre-owned Cisco and Juniper networking equipment from Network Hardware Resale Benefits: • Cost of yearly maintenance with NetSure™ has been reduced by 60 percent. Challenges: • Soaring cost of Cisco’s SMARTnet® maintenance resulted in leaving certain network elements unprotected. • Cisco and Juniper could not deliver needed replacement and expansion equipment on a short timetable. • Purchased hundreds of pre-owned Cisco and Juniper switches and routers, saving an estimated $1,000,000 in hardware costs since 2006. • One-stop shopping for both Cisco and Juniper equipment as well as for maintenance. • Overnight delivery of hardware enables Matrix to maintain optimal network uptime and expedite ongoing expansions.

“As a global telecommunications provider, the reliable network connectivity and phone service that we provide is critical. When our network’s not working, customers are not getting phone calls,” said Jim Connolly, Manager of IP Network Services, Matrix Telecom, Inc. “We’ve been a NetSure™ customer for six years and continually rely on Network Hardware Resale’s engineers to quickly address any network or upgrade issues.” - Jim Connolly, Manager of IP Network Services, Matrix Telecom, Inc.

NetSure™ NBD

NetSure™ 4HR

NetSure™ Spare

Advanced Hardware Replacement

Guaranteed next-business-day delivery

Guaranteed 4-hour delivery

A spare is onsite at your location and is available immediately

Inventory Location

NetSure inventory is held at one of NHR’s 3 global distribution centers (Santa Barbara, Amsterdam and Singapore) 24x7

NetSure inventory is held at a location within 100 miles of your location

NetSure inventory resides at your location

Technical Support Access NHR NetSure Portal for contract management and online trouble tickets Shipping Costs



NHR pays for freight both ways, and applicable duties/taxes

NHR pays for freight both ways, and applicable duties/taxes

NHR pays for freight both ways, and applicable duties/taxes

Compare to SMARTnet®

Same advanced hardware replacement delivery time and better access (24x7) to advanced hardware replacement support than SMARTnet 8x5xNBD (SNT) at a lower cost

Equal in technical support availability and advanced replacement delivery time to SMARTnet 24x7x4 (SNTP) at a lower cost

Faster advanced hardware replacement option than SMARTnet’s fastest 24x7x2 (S2P) at a lower cost

Network Monitoring: 24x7x365 network monitoring, proactive provisioning, and rapid incident response




Field Support




Your Network, Your Solution
Let us customize a reliable, affordable NetSure™ solution that fits your maintenance strategy and network needs. Contact your Network Hardware Resale account manager to add NetSure™ coverage to your equipment, or contact Network Hardware Resale directly.

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