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Guide Questions

Dragnet provides Computer Based Test (CBT) testing services for leading organisations in the Nigeria͛s key sectors of the economy testing in over 22 locations in Nigeria. Dragnet has ventured off the shores of Nigeria to offer services to clients in the UK. This document is intended as a guide to the Center on test day modalities. It is structured in a Question and answer format and hopes to cover most eventualities.

Before the Exam
1. Ensure that candidates keep all their belongings in lockers provided for them. 2. Ensure waiting area is provided. 3. Ensure that each candidate has completed the registration process thumb printscan and digital photograph. 4. Allow candidates with materials for the exams: calculator, scrap/rough sheets and pens.

How many times do we need to download the assessments?
The assessments are downloaded just once and it will contain all the sessions for that day.

How do we identify the candidates?
A list of the scheduled candidates has been sent to NHC. Candidates on the schedule/list should present a photo ID showing the names as recorded on the schedule/list.

What should I do if the candidate has no photo ID?
A note should be made of the candidate and a report will be made to the client. The candidate should still proceed to sit the test.

What happens if a candidateǯs biometric details are not taken?
The system is built such that capturing the details of the candidate is a prerequisite for the test. The candidate will not be able to assess the questions if the biometric details are not taken.

What is their ID and Password?
The ID and Password is the only way the Examination software recognises a candidate. They will be required to log into the examination system at the Centre using their ID and password. The examination questions, scores and results are all tied to the ID and Password.

What if the candidate has forgotten his ID and Password?
All candidates have been sent their IDs by sms and email. All passwords are the same ͞chevron͟. User Ids have been sent to NHC as part of the schedule.

Must the candidates all commence at the same time?
There is no requirement for them to start at the same time. Each candidate is timed by the system independently of the others.

How do we treat late comers?
Late comers should be allowed to proceed with the tests.

Can the candidate return to a test section once ended? No. We do not have to be strict with the sessions. How do candidates end the test? When they have answered and reviewed all of the questions.emefeke@dragnet-solutions. Once ended and confirmed that they want to end a section of the test they cannot re-enter that section. The sessions are designed more for logistics and order. Scrap paper will be . A calculator will be allowed. Can candidates bring a calculator into the testing area? Yes. They also are allowed practice time before each the test will close and they will not be able to gain entry. Once they confirm that they want to end. The sections are all timed independently of one another. Abstract (not stated in order).ziregbe@dragnetsolutions.How do we treat those who have come earlier than their time? As long as there is a spare system (computer) in place. Where do we channel any questions about the process if any? Please send emails to both: taghogho. please allow the candidate in to take the test. Food is not allowed in the test Centre. The system will only recognise ID and Password of those invited. Anyone who turns up should be allowed to commence the tests. What happens when the candidates complete their assessments? Candidates should leave the centre quietly once they complete the assessments. What is the structure of the tests The test has three sections: Verbal. otee. they may click the ͞END͟ button. You may review and alter responses after they have been entered into the computer during the examination or after you have attempted to answer all of the questions. This sequence will occur at the end of each section of the test. Another dialogue box will ask them to confirm that they are ready to end the test. Can I review responses when taking a computer based test? Yes. Will they get test scores at the test Centre? No. Can candidates bring scrap paper into the testing area? Yes. Can anyone turn up to take the test if not invited? No. Numerical. Can candidates bring food into the test Centre? No.