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MFET 3510 Basics of Supply Chain Management Ron Davenport Books: In order to complete this course, you will need the following materials. The following items may be obtained by contacting APICS at 1-800-444-2742. These materials are not part of the course fee and will require payment to APICS. APICS Participant Guide Basics of Supply Chain Management. You will need to purchase the most recent version of the Basics of Supply Chain Management Participant Guide from APICS. The participant guide comes with Practice Questions CD. Introduction to Materials Management, 6th Edition by J. R. Tony Arnold, Stephen N. Chapman and Lloyd M. Clive. If you do not already have the two following items, you will also need the most recent version of the APICS Dictionary, and the most recent APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual. These items may be obtained by contacting the APICS national office at 1-800444-2742 or online at There are several other reference materials and reprints that are useful for this course but are not necessary for this class or to pass the APICS international exam. The use of additional materials is dependent upon your own work experience and background. A listing of additional reference materials is provided in the Bibliography in the back of the Participant Guide and there is a list provided in the Exam Content Manual. Credit Issues: This course is worth two semester hours You can take this course for: 1) Credit/No Credit (which is essentially pass/fail), or 2) For a grade, or 3) As an audit, no credit is received. You need to notify WSU which method you choose before the 3 rd week of the month in which you started the course.

that you may attain an understanding of WHY certain approaches are better than others. After you have completed Sessions 1-5. increase your credibility with others in the organization. International Exam: Passing this course is no guarantee that you will also pass the international exam. 2. Rather. Course Overview: Upon your first glance at the online course it would appear there isn’t a lot of content. Part II: Sessions 6-10 and the Comprehensive Homework Assignment will be available. This may be due to the self-discipline that is often present in a successful distance learning student. 3. Upon completion of the Midterm. However. the Midterm and the Term Paper will be made available. However. this course is designed to provide you with principles and concepts. 4. . Once you have completed the Student Survey. we are using the material provided by APICS and proven teaching methods in bringing this course to you. Education is most meaningful when you internalize the principles that you learn and subsequently change your ways of dealing with daily work issues (behavior). the content has been set to selectively release upon successful completion of certain items. Our pass rate in distance learning is a little higher in comparison the pass rate of students in our traditional classes. or an ‘A’ grade if you pass the international exam with distinction. provide you with knowledge and information generally not available in other forums. If you take the APICS international exam before you complete the class and you choose not to complete the class. the course content for Part I: Sessions 1-5 will be released to you. This course provides basic education in production and inventory techniques and practices. 1. First complete the Student Survey. You may want to check your company reimbursement policy. The course is also designed to help you pass the APICS international exam the first time you take it. give you ideas to improve your company.The University provides these options. It is NOT designed to help you manage a specific type of product or plant or to implement a specific type of system. you may elect to receive a ‘B’ grade for passing the international exam. as many companies require students to take the course for a grade.

5. The Final will be made available.661-698 B. or to provide additional work when requested by the student. the instructor reserves the right to offer extra credit on outstanding homework or the term paper. . Grades will be based on the following point structure: Student Survey 10 Vocabulary Checks (1 point per word) 10 Performance Checks/Quizzes (2 points per question) 1 Term Paper 1st Homework Assignment (complete before Midterm Exam) 2nd Homework Assignment (complete before Final Exam) Mid-Term Exam (2 points per question) Comprehensive Final Exam (2 points per question) Total Grades are based on the University Policy of: A >698 B 610-639 C 536-565 D 463-485 A. After you have completed Sessions 6-10.441-463 B+ 639-661 C+ 565-588 D+ 485-514 E <441 18 points 127 points 190 points 50 points 50 points 50 points 100 points 150 points 735 points Note: Because of the difficult nature of this class.514-536 D.588-610 C. This work must be completed by the time you take the final exam.

Your feedback is appreciated and will help make this course better for future or at 801-626-8010 to request that a letter be sent. If a grade letter is not received. the Student Survey must be completed before the course content for Part I: Sessions 1-5 will be made available to you. students will need to contact Megan Sheets. To request a plaque. . APICS Completion plaques are available to those students who complete all 5 CPIM courses in this series with Weber State. please take the time to complete the Course Evaluation. When you complete the course. students can contact Megan Sheets at msheets@weber. We appreciate you choosing Weber State University as your professional development partner. However. You can complete the Student Survey before or after you receive your Book and Participant Guide.Grade Notification Weber State University will automatically mail grade verification letters to students who complete the course on the 15th of every month.